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disclaimer: you know it, i know it, why state the obvious James awoke the next morning to find his limbs entangled with Lily’s. He smiled at the thought, thinking how nice it was to– but that’s when he distinctly remembered tucking Lily into her own bed across the hall. Lily gave a loud groan from beside him and began trying to disentangle herself from whatever was restricting her. Squinting, she turned to the warm mass on her right. “James?” She mumbled hoarsely. “What are you doing in here?” “I was just about to ask you the same thing, love. Not that I mind waking up next to you, it’s just odd, especially since I remember putting you in your own bed last night.” Managing to open her eyes slightly wider, she took in her surroundings, which confirmed that she was, indeed, in James’ room. She slowly kicked the blankets off and swung her legs over the side of the bed, wincing as her head gave an almighty throb at the sudden movement. Rubbing her temples, she looked down and noticed what she was wearing. Turning back to James with a questioning look, she asked, “where did I get this?’ James sat up with an amused sort of grin, trying to pat his unruly hair down in the process. “Don’t you remember putting that on?” An almost worried look crossed her face. “We didn’t... did we?” His eyes widened. “No, no. We just put that on so you didn’t have to sleep in your clothes, that’s all.” Lily looked relieved for moment (she was hoping to at least remember her first time with him), but then the worried expression crept back. “We?” Letting out a small chuckle, James patted her knee. “Well, I suppose it was more me, you were a little...incapable...” he then gave her a funny grin. “You did show me a neat little trick with your bra, though.” Covering her face with her hands, Lily groaned. “I don’t remember any of that.” James scooted closer to her and rubbed her back. “Don’t worry about it. I’m the only one you said anything to... well, Sirius, too, but that’s all.” “That’s all? That’s all?!” She cried, for those were the last two people on the planet she wanted having dirt on her. “I’m almost afraid to ask what else I did.” Chuckling, James hopped off the bed, picked a shirt up off the floor and pulled it over his head. “Nothing too embarrassing... unless you’re embarrassed of me,” he smirked, crossing the room towards her. “What’s that supposed to mean?” “Well... you nearly snogged me to death in the middle of the dance floor, for starters,” Lily’s eyes went wide with shock, “and then you told me you were going to marry me because you liked my bum.” James had a mirthful smile on his face; Lily’s face, meanwhile, was contorted in a look of utter embarrassment. “Right... I’m going to go die now.” She turned to flee to her own room, but James caught her by the arm. Letting out a laugh, he looked her in the eye and said, “don’t worry, that’s why I’d marry you, too.” The embarrassment slowly slid from her face to be replaced by an unsure grin. “That and this sexy hair of yours,” he smirked, tucking a stray strand of hair behind her ear that had fallen from her now messy and lopsided ponytail. Lily chuckled. “Now, why don’t you go put some real clothes on and meet us downstairs for breakfast, hm?” Lily nodded and headed across the hall to her room. * * * “So, Button, how did you sleep last night?” Sirius asked Lily as she entered the kitchen. Though embarrassed by the idea of what she might have said to him the previous evening, she tried to muster a disgruntled look at his calling her “Button”. “Fine,” she responded tersely. Taking a seat beside James, Lily picked up a piece of toast and reached for the jam. Looking at her contemplatively, Sirius continued. “Yes, well, a romp with Sirius Black usually tires a girl out,” he said, returning his gaze back to his pancakes. Lily dropped the knife in her hand with a gasp and shot a worried, open-mouthed glance across the table at him. “A what, excuse me?” Sirius looked back up from his plate after swallowing a mouthful of his breakfast. “A romp,” he repeated mildly, winking at her. “You know, making like rabbits– (Lily’s face looked horrified) – “oh, fine, making love, if you must–” “Yeah–yeah, I get it!” She interrupted him in exasperation, wondering why James was taking this in such passive silence. Slowly turning to look at him, the expression he wore was not surprise... anger... hatred... but– amusement? Suddenly, both boys burst out laughing, unable to keep straight faces a second longer. Looking back and forth between them in bewilderment, Lily couldn’t for the life of her figure out what was so funny about losing her virginity to her boyfriends’ best mate. Unless– “Don’t worry, Lily,” Sirius chortled, wiping a tear from his eye. “I was only joking.” As the pair continued to laugh, what he had just said sunk into Lily’s brain. “Oh, you horrible little toe rag!” She yelled angrily, chucking her piece of toast and hitting him square between the eyes. This only caused Sirius to laugh harder, eventually falling from his chair to the floor with a loud thud. Lily made to get up and pummel him, but James held her back. Clutching his side, he gasped, “aw, come on, he was just having a little fun because–” his voice caught in his throat at the death-stare she was sending his way. “Besides, the only way to truly make him regret it is to beat him at his own game.” Looking slightly less murderous, she waited for James to continue. Shrugging like it was the answer to the easiest question in the world (then hugging her apologetically with one arm after seeing her narrowed eyes), he stated, “prank him back.” Lily’s jaw remained stubbornly set for a moment before she decidedly sat back down. When Sirius, too, had returned to his seat, using his sleeve to dry his wet face, she looked at him sweetly, but spoke in an icy tone. “Fine. I’ll do that– when he least expects it.” Sirius gulped. * * * Later that afternoon, Lily helped Mrs. Potter, as promised, with the baking of some cookies while James and Sirius flew around out back on some family brooms. Enticed by the sweet smells wafting from the kitchen, the boys meandered in. James wiped a small spot of flour from Lily’s nose with a grin. “Having fun teaching my mum to be a Muggle?” Lily tried to smile as she gestured around the kitchen, which was covered with little bits of everything they had used to make the cookie dough. “She’s a very... enthusiastic learner.” Mrs. Potter beamed, then rapped Sirius’ knuckles with a spatula when he reached for a cookie that had just come out of the oven. “They’re hot, dear,” she said in response to his hurt look. “Besides that,” Lily added with a benign smile, while holding out an extra large cookie, “I made this one especially for you, Button.” Sirius had begun to walk forward with a grin when he stopped to take in the meaning of Lily calling him “Button”. Looking skeptically from her smile to the cookie, he wondered what she could have possibly done to it, if she had done anything at all. Deciding he didn’t want to risk that chance, he declined the offer, saying he wasn’t that hungry after all. “You sure?” She asked with mock-concern. When he nodded, she turned to James with a true smile. “Okay, then. Would you like it, James?” James pecked her on the cheek before taking a large bite. Lily smirked smugly at Sirius. * * * It was late afternoon when James decided that he and Lily had not gotten to spend anywhere near enough alone time together in the passed few days. Creeping quietly from the games room (where Sirius had fallen asleep on the couch), he made his was to the library in search of Lily. Finding her nestled in a comfy armchair and completely immersed in another of her novels, James strode across the room and started a small trail of kisses down her neck. Finishing off her sentence and placing the book on a near-by table, Lily grinned and tried to squirm away. “That tickles.” A shiver ran down her spine when he breathed into her ear. “This is me trying to seduce you,” he whispered, before continuing his rainfall of kisses. “That so?” She whispered back, tangling her hand in his hair. Pulling away reluctantly, she said in a slightly louder voice, “wait, James, your parents...” “What about them?” He asked, capturing her lips under his. Letting out a small giggle against his mouth, she tried to push his head away. “What if they were to walk in here right this minute?” James let out a childish groan. “Come on, we can go up to your room,” Lily said, kissing his neck and trying to stand. “Yeah, yeah,” he responded, kissing her forehead (the first part of her he could reach). “Yeah– I mean, no, that’s no good. If Sirius wakes up, that’s the first place he’ll go looking for me... we’ll, uh, there’s– there’s lots of rooms, let’s go find one.” James grabbed Lily’s hand and kissed it before pulling her from the room. Lily giggled as she skipped to keep up with James. Snaking her arm around his, she kissed his shoulder. James grinned down at her, then quickened his pace eagerly. When they reached the top of the staircase to the third floor guest rooms, Lily let out a playful laugh before pulling James into a kiss. He took the gesture with enthusiasm, reaching behind himself to turn the doorknob of the nearest door. It opened with ease and they stumbled through, both of them chuckling but refusing to break apart. James’ hands held Lily’s head where it was, while she tugged at the hem of his shirt. Their kissing intensified, Lily parting her lips slightly to allow James to explore further. She let her hands stray from his shirt to his hips and upper thighs, running her fingernails up and down in slow strokes. He let out a low, guttural moan at this, pulling her body closer against his own. As if participating in a carefully timed and orchestrated dance, Lily’s hands moved up James’ body just as his hands began to descend on hers. Lily tugged softly at his dark hair while James moved his hands firmly over her backside and hoisted her up into his arms. Wrapping her legs tightly around his middle, she could feel him back towards the large wooden bed in the guest bedroom. Lily let out a muffled cry of surprise (muffled because their lips were still pressed together) as James toppled onto the bed. This was the first they stopped kissing as they were now too busy laughing at the incident they found themselves in. “Well, this is turning out perfectly, isn’t it?” Lily grinned down at him, trying to toss her hair over her shoulder to keep it out of both of their faces. “It’d be much more enjoyable if I didn’t have someone’s bony ankles digging into my back,” he replied jokingly, arching his back awkwardly away from the bed. “Oh, sorry!” She giggled. James couldn’t help but let an almost inaudible moan escape his lips when Lily’s hips rolled against his own as she extricated first one leg, then the other from underneath him. “That better?” “Much,” he responded in a low, husky voice. Without warning, he rolled over top of her with the swing of his furthest leg. Lily’s surprised giggle was cut short as James’ mouth once again found its way back to hers. She gasped into his kiss and felt her stomach clench tightly when he ran his hands up her arms and held them above her head for a moment. It was a feeling of complete helplessness, but at the same time exhilaration; she loved the unexpectedness of his advance but also the knowledge that he would desist the second she requested it. He continued to hold her wrists with one of his hands while his other trailed down the curves of her side. Eventually, James guided her hands to rest behind his neck so he could continue his task unimpeded. Lily’s heart was pounding fit to burst when James’ hands moved to her chest and his kisses took to her neck. She loved how he was carrying on, however she pulled his hands away from her body nonetheless. “James...” Breathing heavily, he caught her expression. “Sorry... carried away...” “No.” Smiling, she turned his head in the opposite direction. “There’s someone here.” Standing in the doorway, looking down at their feet as though in a bow, stood a small house-elf with long, droopy ears. “I is sorry, Master James, sir, but my Mistress has asked Pockets to inform you and miss that dinner is ready, sir.” Pockets the house-elf put himself in a deep bow to await James response. “Thanks, Pockets, tell my mum we’ll be down in a minute.” When the elf had bowed itself from the room, James returned his gaze to Lily with a look of disdain. “She likes to call it mothers’ intuition. I like to call it mother wanting to keep her son from having any fun.” Laughing, Lily pushed James off of her and tried to straighten her clothing before heading down to dinner. * * * The next morning, the three students were rushed back to King’s Cross Station to catch the bus back to Hogwarts. Mrs. Potter hugged her boys profusely, fussing over their hair and trying to clean away any imperfections to their appearances. “Alright, mum,” James said in an annoyed way, though his grin was hard to miss. “We have to board now or we’ll be walking the entire way back.” Wringing her hands, she pulled him into one last hug before sending him off with a pat on the back from his father. She grabbed Lily unexpectedly in a tight embrace. “I do hope to see you again soon, dear, it’s been such a pleasure.” “You, too,” Lily squeaked, fighting for air. “If you don’t let her go she won’t be able to,” James chuckled. “We’ll see you in a couple months!” Waving to a teary-eyed Mrs. Potter and wide-smiled Mr. Potter, the trio found a compartment for the long ride back. A/N: and here it is....the forever-to-finish-chapter-of-easter-weekend! thanks for the reviews so far, i love them all! i'm now in the final stretch of this story, which makes me both excited and sad....because, as i have said before, this story has become like a child to me,lol. i'm not sure how many more chapters you should expect, but the story will end at the end of their year... thats all im sure of right, hope you enjoyed this chapter and i will do my best to write and then post the rest soon! happy reading!

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