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Thanks to all my reviewers......I'm glad you guys are enjoying the story so far......I working on the next chapter as we speak....and I really think your going to like it....Well, until next time Read and Review... Thanks again Anamarie!!!!
**** Chapter 5: Back to Hogwarts
"This train station's so full of muggles every year," Mrs. Weasley complained. They made their way to platform nine and three quarters, and onto the train. Harry waved goodbye to Ron and Hermione and Ginny as they made their way up to the prefect compartment. "I’ll save you guys a seat," Harry said as he turned to leave his friends. About half way through the train a familiar voice yelled out to him. "Harry need a place to sit?" It was Seamus Finnagan, Parvati Patril , Dean Thomas and Lavender Brown. Harry smiled and made his way into their compartment. "How was your summer?" Lavender asked politely. "Long," Harry answered honestly. "Mine too," she replied. She was looking pleasantly at Seamus, who gave a slight blushed. "For the love of Merlin, would you two cut it out, ?" Parvati interjected. Lavender blushed and lowered her head. "They’ve been at it all summer," Parvati said exasperated that earned her a evil look from Dean. Harry didn’t need an explanation, it was common knowledge that Seamus had a thing for Lavender, it was apparent she was now returning those feelings. "Anything exciting happen, fight any Death Eaters?" Seamus asked anxiously. "No, nothing exciting," Harry replied flatly. "I’m disappointed in you Harry, I thought I could count on you for a good adventure story," Dean said casually. "I heard you were the new Quidditch captain," Parvati said casually. "Yeah, I didn’t even realize I was back on the team," Harry said in response. "I was planning on trying out," Parvati said innocently. "You, ?" Seamus laughed. "Why not, she's pretty good on a broom," Lavender said defensively. "Well, just as long as she doesn’t have any ambitions of being a seeker, right, mate?," Seamus nudged Harry in the ribs. The conversation went pretty steadily, they talked about classes and O.W.L.s and Quidditch. Harry was thankful none of them brought up Voldemort or Sirius. Ron, Padma, Ginny and Hermione joined them about half way to Hogwarts, and Ron and Harry played a very close game of chess and Hermione read her new text books. "Hear[d] the good news[,] Potter,?" Malfoy sneered from behind as they were getting off the train. "What, they found a cure for you lack of a heart?" Harry said. "My father's out of jail, guess it’s just a matter of time till he comes after you now, huh, Potter?" Malfoy said jestfully. "If you talk to him, tell him I’m shaking with fear," Harry said sarcastically. Malfoy didn’t respond as they board their carriages. They all loaded the carriages, and Harry was quite depressed to see the reptilian looking horses pulling the coaches along. When they arrived at the castle, they all filed into the great hall, and the usual preceding took place. The Sorting Hat greeted all the new first years with its usual song, and Dumbledore gave his usual announcements. There was a new Defense against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor December O’Riley. She didn’t have the bitter expression on her face, as Umbridge had had the year before. She didn’t interrupt Dumbledore’s announcements. She just sat there politely. She was in her thirties, but still carried a youthful appearance. Her dark hair fell just past her shoulder as it accented her pale appearance. She had the features of someone who onced smiled frequently, but no smile was on her face tonight. Harry thought pleasantly, "Maybe defense will become my favorite class again." There was something familiar about her, something he just couldn’t place. "Finally, an Irish Professor, it’s about time," Seamus said while scooping the mash potatoes onto his plate. Lavender was looking dreamily at Seamus and Parvati was rolling her eyes in disgust. Ginny was smiling weakly at Harry as she attempted to push Dean Thomas into conversation. "My sister is going to the death of me," Ron said worriedly. "Why can’t she just not like guys yet!" Harry chuckled and shook his head at Ron. The Ginny and her fellow fifth year prefect ,Colin Creevey, finally stood up and made their announcements to the first years. Slowly the great hall began to clear out, and Harry felt at home once again. "Hello Harry," said a sweet voice from behind him. Harry spun around to find himself face to face with Cho. "Hello," Harry said quickly. He started to stand up and leave, but she was content on following him wherever he went. "Congratulations on making Quidditch captain," she said politely. "Thanks," Harry replied. "I’m the new Quidditch captain for Ravenclaw," she said casually "Good for you, I’m sure you’ll do a great job," he said nervously. "Where is Michael? I figured he’d be with you?" "I don’t know, don’t really care at this moment," Cho said coldly. "What’s wrong?" Harry asked politely. "Laura and Hannah told me that he has a thing for Hermione," Cho said hatefully. Harry fought hard to hold back his laughter. "I’m sorry Cho, really I am," Harry said with a false sincerely. "Well, I seem to be making it a habit of losing guys to Hermione Granger," she said jokingly. Harry felt his cheeks go red. "Well, good luck with tryouts," Cho said thoughtfully as she turned and walked away. "At least she’s not crying this year," Harry said to himself. Harry made his way to the Gryffindor common room, he overheard the password from a group of third years. He quickly recited it and entered the common room. It was good to be home, he thought as he sat in a seat near one of the windows. He stared out the window at the Quidditch field. It had been over a year since he was able to play, and now suddenly he was captain. He took out a piece of paper folded neatly in his robes and looked at the open positions. Ron Weasley- Keeper Ginny Weasley- Seeker ? Andrew Kirke- Beater Jack Sloper- Beater ???????- Chaser ??????- Chaser ??????- Chaser Three Chasers to replace, he remember Ginny saying she wanted to be chaser last year. "Well, better than seeker," Harry thought. That leaves two open positions. He wrote the open positions and walked over to the announcement board. "Hey Harry, did you think I was going to give up Seeker without a fight?" Ginny said jokingly. Harry looked at her puzzled. "I’m captain, I overrule anything you want," Harry replied. "So I guess this means I made Chaser?" "Looks like it," Harry replied with a smile. Ginny grabbed Dean's hand and walked over toward the fireplace couch and sat down. She smiled at Harry and gave him a wink. "Ron’s right, she is going to be the death of him, " Harry thought to himself. Hermione and Ron were still in the prefect meeting, Ginny was excluded from it because of her first year escort duties. The sixth year and seventh year prefects would fill her in later. Harry sat waiting for Ron and Hermione. The seventh year prefects came in about an hour later, but no sign of Ron and Hermione. "Where in the world are they," Harry thought to himself. The common room was slowly dwindling down, and still no Ron and no Hermione. Harry found himself starting to get worried. Finally, the portrait entrance opened and the two walked in, apparently in an argument about something. "Ron, you know we can’t!" Hermione snapped, "Just trust me on this one." "I don’t like keeping it from…." Ron started. "Harry, what are you doing down here?" Hermione startled by Harry’s appearance. "Last time I checked this was my common room too?" Harry said sarcastically, "I was waiting on you guys." Ron shot Hermione a worried look. "We just had some prefect business to take care of," Hermione said with a yawn, "I’m going to bed, night, you two." Harry glanced over at Ron who had gone bright red, followed Hermione’s lead and started up the stairs to the dormitory.

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