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Three days passed in a slowly moving cycle until on a cold and gray Sunday night, the letter came. Lily was sitting at her kitchen table with Li and Bri, discussing the many possible ways to use werewolf hair for healing potions, when the small strip of parchment materialized out of thin air on the table. It shocked the three of them so much that Li spilled almost all of her tea on the table; some of it landing on Bri's lap. "So, when do we have to be there?" Li asked in interest as Lily held the parchment under the light. Lily looked up and replied, "Now." A second later, they where lying on the floor of a beautiful mansion that triggered something in Lily's memory. "Welcome girls, to the headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix." Came a soft female voice from above. *************************************************** For James and Ari, it wasn't much of a shock as Ari found it lying on the cabnet in the dining room when she went in to find some more olive oil for the dinner that she was making. "James." She called out nervously, holding the paper with shaky hands. Thinking something serious was wrong, James sprinted into the room, wand drawn, causing several trophies to fall off their shelves. "What... is... it? What's... wrong?" He sputtered out between deep breaths. She silently passed him the small note which James read in great interest. The first Order of the Phoenix meeting is scheduled for October 28 at 6:00. "That's in half an hour." Ari breathed before they too where wisked to the beautiful mansion that James was as shocked to see as the person in front of him. "Welcome to the Order of the Phoenix headquarters, James." said Joelle Potter; her hazel eyes sad but showed hints of happiness. "Mum?" James stood up confused. "Why are we at the house? Are you in the Order? What about Dad? Why didn't you-" "All will be explained in due time, James," Joelle chuckled, "Ari, how are you?" Although Joelle was a very kind woman and she thought that Ari was a very nice girl, Joelle Potter knew that there was only one girl for his son; and she was not Ari Walker. "I'm good Mrs. Potter, you?" Ari replied, giving her a small polite smile. "I'm fine. Now, could the both of you follow me? The meeting's about to start." Joelle beckoned to her son and his girlfriend as she started off down a brightly lit hallway at the far back of the mansion. She stopped in front of one of the fireplaces and lifted one of the fire pokers out of the metal basket; triggering the latch that opened at secret door in the back of the fireplace. They continued down the dark corridor that started after they crawled into the small opening. James looked at the fireplace and the secret passageway in awe; he had lived in that house for almost eighteen years and had never seen it. "How came I was never told about this place?" He demanded. The things we could have done with Sirius in here; the fun they would have had. "Somethings are better unnoticed." Came Joelle's muffled voice from somewhere in front of them. "Where is that latch, ah, here it is." The passageway was suddenly filled with light; temporarily blinding James and Ari. When they finally gained their sight back, James and Ari noticed that Joelle was standing in front wood door that was slightly ajar. She inclined her head towards the door and James and Ari followed her into a room that resembled a much smaller and danker Great Hall. There was a long wooden table that stretched from one end of the room to the other; at which a number of men and woman of all ages where seated. There was a shortage of light in the room; the only illumination coming from the torches placed in the four corners of the room. The walls and floor were made of a dark stone that resembled the ones in Medieval castles' dungeons. "Mr. Potter, Ms. Walker could you kindly take a seat?" Dumbldore asked them from the head of the table. They walked to the only empty seats; the ones across from a red haired girl that James' arrival did not go unnoticed to. "Well, now that everyone is here, I would like to thank all of you for excepting my offer to be in the Order. I am glad that all of you are willing to do this for the wizarding and muggle worlds. I know that this might sound a little odd, but I feel that we should simply go around the table and say our names just so everyone knows each other." He inclined his head towards the short, stubby man that was seated on his right to start. "Peter Pettigrew." The man squeaked. "Rachel Wisteria." A woman around Lily's age with bleach blonde hair said. "Joelle Potter." "Jeff Potter." "Ari Walker." "James Potter." The list went on, there was Alastor Moody, a strange man with an electric blue eye, Dedaluis Diggle, a man that looked too happy for his own good, Marlene McKinnon, a young woman with a thick Irish accent, Frank and Alice Longbottom, both had very round faces and kind eyes, Emmeline Vance, a quiet woman that looked to be one of the oldest of the group, Benjy Fenwick, a man whose blonde hair resembled a dog's, Edgar Bones, an overly serious looking man, Sturgis Podmore, a man whose hair had a bad dye job, Caradoc Dearborn, a quiet man that sat in the far corner of the table, Elphias Doge, a young man wearing a hat that resembled a large tornado, Gideon and Fabian Prewett, determined looking twin brothers, Aberforth Dumbledore, a crazy looking man that had Albus' long hair and beard, Dorcas Meadows, a happy looking woman that was well known as a famous Auror, Molly and Arthur Weasley, a happy couple both with flaming red hair; and Ruebus Hagrid, a man that seemed far too big to be human. Then it came up to Jessica, Remus, Sirius, Bri, Li and Lily to say their names. "Jessica Bloom." "Remus Lupin." "Brianna Wickham." "Sirius Black." "Li Murphy." "Lily Evans." James tried to not let his mouth drop at the sight of his ex-girlfriend. She didn't look in the least bit different since they left school. Just as beautiful, the same attitude around strangers. He saw Li lean into Lily and whisper something in her ear, making them both smirk a little. ******************************************** "Potter's staring at you again." Li breathed in Lily's ear, causing them both to smirk slightly. Lily looked up slightly at James and found him instead looking up at Dumbledore who had just stood up. James hadn't changed in the slightest. His hair might have gotten a tad shorter, but his hazel eyes still remained happy and his glass where still wire rimmed. "Now that we all know each other, it is time to discuss what we are here for," Dumbledore started, but stopped and surveyed the group of brave people before continuing, "We have had some reports from a couple of members that Voldemort has a hideout somewhere in the forests of Canterbury. He have reason to believe that he has plans of important nature there. We are pretty sure of the hideout's location, but we are still double checking to make sure that our information is correct. Until that time, we must figure out who is going on the mission and what our plan is. Alastor," Dumbledore turned his head towards the creepy looking man, "Would you care to tell us your plans?" Alastor nodded and stood up wobbly, his wooden leg making slight noises on the rock. "Now," he gruffed, "I don't know any of your talents, so I am guessing by the looks of you. I want Pettigrew, Wisteria, Dearborn, Diggle, Hagrid, Walker, Joelle, Aberforth and Doge to stay back at headquarters to help assist any people who are sent back and to guard the mansion. Podmore, Bones, Fenwick, Jeff, Murphy, Lupin, Black, Wickham and Bloom are to stay guard around the hideout while Prewett, Prewett, Frank, Alice, Evans, Potter, Arthur, Molly, Meadows, Vance, Albus, McKinnon and myself search the building. Once we get more information, I'll have a more organized plan." He sat down quickly, shoving the piece of paper he read their names off of in his trench coat pocket. "Does anyone have any questions?" Dumbledore asked the troubled looking group; they all shook their heads silently. "Good. To conclude this meeting, I will tell you all that the next meeting shall be when we get more information." Then, one by one, single people or groups began to exit the room, all taking in quiet voices ot each other. "You guys ready to go?" Bri asked the group once Dumbledore left. "Yeah." Lily shrugged as they all got up and made their way towards the door. On her way there, the thoughts that came to Lily's head about the meeting clouded her mind; making her loose sense of where she was going; and before she knew it, Lily was lying on the floor on top of a man with a tangled mess of black hair. ****************************************** As James lay on the floor, he was surprised to see that Lily Evans was on top of him. "Lily?" He whispered. She lifted her head and looked into the eyes of the man she hadn't spoken to in ten years. Standing up she whispered back, "James?" They stared at each other for a long time; Ari standing confused next to James and Bri, Li, Remus, Jessica and Sirius standing behind Lily. An uncomfortable silence came over the group, one that none of them wanted to be caught in. Until finally, Ari broke the silence. "Hello. I'm Ari Walker. You must be Lily." She stuck out her hand in Lily's direction, who took it somewhat cautiously. "Nice to meet you. This is Bri, Li, Remus, Jessica and Sirius. I'm sure you've heard all about us." Lily replied, not taking her piercing gaze off James. "I have. Even about the misunderstanding in Seventh Year." Lily finally tore her eyes off James and looked questionably at Ari. "Misunderstanding?" She choked, "It seems he left somethings out." She finished looking at James with the upmost contempt. "Oh, well then we have to go out to dinner, all of us. James doesn't tell me stories about his school days, and I'd love to hear some. What do you think James?" "Sorry, oh, um, it's a um, great idea." He answered still looking at Lily. "Excellent. What about you all?" Ari turned expectantly towards the rest of them. "Sure." Bri responded sharply. "Sounds fine." Remus muttered. "Awesome. How about dinner at our place, um, Wednesday, at lets say, six?" "That's fine." Lily said quickly. "Okay, here's our address, and we'll see you all on Wednesday." Smiling she handed Lily a slip of parchment before taking James' arm and leading him out to the passageway where they soon disappeared from sight; leaving Lily, Li, Remus, Bri, Jessica and Sirius standing there perplexed. "Why did you invite them?" James asked once they had climbed out of the fireplace. "Why shouldn't I have? James, you deserve to see your friends again, and I'd like to meet them. Besides, I'd like to hear the whole story about Seventh Year." Ari answered curtily before she apparated away. Sighing, James relucantly followed behind her. ******************************************** "What are we doing again?" Sirius asked once he was sure that James and Ari where out of earshot. "Going to dinner at their house." Bri said unbelievingly. "Why are we doing this?" She asked them all, turning towards her friends. "It'll be nice to see James again. Don't you think?" Jessica said as she started to walk through the tunnel. "What?" She asked once she noticed that they where all staring at her. "Nothing." Lily responded striding past her and into the tunnel; everyone following her still shocked. Alright, they met again! So, what's going to happen? Also, the names of the Order members, seem familiar? The names that J.K. gives us in Order of the Phoenix. Please review!

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