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Disclaimer:: I own nothing but the plot, which I own extremely proudly …Well I do own one new character but you’ll have to see for yourself who it is…


“Are you sure this is safe?” I asked Harry

“Well nothing bad has happened the other two times I took this bus” He answered

“Great, just great!” I exclaimed in fright

The bus ride felt like it took forever to stop but soon Stan shouted out “The Leaky Cauldron!”


I ran off the bus terrified.

That bus was like a horrible roller coaster .

“How were you so calm on that bus? It was so scary” I said admiring Harry’s bravery

Harry shrugged and said “ I guess it’s because I’ve done it two times before”

“Well I know one thing for sure…I’m never going on that bus again!” I exclaimed

Harry laughed

“Follow me” Harry said as we entered what looked like an abandoned building

But when we entered, boy was I surprised.

It looked as though it was a bar, and it was super packed; people were everywhere

Harry went up to a man behind a counter

“I need a room” he said

“Okay Mr. Potter” the counter person said as he turned around and grabbed a set of keys “room six” he then added

We walked up a set of stairs and entered the room with a gold 6 on it

When we walked in the first thing I noticed was that there was only one queen sized bed…but luckily there was a couch too…There was also a fireplace, a coffee table and a closet …a very big closet at that

“So…are we going to hang around here all day or have some fun?” Harry asked once we put the stuff away.

“Um…fun??? What are we going to do in a motel-like-thingy that’s fun?” I asked curiously

“Nothing…but we can go out of the motel you know…We’ll go to Diagon Alley…which is a wizard place where you can buy things” Harry answered

“Sounds cool but there’s only one problem…I’m Not a wizard, or a witch! Or whatever you call it” I said annoyed

“Witch…but no one has to know that you’re a muggle” Harry said smartly

“Can’t they tell by looking at me? Like do some kind of spell thingy that tells them that I’m a muggle” I asked confused

Harry laughed “not that I know of”

“So are you saying there could be?” I asked

“um…Let’s just go, okay?” Harry asked

“Sure…I guess” I answered not really knowing what I was getting myself into

We walked out of the room, and went down a set of steps. Then we walked into another room at the bottom of the staircase

It was a very small room with a brick wall

“um Harry? You do know that there’s nothing in this room, right?” I asked, extremely confused as to why he brought me into an empty room

‘he wouldn’t???…nah…I can’t think like that’ I thought

“Just watch” he said

He took out the stick that I now presumed was his wand and poked a few of the bricks with it.

What happened next was amazing

The bricks moved aside to reveal an Alleyway with tons of shops and TONS of people

“Wow! This place is amazing!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah, I know” Harry said smiling

We walked down the alleyway until we reached a place called “Flourish and Blotts”

When we heard some people call out “Harry!”

Before I knew who called it out a girl with bushy brown hair and a boy with flaming red hair ran over.

The girl hugged Harry and said “It’s so good to see you Harry!”

“It’s nice to see you too Hermione” Harry said smiling

Harry looked over to me and said “Oh and Hermione, Ron this is Angie she’s my second cousin she was twice removed…”

“Hi” I greeted shyly

“It’s nice to meet you Angie” Hermione greeted kindly

“Yeah, nice to meet you Ange” Ron greeted

I blinked…’guess I have a new nickname’ I thought

“Can you hold on a sec Angie? We have to talk.” Hermione said

“…um sure” I answered

The three of them walked away

I watched horrifyingly as I seen a boy with slicked back, pale blonde hair pull a small girl by her pale blonde pigtails

Something I can’t explain took over me as I charged after the boy and stopped right in front of his face.

“How dare you do that to her!” I yelled at him gesturing to the girl

“What’s it matter to you what I do to her?” The boy asked rather snobbishly still holding tightly onto the girls pigtails as she started to cry

“ Shut up stupid!!!” He yelled at the girl

The girl began to cry harder

“I want my daddy!!!” The girl screamed as tears were flowing down her face lake a waterfall

“Your dad is dead now shut up!!!” He yelled

“No I’ve heard enough of this!!! YOU shut up or I’ll make you!!!” I yelled at him, my insides were burning with hatred

I moved my hand to slap him but instead he went flying against the wall, The little girl stared at him as he lied unconscious sitting against the wall.

My breathing started to get irregular, and I frantically looked around for Harry.

I couldn’t see him so I did something else crazy “ Harry!!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs

Which must have been pretty loud because it broke a nearby window

Harry, Ron and Hermione came running into the scene

“What’s going on?” Harry asked

“I- I made that boy unconscious” I answered frightened gesturing to the boy

“Malfoy?! Bloody hell you knocked Malfoy out!” Ron exclaimed excited

I looked for the little girl but she was gone

“Oh no, where’d she go?” I asked to no one in particular

“Where’d who go?” Hermione asked

“The little girl that, the Malfoy boy was dragging by the pigtails” I answered

“He did what?!” Hermione shouted at the top of her lungs

“There she is!” I shouted, she was standing by some alleyway called ‘Knockturn Alley’

I ran over to her, followed by Harry, Ron and Hermione

“Are you okay?” I asked her

She sniffled “No, I want my daddy!!!”

I exchanged glances with Harry, Ron and Hermione

“Where is your daddy?” Hermione asked

The little girl pointed up towards the sky and said “Somewhere up there”

Everyone’s eyes began to water except Ron who was staring at us confused

“What he’s flying a broom?” Ron asked stupidly

“No! He’s past on, you stupid moron!” Hermione shouted

I gave the girl a tight hug “Why don’t you come with us?”

“But daddy told me not to go anywhere with strangers or talk to them but…” The little girl said

“But we’re not strangers…My name is Angie. And the people with me are Harry, Ron and Hermione…now what’s your name?” I introduced gesturing to each person as I said their names

“Emma” She said

“See now we aren’t strangers, so can you please come with us?” Angie asked Emma

Emma nodded shyly

Harry picked Emma up and gave her a piggy back ride

We headed back to the Leaky Cauldron

“I have to write Dumbledore, Angie your defiantly not a muggle if you can throw Malfoy into a wall without touching him…and you also can’t break a window without touching it” Harry said

“Dumbledore? Who’s that?” I asked curiously

“The Headmaster of our school” Hermione answered

“Why do you have to tell him?” I asked suspiciously

“Because I think you’re a witch” Harry answered

A/N:: Wheeeee I finished it I’m so proud of myself…and I know it took forever!! But there was a lot of things going on!!! So please forgive me! That’s all I ask for!

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