A Red Rose and White Lily for My Hero.

It was a grey, cold and windy day. There was no one but me and my son James here. But who would want to be here today, no one really cared about what happened to him, they only remember what happened before that. It wasn’t so long ago but no one really remembered. Only James and I really cared enough to come out here on this day.
I felt a hand grab hold of mine, pulling me out of my thoughts. I looked down and saw James watching me, with those sparkling emerald eyes of his. They were so much like his fathers. They never showed the glint of joy and happiness that all children his age showed; his eyes showed knowledge and sorrow, they were exactly like his fathers. And I knew why.
At this moment we were in Godrics Hollow Cemetery, visiting our loved ones resting place. We had been coming here for three years, on this same day. Today was October 31st 2003. Today was the 3rd anniversary of the fall of the Dark Lord, Voldermort and the death of Harry Potter.
I looked down at the head stone, it bare the words;

Here lies the faithful hero Harry Potter,
The Boy-Who-Lived, The Boy-Who-Saved-The-World,
Loving Husband, Brother, Son and Father.
Born: 31st July 1980
Death: 31st October 2000
Husband of Ginny Potter.
Father of James Harry Potter.

The one who was always there to help,
Always ready for everything that came.

Yes, I’m Ginny Weasley-Potter. And James is Harry and my son. He was born just after our wedding, which was on my Graduation, the 25th of June. James was born on the 31st July 1999, just like his father. It didn’t take much for James to understand what had happened to Harry, he understood a lot for a four year old. He was so much like Harry that you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference, though if you looked hard enough you would see the brown speckles in his eyes and the there was no scar on his forehead.

For years, he would have nightmares about that night, as would I. and together we would soon cry ourselves to sleep. For the first year I would cry everyday, but now I promised myself that this is not how I should live, I needed to keep going on and continue caring and loving James, just like Harry would have wanted.
Everyday I think of him, but I always remember his last words to me. ‘“Ginny, please promise me that you will take care and love James for as long as you can. Please tell him I love him and always will. And that whatever he does, he will always make me proud. Please promise me.”
“I will Harry, I will. I love for so much,” Ginny said and gave her love a kiss.
“I love you too, Gin.” And with one last kiss, he was gone. Gone forever.

And those words will stay in my heart for all eternity.
James lay the flowers we had brought with us on the ground under the message. The flowers were lilies and roses, Harry's favorite. He always used to say that the lily reminded him of his mother and the roses reminded him of me. With one last look at Harry's grave, I picked up James and walked out of the cemetery and into the dark streets of Godrics Hollow, remembering his final words once again.

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