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Maybe he was crazy but something had changed in him since he started writing to her. He needed to be with someone so badly and when he'd been at the lake today with the Weasley girl, something had possessed him. He just wanted someone nice to hold. When Pansy had come swimming he'd had no desire to touch her like he'd done with Ginny. Pansy however had different plans and once again Draco was feeling all too guilty for what he'd done. She'd written to him again but Draco just stared at the note in his hands. He couldn't write to her. Not now, not after what he'd done. He was cheating on her, with two other women. What was his problem? Pansy walked in, without knocking this time and Draco hastily put the letter in his drawer. She smiled and advanced towards him. He patted the bed beside him, pulling the cover back so she could lay with him. He would not write back to her. He would just hurt her more, and he knew it. So he hid the letter under his desk and vowed to himself that he would not write, he was not good enough for her and he didn't even take into consideration that he would hurt her by doing this. ~*~ (Ginny) She'd not heard from him in a week, and by god she was so sad! She thought she must have said something to scare him off. She went through the letter in her mind a thousand times, trying to think of why, why he would stop writing. The only solution was that he was too busy with school work. Ginny sat on her bed, watching the snow fall silently, it was the first snowfall all winter and she couldn't say she was happy about it. She didn't like snow but she didn't like class either. That's why she was sitting in her room, waiting for Transfiguration. For now though she was skipping Trelawny's class because everything she said was bullshit anyway. It was 10 more minutes until class and she still couldn't make herself stop thinking of him. Maybe if she read her book she could stop, but she knew that wouldn't work, books weren't her thing. ~*~ Transfiguration was great, it was definitely her favorite class. Not because of MacGonagall, but because she could be with her thoughts and just listen to the chatter around her. It helped that she was so good at it, she could do anything that they asked her too. "Ginny?" "Mmm..." "Did you hear what I said?" "Sorry professor, I'm having a bad day. What was the question?" "If you are practising the art of transfiguration on an animal, what is the one thing you never do to it?" "Hold it down, because you don't know what size it will be so it could injure you and the animal." "Exactly, so this means that by..." Ginny put her head in her hands and stared at the professor, it was funny how little work she put into this class. MacGonagall knew that too because she had once asked her if the class was moving too slowly. Ginny said it wasn't, she was enjoying the class and didn't want to go any faster. Now though, she wasn't paying any attention. She was thinking of her problems, the swim with Malfoy a few weeks back, and how her mystery pen-pal had suddenly stopped writing. She didn't know if she should write to him. Maybe he just needed space. She didn't know though, seemed like she didn't know anything these days. "Class dismissed." Ginny rose from her seat and walked robotic like to the door. Still lost in her own thoughts she didn't notice Malfoy watching her from the other classroom. His head was up and he was alert, watching her like a hawk. She was too busy though, saddened by the thoughts of losing her love. "You alright Ginny?" asked Jane, walking beside her. Jane was very pretty, she had black hair, and she had deep blue eyes. The kind you can get lost in. "Fine, just a little distracted." "Your sad because whoever it is you write too isn't responding anymore. That's it isn't it?" "I don't write to anyone Jane." replied Ginny, she was worried, she thought nobody noticed her writing at night. "It's okay Ginny, I understand. It must be hard to write to someone so often and then have them not reply." Ginny nodded in understanding. "Just remember that you can talk to me alright?" "Can I show you something Jane? I've always loved having you for a friend and I trust you." "You can trust me with anything." Ginny opened the door on her right and beckoned for Jane to follow her in. It was one of the old empty class rooms and she thought it would be a safe place to tell Jane of everything that had happened to her. She started with the letters, showing them to Jane one by one. "So he mysteriously wrote to you with no explanation?" "Well, he was lonely and sad and needed someone to talk to." Ginny explained. "Okay, let me see the rest?" Ginny showed them to her, reading each one like it was something precious to her heart and Jane could tell that she would have to find this guy and tell him that Ginny was heartbroken. Maybe she could track him down, find out some information and get them to meet or maybe she could just beat him senseless for destroying her friend's hope. They had gone through all the letters but Ginny still had the urge to tell Jane about her and Malfoy. She didn't know if it was wise though, they'd not been friends for very long. Only a few years but she thought she could tell her. Only her. Make her swear to secrecy and keep it from everyone. "Something strange happened the other day Jane." Ginny looked at her meekly and sat on top of the desk, hoping the legs wouldn't break under her. Jane stood up and moved to the window. "I was tanning a few weeks ago after breakfast. I was in my bra and underwear and didn't think anyone would come out because it was so hot. Somebody came though and then next thing I know we were headed to the lake. I didn't say no because it was so hot and then the water was so cold. He picked me up and threw me in. The next thing I knew we were all over each other and I know if his girlfriend wouldn't have come we would have gone all the way. We didn't though." The look on Jane's face was pure shock. "I swear!" Ginny smiled and hoped she hadn't said it all to fast. It was just because she was so nervous. Jane stood still for a few more minutes. Just watching the snow dance in the sky. She didn't know much about Ginny's past relationships and she wasn't sure if she was even a virgin. They didn't normally talk like this. "I don't know what to say! Well, do you want me to know who it is? That's makes all the difference in what happened." "You can't tell anyone! If anybody finds out I'll be out casted from my family forever!" "I swear to you Ginny, I'll never tell another soul." "Malfoy..." "What?" said Jane looking like she'd seen a ghost. "You heard me. Draco Malfoy." "He's the enemy Ginny..." she was talking very slow as if she was almost not upset at all. She was shocked into silence. Something that not many people can do with Jane. "What the hell were you thinking?" "You don't think I asked myself the same thing?" "How about you just forget it ever happened, go on with your life!" She commanded. Ginny smiled and stood up. Jane came over and embraced her in her arms, hugging her to her heart tightly. Ginny knew that she could always count on her to understand. "Let's get out of here. I'm hungry." said Ginny smiling. Ginny opened the door and they made their way to the great hall but something horrible happened along the way. Jane was chatting happily in her ear, oblivious to what Ginny was now feeling. Resentment. She shouldn't have ever told her what was happening, it was supposed to be her secret and she went and told somebody because of the moment. "Watch where you're walking Weasley." said a voice in front of her. Ginny looked up quickly and saw that she'd bumped into Malfoy. Of all times! He didn't say it with the same hurtfulnes he usually did but he did say it. "Get away from her Malfoy." said Jane threatingly, pushing Ginny behind her. Ginny pushed her out of the way and stood in front of Malfoy staring him down. "What do you want?" "I was just walking in the halls." he sneered. "Going to try and take advantage of me again? That's what you did last time." "Don't blame me Weasley, your the one who was so anxious." "You're right, I was anxious and I regret it. So I'm sorry, not for you but for me." said Ginny staring at him. She didn't know why she was apologizing but she was going to be the bigger person. "Ginny... I don't understand." Said Jane looking at her, her eyes filled with anger. Draco brushed past her and slipped something in her hand. It was a piece of paper but for now she would wait to read it. Later on, after she explained it all to Jane, then she'd read it. For now though, it looked like there might be a row.

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