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Chapter three: The warning Swirling images of little laughing Lily’s danced around in his head, mocking and pointing at the poor injured James. His vision was scarlet, and all the Lily’s in unison whipped their beautiful hair, a leer on their smug faces and they cringed with a look of disgust as James repeatedly fell each saying that same line over and over and over again… James blinked a few times, the vague hazy image of colors focusing with each blink. When he could see once more James finally took notice of the huge busying crowd of girls standing over him. “Oh James, you’re alive!” shrieked one of the girls as the rest came over to witness him with their own eyes. “Oh course he’s alive!” Madame Pumfrey called (the woman, older than what appeared) with a tug of annoyance at boy crazy girls in her voice, “He had some broken bones, not broken brains! Though…” James eyed her with irritation, which stopped her next few words from escaping her lips. “Pardon me…Excuse me…Excuse me!” a very frustrated looking Lily pushed through the crowd of woeful girls. “Unbelievable! Stupid…” “Evans!” he cried joyously at first sight of her. “James! Oh…you’re awake…” she said, frowning slightly. “What? Were you hoping I was dead?” he cried incredulously, but with a joking laugh. “Ah, well it just would have been easier…” “If I had been knocked out cold?” he said, all humor now devoid in his tone and a sad seriousness token up that Lily didn’t recognize at first. Lily looked down at the floor, knowing she shouldn’t have said that. “I’m sorry, it’s just…well it just would have been…” “Yeah well you have a great way of showing you care about my well fare. I mean first you have me dropped nearly twenty feet from the air and then you have the nerve to tell me it would be easier for YOU to see me if I was unconscious.” “I’m really sorry I just…” “Can you just go? I’m not feeling too well, if you haven’t already noticed” he sneered. Lily’s eyes filled a sort of guilty look, and nodded her head slowly turning to leave. “Who was it?” he asked, as she was about to leave, “Who is the boy?” “Well I don’t really know his name,” she said shyly, “He’s my pen pal” A seething anger filled him completely and he wanted to scream at the top of his lungs with all his might as Lily shut the door. To think that my own self beat me! I mean I suppose it’s better than anyone else, but at least if it were someone else I could dispose of them! I can’t just dispose of myself! Me, myself! My own me, beat out the famous well beloved James Potter! This absolutely ridiculous… James sank back into his bed glowering, a sour expression covering his face; he’d never thought he could hate HIMSELF. James heard a soft, tut tut tut, come from out of the corner of his eye. Sirius was shaking his head in disappointment, while Remus and Peter accompanied him, “I must say Prongs, I’ve seen some pretty nasty falls but that one tops them all!” “How you feeling?” Remus said, consolingly. “Terrible spill, just terrible…” he heard Peter mutter to himself. “Fine, I suppose” James breathed, ignoring all of the other statements. Remus took his one chance at his answered question to talk, “Blimey James, really, what happened?” James gave a hesitant sigh, “Well i…Lily sort have…” “Oh yes Lily” said Sirius with an evil leer, raising his eyebrows up and down. “Lily?” Remus drawled, looking back between the two, as Peter mimicked him. Sirius leaned over and whispered everything from the letters to what happened at the Quidditch game in his ear, who in return whispered it to Peter. Remus gave James a mixed expression of sadness, disappointment and pity in his eyes with a look that clearly read “Poor mate, what has he gotten himself into?” “Would you stop looking at me like that?” he barked, feeling too much pressure push down on him. “…Looking at me like I’m a bloody mutt…” he mumbled, getting a critical eye from Sirius. “James…” Remus continued, a sorrow expression filling his eyes, and shaking his head subtly, he’d been getting a lot of that lately. James looked wildly about the room, with a hostile glare. Sirius, Remus, and Peter all looked at each other and nodded their heads gravely while James studied from aside. “Look mate,” Sirius started with an almost bored expression, “We all knew the day would come when you would realize your feelings for Lily” “What do you mean, ‘when the day would come’?” he roared belligerently. The boys shook their heads again, “James…” Remus now decided to take the stand, “Ever since you met Lily we knew you were bound to like her” “Yeah!” he bellowed, bouncing his head up and down, “Well how would you know?” “I think it was pretty obvious” Peter now squeaked. “She was the only girl who wasn’t intimidated or immediately drawn into you.” Remus now rejoined, “James, you alone could have every girl in this school down…” Sirius cleared his throat, looking down at his feet, “…and Sirius… down on their knees begging to go out with you, but Lily would be the only who wouldn’t. And you have to admit…” “That’s dead hot to a guy like you!” Sirius smirked, adding in his comment. “Sure…” he said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. “You have to realize James that Lily isn’t as easy as all the other girls, she’s not boy crazy or anything. She’s not afraid of you.” “And your point is?” “Our point is, James…” Remus continued, “That Lily is like…she’s like fire among a sea of tepid water…” “And when you play with fire…” Peter joined. “You can get seriously burned.” Finished Sirius. James just gave them a cynical look. “Be careful James” said Remus as they started to head for the door. “Yeah? Well I don’t need to be careful!” he cried irksome, as they shut the door leaving him in a room of giggling girls. James clenched his fists and gave a loud roar of frustration(making some of the girls jump slightly at his outburst) . He’d never had trouble with girls. And the worst of it was, there was nothing he could do about it, not a single thing …or was there? ********* (oooh, I have a good idea for the next chapter, you’ll just have to wait and see! Although in many ways it seems obvious, but maybe that’s just me, hmm…thank you to all who reviewed, your support really counts, so THANK YOU! Ha ha, lol) here’s a little snip from the next chapter… “This, my friends,” he said now, whipping the paper so fast that it licked paper cuts on their noses as he went from boy to boy, “Is the answer to my problems!” Sirius gave a puckish smirk at this thought, “Oh, this should be interesting.”

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