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I might not be updating as quickly as I was before....but I'll try to update every other day at the latest..... Here is my next chapter....Thanks for all the reviews..... Nothing is My Own. Another edited Chapter. A special thanks to Anamarie. She is my amazing beta who is helping me edit this story. If your looking for a good writing partner she is your girl!!!!
Chapter Six: Teachers New and Old “Great, I’ve got double potions this afternoon,” Harry whined as they looked over their class schedule[s] in the Great Hall. “Honestly Harry, you should be thankful that Snape let you in his N.E.W.T class,” Hermione said as she spread some jelly over her toast. “I would have preferred to never have to deal with Snape again,” Harry confessed. Hermione gave him a disappointed look and turned to Ron, “So, did you talk to Professor McGonagall?” Ron chewed his toast nervously, “Not yet.” “Ronald Weasley, you march your butt to her office right this moment, !” Hermione demanded, not realizing how much like Mrs. Weasley she sounded. “I don’t know what the point is, it isn’t like she’s going to let me in,” Ron said bitterly. “It couldn’t hurt,” Harry said supportively. “Ron, you told your mother you got in five N.E.W.T classes, do you want to disappoint her?” Hermione asked. Harry sighed, trying to tune out Ron and Hermione’s bickering. “At least we have Defense Against the Dark Arts together this morning,” Harry finally said. Hermione apparently was frustrated with Ron’s determination not to go talk to Professor McGonagall, “What did you say Harry?” “Never mind,” Harry said realizing at this moment it was if he didn’t exist in the conversation. After breakfast the three friends gathered their books and headed for their first Defense Against the Dark Arts class. “So, have you ever heard of this Professor O’Riley?” asked Ron as they took their seats. Hermione “Hem, hem…she can’t be worse than Umbridge.” They all laughed. “Take your seats, it is time for class to begin and I do not tolerate talking during my class time,” said a stern looking Professor O’Riley as she marched swiftly to the front of the class. “Maybe she could be worse than Professor Umbridge?” Ron whispered to Harry. “I heard that, Mr…?” Professor O’Riley said. “Weasley, Ron Weasley,” Ron said weakly. “So, Mr. Weasley, you think I’m going to be worse than your previous professor?” “No ma'am,” Ron said quickly. "Sit," snapped Professor O'Riley, pointing her finger down at the seat. She flipped though her notes and sighed desperately, “I see you haven’t had much of a defense class in your years here at Hogwarts.” “We learned a lot from Professor Lupin,” Hermione interjected. “Miss?” Professor O’Riley questioned. “Granger,” Hermione said quickly. “Well, Miss Granger, you’ll do well to remember to speak only when spoken to,” the professor said sternly. “Firstly, I do not care about what you think you know. This is my class and I do not take outside influence. You are to read you books, do your practical assignments and keep your mouths shut. If you follow my simple rules, you’ll do well in this class.” Harry scrunched his nose at his new professor, “Why are you so bitter?” “Excuse me Mr. Potter?” Professor O’Riley said turning towards him. “I asked why you were so bitter.” Harry said again. “Confidence, a quality your family seems to have an over abundance of.” “You say it like it’s a bad thing,” Harry dared. “Detention, Potter, believe me, over confidence will get you killed,” Professor O’Riley said coldly. “Harry,” Hermione warned. “Miss Granger, I thought I told you to hold your tongue, since you are so inclined to talk to Mr. Potter here, you can join him in detention. Now if we are done disrupting class, we’ll begin.”
“I can’t believe her!” Harry said coldly as he walked out of the class. “She is worse than Umbridge!” Ron offered. Hermione looked very depressed; “Why do you always have to act to bold?” she asked Harry suddenly. “She was acting like a prat, I just wish we’d get a decent defense teacher,” Harry said shallowly. “I’ve heard Professor O’Riley is brilliant, she's an Auror trainer for the Ministry,” Hermione said matter-of-factly. “Maybe I should reconsider my career choice,” Harry replied. “Oh Harry!” Hermione said angrily, “If you ask me, you’re the bitter one!” She turned on her heels and stormed down the hall. Harry looked confused, “What’s wrong with her?” “Beats me mate, I never can figure her out,” Ron said with a shrug. Harry said his goodbyes to Ron and headed for Divination. “Harry, over here!” waved Parvati Patil and Lavender Brown. “So I guess we’re not meeting in the tower this year,” Harry said trying to start a conversation. “Harry! You know Firenze can’t climb stairs,” Parvati lectured. “Good morning class,” said the dreamy voice of Professor Trelawney. “I will be instructing you for this class and Professor Firenze will be instruction instructing you on Wednesday.” “Great,” Harry thought to himself. “Let’s start out easy, everyone bring out your tea leaves, we’re going to review the basics before we continue,” Trelawney instructed. Harry shook his head, wondering to himself how a person like Trelawney could predict the prophecy that haunted his life. It's a good thought, just needed to be expressed correctly. “Pair up,” Trelawney said quickly. “Oh Harry, I’m sorry,” Parvati said quickly, grabbing Lavender as a partner. “It’s okay,” Harry assured her. “Pair up with him,” he heard Lavender whisper to Parvati. “Who are you going to partner up with?” Parvati asked, concerned. Lavender smiled widely, “I’m going to pair up with Susan.” She quickly turned and walked away from Parvati, leaving her in an awkward situation. “Well, do you want to partner up? Just for class not, literally, pair up,” Parvati said quickly turning a little pink. Harry glanced over and saw Susan and Lavender giggling while watching them. “Sure Parvati,” Harry finally said. “Now, everyone remember how to read your tea leaves?” Trelawney asked. When nobody responded, Trelawney said “Good, then begin.” “What do you see?” Parvati asked quickly. Harry forced a smile, “A tea leaf.” “Oh, you're not looking hard enough,” Parvati, said quickly. Harry stared at his leaf, “This is so stupid.” “Harry, look, don’t you see how this line in the leaf is shaped in a letter?” Parvati asked. “No, I don’t see anything,” Harry said, slightly annoyed. “How are we doing over here?” Trelawney asked, checking on the pair. “Good, Professor,” Parvati said excitingly. Trelawney leaned over Pavarti’s leaf, “Interesting, somebody you fancy will be asking you to spend time with them very soon.” Pavarti glanced at Harry and giggled. “Let’s see what your leaf is saying,” Trelawney said peering over Harry’s shoulder. “Let me guess, I’m going to die a horrible death,” Harry mocked. The professor shook her head, “I’m afraid not this time Potter, you're going to suffer a great loss.” “A little late on that one professor,” Harry thought sadly to himself. “You could take this class more seriously,” Parvati suggested as they gathered their books towards the end of class. Harry looked at her; “I would if it was a serious class.” Class dismissed and Harry left without telling Parvati goodbye. He walked quickly hoping to get to the potion dungeon before Snape arrived. He almost went into a brisk run to make it down to the dungeon in time. “Harry!” Hermione said waving at him as he entered the room. “How was Divination?” she asked pleasantly. “Terrible,” Harry grumbled. “Good afternoon, welcome to the NEWTs level potions class. Some of you are worthy of learning the advance art of potions, some of you are here against my wishes,” Snape said coldly eyeing Harry as the finished. “If any of you fall behind or mess up what I deem one too many times, you will be dismissed from my class and you will not be permitted to return,” Snape continued. Harry gave Hermione an exasperated look. “How the hell did you end up in this class, Potter?” Malfoy mouthed hatefully. “Talk to your father lately, Malfoy?” Harry spat back. “Potter, do you have something to say?” Snape asked coldly as Harry spoke. “No,” Harry replied. “Well, you can think of something to say in detention, tonight. You can clean out all the potion vials, by hand,” Snape said a smile curled onto his lip. “I can’t, I have detention with Professor O’Riley tonight,” Harry responded. “My, my two detentions in one evening. Tomorrow and I don’t want to hear any excuses. 10 points from Gryffindor,” Snape snapped. “Ten points?” Harry objected. “For causing me to delay your detention, and another 10 points for questioning me!” Snape spat. Harry bit his lip, but kept his eyes on Snape. If he didn't know Snape, Harry would have thought it impossible to hate somebody this much.

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