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Little Moments

Summary: Lily Evans was never paid heed to be the Marauders. Why should this year be any different? But there is one difference in this year; the six years are assigned to be a job shadow for two months. Lily Evans is assigned to be a Medi-witch. James falls off his broom and has to spend a few weeks in the hospital wing. Rated R for language and sex. R/R!!!

A/n: My first Lily/James story. I hope it turns out the way I want it to. I have so many ideas for it that I didn’t know which one to do. Finally I decided to explain out how Lily and James got together, of course, and why Peter Pettigrew suddenly held a grudge against the two. Just what did drive him to do what he did? I hope to explain that in this story! So sit back and enjoy!

Disclaimer: I own nothing...

Chapter Twenty-Four: Fool me once; Shame on you

“My head hurts.”

“That potion you took will help it.”

“I think my nose is still broken.”

“You didn’t even break your nose.”

“What about my right wrist? You said yourself it was badly sprang.”

“I’ve checked it twice, and it’s fine. You’re free to go to Potions, Mr. Black.”

“I think that potion you gave me is making me sleepy.” I chuckled at Sirius’s lame attempts to escape Potions. I think Madame Portly had grown rather fond of Sirius. Only God knows why.

It was almost the end of Lunch and I had decided I owed Sirius a quick visit. After all, he did save me from Lucius, and then get attacked for it. Unfortunately, Remus was also present. I still hadn’t talked to him since our fight, and I wasn’t planning on it. Why should I apologies for something he said?

“Well, I guess that potion can cause drowsiness. You can stay, Mr. Black,” She turned to me and Remus, “But I will not write late passes for you two. So be on your way.”

“I’ll get your work.” Remus said as we headed towards the door.

“Don’t bother.” Sirius mumbled lying back in bed.

Remus chuckled, “I’ll get your work.”

“Bye, Evans. Be sure to talk to James!” I turned around glared at the boy. Hopefully he got my message.

Me and Remus walked side by side uncomfortably in the hallway. We were going to the same place so there was no hope in losing him.

He covered his mouth as he coughed. “So, uh....Lily.”

I looked up making my annoyance with him clear, “Yes?”

He stopped walking. I sighed and followed suite. I hoped he wasn’t going to yell at me some more. That’s the last thing I need right now.

“I, uh...I didn’t mean to get mad at you the other day.” He looked down at his feet with his hand covering his mouth. I had barely heard what he said, but I had heard it.

“That’s ok.” I smiled slightly. I guess, forgive and forget is the best policy. At least he apologized first.

He looked and frowned, “Are you sure? Because I was a real arse to you.”

“I’m sure.” I said trying to reassure him.

“I just didn’t want anyone to get hurt, and just all seemed to be heading for a disaster. Well, I guess it was really just none of my business.” He said as we started walking again.

“It’s ok. Really.” I smiled at him, “Now, let’s get to class. All this drama is giving me a head-ache.”

“I was worried about you, being the only girl who knows about my lycanthropy, going around telling people just to get mad back at me or something. That was just a stupid idea. You’re too nice to do that.” He grinned like a young wizard getting a broom for the first time.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t tell anyone....” I stopped short. Wait a minute....

I froze in place, “Did you just say lycanthropy?!”

I watched Remus turn from his normal pale to complete white. He closed his eyes and opened them slowly, “You don’t know, do you?”

I bit my lip and shook my head, “No, I don’t. What is it?”

He shook his head quickly and started walking again. This time I had to practically run to keep up with him. “It’s nothing!” He almost yelled, “Just forget it!” He ran into the classroom and sat down next to James before I could question him any father.


That night I was the only one in the common room save for a boy and girl cuddling near the fire. It was enough sweetness to make your stomach churn with disgust. It took all I had to keep from vomiting. Literately. Ok, not really, I’m lying....I barely noticed they were there other than the few massive giggles the girl let out every time the boy mentioned something funny.

Beside, my mind was rather preoccupied. I couldn’t get out of my head what Remus had said. Lycanthropy? As in werewolves? Maybe that book I had bought him just went to his head. Maybe it’s all just a joke. Or maybe he’s telling the truth....

I bit my lip thinking about the latter. That would explain his constant absents from class once a month, and the pale look with scratch marks on his face when he got back from being “sick”.

No, I’m jumping to conclusions. I’m dealing with the four most annoying boys in the school. It was bound to be a practical joke. I looked over noticing the giggling couple was missing leaving me alone for a second before the door opened and in walked Sirius Black completely better.

“Hey, Evans.” He threw himself onto the couch making me bounce up and down.

“Black.” I practically whispered. I was still deep in thought.

Next thing I know Sirius is waving his hand in front of my face, “Yoo-hoo. Anyone home?”

I snapped back to reality, “huh? What?”

I looked up to see a cheeky grin on Sirius face, “You were thinking about James naked, weren’t you?”

I slapped his arm, “NO! Stop making it seem like I’m in love with the boy.”

“I’m not!” He held his hands up in defeat, “I’m just simply stating the fact that you like to think about him naked. Love and Lust are too different things, my dear.”

I slapped him again. This time harder. “I’m not in lust with him either. James wasn’t any where near my thoughts.”

“Oh? Then who were you thinking about?”

“Remus.” I answered without thinking.

Sirius raised an eyebrow, “Well, you move quickly don’t you?” I looked up at him obviously confused. “Last I heard you too hated each other. What’s with you getting with guys that hate you?”

My eyes widened, “No!! That’s not what I was thinking about. It’s just...God help me, if this is a joke I’m going to hurt you guys.” I took a deep breath, “Is Remus a werewolf?”

Sirius’s eyes darkened, and the smile wiped right of his face, “Who told you that?”

I swallowed hard suddenly feeling very vulnerable, “He...uh...He did.”

Sirius’s expression changed to confusion, “What? He told you he was a werewolf while being mad at you?”

I sighed, “No.” I quickly explained how it all happened, and how Remus said it.

Sirius sighed, “You’ve got to swear, Evans.” I nodded eagerly suddenly feeling a lot more excepted as their friend. Sirius shook his head, “No, you’ve got to swear on pain of death, Evans. You can not tell anyone about this. It’s really important to us. To Remus. To James.”

“I swear....I won’t tell.” My voice came out a lot rougher than I anticipated.

Sirius leaned back against the couch sighing again, “It’s true. Remus has lycanthropy. He was bitten when he was younger.” He didn’t say anything for a while just to let the words sink in. I couldn’t believe it. How could it not have been a joke?

I bit my lip, “Poor Remus.”

Sirius smiled slightly, “He’s doing ok, but I do believe I need to speak with him about things.” No doubt about me knowing. I nodded slowly and watched the boy walk up the stairs.


“Lily.” Poke. Poke.

A loud growl, “Evans.”

“Freaking ‘eh, Evans, get your arse out of bed.” I mumbled something that even I couldn’t make out before rolling on my other side. It seems like I just fell asleep there is no way in hell it could be time to get up already.

Suddenly, I was lifted from the bed. I would have screamed but a hand came down over my mouth. It wasn’t long before I realized my back was being pressed into the chest of James Potter. He quietly, not wanting to wake the others, led me out the room and into the dark hallway. He removed his hand.

“How did you get up here?!” I said a little too loud.

“Shh!” James hissed through his teeth. “That doesn’t matter. What matters is your presence is requested in front of The Great Marauders.”

I raised an eyebrow, “Who?”

James glared at me, “That’s not funny. Let’s go before McGonagall has a swarm of professors up here.”

With in a matter of seconds I was standing outside the four boys’, who I had spent Christmas with, dorm. I’m still not certain how we got there. I just know there were a few secret passage ways involved and a lot of dark creepy places. The door opened slowly and James pushed me lightly so I would walk forward. I was still half a sleep and wanted nothing more than to curl up in bed and forget everything.

“They’re here.” A voice mumbled

“Let’s go.” Another voice mumbled even lower than the first. I tried to open my eyes wider, but they were just set on closing. Maybe if I could just close them for a little bit. I leaned back against a wall and shut my eyes immediately falling closer to dream world.

“Lily,” The wall hissed and moved slightly. I grumbled something or another and laid my head in the crook of the wall’s neck.

Sirius chuckled, “You’ll have to kiss her, James. It’s in the story book.”

“What story book?” The wall asked moving a little more, but I just snuggled up closer to it.

“Iono some muggle fairy tale.”

“Sleeping Beauty,” I mumbled realizing the wall was James, “And if you dare bring your lips close to mine I’ll slap you.”

Sirius chuckled, “That’s my girl. Now wake up, we’re going to be late.”

I frowned and moved far away from James, “Late for what? School?” I looked out the window to see it pitch black. “You’re bloody mad! It’s pitch dark outside. Take me back to my bed!!” I practically yelled.

“SHH!” James hissed, “God, woman...what? Do you want to wake up the whole school?!”

I glared at the evil boy making Sirius and Remus both sigh. “Look...” Sirius started to explain, “We have something you have to know, and you’re just going to have to trust us.”

I bit my lip debating what to do. I could trust them, go with them where ever they want me to go, and find out it’s all a joke. But I had a gut feeling this was going to be about a certain secret I had learned earlier, and my eagerness to learn more about these boys, who know seemed so foreign, took over. I nodded slowly, “Ok.”

Before I could register what was going on I was shoved down on one of the beds, blind folded, and gagged. I turned my head side to side even though I couldn’t see anything. I could only hear voices.

“Was the gag really necessary?” It was Remus.

“Of course. It’s the only way to keep her quiet down the path.” This was definitely Sirius, and there was an odd amusement in his voice. Damn him for enjoying this.

“Can she breathe?” Peter asked. I had forgotten he was in the room.

“We’ll worry about that when she passes out.” Sirius mumbled before grabbing my hands and pulling me behind him while I desperately tried not to fall over.


We walked for what seemed like miles before I heard a sound of the wind blowing and felt it on my face. The next sound I heard was a rustling of leaves. Suddenly someone picked me off my feet and we started walking down some stairs.

This was really ridiculous of them. I don’t see the purpose in blind folding me, gagging me, and not telling me where we are going after I said I trusted them. Maybe I shouldn’t have.

As soon as that thought left my head I was sat down in a chair, the gag was removed, and then finally the blindfold. It took a second for my eyes to adjust to the dim light from a near by candle.

I bit my lip and looked around, “Where are we?” My voice came out scratched and sore from not talking or breathing well for a while.

“Don’t you recognize it?” My eyes darted across the room to where Sirius was sitting in the floor. I shook my head ‘no’.

“No?” He asked looking around at the other boys, “You, my lady, are in the Shrieking Shack.”

I gasped and jumped to my feet, “The shrieking shack?! It haunted! We’ve got to get out of here.”

I quickly started looking around for a door. Suddenly a hand on my back stopped me. I looked up at James, “Relax, Evans. You’re fine. Besides we have business to tend to, so just sit down and we’ll start explaining.”

I sat back on the green couch to find Peter was now sitting next to me. He was grinning from ear to ear giving me and even creepier out feeling. “Sirius, if you will...” James said sitting in the floor next to Remus. Remus looked incredibly embarrassed and wouldn’t even glance at me.

“Ok, let’s start with the basics.” He stood up as if he was teaching a class. “There is a lot more to being a Marauder than meets the eye, Evans.”

He paused and I took it as him wanting me to respond. “What? Are you guys recruiting now?”

Sirius glared at me, “Please hold all comments until the end of the story.” I rolled my eyes but agreed anyways. “You see, Evans, there is a really good reason that there are only four marauders. We can’t let anyone else be a marauder. They wouldn’t know how.”

I frowned but resisted asking him to explain. I figured he would anyways, and he did. “Look, you already know about ...Remus’s....problem.” I glanced across the room to see Remus wearing the same exact expression as before, and still refusing to meet my eye.

I nodded and Sirius continued. “It’s really important that you keep this a secret, Lily...It may be a shock, and we are aware that it’s against the wizardry laws, but it has to be kept a secret.”

“I wouldn’t tell anyone about Remus. I’m not a tattle tale.” I mumbled.

Sirius smiled slightly, “I know you wouldn’t, but that’s not what I’m worried about you telling.”

I frowned in confusion. It was late, and they were making me think hard. What a cruel punishment. Sirius sighed at my confused look, “James...maybe you should demonstrate.” James nodded and stood up.

I watched closely as he mumbled something and his body began to transform. I gasped and did a double take. Now standing in James’s spot was a beautiful stag. “Y-You’re an Animagus!”

I stared in shock. So many question where running through my head, but I couldn’t comprehend to ask them. I walked over to the stag and petted it head forgetting it was James.

Sirius nodded, “Yeah...we are, but you have to promise not tell anyone. We aren’t registered.”

My eyes widened and I stopped petting the stag, “But, but that’s illegal. If you get caught you’ll be in great trouble.” The stag nudged my stomach trying to get me to pet him again. Without thinking, I did just that.

Sirius sighed, “We have a good reason.”

I frowned, “What exactly is that reason?”

“It’s because of me.” Remus said from behind me, “They help me, ok? You just can’t tell everyone! After we’ve made it this far! I won’t let you.”

“Relax.” Sirius mumbled, “She isn’t going to tell...right, Lily?”

I shook my head, “No...I’m not going to tell. You’re secret is save with me.”

A/n: Aw, this is chapter twenty-four!!! There are only twenty-six chapters in my story!! *cries* That means only two more chapters left. I hope you guys liked the way she found out about their secret. I was getting tired of Lily always figuring it out by herself in other stories. I thought it was time for her to be a little oblivious to the things around her. Thanks so much for the reviews!!!!! You guys are awesome, as always.

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