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Chapter four: Letters… Wind lashed the castle with tremendous force. It’s greedy fingers, rushing over the lake’s glassy surface like a stampede, landing with a sound throbbing lash on the castle’s surface. It howled and whistled with immense power, gushing around the castle, wrapping it in a blanket of swirling winds that no one dared step into. It’s grey skies threatening and obstinate, towering over Hogwarts, seizing the November wind with December temperatures. James came back from the hospital wing the next day waving around a piece of paper in front of the three boys’ faces with a flame in his eyes. “This, my friends,” he said now, whipping the paper so fast that it licked their noses with paper cuts as he went from boy to boy, “Is the answer to my problems!” Sirius gave a puckish grin at this thought, “Oh, this should be interesting.” Peter only shook his little head at James’s rash act. “Be careful James” Remus warned. “You’ve already given me that speech” James snapped curtly, “Now, it’s perfectly fine she prefers ‘Red dragon’ over…me” he jerked, expelling a towering eyebrow, “And if she thinks she likes ‘Red Dragon’ better that is fine too, but when I’m through with these letters she will despise him with a passion.” “Can’t say I didn’t see that one coming.” Sighed Remus lying back in his chair in the Gryffindor common room. James shot Remus a contemptuous glance, “Yes, well we’re not all straight ‘outstanding’ prefects like little Remus here is” “Your right Prongs, I, unlike you, can actually form ideas!” he spat, aggravated at James. “Would you two stop bickering and quit this incessant tiff?” Sirius interrupted, both boys looked up at him. “Since when are you the neutral one?” quarreled Remus. “Since you weren’t” he replied sharply. Remus cooled at those words, extremely perturbed to finally be the one IN an argument. “Moody Moony’s just being a stupid git,” James mumbled under his breath, narrowing his eyes into thin slits of hazel. “James, look I’m as sick of fighting as you are! But if you would only listen to me…” “Who said I was sick of fighting?” “Fine! Do it! Go ahead with your little plan, but I’m just warning you, for both you AND Lily’s sake, BE CAREFUL and don’t act so bloody rash all the time!” Remus relieved a breath of bitterness and coolly walked up to his dorm. “Peter, you take my side?” he said more as a statement to himself rather than a question. “Well, to be honest…” he puffed, timidly, backing his way up the stairs. “But…!” however he was already out of sight before he could get another reply. “Sirius…You take my side on this right?” James eyes gleamed, turning his focus to his pal Sirius. “I take the side of sleep” and Sirius, casually walking up the stairs after Peter. “But it’s not even ten!” “You, yourself are tiring enough!” he replied, out of sight completely. And as the footsteps of both boys had gone silent he cried “Bloody hell! He has gone neutral!” ******* Dear Icy Flame, Although I mentioned in previous letters that I wished to meet you, I have thought about it and think that it wouldn’t be a good idea. You really wouldn’t want to meet me; I get terrible grades, I mean, what is the point of school? I hate doing any sort of work in school; it’s just so pointless! I mean we are NEVER going to have to remember any of the rubbish that Mr. Binns class teaches! Or who wants to turn themselves into cats in transfiguration? Cats are so stupid I don’t like them either. And everything is just preparation for something, school for college, college in prep for a job, a job in prep for retirement, and retirement in prep for death! We might as well die now! Well in simple terms I just don’t think we should meet. Yours Red Dragon James could have kissed the letter he wrote, he thought it was that good. Evans will never be able to like someone who hates school so much he thought as his eyes skimmed over the letter again. This should be over before it even begins! ****** “So Lily, how’s your pen pal thing going?” James asked, a smile carved into his face. Here it comes…! “Well Potter…” she sighed, “It’s really going quite well!” she smiled, perking up. Oh no…what the bloody hell did I do wrong now? James was sitting in the Great Hall with the rest of his friends, he knew his mail was just about to arrive and he would find just how poorly he had done. A large grey and black owl fluttered down to where he sat, and James pulled the letter slowly from its leg. Dear Red Dragon, Now I don’t know what has gotten into you, but I think that you are only saying that because you are afraid that I might not like you if we meet. But if not the case then I think you should improve yourself with school. School can be very good if you give it a chance! And I can see your point that everything is just for preparation, but it’s the experience in doing it that makes life worth it. I hope you we can still meet… Yours, Icy Flame He couldn’t believe it. After all the painful thought poured into those letters it was for nothing, absolutely nothing. Lily looked at the gaping James who was sitting in the great hall, his long disheveled air hanging in his face. His eyes open wide, sparkling a deep brown that centered a pool of honey. Hmm…James actually looks normal this year…. Something inside her squirmed a bit as she thought this, for deep down inside her she thought he was far more than normal…. far, far more…. And so it went. James would keep sending terrible letters that with each came a reason or excuse for such behavior. And James would try harder to get her, but Lily wouldn’t even give him the time of day. ******** The common room lay empty, darkly lined by the warm glow of the fire that cracked and licked back the angry shadows of the far corner. Lily’s soft face lit up like the sun, her creamy, milky white skin, her small mouth that spread so nicely into her smile, and her radiant eyes. He almost wished she wasn’t sleeping, just so he could gaze into those eyes. Those infinite pools of emerald, like a swirling, shimmering ocean of wonderfully endless bliss. Lily shifted slightly in her sleep, her soft face, flawless against the warmth of the fire. Her face was that of an angel’s, sweet and innocent, angelic with long locks of crimson hair that draped down by her side. He usually would have made a comment by now, but instead as he gazed at Lily he pulled a blanket over her. But… As he pulled the blanket close across her chest she lifted a hand and grasped his own. A smile spread evenly across her face as she unconsciously held his soft hand, not letting go. Lily gently rubbed her fingers across his smooth skin, her smile broadening. James stood for a while, openmouthed, and a new sensation passing over him. For the first time…when he tenderly squeezed her hand in affection…she returned it with same feeling. And even though she was a sleep, the gesture still made his heart pound with excitement. James sat down besides her feet, savoring her warm touch for he knew he might never experience it again. A new thought now washed over him. Maybe he should just quit this whole thing? Maybe he should just tell her, it would be so easy. And Lily would realize that it was James she loved, James…. but each time he remembered Lily saying that name she always said it with bitter resentment. Lily moved again in her sleep, squeezing his hand even tighter. She sat up right, blinking her eyes wearily and looked directly at James. He felt a surge of warm chills shoot down his spine even though he knew she wasn’t really awake but sleep ‘moving’. Still blinking she stared down at her hand, which held his and subtly smiled. Like a sleepy cat she started to lie back into sleeping position, but not in the same direction as before. She did a complete 180, sleepily turning her body to face James. And then slowly she laid her tired head down on his lap, finding a comfortable position to lie in. His whole being felt like it was tingling with pleasure, he never knew he could feel this way. James stared quietly down at her resting form, his hand still in hers. A deep longing filled him, just to reach out, just to hold her dearly to him, but out of the depth of his heart he knew he couldn’t touch Lily, he just couldn’t touch her. She was like a fragile china doll under protective glass. One touch could crack that beautiful porcelain skin. He didn’t know why she had reached for his hand, he didn’t know why she turned to lay her head on his lap, nor did he try to know why, he just sat there, with his hand still in hers gazing at her sleeping figure. Now Lily was obviously a restless sleeper, it was the third time she’d moved in her sleep, now nestling deeper into James. James was still staring, even though she had reached for his hand or lay sleeping on him, he knew there was no way in telling that it was him she was dreaming about or that she even really knew she was holding James’s hand. But she was holding it, and that was all that mattered. Lily was still shifting as he thought this, but she moved something else, her lips… And a soft word escaped those lush lips… A word… Just one word… “James…” ******** ( well that is the fourth chapter. Hm, i have a wonderful yet terrible idea for the next chapter, poor poor James, the things the i will do to him. Lol, well thanks to all that review, especially my loyal ones like Val! Lol and the rest that always review, you mean a lot. Well what do you suppose will happen next? I’m thinking of adding another character just to spice things up, which should be interesting. And also, even though Willow wasn’t in this chapter or even the last, I think I’m going to have her pop in again. But we will see…tata!)

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