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I don't care that you love me By- LunaJ Chapter 6- Stupid Tree a/n- this chap is a lil different than my others. Mostly description. Very little dialogue! ENJOY!!! ~~~~ I was let out of the hospital and things went back to the way they were. James was still being cocky, Remus was still protecting (or trying to protect) the first years from harsh words, Snape was still silent and creepy, and I was fine. I was back to my normal self. No blue hair, no injuries....... life was good. The only thing that bugged me was that my invisibility cloak seemed to have disappeared off the face of the earth. I was furious when I discovered it was gone. I loved that thing, and I had a feeling I would never see it again. Who ever took it wasn't likely to give it back. They'd have to be insane to. Maggie, Addy and I could usually always be found in the common room, when we weren't in class. Unless of course Potter happened to be in there. If we ever spotted him I would casually get up and leave, Addy would usually follow me and Maggie would put on a flirtatious ditzy look and skip merrily over to him. Maggie was constantly getting on my nerves. I loved her like a sister and wouldn't trade her for the world but she really needed to tone it down on her "I luv potter" ways. When I mentioned this to her she said something along the lines of. "Lily grow up" I felt like slapping her but really wasn't in the mood for a cat fight. Maggie was boy crazy, and could probably have any guy she wanted. Except for Sirius and James. The Dynamic Duo. The cream of the crop. The guys every girl wanted except for, well me. A few weeks after the whole hospital incident I was sitting in Transfiguration. Addy was twirling her wand like a muggle baton, Maggie was batting her eyelashes at Potter and I was struggling to turn wood into iron. After near to 100 unsuccessful attempts I finally flung the board across the room, and McGonagall gave me a detention. Oh well, it wasn't like I'd never been there before. Later that day Remus was sitting across from me in the common room, when Maggie came rushing in. "Oh my God lily you are the luckiest girl in school!" I rolled my eyes. Maggie considered getting 5 out of 10 on a quiz and being two inches away from potter the greatest day in history. "What?" I said unenthusiastically "James got a detention like 3 minutes after we left transfiguration! Maybe you'll get to serve it with him!!!!" "And you call that lucky? Dammit!" I shouted! "Lily....... the first years......... remember the first years!!!!" "Put a cork in it Remus!" "You should really watch your language!" "You sound like my mother." "But the first year! They're so young and innocent they don't need to listen to......." "Remus, if you can't keep your Potter quiet how do you expect to keep my mouth shut?" "I would think you would know better." "Well I don't. Infact I'm off to detention" "With James!" Maggie squealed "Remus I think Maggie's the one who needs to shut up! Goodbye all!" I stood up and walked out of the common room. The sun was just setting and as I walked past the windows in the halls. I could see the giant squid splashing in the lake and the Whomping Willow trying to smash it's latest prey. I stared at it; before I had come to Hogwarts I had never seen anything like it. I took one last look and saw that a stag was running away from the massive tree. The willow took one last swing at it. It must have hit the stag because the animal fell to the ground. Even stranger than that, I saw a giant black dog rush over to the injured stag and push it out of the way just before the willow struck a final time. I shuddered, I had always been an animal lover, and I hoped the stag was alright. I walk down the corridor and to Shantell's (DaDD) room. He handed me a pile of papers to sort, and then 20 rusty pots to clean. About an hour after I had arrived, who should arrive finally, but Potter. "I'm sorry Professor, I had a little accident." he said as he limped into the room. I rolled my eyes "Mr. Potter...." "It won't happen again sir." he said as he pointed to a gash in his leg. "Go to the hospital wing Mr. Potter and get that cleaned up. Tomorrow you will make up this detention, and on Friday you will serve an additional detention with Flich." If there had been any smile left on Potter face it was now gone. James would probably spend Friday dangling from the ceiling. I grinned. "Wipe that smirk off your face Ms. Evan, and get back to cleaning that cauldron." "Sorry Professor" I muttered as James left the room, but I still couldn't help but to smile. "I said stop smirking, or you will join him!" I immediately went back to cleaning. Later that night I was sitting in my usual corner in the common room, studying for Transfiguration, when I saw the portrait hole open. I hid behind the chair, as Potter walked in. He hit his leg on the sofa and let out a small yelp. I could see his shadow bend down to rub the spot where the gash had been earlier. As he was heading up the stairs to the boys dorms I could have sworn I heard him mutter "Stupid tree." My mind filled with wonder as for a second I recalled the stag, the dog and the willow. *~~*End of chapter 6*~~* OK PEOPLE!! We fell 2 short of my goal for the last chap!!!! This time we're gonna shoot for 8!!! SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW!!! When I get 8 reviews, u get ur next chap!!!! luv, *Jeannie PS! If you like my story, could you please recommend it? PLEASE NOTE THAT THE RESPONSES HAVE BEEN MOVED TO THE LAST CHAPTER

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