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Due to the request of Nero. (It's was a good idea ! thanks!) I have moved all the thank yous to this section. So please note, that when you review, my replies to your reviews will be posted on this same page!!!! If you don't like this, I will move them back. OH and just to let you know, the more you tell me in the review, usually means you get more in a response... cause if u dun't tell me much, I can't give a big reply. but I'm happy with reviews of all sizes! I love reviews! tootles! *Jeannie! LAST CHAPTERS! Gemanie- OMG... you reviewed every chapter? YOU ARE SOO SWEET!!!!! Just to let you know your feedback meant the world to me! It's been almost 3 weeks since I've gotten anynew reviews! You are an angel! Mistress of James- Omg u are soooooooooo SWEET! I'm sorry I'm leaving I really am, but all good things must come to an end (actaully that sentance was a bit concieted wasn't it?) And it's probably a good thing I'm not continuing this story ccause I didn't get like any reviews for this last chapter. Well Mistress, thank you for being a loyal reviewer. I really appriciate all your support and feedback. Kayla- I lub u chica roses from the ashes- first off I love your name!!! It's SOOO cool! SecondI'm sorry that I'm leaving but I really must. I have no plans for future stories except for a novel that I've been planning in my head for about a month now. And if you feel like I've left u hanging.... read parts of book five, they will tell u what happens in lily and James future, they start dating in 7th year when James's head deflates. I lub u and I really greatful for all the wonderful feedback u gave me. Shelly- thanks for wishing me lcuk., And I'm glad that u agree with me about not writing a sequeal a lot of people siad I should have. And like I said I tried. But it was really cheesy. I like writing hate better! THanks so much for being a faithful reviewer, ur feed back has meant alot to me. TAmmy- I'm sorry u don't like my A/N's. but couldn't u have atleast said something like "great story." "This story was just ok" or "this story sucked?" hapy gurl- that was possibly the biggest complimeant I've gotten. THank u! me- no problem.......... thanks for the 10!!1 :-D and ::grins?:: I made u almost cry! yea! That's what I was going for! Thanks for ur review! noooo!- I'm sorry, but I couldn't make it go any longer without pulling my hair out! I'm glad u lliked it! Thanks so much for ur review! KayEmily- ya! I'm glad u liked it! Thanks for reviewing! I really appriciate it! CHAPTER 16 and 17! Shelly- hmm yes poor James.... poor James indeed! but like I said... I've been waiting to write that chapter forever.... and when I first started writing this, that's exactly what I invisioned. Angeloflily- glad you liked it... thanks so much for your review! Mistress of James- hehehe ::blushes like crazy:: BRILL STORY! aww ur so sweet! Hope you liked the ending.... (though I have a feeling I'll get tons of flames for it.) Oh and yes.... thank you for reading it twice! Oh yes, and this story will be finished before the site closes.... if for some reason it is not, I will post at under the name Jeannie in a Bottle.... I started posting my story there, but due to lack of interest (only 11 reviews!) I lost interest in the site. Spouty Girl- yea poor James.... but why is it that people seem to be sympathizing with him? (...well ya I know.... I mean I wrote it....) but that is the most popular comment i've gotten. Faithful- yes I'm very sad that this story is ending.... I've been working on it since May.... but alas all good things must come to an end. As for good stories to read? I will post a list when I'm through... I have some favorites, that I think you might enjoy. Dracos_Chick- glad you liked it! Slam- thank you... that was a big compliment for me... origionally that seen was supposed to take place on the quittch feild like in her dream.... but I had to change it a bit. HpOracle- glad you liked it!!!! Sarasa- REALLY? AWW! Thanks so much! glad you like it! Anonymus- thanks so much.... and don't worry about like not reading it so soon.... it just bugs the crud out of me when I see I have 80 hits and the dumb butts don't care enough to even tell me what they though! Thanks so much for reviewing! KitRonLJ- you don't have to be a writer to review.... I appriaciate reviews, of any sort... even ones telling me that my story sucked (I've only had like 3 of those) .... I like to know what people think! THanks for reading my story! gina- yes I'm sad too, I've dumped alot of time into this story.... and it's kinda become a part of me.... eMily- I'm sorry you didn't like this chapter but look at the name of the story.... you can't honestly tell me you weren't expecting it. roses_from_the_ashes- my period of sulking ended.... lots of people responded to my whiny plea for reviews.... lolz! Thanks so much for reading my story.... you've been one of my most faithful reveiwers and I'm very grateful! Little Faery- "I tend to think of Lily and James and secretly in love with each other and too proud to show it, thats romantisism for ya." ya you have a good point.... I've thought of them that way too.. And if you look closely, James really is in love.... well not really love it's probably more lust than anything. But he is to proud to admit it.... altohugh, he just did to Lily./.... anywho. Ok ya thanks for your review.... glad you like my story...... rememver I am always open to opinions...... opinions are what really count. t doesn't matter how many stars somebody has.... or how many reviews it's what they say and what they tell..... and yours., told me what I needed to hear. I've kinda developed a big head, and your brought me a little more down to earth! Thanks so much for and being honest! CHAPTER 15 Brynne- THanks! I love knowing what I'm doing is good! Angel of Lily- Thanks so much, you've been one of my most faithful reviewers! GLad you liked it! Dracos_Chick- Hehehehe! :::blushes:: Thanks! I feel SOOO special! Slam- Hate to dissapoint you.... but look at the name of the story.... Shelly- Thanks so much for your review... glad you like it ~c. evans~ Whoa! all in one go.... Thanks! Glad you like it! Anonymus- hmmm maybe I will and maybe I won't..... we'll just have to wait and see! Hp#1Fan- YAY! my FAVORITE reviewer! And why are you my favorite? Cause you always come and review.... plus your reviews are nice, and have suggestions and critisms! I always look forward to hearing from you! Anywho... how will I end the story? Probably not exactly like you would.... but I think somewhat similar! and yes I update ASAP! I'm trying to finish my story before the admin closes this site..... As for my exams.... thanks for asking! Math definately could have gone better in math and science... (D+ and C) Spanish went surprisingly well! I did fine in civics and MARVELOUS in Lit/Grammer (go figure!) Thanks for reviewing.... I hope you like how I'll finish this story off! We'll all know before march 1st! Faithful- yes dear I agree tis quite usless! As was Snapes worst memory.... but necessary... quite necessary! HpOracle- Glad ya liked it! nyphomanica- hehehe thanks for adding me to your favorites! AND I'm SOOOO HAPPTY YOU FOUND ME!!!! Mistress of James- Yes they thought about closing it down... but now he's trying a pay pal. THanks and please do continue to read my story... if for some odd reason I am not able to finish it! Sister Blood- thank so much, glad u luv my fic.... and that is exactly how I wanted to portray James... you hate him but you love him.... glad to know I'nm doing what I think I am! Little Faery- Why would I hate you? Everyone is intitaled to their own opinion. I'm sorry if my characters seem out of character, but I am attempting to portray them the way I think is best. i'm using the little imformation we got about them from "Snapes Worst Memory" in that chapter James seemed down right rotten and concieted, like Many scum bucket boys I know, are. Boys grow out of it.... remember? In a chapter in book five Sirius said James grew out of it. As for Lily... she blew up at James in the book... which gave me the impression she had a testy temper. And Sirius said that she DID warm up to him eventually.... I'm sorry if you do not like my fic.... FYI I am always open to critism though and I will take your opinion into considderation Mad Eye Moody- I'm glad you think I stayed in character.... Little Faery just said I didn't.... and even though I am always open to critism and I take it to heart,,,, you made me feel better! CHAPTER 14 babygurl- Thanks! It's nice to know you like my writing style. ::blushes:: as for a sequel, I don't think so. Read the A/N in chap 14 for full explanation! Me- gracais! glad you like it Shelly- I'm sorry I'm ending it, but I have to, (full explanation in the end of chapter 14) Sweeet was exactly what I was going for... hehehe! Hp#1fan- hello again! Well the pansy tradgey won't be a major thing, but it will have some stuff to do in the end. Sorry, probably no sequel (check the end of chapter 14 for full explanation) Thanks for offering to by my books, if I ever right them lol, I swear I'll let u know! As for future works... I'm really not sure. if u want u could check out my old stuff, under the pen name "Magnolia" but I'm warning u, it's cheezey and it sucks. Maybe I should give up on fanfics and start writing a novel? HA as if, I dun't think I have that much patience... HpOracle- WHOA! HEy u review almost every chapter! THANKS SOOOOO MUCH! I reallly appriciate it! Glad you like my story even more as you continue to read... hope you liked this past chap! And I'm sorry I made u cry with the pansy thing... but that's kinda what I was aiming for, I'm trying to put a lil of everything in here. Humor, tradgey and romance.... hope you enjoy this past one rose_from_the_ashes- thanks so much for ur review, glad u "luved" it! hehehe every review makes me feel special! gina- yes I know, 2 more years but, this story is about Lily hating James... as years go on she won't hate him as much. (see the end of chap 14 for full explanation) THANKS SO MUCH FOR ADDING ME TO UR FAVS! I LUV YOU HUN! Kayla- hey swepea I'm like talking to u like now lolz! ok well thanks for ur review... WHAHOO! I broke 200! ANY CLUE WHAT YIZZIE WILL DO?!?!!?!? I dunno..... hmmm! ANYWHO! GO ME!!!! Icy- ya I was going for that... he's kinda 2 faced isn't he? GLAD U FOUND MY STORY! I love it when people find my story! please keep coming back! Please keep reviewing! and enjoy the last few chapters! (when they're up) Slam- glad u absolutely loved this chappie! Thanks for the review! Hope you enjoyed this one! mallory- I'm working as fast as I can! anonymus- I hope you enjoy the 17th chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. I had looked forward to writing it since I started this story! thnaks for the review!-- as for lily and James going out in the end... u'll have to wait and see. faithful- OMG! u are so sweet! I really don't think I'm that great... but "I've crated my own world in fanfiction" omg! THat's so sweet! ya I'm writing from the first person point of veiw, which I always think is more interesting... it helps me relate to her more, I put alot of me into her. and it also makes it better reading for the author. thanks for the 10 rating! And as for the All girl school thing, I actually like mine, alot.. lolz. I spent 9 years with the same guys, at the same school with the same stupid system, and frankly they were all pervert, arrogant jerks. (similar to James and Sirius) So when 9th grade rolled around I chose an all girl high school. (my choice believe it or not) Then I started doing theater at an all boys school, and I have to say... these guys seem pretty cool. Not the same perverted jerks like I had in grades school... surprisingly my dance partner's name is James (and I am SO TOTALLY CRUSHING!) littleaqurianprincess- I'm SORRY! but all good things (well atleast I hope this is a good thing) must come to an end. I honestly thought I was going to end this around chapter 10... but I surprised myself. Yeah, it was kinda cruel of him wans't it? but think about it? If you lost someone u loved, wouldn't u react the same way?- as for the sequel... I think about it.... but I really don't think so. Mistress of James- WHOA! thank u review tons of my chapters (and gave me my 200th review!) I luv u! Oh and why I put my responses in the last chap is because, when I first started this story our marvelous admin was using a different softwear that didn't allow authors reponses to review... so I'd write them at the end of my new chapter. Then Nero suggested I make a new chap just for them. Glad u like the dreams,... had so much fun writing them. Glad I made u feel special... but seriously u made me feel more special! And YES I'm SORRY but there will most prbably NOT BE A SEQUEL! [hides in corner!] PLEASE don't hurt me! DracosChick- AWW Thanks. Its nice to know that u think my writing is so good, that I could write what I have no clue about... Glad u like this story.... but I REALLY don't think there will be a sequel. Brynne- Whew! Had some technical difficulties logging in! That god it was fixed! Glad u like my story! Thanks so much for the review! CHAPTER 13 me- gracais! Thanks, I really appriacite knowing that you like my writing... it annoys the crud out of me when people don't review! SHelly- ok I tried to put in a little more descritption, but dialogue is really my specialty! Glad u love it and I'm especially glad you can picture it all! It makes me feel like I'm doing everything right! baby_gurl- thanks for the review chica! really appriciate it hope you enjoyed the last chap! SilverWolf- yeah sorry, should have realized that... thankks for mentioning it to me! From now on, if it hanges POV I'll mention it! THanks for the review! Slam- ::blushes:: thanks! HP's #1 fan- PLEASE KEEP GIVING ME ADVICE!!! I LOVE ADVICE!!! Glad you like my story line and SO SORRY I MADE YOU WAIT "so long" thank you for being patient! And yes, it definately would make it more realistic with more academic stuff... but I was going to wait till OWLS to get more into that. And technically my story isn't about boyfriends and girlfriends... but I get what you mean about how I've been focusing mostly on the James/Lily problem. The point of the whole Pansy diaster was to shed some light on Lily's family life, and before this story end's the pansy tradgidy will play a large part. Thanks so much! I really appricaite everything you tell me! Hope you liked the last chapter... *LJ Faithful- ok I'm not exactly sure what animosity means... (what can I say I'm not the best at vocabulary) I just hope its good. Thanks for reviewing! roses from the ashes- yay! u added me to your favs! THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! Nobody's adddeed me in awhile! gracias! gracias! gracias! JUST SOMEONE- I'll take that as a compliment :-D littleauquirianprincess- yeah I had to go back to school but I love my school! I go to an all girl one. I'm a freshman it's tons of fun! Glad you love my story... YES THEY ARE IN THE FIFTH YEAR! gina- thanks! hope you liked the Robbie/James conflict in this last chap! and actually the dreams are really fun to write! hehehehe Shakira- AHH exams! I HATE EXAMS!!!!! I had five of the right before christmas... hope you did well. And weather men are evil, atleast the ones heere they always say its gonna snow.... neva does (buttheads) Hope you liked this chap! Anonymus- I should be a writer? awww! I luv u! that's exactly what I like to hear1 CHAPTER 12 Faithful- Thanks for adding me to your favs! I LOVE people who do that! It makes me feel so loved and appriciated! You interpreted Andrea just the way I wanted everyone else to. The reason I added her in was because I wanted Lily to realize that James was serious when he was asking her out and cornering her. I'm glad this story is stuck in your mind, it's stuck in my mind too. I've started several fics, but this is the only one that working. The only other one I've posted is the lions one, it's not my best, and I know that because I don't look forward to writing it. I love writing this story and I will be very sad when I end it. It's actually longer than I ever planned on it being. I was planning on wrapping it up at about chapter 15, but I can tell you right now that's not going to happen. We're prolly gonna reach about 20 chaps! Whoa! This is one of the longest responses I've ever written... we'll c ya! baby_gurl- hmmm, just write more. We'll I did. Hope it didn't take too long. And say hi to your body gaurd for me! Tam- glad you always feel like reading my story, and glad you think it's "sooooooo good" (blushes!) Glad you have no critisms... and if anything ever bugs you about my story... feel free to tell me! There's notihng wrong with constructive critisim... just no flames, those thing are scarey, I've never gotten them, but I've seen people who have SilverWolf- Yeah, James is meant to be a disgusting perverted jerk. As for Lily, I need to make her a bit more lady like lol... I'm working on that, tootles Slam- Everyone seems to like Andrea... hehehe, wait till you see what I have in store!!! (laughs evilly) You're hyperactive? I LUV HYPERACTIVE PEOPLE!!! They are SO much FUN! AngelOfLily- funny and hateful is an entertaining combination. I've always thought so, and that's what I was aiming for, glad it worked! Shakira- glad you "loved" my chapter. Glad you were happy with the length too! I'm trying to make them somewhat longer, really I am! hmmm ur review showed up twice... wonder why? Babygirl- out of curiousity, are you the same person as "baby_gurl" I'm guessing that your not, but it's just a thought... ok. I'm really glad that "it's so good you can't stand it" ::grins with pride:: Thanks for reading! Come back for future chaps! PLEASE! ShellyV- Hope you were able to wait! Thanks for your review! Littleaquarianprincess- Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! Hope you Enjoyed this last chap! HP's #1 Fan- You win the prize for the longest review! I hope I can match it with a long response! Ok first off! I LOVE LONG REVIEWS! Sorry about your assignments and projects... teachers just don't understand that it's called break for a reason. We're supposed to be taking a BREAK from work. I'm glad I have excelent writing and a great plot, but the point of reviews is for suggestions and critisms, along with praises. And I am always open to suggestions which is why I took yours to heart and tried it with this chap. I only included a little of James' POV, but I hope it was enough. Thanks for all your reviews and suggestions! tootles Katie- Glad you like it!!!! Kayla- Yes babe! your number 150!!! And there's no onbe else I'd rather have for number 150! Loved all ur adjetives! Made me feel oh so special! Just think 43 more and Liz has to do something for me mwhahahahaha! LOL! Never thought I'd get this Many! Babe you better be reviewer 200! There's no one else I'd rather have give me my special review!!! Luv ya like a sis! Samatha- Really you live in New Zeland? Awesome, surprising I don't think I've ever met anyone from another country. Which is really sad, my friend Liz lived in Africa for 5 years, but she was born here in the US. That's awesome that we're about the same age too! I would e-mail you, I honestly would, but my parents are over protective of me and they would freak if they found out I was e-mail someone I didn't know. They hate the internet. Wish I could, but I can't. Thanks for reviewing my story! Please come back for future chaps! me- thanks for your review, glad you like my story SKK- No general?? Ok, I've added a little romance, but it's all in dreams. Hope that's ok. Hope you enjoyed this chap! CloeBlack- short but sweet! Glad I made u laugh! Anonymous- I hope intersting is a good thing, glad you like my writing! Actually believe it or not, I have the end all planned out, it was the beginning and the middle that are hard! I know exactly what I'm gonna do! Hope you enjoy it! CHAPTER 11 Hannah- thanks for your support, and as for what happened in the dream really happening… perhaps in a sequel…. Shelly- thanks bunches glad u liked the last chapter Faithful- thanks, I’m writing as fast as I can! littleA.princess- thanks, hope you enjoyed this last chap baby_gurl- I know… I have faith! You have no clue how thrilled I am with getting the amount of reviews I’ve been getting! THANKDS FOR ADDING ME TO YOUR FAVS!!!! Mallory- I’m writing as quick as I can! Hermione Raddcliff- Lots of people have told me that my chapters need to be longer… I try and post every week or every other week… so sometimes the chapters are short… sorry. I’m happy I made you cry… it means I’m getting inside your head, which is a sign that I’m doing this right! Thanks for your review! Slam- THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!! Your review was short… but it said all the right things! :-D Tam- thanks… I try and update once a week or every other week. Chapters are usually longer or shorter depending o how long it took me to post! I’m glad you don’t have any critism… it’s a sign that I’m doing what I’m doing right! Mrs. Grint- I’ll give you more as fast as I can… thanks for your review! Lily Evans- thanks! You’re review made me feel really special! I’m updating as fast as I can! Shakira- I update as fast as I can glad ur dying to know whats happening! Lilangel4eva- aren’t you the same person as shakira… if not I’m sorry. Ok I’m going to tell you a short story. Once upon a time when I first discovered fan fictions, I read this marvelous story on Anywho it was soo wonderful… but the author took 3 months to update and by the time she updated… I’d forgotten what happened. This is why I update frequently… but in result, my chapters are kinda short.I’m working o making them longer though! Thanks for your review! Hp’s #1 fan- hey one of my most faithful reviews has returned again gracias babe. Ok read above the story I told Lil angel4eva, don’t feel like typing it again lo siento. And aren’t guy friends the greatest! I completely agree with you! Mine is the sweetest! Miss_jane- NO!! NO!!! NO!!! it’s not finished!!! You’ll know when it is I promise!!! It’s got a few more chaps in CHAPTER 10! Angel of Lily- Glad you liked my story… hope you enjoyed this chapter! It’s nice to be appricaited, gracias babe, Shakira- like I keep telling everyone else… I had to kill pansy for reasons that will be revealed later… thanks for the review! (and thanks for reading a tale like the lions) Mariah- thanks so much!!! I LUV PEOPLE WHO PUT ME IN THEIR FAVORITES! GRACIAS! GRACIAS! GRACIAS!!! I really appriaciate your praises… they make me feel loved and wanted! Emerald black- so what happens next? Hmmm well you just read it, but as for everything else? I dunno you’ll just have to wait and see. I LUV YOU!!! YOU ARE THE GREATEST!!! YOU PUT ME IN YOUR FAVORITES! THANK YOU SO MUCH! “angel”- Eniticing? Hehehehehe I feel special! Thanks so much for the review! Hope you enjoyed the last chapter!! Roxy Draco luva- hmm I hope you enjoyed this chapter… it was a little different from my others wasn’t it? Anywho thanks for the review! Tam- she died for special purposes that will be revealed in a few chapters… you’ll see ;-) thanks for the review! Mrsgrint- I love it when people read the whole thing straight through… although it probably seems slightly choppy when they do… any as for my “goals” I count reviewers, not reaview lol. But I love reviews! The more the marrier! Guess who- hello mrsgrint Hp#1fan- yes I know the last chapter was extremely short! Got lots of comments about that… I’m gonna work on making them longer… just don’t expect them to all be 11 pages like the last one. Hope you enjoyed this chapter… it’s gonna be the closest thing we get to L and J romance in this story… cause just look at the title “I don’t care that you love me”. Hope you enjoyed this chap. GinnyP- hello… yes I know short… but surprisingly it was two pages long. (that’s my usual length) I gave everybody a “belated” treat for helping my break 100 reviews. 11 pages go me!!! And actually the “surprise” I refered to in the last chapter was that remus said “dammit” when he is constantly trying to shut everyone else up. Silverwolf10- hehehehe! Simple yet sweet! Gracias dude(tt) THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR PUTTING ME IN YOUR FAVS!!!! GRACIAS!!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU! I LUV YOU! Eletrik elusion- I’m glad you think it has everything it should… that makes an author feel so special, and yess this story will be completed in about 5-6 chapters. I’m ending it after 5th year. Hannah- really? I got into your mind so deep that u thought it was your own sister… I’m taking that as a big compliment. I hope it was. Thanks for your review! I am very greatful! Faithful- thanks for your extremely kind words… and just to let you know… I’m not one of those authors who updates once in a blue moon. I usually update about 1 every 2 weeks. It depends on how busy I am. I’ve got exams now… then it’s Christmas… then I’m going to Miami… then it’s new years. So you prolly won’t be getting another update for awhile… but it won’t go past 3 weeks… it never does. Occasionally I’ll update after only a week it just matters how much time I have… or if I have writers block or something. Thanks a ton for your review! Anna Hermione Lily- YEAH! You put me in your favs! I love you! I truly do lol! Thank for your praises… every praise makes me update sooner! Stacy- yes… I had to kill pansy. Basically for the reason you said. I’ve made people laugh (or so they tell me :-P) but that’s mainly all my story’s been. I needed something serious. So we’ve had humor, sadness and this last chapter showed a bit of romance. I wonder what will be next? I’ll let you know as soon as I figure it out. Honestly I don’t know… I just know how this story will end… I just don’t have anything planned for the middle. It’s been that way since I started my story. I just build off of how I ended the last chapter. Well thanks bunches for your review! ShellyV929- hi, that’s what I try to do. I’ve been trying to get people to feel what the characters feel. From what my reviewers tell me it’s working… so I hope it. ALSO THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR ADDING ME TO YOUR FAVS!!! I HART U! CHAPTER 9 Baby_gurl- hmmm yeah, most people might hurt me for what happened to pansy… but I had to do it, u’ll see why in upcoming chapters. HP #1 fan- glad you liked it!!! Hope this chapter was just as satisfying and I’m sorry you had to wait so long for it! Kayla- yes, everybody seems to want to know about Pansy, anywho thanks baby for reading it and I’ll talk to you tonight at the GS meeting. Isabella- Thanks for ur enthusiasm! It’s greatly appreciated! And It’s extremely hard to be patient isn’t it? I have no patience whatso ever…….. just ask the kids I babysit for! Lol. Oh yeah, and that’s really cool that u can speak Italian! And speaking of I feel pretty… I was in West side story a few months ago… great play I feel pretty oh so pretty…. Mrs. Nikay Weasly- Thanks for your comments. I’m really glad you like my story. It feels so wonderful to be appreciated!!! Hope you came back for this chapter! Shakira- WOW!!! Thanks so much! No one word of critsism in that entire thing!!! I really appriaciate all your comments…. They make me feel so loved! Thanks for adding me to your favorites too! I LUV EVERYONE WHO DOES!!! Anonymous- Yes! You really helped me! Every review counts. I’m glad you really like my fic. It’s nice to know I’m being appreciated! As for the hate idea… they are my personal fav l/j fics. It makes the story seem more real than the mushy gushy love at first sight stuff. Also the “hate” has a lot to do with the chapter “snapes worst memory” in book five. Alison- I’m really sorry I had to kill Pansy. That was part of my plan when I started this story. I’m really sorry. I’m glad you like my story though, and I promise things will get happier. Stacy- cliffhangers are evil aren’t they? They occasionally drive me crazy!!! Thanks for ur review… really appricaite it. Littleaquarianprincess- really? They’re all in character? Never realized that, that’s a big compliment! Thanks! Oh and by the way… u mentioned that they were in 7th year… actually their in 5th. Probably should have made that more clear. Phoenix tears- Really? I made you laugh? I had no idea I was funny! YOU ADDED ME TO YOUR FAVORITES LIST?!?!!?!? I LUV YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!! And of course I’m going to write more! Trust me! You’ll know when the story is over… cause everything will come into play. Nancy- hehehe “wicked story” are u British? Just curious, that made me smile. Thanks for the comment about my characters, you’re the second person who said that. I actually thought they were a little out of character. CHAPTER 8! Katrina- OMG!!! I luv you! YOU WERE THE VERY FIRST PERSON TO PUT ME ON THEIR FAVS!!!!!!!! YOU ARE THE BESTT!!!!!!!! and those to little words "pure brilliance" make a self concious girl (aka me) feel OH SO SPECIAL! Beatriz- short and sweet, but a REVIEW! thanks for it, hope you enjoyed this chap! stacy- I LUV YOU!!! YOU ARE THE SECOND PERSON TO PUT ME ON A FAVORITES LIST! "Super duper" ::author blushes:: THANKS!!! HP's #1 FAN- thanks so much, and yes as long as I get 1 review per chapter, I will continue to write.... but it will just take a VERY LONG TIMe. without reviews I get discouraged. SO PLEASE keep reviewing! Hope you enjoyed the chap! Kayla- HEY BABE! Glad you like the watermelon shampoo thing! put in especially for you! Are you coming to my carnival tonight? Jen- thanks! Your one of the few people who keeps returning! I REALLY appriciate it! babygurl- yeah, I know but sadly most guys are that perverted. Which is why I live by the motto "boys are stupid throw rocks at them" lol hahahaha,...... don't ask. Anywho! Thanks for your review! REALLY APPRICIATED IT! hope you enjoyed this chapter! liztigereye- "write the god damed story for crying out loud" I luv comments like that!!! Their the greastest! Chapter 7! lupinmadness -James is modled after somebody I know, and this perticular person says babe WAY to much. It drives me crazy. I hope you enjoyed this chapter! Please keep coming back, I will keep writing! Jen -thanks so much for your review, even short ones mean a lot, just to know that someone is reading it is a lot. Kayla (one of my BFF's!) -hey hun! Glad you're enjoying my story! Do you like it betta than my other stuff? I'll call you later! did u like ur watermelon shampoo line? *_Wolf Girl_* -keep reading and I will keep writing. THanks for your review. Also I know I haven't gotten around to reading your story yet. Sorry I've been swamp, I'm a musical plus my speech director was idiotic enought to put me a freshman on varisty! i'm lucky I even had time to write this short thing. I will read it. i promise (as long as it's not rated R) Thanks so much! Maddi! - You have no idea how much your review meant to me! Please come back and continue reading! 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