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A/N: I know that Flying isn't a class that's taken beyond first year, and that a lot of things became canon after HBP came out. So now my story is an A/U and some things will be out of whack with canon. Please bear that in mind! And thanks for reading, I really appreciate your feedback. Chapter 13 Of Letters, Parchments, and OWLs Ron woke up the next morning and rubbed his eyes. Sunlight was streaming in through the window and it took a moment to realise where he was. He noticed the empty bed across from him and he bolted from his bed. He ran down the hall to the girls’ room and burst in. The events of the days before flashed in his mind, and he wondered if it all had been a dream. “HERMIONE! You’re here too!” He exclaimed when he saw Hermione sleeping in her bed, in the other bed Ginny was sleeping. Both of them jumped at his voice. “FRED!” They heard Mrs. Weasley scream as she was coming up the steps and had seen the twin running towards Hermione’s room. There was a scampering of feet, and a commotion. Doors were opening and closing, people were coming out of their rooms. “MUM! Let go!” Fred’s muffled voice was heard as he tried to pry his mother from him. Ron, Ginny and Hermione went to the hallway, and Mrs Weasley spotted them. The Healers had had to give her a strong sleeping potion the previous day as she was frantic with worry over George’s condition. She had been brought back to Grimmauld place the night before and was asleep when the youngsters had arrived from Hogwarts. She had just woken up. “RON!! Hermione!” Mrs Weasley cried out and let go of Fred and enveloped the pair in a bear hug. “You’re all right. Thank goodness.” “Mum! Let go. We can’t breathe!” Ron’s muffled voice pleaded. Molly let go of them and looked around. “How’s George?” Ron asked his mother. “He’s going to be fine. But I ought to kill you for going back into that danger,” she scolded him, then her features softened, “but I know if you hadn’t…. George…” “It’s all right mum,” Ron said and hugged her back as she cried. “Where’s Harry?” Ron asked her to change the subject. “The Order took him back this morning to the Dursleys’ to get his things,” Molly answered wiping off her tears. “They should be back in a little while. I have made breakfast; you can help yourselves. I want to go back to St. Mungo’s and join your father and Bill. They stayed overnight. Don’t go anywhere, ok?” She said and hugged each of the children. “Mum, I want to go with you,” Ginny said hopeful. Yesterday, Dumbledore had told her that perhaps it was best if she waited and that Molly was going to be brought here to Grimmauld place and she could use Ginny’s support. “I know, dear. But George’s condition is still delicate. He isn’t allowed many visitors. I promise I will take you once the Mediwitches deem he is able to receive visitors,” Molly said to her daughter, and hugged her. “I’ll accompany you,” Fred said to stop her before she hugged him. Molly nodded and he followed his mother. Hermione reached for Ginny’s hand and squeezed it for reassurance. Ginny watched her mother and Fred leave and wished they would let her go with them. Ron too wanted to go, but had been told the same thing. The three of them headed down to the kitchen for breakfast. **** Veronica woke up in her room and reached next to her for Harry. When she didn’t feel him, she suddenly jumped from bed and remembered the events of the weekend. Remus had brought her early this morning to pack her things and leave. She had fallen asleep when she had finished packing. She came downstairs and found Chaffy and Becca with Nancy. “Hey,” Becca said and smiled at her. Vero remembered that they would not remember anything about Friday. “Hey,” Becca came over to her and hugged her. “I came as soon as Nancy called this morning. I am sorry to hear about your aunt. I wish you didn’t have to leave so soon,” she said then added, “I’m going to miss you.” Veronica had made up a lie to explain her abrupt departure. Veronica just nodded. “Thank you. I will miss you too.” “When do you leave?” Chaffy asked. “This morning. I packed everything already,” she said and played with her breakfast. “Did you say goodbye to Harry?” Veronica couldn’t answer; the lump on her throat prevented her from uttering any words. She only nodded. Later that morning, Francisco, her butler from back home, arrived to get her things. “Mi Niña (So good to see you).” The old man said in her native language, and embraced her warmly. He had been the family’s butler forever. He too was a wizard. Remus arrived a few minutes later to oversee that everything went well. The small moving truck was loaded and left heading for the airport. Most of her things would be sent via air cargo. Veronica said a tearful goodbye to her friends and got into her car on the passenger side. Francisco was driving it for her. Remus approached before she left and handed her a letter that Harry had sent. She took the letter but didn’t open it. Remus turned to Francisco “When you are out of the city limits, you can activate the transatlantic Portkey (which was actually the car). You will appear right into the school. Headmaster Hernandez is awaiting you,” Remus said. Francisco nodded, and started the car and began driving down the street. **** When Molly and Fred had left, a gigantic red bird flew in through the window. It landed on a chair in front of Hermione. “Carta para Harry.” The bird said and spoke the swallowed words in its peculiar imitating speech. “Wow, what did it say?” Ron asked. “I think it means ‘letter for Harry’ in Spanish,” Hermione replied as she approached the bird, but the bird gave a loud screech and snapped at her fingers, making her cringe and back away from it. Then the bird turned around in the chair, dropping its head low, and raising its 2.5 ft long tail out of the way so it could turn around, and he now faced Ron and Ginny. The bird seemed to survey them with interest. “Muluc. Me llamo Muluc. Muluc quiere beso,” he said and began to sound kisses. Just then, the fireplace puffed green flames, as Dumbledore appeared. Other members of the Order arrived as well. “I would like to hear everything about what happened in the last two days, in complete detail. I may shed some light into the identity of this mystery man, Michael,” Dumbledore said to the teens. He had been busy with Order business and the events of yesterday at the joke shop, and later about Veronica. He hadn’t had time to question them fully. “Um, Professor, Veronica sent Harry a note,” Hermione said pointing to the red bird. “What a magnificent bird!” Dumbledore exclaimed as he spotted Muluc sitting on the backrest of a chair. “I haven’t seen a Scarlet Macaw since I went on a vacation to Costa Rica several decades ago,” Dumbledore mused with a twinkle in his eyes. Dumbledore approached him and to Hermione’s surprise the bird held the note out to him. Albus read the letter, and thought for a moment. “This is interesting…” He seemed to be lost in thought then conjured some parchment and with a self inking quill he wrote a note as a reply and approached the Macaw. The bird held out its foot to him. “Hola. Muluc lleva carta.” The bird croaked loudly. “Dumbledore,” Albus said to the bird. It stunned everyone by repeating the name without a hitch. “These birds have an excellent mimicking ability,” Dumbledore said with a smile, then turned to the bird. “Lleva la carta urgentemente,” Dumbledore said as he finished tying the note to its leg, and Muluc disappeared with a loud crack. “That bird can Apparate?!” Ron exclaimed with shock. “Yes, it’s similar to Apparating, but different. Some do have that ability when taught, just as some can imitate speech perfectly while others can’t. They are very rare, those that can Apparate, and they have to be taught from very young, and some believe them to be relatives of the Phoenix. Like the Phoenix they are very loyal,” Dumbledore replied as he looked through his half moon spectacles. His eyes held their usual twinkling. The fireplace burst with green flames and Harry stepped into the living room, with several members of his guard following. Several minutes later, Remus walked through the fireplace. Dumbledore turned and handed Veronica’s note to Harry. Harry looked up hopeful “Does this mean…?” “Yes, you and Miss Machado can communicate this way and only through the use of Muluc. I will teach you how to write a letter with a self destruction charm for protection in case it ever got into the wrong hands. Also, it will be best if you use an alias.” Harry smiled for the first time since Veronica left yesterday. He felt a bit confused that Dumbledore would readily agree to Harry staying in contact with Veronica after he had been very strong about prohibiting him from doing so yesterday. He pocketed the letter, and felt the other piece of parchment that Donovan had placed in his trouser pockets. He had completely forgotten about it. He resisted the urge to pull it out right now, and instead turned his attention back to Dumbledore. “Let’s go into the drawing room and await other members of the Order, for they too would like to hear what you have to say about what happened this weekend,” he said and ushered them out to the large drawing room up the stairs. Dumbledore conjured additional seats to accommodate everyone. Remus, Tonks, McGonagall, Snape, Arthur and Fred Weasley, Shacklebolt, and Moody were all present as well as others. Molly was still in St. Mungo’s with George. The members of the Order that were present listened intently as the youngsters related everything about the events of Friday night, and Saturday morning. “You say that he uses a piece of chalk to create a door on the wall?” Moody asked not able to believe it. “Yes, and he calls the location to where he wants to go, much like you do with the Floo,” Hermione answered. “Could it somehow be connected to the Floo network?” Tonks asked. “Why do you ask Miss Tonks?” Dumbledore inquired. “Well, when I was at the Ministry yesterday I overheard a conversation between two workers from the Floo network department talking about a phenomenon that had happened on the system. They had been called in for an emergency to work over the weekend. It didn’t seem like they found anything serious, but they were making sure that no one had been trapped in the network. I didn’t give it much thought, but the events may be related,” She said shrugging. “Arthur, would you investigate this incident with the Transportation Department, tell Glen that I am asking for this as a favour. He will accommodate you.” Dumbledore had turned to Mr Weasley. “Certainly Albus, I’ll check into it when I return to work,” Arthur replied. “Did you find anything on Ian and his work at the museum?” Dumbledore turned to Remus. “I was able to speak with Ian in person, but he must know something for he seemed very reluctant to share information,” Remus relayed the information. “Kingsley, any news on Patrick and Jane?” Dumbledore turned to the auror. “No, they have disappeared, and even with our Auror locator we can’t get a signal or clue of their whereabouts,” Kingsley replied. “It seems that Michael Dobsen is well trained in the art of disguise and stealth. There are no clues to his whereabouts either. Not a single lead,” Kingsley added. More questions were asked of the teenagers. “Do you happen to have that Portkey anymore?” Albus asked Hermione. “Yes, I saved it, but Michael said that it was untraceable,” she replied; she ran up to her room and returned with the salt shaker. She handed it over to Dumbledore. Dumbledore frowned at her words. “Professor, do you know why Dobson would have kept us locked up then set us free?” Harry asked. He had remained very quiet throughout the whole time; everyone turned their attention to him. “I am afraid not, Harry. What we do know is that Michael seems to know a great deal about you and he knows about the Order. Snape saw through Chaffy’s memories his conversation with someone via the use of a communication device. I believe Michael is involved in a sort of magical research since he spoke of tests for some of the magic he used, and some of the spells he used aren’t published or public knowledge. He also has taken Jane and Patrick to some sort of research hospital. We are trying as best we can to get any leads. His information about the museum is true, and we have posted guards to watch Ian, the curator, in case Michael visits him soon. It is apparent that Ian is a wizard, but he does not appear in the Ministry records. He is working on a magical artefact right now, but we don’t know what it is, or what it does. For now it is best to keep our watch. I will let you know as we learn more.” The three teenagers left after a while when they were no longer needed and headed upstairs to Ron and Harry’s room. Harry pulled out from his pocket the piece of parchment that Donovan handed him. “What’s that?” Ron asked “It’s a note that Michael put in my trouser pocket right before he let us go. I had forgotten about it until now,” he said as he began to unfold the paper. “What does it say?” Hermione asked as they crowded around him. “Vault 1406P. Ask for a key at the front desk,” he read the neat and elegant handwriting on the piece of parchment. “That’s a Gringotts vault,” Hermione added. “Maybe when we go to Diagon Alley to purchase our things in a few weeks you can look into it, at least find out who it belongs to,” Ron said. “But why would Michael’s boss, or whoever told him to give you this, want you to go to this vault? Maybe there is something hidden in there, like the Philosopher’s stone was hidden! Maybe you shouldn’t go Harry,” Hermione cautioned, and then added, “should we say something to Dumbledore?” “No!” Harry snapped. He shook his head. “I am not telling Dumbledore, or he will take this away and keep things from me again.” Hermione and Ron looked at each other. Harry looked at the note again. “I don’t know. This is such a puzzle. I think I will at least ask who the vault belongs to, if they can tell me such a thing then maybe we will talk to Dumbledore.” **** Harry woke up very early out of habit. Today it was only Wednesday, August 21st. He sighed as he lay in bed unable to go back to sleep. He would have been getting ready to go to work; this was to be his last week. But because of what happened last weekend, Harry had been forced to quit his job earlier than scheduled. Now he was here at Grimmauld Place and it was still 10 days before school. He got up from bed, and headed downstairs to see if he could find something to eat. He found Mrs Weasley already up and about. The two spent a nice time just chatting, while Mrs Weasley began to prepare something for Harry to eat. George’s condition had improved a lot and the Mediwitch had said that he would be able to come home the next day or Friday. She left the kitchen to go wake up Arthur. Harry was glad to hear that George would recover completely. They had all gone to St. Mungo’s to visit him the day before and George had seemed to be in a horrible state, but they all knew he was better because he was joking again. Harry stirred his porridge absentmindedly. His stomach was churning. Dumbledore had sent a note to all students a few weeks ago informing them that O.W.L. results would arrive towards the end of August. Harry had then read in the Prophet that the Ministry was reviewing all OWL results because of an accusation made of several students cheating on their exams. Finally, yesterday’s Prophet had declared that all grades assigned to students during their NEWTs and OWLs were not tampered with, and that the results would begin distribution yet this week. Hermione had been hysteric all day yesterday. Around 7:30 in the morning, Harry groaned as an owl dropped a letter in front of him with the official seal of Hogwarts. Just then Hermione burst into the kitchen. “Did you open yours yet?” She asked in her shrill voice and she was still wearing her dressing robes. “No.” Harry replied plainly. “Oh God, I can’t open mine… what if I didn’t do well?” Hermione said as she nervously played with her envelope. “Come off it, Hermione. If anyone got perfect O’s in everything, it’s you. I want to be an Auror and I need NEWT Potions for that… I have something to worry about. Argh, will you just open your envelope!” Harry said frustrated. “I don’t see you opening yours!” Hermione shot back. Ron entered the kitchen with a pale face. “Ron? What’s the matter?” Hermione asked. She feared that he had failed his OWLs. Ron didn’t speak and simply handed her his opened Hogwarts Letter. Hermione seized it from him and began to read. “Ron!! Oh my God! I can’t believe…! Harry look at this!” She squealed with delight and handed the letter to Harry. Ancient Runes N/A Arithmancy N/A Astronomy A Care of Magical Creatures E Charms O Defence Against the Dark Arts E Divination D Flying E Herbology E History of Magic P Muggle Studies N/A Potions O Transfiguration E “You passed 9 O.W.L.s and you got two O’s!!! WOW, you even got an O in Potions!” Harry exclaimed and congratulated Ron. “Ron, what’s wrong?” Harry asked as Ron still seemed dumbfounded. “I… I don’t know how I did it!” He said after he came to, then he jumped and gave a loud whoop! “I passed… I passed…” he began dancing away in the kitchen. “What about you, mate?” Ron said as he spun around to face Harry. “Well, don’t stand there… open it. If I did this good, then you must have done great!” Ron encouraged Harry, and Harry couldn’t help but feel more courageous. He tore his envelope open, but closed his eyes. Both Ron and Hermione came up behind him to read. Ancient Runes N/A Arithmancy N/A Astronomy A Care of Magical Creatures E Charms E Defence Against the Dark Arts O with Merit Divination D Flying O Herbology E History of Magic D Muggle Studies N/A Potions O Transfiguration E “All right Harry! You got three of them O’s!!!” Ron exclaimed while Hermione congratulated him. Harry couldn’t believe it. He was shocked to see an O in potions. He then remembered his practical exam. The instructions on the board had been so neat, large, and straightforward, and without Snape vanishing his potion before he could even stir anything. Harry was delighted that he had done well. His ambition to be an Auror was not hopeless after all. He wondered if Professor McGonagall didn’t have anything to do with it. She had said that Harry would make Auror if it was the last thing she did! How could she have anyway? It must have been pure dumb luck, he concluded. Oh, to see Snape’s reaction when he saw him enter his NEWT Potions class. Harry scanned his letter again. He even managed an Acceptable in Astronomy, even after the whole Hagrid/McGonagall fiasco had happened during the practical exam. He saw the Defence Against the Dark Arts grade and grinned. His examiner had been mightily impressed with his Patronus. When he noticed that he failed divination miserably, he simply rolled his eyes. History of Magic: he could care less that he didn’t pass. Harry scowled as he remembered that it was during this test that he had the vision about Sirius. “Your turn Hermione,” Ron encouraged after celebration of Harry’s marks. She opened her envelope and grinned wildly, then her face turn to one of shock. “What!?” She bellowed as she stared at her paper in Horror. “What?” Both Harry and Ron asked at the same time. “I can’t believe this!” Hermione exclaimed angrily, “I’ve failed Flying!” Both Harry and Ron tried hard to suppress their laughter. “It is not funny!” Hermione exclaimed on the verge of tears. Ron snatched her letter. “Oh, come off it Hermione! You got 10 perfect OWLs! One ‘Exceed Expectations’ in Defence Against the Dark Arts! What does it matter that you don’t know how to fly a broom,” Ron said trying to comfort her, but it only made things worse. “You don’t understand! I can’t get my apparition license until I pass flying!” She shrieked at them. “WHAT?” They both exclaimed in unison and surprise and Hermione yanked the paper from Ron and shoved it towards Harry. Ancient Runes O Arithmancy O Astronomy O Care of Magical Creatures O Charms O Defence Against the Dark Arts E Divination N/A Flying P Herbology O History of Magic O Muggle Studies O (OLEP) Potions O Transfiguration O Dear Miss Granger, Every student is required to pass Flying lessons at an OWL level in order to receive their flying permit. As you know, obtaining a flying permit is a pre-requisite for obtaining your Apparating license. You must have an alternate mode of transportation in the event that your Apparating license is not granted, or should it ever be revoked. Since you have not achieved an Acceptable grade or above in Flying, you will be required to take this subject matter during your sixth year. If you again fail to pass this class, you will be required to take it again during your seventh and final year at Hogwarts. You will not be allowed to take your Apparition test until you pass the Flying test. Once you pass your Flying test you will be granted your flying license. Minerva McGonagall Deputy Headmistress, Hogwarts “I’m never going to Apparate or make Head Girl next year!” she exclaimed and buried her face in her hands. “What are you on about? Hermione, Head Girl position already has your name reserved for it! There’s no way they can pick anyone else but you! And you’re going to pass Flying, I am sure of it,” Harry replied trying to console her as he felt uncomfortable with her tears. “You’re not the first to ever have to take flying in sixth year. You remember that Ravenclaw girl last year, and she was in 7th year! Besides, Harry and I will help you so you can pass,” Ron encouraged although he thought it was ironic that Hermione would need help with any subject. “I don’t understand it Hermione, I thought you could fly a broom just fine. Remember our first year, in the room with the flying keys? You had no problem then and you always have been able to fly.” Hermione couldn’t answer and simply cried harder. Ron and Harry panicked. Harry looked at her OWL results again. “Hey, how did you get an OWL on Muggle Studies? You dropped that class a while ago?” Harry asked trying to get her mind off flying. “Oh, that? I took an OWL Level Examination Program Test. I basically tested out of it,” Hermione replied amidst her tears. Both Harry and Ron looked at her surprised. “What is going on?” Mrs Weasley asked as she entered the room. She saw the open letter on the table, and Ron and Harry were trying to calm Hermione down who was crying hysterically. She picked up Hermione’s letter and read the results. “Hermione, you received 11 OWLs?” She asked delighted. “But Hermione failed her Flying OWL,” Harry pointed out, which made Hermione wail louder. “She thinks she won’t get Head Girl because she didn’t get all perfect,” Ron added. “Oh, dear; it’s ok sweetie. Dumbledore made Head Boy and he told me that he had failed Herbology with a Dreadful when he had his OWLs. You got O’s on all of them. You should be celebrating. Now, stop this crying and cheer up or I will be forced to give you some Laughing Serum,” Mrs Weasley said wiping Hermione’s tear stricken face. “You think it won’t matter?” Hermione tentatively asked. “I am sure of it. If you have doubts, you can ask Dumbledore. Besides, flying is not for every witch. You only need to achieve an Acceptable to get that license, and for the Ministry test all you do is weave around a marked course without falling off your broom. It’s a lot easier than the OWL examination. If you ask me, they should do away with that OWL, and just have people take the Ministry test. I am sure you will be just fine. I know for sure that you can take your test as early as you want during sixth year and if you pass you don’t have to keep taking the class,” Mrs Weasley encouraged. “I failed flying miserably during my OWLs too. Of course it would have helped if I had gone to class,” she chuckled. Ron looked at his mother in shock. His mother? She didn’t go to class? It was a side of her he didn’t know existed by the way that she was always fussing about them being good in school. Hermione brightened somewhat and sniffed. “Maybe I’ll do just that,” she said and smiled a little. “And you’re right, I should be celebrating that I did great on everything else,” she said as she sniffed and wiped her tears. “I better Owl my mum and dad…” “That’s the spirit. Now, Ron… how did you do?” Molly asked her son. When Ron hesitated, she encouraged him. “It’s all right. I won’t get mad, I promise… you can’t have done as bad as Fred and…” She began when Ron suddenly grinned and handed her his results. “Ron! Merlin’s Holy beard!” Molly cried out utterly shocked and surprised. She engulfed Ron in a bear of a hug, and they could hear his muffled voice begging for air. “Arthur! Arthur!!…” Molly’s voice trailed as she left the kitchen to look for her husband. “What the bloody hell was that?” Fred asked entering the kitchen. “I got two O’s, and passed all but my Divination and History of Magic OWLs” Ron said with pride. Fred punched him in the arm. “Awww, look at Ickle Ronnikins. No wonder Mum is going bonkers. She has been telling herself that she would still love you even if you only passed 2 or 3 of them.” Ginny walked into the room almost knocking Harry in the process. “Look!” She said, excited as she pointed to the badge pinned on her clothes. “Ginny, you got a Prefect badge!” Hermione exclaimed as she hugged the youngest Weasley. Fred shook his head in disappointment, “We had such high expectations of you Ginny; you were our last hope.” Ginny stuck out her tongue at him. Molly and Arthur returned to the kitchen and they were extremely pleased with Ginny’s announcement and Ron’s achievements. The rest of the day the foursome received many congratulations as the news spread about their OWLs and Ginny’s Prefect nomination. Everyone was very proud of the four of them and a huge dinner was planned as a celebration. There was even something more to celebrate. Dumbledore had just informed the Weasleys that George was going to be released from St. Mungos later that day. “Now we get to pick our NEWT level classes,” Hermione said as she lay comfortably on the couch, while she bit the back of a Sugar Quill. “I don’t know what to pick!” She exclaimed. “Well, what do you want to be?” Harry asked. “I want to be an Auror, so I have to sign up for Charms, Transfiguration, Defence Against the Dark Arts, Potions (unfortunately) and at least one more. I haven’t decided what yet. My only choices left are Care of Magical Creatures or Herbology,” (Professor Sprout allows E into her class) Harry said as he studied his choices left for classes. He wasn’t too excited about taking Herbology, but he needed at least five NEWTS for Auror training, so he ticked it. He felt bad about not picking Hagrid’s class, and wondered if 6 NEWTS would be too much. He really didn’t have the heart to not take his class. With a sigh, he ticked Hagrid’s class as well. Harry figured that he could slack off Care of Magical Creatures and just focus on achieving a NEWT in the other five subjects. “I’m torn between being a MediWitch or working for the Regulation of Magical Creatures at the Ministry. I could try for a Magic and Spell Research position at the Academy. There are also careers in deciphering Runes, codes, and Safety Charms and such for Gringotts, or I could open up my own private non-profit organization. I could maybe instigate some changes at how unfairly some magical beings are treated. I better check all I can take, just in case,” Hermione ticked Charms, DADA, Potions, Transfiguration, Herbology, Ancient Runes, and Arithmancy, but hesitated when she came to Hagrid’s class. If she ended up wanting to make changes to the laws of treatment of magical creatures, she should probably sign up to have a NEWT in Hagrid’s class. She debated for a while; finally, and very reluctantly, she added Hagrid’s class. She would hate herself if, in the future, it turned out that she would have needed it after all. “You are insane taking 8 NEWTS!” Harry exclaimed looking over her parchment. Ron gaped at Hermione, then rolled his eyes. “Typical know-it-all,” he mumbled teasingly at her. Hermione grinned. “Well, I talked to Professor Flitwick earlier this summer and he said that he accepts E level OWLs into his NEWT class, and since I somehow got lucky in Potions, I am going to try for Auror. If that doesn’t work, I’ll go for professional Quidditch player,” Ron replied as he ticked Charms, Potions, Transfiguration, and DADA and consulted with Harry and checked Herbology. Ron refused to take Care of Magical Creatures at first, (I’d be nuts to want to go through Blasted-Ended Screwts!), but eventually Harry convinced him. “You are crazy! But ok, I’ll do it… but if it gets to be too much I am dropping it, at least Hagrid will see that I tried…” Ron added and marked his sixth choice. “Honestly Ron…!” Hermione began bickering with Ron and somehow the argument turned to the subject of Ron’s decision to be a Quidditch player. Harry groaned as the two began bickering with each other. He would have to endure two more years of this, he thought bleakly. Harry stood up and Ron and Hermione didn’t even notice when he left for his room. As he entered the room, his expression brightened as he spotted the red Macaw perched on his bedrail with a note in his beak. Veronica had sent a letter!

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