“Ginny? Ginny, are you awake?” My father called from the kitchen.

“Yes, father,” I groaned, rolling out of bed. I pulled my dress on, combed my hair neatly into a bun, and made my bed. By the time I reached the kitchen, Joshua and David were chasing each other around the tale. I managed to grab David as he ran by. I scooped him up, kissing him on his forehead.

“Morning, Ginny,” he grined.

“Why are you chasing your brother?” I asked playfully as I carried him to his chair.

“We were just playing!” He laughed as I set him down.

I walked to the counter, where my father was slicing up bread. He held up a couple of slices that were neatly wrapped in cloth.

“This is for your lunch,” he said, trying to catch my eye. “I hope you’ll be back for dinner tonight. If you’re not, I will leave you some on the table.”

I spoke without looking at him. “Thank you. Would you like me to make some more bread tonight?”

“No,” he said, looking away. “If Joshua goes fishing by himself, than I can make some.”

“Well, we are running low on corn. I will pick some up.”

“Ginny, I do not have the money for that.”

“But I get paid today. I will get some.”

For the first time, I realized Sicily is standing in the doorway, grinning. I smiled back, waving.

“Morning,” I say.

“Hello. Nearly ready?”


“Well, Ginny,” Sicily said, mischievously. “We had better get going. We do not want to be late.”

I looked questioningly at her. She grinned.

“The Prince is arriving from Sweden today.”

I could not help but smile. Meeting the Prince of Cheshire…

I remembered the day I first went to work at the castle, and how excited I was to meet the King. My mother had always been jealous of me, and I couldn’t help but think of her.

I turned to say goodbye to my father, but not before he nudged me on my cheek, smiling. “It’s been a while since I have seen that smile.”

I kissed him goodbye and joined Sicily. Together we began up the street to the castle, which sat at the edge of a cliff overlooking the ocean. The fishing boats and docks were to our left; shops, pubs, and houses on our right.

“I guess it does pay off,” Sicily said as we passed people discussing the Prince. “Working in the castle, I mean. The work is not ideal, but we get to see the Prince up close!”

“Yes, I suppose it will be nice.” I was looking around at all the shops; people were selling their very best to impress the Prince.

“Ginny!” Sicily was grinning. “How many young women here would love to see the Prince up close?”

“All of them, I suppose.”

“And 'all of them’ is equal to thousands! And we, two young common girls, are lucky enough to see him!”

“Yes, I guess you are right.”

“Alright, Ginny. You watch. We will meet the prince. And we will love it. I hear from people who have met him that he is twice as handsome as his father is! Why aren’t you excited?!”

“I don’t know,” I said, smiling. “I suppose there are greater joys in life than meeting a prince.”

Sicily looked off, a dreamy expression on her face. “Yes, like falling in love with one.”

I rolled my eyes as we walked up to the castle.

*** A/N so if you didn't get it so far, this doesn't take place at hogwarts, and it's kinda in ancient times. the rest will reveal itself in to due corse....

And, yes, i have just revised this story, so there is one less chapter, but it's all the same. Just edited so it's more professional. Be sure to tell me what you think!!

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