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A/N– Sorry! I didn't know this would be such a big hit so fast. Thanks for the reviews and the great comments. I'm excited to write this now! My apologies for taking so long to put up the second chapter...I was waiting to see when the first would be posted by the site and I've been sick and not too much up for writing.

But-Enjoy :o)
Chapter 2

"Were you dreaming about me?" I asked disgusted.

Malfoy's surprised face quickly turned back to his usual smirk.

"You would like that wouldn't you Granger?" He said. He looked at me from head to toe. He strutted over to me, "If you'd want me to though, I might be able to find a place for you in a dream or two," He added in a husky whisper, inches away from my face, then winked.

"Oh yes. That's exactly what I want," I said walking to him in a slow, sexy manor. "You want it too, don't you, Draco?" I whispered in his ear, purring his name, then bit it softly. I stepped back from him and he stared at me in confusion. I pointed my wand at him, muttering a simple spell, changing him into his robes, then did the same to myself. I winked at him then left my compartment to help Hagrid with the first years.

-After the feast.-

Dumbledore walked Malfoy and I to our common room. Not saying anything. He stopped in front of the painting of a man who looked to be our age.

"This is Sir Luke. The password is 'night'. You may change the password at anytime you wish, but both of you must be present in doing so. I expect you two to get along. Goodnight." He said with the usual twinkle in his eye. I turned to Sir Luke and when I looked back to Dumbledore, he was gone.

"Night." Malfoy said walking to the picture. I followed him in and stood, staring in aw. The common room was at least twice the size of the Gryffindor common room. One over-stuffed couch and two over-stuffed chairs sat in front of a large fireplace. There were three different tables. Two to do works at and one with a bell, I guessed to be for eating. Everything was decorated in red and black to combine the two houses. The ceiling was enchanted like that of the Great Hall. There were three doors. One farthest to the left, marked "Draco", one farthest to the right marked "Hermione", and one in the middle with nothing on it. I went to the middle door to see a huge bathroom. Two showers, two sinks with tons of counter space and a huge bathtub the size of a swimming pool were inside, along with two doors opposite each other at each end. I heard Malfoy walk in behind me and snort.

"It's small but I guess it'll have to do," I heard him mumble.

"Are you insane? This is brilliant!" I told him.

"Oh, I forgot Mudblood. You're not use to having money or nice things," He said sneering and walking into his room.

I walked into my room and smiled. It was in all red and gold. A queen-sized bed, a vanity and wardrobe, plus my own desk. All around were pictures of me and my friends through our Hogwarts years. I went to the wardrobe and saw my clothes had already been unpacked. I took out shorts and a tank top and changed. Grabbing my book, I went to the common room to read. I curled up in one of the overstuffed chairs and started to read when I heard Malfoy come downstairs mumbling to himself.

"That's not good Malfoy. With all the mumbling you do to yourself, some might find you a little crazy." I said not looking up from my book.

"Oh settle down Mudblood. I just want cocoa." He said, his face cold, lacking all emotion. He rang the bell off the table and a house elf appeared.

"Yes Mister Malfoy." It squeaked, bowing so its ears flopped to the ground.

"Get me a mug of cocoa." He spat.

"Yes sir, right away sir." The elf said tripping over itself to get the cocoa.


I got my cocoa and stole a last glance at Hermi- Granger. She leaned over her book, her hair falling in her face and her brown eye darting across the lines on the page. I turned and went up to my room. I sat there thinking. I couldn't be falling for Granger. She was a mudblood. Then again, Father was dead. Mother always discouraged being against people because of their blood. My mind wandered back to my dream on the train--

We were both laying in my bed. It was cold. So we cuddle together to keep warmer. I laid there staring into her welcoming brown eyes as she looked back into mine, challenging me to look away. She brushed the hair off my forehead, we leaned in to kiss and-

"Bloody hell!"I heard a crash as Granger yelled.

'What now?' I thought smirking. I walked down the stairs.

"What did you mess up now?" I asked. I entered to see Grange covered in cocoa and a house elf trembling on the floor. I looked at the elf. "Well?" I asked it. "Go get some rags!"

"Sorry miss. Yes sir, quickly sir." It said scrambling through a door.

"What Malfoy? No snide, hideous remarks?" She asked close to tears.

"Looks like you've been through enough." I said running my hand through my hair and shrugging.

She stared at me in disbelief.

"Never thought of you to be one to curse though. " I said smirking. The elf came back handing me and Granger, warm wet towels.

"Your best bet is to just shower and give them your clothes to be washed." I said. She nodded and tried taking off her robe.

"Come here." I sad helping her out of her robe. Underneath she was wearing short shorts and a tank top. I stood there eyeing her and smirked. "wow mudblood, you grew up." I said winking at her. "You want some help with the shower?"

She pushed me away and sighed in disgust walking to the bathroom.

"You know I'm right next door." I said tauntingly.

"That's what I'm afraid of." I heard her murmur.

"And I really like those shorts." I teased.

She whipped around, glaring at me. She walked over and went to slap me. I caught her hand and smirked.

"You smell good Granger. Like a chocolate covered treat." I said snapping the waist band of her shorts.

"How dare you." She whispered, tears in her glaring eyes. I smirked and let her arm fall.

I sat in my room and heard Granger lock my door from inside the bathroom. She started her shower and ever above that I heard her crying. I sighed and changed into shorts and went and sat in front of the fire.

"I've waited all summer for this and it's already ruined. First Malfoy, then the cocoa." I heard granger murmuring when she walked into the common room.

"What's so bad about me?" I asked, making her jump.

"Sorry I didn't know you were there." She whispered.

"Really? What's so bad about me?" I asked again.

She looked at me like I had just asked the stupidest question in the world, and I somewhat felt like I did.


A/N I hope you liked! I should post the next chapter pretty soon. I have it started. Let me know what you think. And if you have any ideas, please feel free to share them. I'm willing to have this story go whichever way you guys want, (within reason.)

*Disclaimer: I do not own The characters or places or names. The plot is mine. That is all. Everything else belongs to JKR.***

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