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Chapter One
The Newest Students.
I glanced across the station nervously, flicking my eyes briefly up to the plastic numbers “9” and “10” hanging on the platforms, and then looking around for some sign that the letter we’d received was serious. I gently stroked at my wrist, my pet snake, Marissa, hissing softly in appreciation as she coiled lazily around my arm. A hand on my shoulder made me turn around, then smile.

“Aright, Ty?” One of my best friends, Luke, asked me. I nodded gratefully.

“You sure this is the right place, mate?” Brandon asked from next to me, frowning around at the station. I glanced around, making a quick inventory of everyone in my group. Ciaran, my blonde friend a year younger than me, glancing around curiously; Nathanael, my other blonde friend a year younger than me, chatting animatedly to Jason, who I knew better as ‘Termy’ for reasons best left unexamined, who looked supremely unamused. Dale, my large friend in most of my friends’ year, nearly my size despite being a year younger than me, brought up the rear, looking nothing so much as a bodyguard as he scanned around. Luke was in front of me, the only person my age in the group, rolling his eyes as he glanced around with me. Brandon, easily my equal despite being younger than me, grinned around, then blinked in surprise.

“Oi, Ty, check those people out.” he pointed at a group of seven people. I took in their appearance, scanning their hair first. Four of the heads were flaming red, one a messy jet black, one a bushy brown and obviously female, and one… neon pink?

“Whoa, funky.” I muttered, taking in the rest of the appearance of Pinkhead. Her face – it was definitely a woman, no need to look any closer than her hair, no guy would have neon pink hair – was small and heart shaped, looking barely a couple of years older than me. Her eyes were a cool violet, seeming to shine slightly as she hugged Messyhair tightly. I glanced over him briefly, finding him uninteresting, then stopped as I saw his luggage.

He had an owl.

“Hey! Wait up!” I yelled, breaking into a run towards the group. I turned to the group, gesturing franticly for them to follow up quickly, and turned back to the group just in time to see a large bin overturn near them, startling them into slowing. I threw a quick grin over my shoulder at Nathanael, who looked slightly out of breath compared to the others, and caught up to the group. Pinkhead moved warily closer to the teenagers of the group, while the two adult redheads moved forward to meet me. I drew back slightly, brushing my sleeve away to stroke Marissa’s coils again nervously.

“What do you want.” The words didn’t come from the scary looking woman in front of me, nor the meek looking man beside her, but from Messyhair, whose knuckles were white. It wasn’t a question, but a demand. My friends lined up behind me lengthways.

“We’re just trying to get onto the platform. I noticed you have owls, so I figured you’d know how to get us to Hogwarts.” Pinkhead suddenly lightened up.

“New students?.. You look a little old though.”

“Transfer, we used to be in a Welsh school for magic, but it ends at fifth year, so we came out here to finish our schooling.” Pinkhair nodded.

“Well, Harry, Ron, Ginny, and Hermione’ll be happy to help you I reckon.” I glanced quickly at the four teenagers, trying to pin names to them. I figured the big red-haired boy would be Ron, he seemed the right build for it, while Messyhair, being slimmer, seemed much more like a Harry. Glancing over the girls, I pegged the pretty bushy-haired girl as Hermione, while the defiant-looking redhead girl seemed much more like a Ginny. I nodded to each of them in turn.

“Hey, are you really Harry Potter?” Nathanael asked from behind me. The entire group groaned, as Harry visibly grated. “Are you really the Boy-who-” he didn’t get to finish his sentence, as Ron visibly snapped and lunged at him.

“Don’t dare to call him that, in front of us.” He said in a deadly growl. “He really doesn’t like that title.”

“Ron, let him go.” Ron blinked in surprise at me addressing him by name. I promptly smacked Nathanael over the head. “Idiot.” I muttered. My group laughed.

“Anyway, can you help us?” Brandon asked. Harry grinned and nodded.

“Just bring your trolleys and follow us.” He turned to the two red-headed adults, smiling and hugging the woman, who returned the hug so fiercely I swear I heard bones crack, and then hugged Pinkhair again, whispering something in her ear. She hugged him back fondly, then hugged Hermione while Ron struggled in the large woman who seemed to be his mother’s grip, while she tried to wash his face with a damp cloth. He finally struggled out of her grip, returning to the group as Ginny was hugged in turn by her parents. Finally, Hermione got her share of hugs from the three adults, before turning to the wall.

“Come on, follow us.” She said, before walking straight at the barrier between the platforms.

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