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Chapter 18

All three of the four teenagers groaned with pain, but Alice shrieked as she did have little Longbottom growing inside of her.

“Some Auror,” Voldemort cackled. “Mudblood Evans would obviously be better than you.”

“It is Potter,” Lily snarled. “I am not a Mudblood I am a fully qualified witch.”

“Shut up,” Voldemort said lazily waving his wand and sending Lily in the air spinning over and over again with her feet going over her head. Unfortunately showing her knickers. “You were born as a Mudblood and you shall die tonight as a filthy Mudblood.” Voldemort then looked up towards Lily and cackled, then turning towards James, Voldemort spoke again. “Nice knickers, eh? Nice pick Potter…for a Mudblood that is.”

“You bastard!” James screamed and then began throwing every curse and hex that he had learned so far to date in his Auror training classes. Frank nodded and began to follow in James’s footsteps. Alice was still crumbled to the ground holding on the her stomach and praying that her unborn child would be alright. Lily was still rolling around in the air, she was starting to get very nauseous, all this was making her very dizzy.

Voldemort stumbled back from James and Frank’s attacks and then Lily began. James looked up and horror struck his face. As Voldemort had stumbled back and lost concentration on spinning Lily, and now Lily was falling towards the ground. He could only see and hear terror from his beautiful wife.

James mumbled a incantation that he had heard his former Headmaster mumble a few times when Quidditch players were falling from very high heights. Lily wasn’t falling as fast, and this is when Alice jumped up on cue and began to help her husband fight off the worst Dark Wizard in a century.


Being a Death Eater wasn’t as exciting as I had imagined it would be, but then again I never really did have a choice in becoming one. My acquaintances in my house at Hogwarts had all joined and in a way I had been pushed by peer pressure to join also. Of course my father wasn’t happy, but when was my father ever happy for me. Mother loved it, hell mother was just glad I was doing something in my life. I honestly don’t think she even knew what kind of an oath I was making when I made this.

Now of course that she has read the goings on in the Prophet, she keeps trying to convince me to leave this horrid life style. That is something mother knows not. You can not just decide when you want to leave the Dark Lord’s side. Leaving his side you get the ultimate punishment, death. Death honestly does not sound that appealing to me.

I love learning all the dark arts, but we honestly do not really use much of the advanced dark arts in which I really love. The Dark Lord is only wanting to kill and loves doing muggle baiting. I have never liked muggles or Muggleborns, so why would I want to do that?

Then again you can never object with the Dark Lord’s requests. You are hear to serve him as he is your King, one thing to cross him and you are dead.

I thought I had gotten over her, until tonight. I saw that beauty tonight and my stomach did it’s usual flip-flop at seeing her. Even more gorgeous than I could have ever remembered her. I have never seen her so happy in her entire life, it made me happy too. Then again I felt the familiar stab to the chest as I realized she is happy with him and not me.


Alice and Frank were holding Voldemort off as best as they could and this gave James the chance to slow Lily’s fall down and catch her in his arms. She would have to kiss him, hug his neck, and thank him later.

Frank just barely missed a curse as it flew above his head and Alice looked pretty beaten up herself.

Silently James and Lily made a secret agreement, they were going to have to get through this fight against Voldemort with their close friends. They had to live, they couldn’t die here tonight.

Alice and Frank were expecting a baby and they sounded so happy about it. The thought of a baby had actually brought a smile to Lily’s face too, it would be nice to have something to look forward to…some happiness in all of this tragedy. Alice was getting her happiness in her husband and her unborn child. A baby…that just sounded wonderful. Lily wasn’t sure if James and herself were ready to have a baby yet, but Lily defiantly knew that she did want to carry James Potter’s children.

Frank was only worried about Alice, it didn’t matter if he died tonight, but Alice was carrying their unborn child. If anything happened to Alice and the baby…well he would kill himself.

Alice was so worried about Frank and the baby. They had to come out of this battle alive, they just had to. Alice could not think about raising this baby alone on her own. Oh Merlin, if Frank died, then his mother would want to raise baby Longbottom with Alice. No Frank had to live because if she had to raise this child alone with his mother, Alice was sure she would either kill herself or her mother in law.

James was fighting his best, in fact the best he had ever fought in his entire life. James felt his arrogance and ego growing, but then the thought of Lily made his ego deflate. James had to make sure that himself and Lily got out of this alive. A life without Lily Potter, well was not really a life at all…

In other words both couples needed to get out of this battle, alive.


“Sirius,” Amelia spoke up. “You have got to stop.”

“Stop what?” He asked stopping from the walking he had been doing.

Amelia got off of Lily and James Potter’s loveseat in their living room and put her hand upon his forearm, “If you keep pacing like that then you will burn a whole through their hardwood floor. I do not know Lily Potter that well, but I have heard about her temper. All you really need to do is ruin her perfect home with James and she will behead you.”

Sirius chuckled for the first time that night since the Death Eaters had shown up, “You are right.” Sirius walked over to the loveseat in which Amelia had been sitting upon and sighed, “I am just worried.”

She nodded, “I can tell.”

“They are the only family I have left,” Sirius said throwing his face into his hands.

“I know Lily and James mean the world to you…”

“Not just them,” Sirius said sitting up. “Remus, Gabriella, Alice, Frank, and Peter. I am not related to any Blacks, I have cut all of those bastards off. My friends are my true family and if anything happens to any of them…I will just die.”

“I know how you feel.”

“Do you really?”

Amelia blinked at him and instantly Sirius felt truly sorry for saying that. Amelia wasn’t only blinking at him because he had startled her but she was also blinking back tears. “I too have friends in the ministry, friends I am really worried about. I have family that works for the ministry, hell you are taking classes from my brother.”


Amelia shook her head, “No.” She then turned to him, “We have to be strong.”


“We have to fight the storm.”


“Please, please help her.”

“Sir please read the sign,” the receptionist yawned.

“Ma’am this is important…”

The receptionist looked up and didn’t look surprised to see a young Remus Lupin holding the lifeless body of Gabriella Martinez in his arms. “Attack at the ministry ball?” She asked without any expression for Remus.

“You would think wouldn’t you?!” Remus yelled sarcastically.

“Emergency corridor door to your left and all the way down. Have a pleasant day.”

“Sod off,” Remus growled as he ran down the hallway with his girlfriend in his arms. “Please don’t be dead, please don’t be dead.” Remus repeated over and over again, and praying that Gabriella had only drank a draft of the living dead.


Now that James and Frank had help from their wives in fighting Voldemort, the two couples were really getting some lead way. Of course the four of them were getting tired, but getting attacks from four people at once was really wearing Voldemort out a lot faster than he was wearing all of them out.

True Lily, James, Alice, and Frank could not apparate out. There was a good part to this though, because none of Voldemort’s followers could apparate in. No one could leave until Voldemort took the spell off.

James was throwing curses and hexes at Voldemort and getting about a fourth back from the dark wizard.

Lily was hoping this would end soon, but end in a good way. She was getting quite tired but she had to keep fighting. Fighting for her life, James’s life, and their life together.

Frank was keeping up as good as James was, but Frank could tell as James had that the girls were getting very tired and this really needed to end well and soon.

Alice was usually an extraordinary dueler and she was still doing very well, but she was really getting exhausted and she was afraid of the stress she was putting on her baby.

Then out of now where Voldemort flicked his wand and there was smoke everywhere. Once the smoke had cleared, Voldemort was no where to be seen.

“Where did he go?” Alice asked leaning against her husband.

“Who cares?” James asked honestly, “Let’s just get the hell out of here before he gets back with all of his Death Eaters to finish us off.”

“I am with James,” Lily agreed.

“Where should we go?” Alice asked as it was apparent she was ready to get the hell out of here too.

“Our house,” James spoke up. “I am pretty sure if Sirius, Remus, Peter, and Gabriella have gotten out then that is where they have gone.”

They all nodded and got the hell out of there before Voldemort and his horrible Death Eaters came back to finish the couples off.


I looked over and there was the psychotic Bellatrix Black…no Lestrange. She looked as if she was thriving in this chaos and horrible terror.

Sure he loved working with the dark arts, but killing had never been a thing of this.

He heard his name and turned, “Didn’t you feel that?”


“Our marks are burning again?”


Bellatrix looked at him oddly, “What is wrong with you?”

“I was too into all the killings, didn’t kill as many people as I had wanted too.” He lied.

“Yeah, I know what you mean.” Bellatrix sulked, “Any ways he is calling us. We have got to get out of here, now.”

“Alright,” he nodded. Bellatrix apparated away, and he looked for the beauty he had always been in love with. She was no where to be seen and this really broke his heart, he really hoped she was okay.


Peter had no idea where his ‘friends’ had gone to or where Bellatrix had gone. Peter was not really worried about the Marauder’s significant others. Honestly Peter was so angry with his friends for picking those whores over their friendship. So Peter was really only worried about Bellatrix, as long as she wasn’t hurt everything would be alright.


There were some pops, and both Amelia and Sirius jumped and took their wands out.

“Cool down, it is only us.” James said throwing himself in his favorite armchair as Lily curled up in his lap and buried her head into his shoulder. James threw his arms around Lily protectively. Alice and Frank cuddled up on James and Lily’s empty couch, as Amelia and Sirius were on the loveseat.

“Are you guys okay?” Amelia asked as she was the first to speak in twenty minutes, they had all been staring into the fire that Sirius had started almost an hour ago before the others had shown up.

“I have never been so scared in my life,” Lily spoke up surprising everyone, including herself.

“Me neither,” Alice agreed. “I mean of course Frank and I have come in contact with Voldemort two other times.”

“You have?” James asked and looked down at Lily and she looked as stunned as her husband was.

“What is wrong?” Frank asked.

“It is just funny,” Lily said sitting up and taking her face out of the crook of James’s neck.

“What is?” Sirius asked wondered what was going on.

“Well, Lily and I have too come in contact with Voldemort two other times, no including tonight.”

“That is so weird,” Amelia said looking at the two couples in awe. “That the four of you have come in contact with Voldemort three times and you are still alive to speak about it.”

“Yeah,” the four of them nodded in a way that gave them all goose bumps.

“Where do you think Remus, Gabriella, and Peter are?” Sirius asked.

“I don’t want to think about it,” Lily said a bit scared.

“Me neither,” Alice agreed.


Lily looked up to see that it was Amelia who was talking, “Yes?”

“Would you like me to make some tea?”

Lily smiled, “That is really nice of you.”

“Could you show me where your tea kettle, cups, and saucers are?”

“Yeah,” Lily nodded crawling out of James’s lap.

“I will come too,” Alice said getting up.

The ladies left and were now in the kitchen.

“That was odd,” Sirius said speaking up and looking from James to Frank.

“You can say that again,” James nodded.

“That was odd,” Sirius repeated.

James rolled his eyes and Frank chuckled, “You are right Sirius.”

“I honestly did not think any of the girls would open up to Amelia,” Sirius said propping his feet up on the coffee table.

“Especially Lily,” James nodded.

“Yeah as you use to date Amelia to make Lily jealous,” Sirius snickered.

“Then she fell in love with you, don’t forget that.” Frank threw in his two knuts in which he began to laugh.

“Ug,” James sighed. “Don’t remind me.”

“I think Amelia is a nice girl,” Sirius frowned.

“You fancy her!” James yelled as his eyes began to bug out.

“No I don’t!”

“Yes you do!”

“No I don’t!”

“Yes you do!” Frank said nodding.

“Shut up,” Sirius growled. “I still love Cassidy.”

“You will always love her,” James spoke up. “That does not mean you can not move on, and besides I believe that Cassidy would want you to move on.”


“Have any of you guys seen or heard from Gabriella or Remus?” Amelia asked standing beside the stove as the three girls were waiting on the tea.

“No,” Alice and Lily said at the same time.


“You seem somewhat upset?” Alice asked as she placed her hand over her stomach.

“I am worried,” Amelia nodded to Alice’s question.


“I know they are really good friends of Sirius’s, as are you guys, and he seems really worried.”

“You seem really worried about him,” Lily spoke up.

“Of course, we are friends.”

Lily shook her head, “There is more than that.”

“He loves Cassidy and I love Chris very much.”

“Yes and you always will,” Lily nodded. “The two of you need to eventually move on, whether it is with one another or not.”

“I thought you would be the main person against Sirius and I at the ball,” Amelia said truthfully.

“I was in the beginning,” Lily nodded.

“Me too,” Alice threw in her comment in which Amelia nodded to the both of them.

“I realized I was being really immature.”

“Me too, and if Sirius fancies you and you fancy him then none of us should stand in the way of you guys.”

Amelia blushed as she poured the three of them some tea, “Sirius and I are only friends, promise. I honestly do not see us going anywhere further than that, but if we decide to later on I am glad that you two will not beat me to a pulp.”

“No problem,” Lily nodded and thanked Amelia for the tea before she turned on Alice. “You need to go to St. Mungo’s?”

Alice spit tea all over the kitchen table getting a giggle from Amelia and a disgusted look from Lily, “Why in Merlin’s name would I go to that horrid place?!”

“Your baby!”

“Baby?” Amelia asked looking confused, but then reminded herself that these girls didn’t honestly like her and they were only being nice to her. In other words whatever baby Alice had was none of her business.

“Oh,” Alice blushed. “Sorry…yeah, well only the Marauders, Frank, Lily, Gabriella, and I know.”

“It is okay, I don’t expect you to tell me….”

“No it is okay,” Alice said waving it off. As much as the girls had hated Amelia a few hours ago, a near death attack with Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort himself put all that childish stuff behind them. “Frank and I found out the other day that I am expecting a baby! I am due sometime in mid July, don’t know a sure date yet.”

“Congrats!” Amelia said smiling from ear to ear, “I am so happy for you! When you find out what you are having let me know and I will get Sirius to give you a gift from me.”


“Or not,” Amelia said turning away.

“No she didn’t mean it like that,” Lily spoke up.

“Lily is right, I meant why don’t you come to the baby shower? I am sure Lily and Gabby will host it for me…”

“You can help us, that is if you want?” Lily spoke up.

“If you guys don’t mind…”

“We need to all stick together, especially in these dark times.”

Both Amelia and Alice nodded to this.

“Anyways,” Lily said turning back to Alice. “You are avoiding my suggestion.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about,” Alice said sticking her nose up in the air and being the usual stubborn arse she always was.

“Going to St. Mungo’s!” Lily growled between her teeth.

“Hey that is Sirius job,” Alice reminded her close friend.

“Huh?” Amelia was totally confused.

Lily and Alice were not sure if Amelia knew Sirius’s secret, so Lily just went on. “I am worried about your baby.”

“Stuff it Potter!”

“Frank!” Lily screamed.

“Fine!” Alice yelled starting to get huffy, “I will go to St. Mungo’s. You have to come with me.”

“Okay,” Lily nodded. Both girls got up and turned around to see Amelia still sitting down at the table looking down at her now torn dress robes.

“Are you coming?” Alice asked.

“Who me?” Amelia frowned.

“Who else?”



“Mr. Lupin?” A Healer asked walking out of the Emergency Ward.

Remus stood up and looked hopeful at the Healer, “How is she?”

“I am sorry to say that she is in the same condition she was in when you brought her in.”


“I am sorry Mr. Lupin, but Miss Martinez is really gone. I am really sorry for you loss.”


Remus Lupin turned around to see a very confused Lily Potter, Alice Longbottom, and Amelia Bones.

“What is going on?” Lily asked.

“Where is Gabby?” Alice asked too.

“Gabriella is the reason I am here,” Remus said as he felt his throat getting dry.

“Where is she?” Alice asked again.

“She…she was m…murdered.”

“No!” Alice screamed as she was about to fall to the ground and Remus caught her, knowing from earlier that Alice was with child. “No! No! No!” Lily ran over to Remus and hugged both of her friends. Amelia felt really out of place and figured the rest of the gang would want to know. So Amelia disapparated from St. Mungo’s and was headed back to Lily and James Potter’s house.

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