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Authors Note: hey wow – another chapter so soon !!! yah Disclaimer: nothings mine, yadda yadda yadda. Chapter Five – Mistrust and Madness Voldermort stood alone in the dark room. He liked the darkness, it cleared his mind and concentrated his power. He was deep in thought about Severus Snape and the Longbottoms. His Potions master had never had a problem with torture, he’d always enjoyed it or so the Dark Lord thought. But then he realised – Snape never did want to be the one to torture. There was a knock at the door. Voldermort turned towards, annoyed. “What?” “My Lord, Severus Snape has left the house,” Wormtail said anxiously from the door. “Are all the other Death Eaters here? Did he take anyone with him?” Voldermort asked, although he was already aware of the answer. “No, my Lord. They are all waiting in their rooms as you instructed. He has gone alone.” “Leave me now Wormtail. I shall deal with Severus Snape later.” Voldermort waited until Peter Pettigrew had left the doorway before turning his back on it. “So Severus, you plan to defy me after all.” ***** James appeared the kitchen just as Lily was about to sit down with a cup of tea. When she saw him she jumped back up, nearly spilling scalding tea on her jeans. “Thank God your back, James.” James crossed the kitchen to stand in front of her. “Hello to you to, oh-gorgeous-one. What’s up with the desperate welcome?” he smiled. Lily sat down again on the couch and looked up at him, “Nothings up with it, I just don’t like it when you leave me and Harry here that’s all.” “Well we can’t very well take Harry with us to the Ministry can we? He’s only a baby. It just makes sense for you to stay here with him.” “But you could stay here with him for once. Why does it always have to be me? You’re the only one who can make him stop crying, he won’t sleep when it’s only me here.” Lily looked quite sad when she said that last part. “Oh Lily of course he does, he loves you. The only reason he doesn’t cry with me is that I give him chocolate when your not looking.” James smiled sheepishly as he joined her on the couch. “JAMES! That’s the worst thing for him while he’s teething. You promised you wouldn’t,” Lily said aspiration. She glared at her husband who laughed and pulled her into a bear hug. Lily tried to resist the caress but as James began to massage the back of her neck she could feel her anger at him for always leaving her behind melting away. She closed her eyes and leant into him, comforted by the warmth that radiated from him. Within minutes she was fast asleep. James looked down at the beautiful girl in his arms and sighed, “I guess I’ll wait till the morning to tell you what’s been happening then.” ***** Snape entered his house, flicking on every light switch he came across as he made his way through the house. Then, coming to his senses, he went back through and switched them all off and pulled out his wand. “Lumos” Using the light that came from the tip of his wand, Snape made his way through his small cottage until he came to the black, reinforced door. After muttering the twenty one different charms that kept it locked he pulled open the door. He looked around at the different cauldrons set on simmer; the shelves of books and the vials and containers of ingredients (everything from black beetle eyes to extract of pig bile to unicorn blood). His lab was filled with ingredients that would land him in Azkaban should the Ministry of Magic ever find it. Suddenly and not really knowing why, he reached out shoved his fist through the vials stacked on a desk. Pieces of glasses and slime flew every where and Snape’s hand bled where his fist had connected with the vials. He rampaged around the lab, smashing everything. Soon there was nothing left but pieces of glass and ripped pages from the books that had been flung to the floor. Smoke hazed the room; it billowed from the overturned cauldrons. The stone floor was filled with holes where acidious potions had burned straight through. Snape looked around the broken room that had once been his pride and joy. What had happened? Why was he so out of control? Snape felt the anger surge through him, but it subsided before he could get an answers. Something inside of him was changing; something he couldn’t explain and didn’t want to have to explain. But he knew he couldn’t go back to Voldermort. The searing pain on his left forearm told him that. The Dark Lord was angry with him, very angry. But for the first time, Snape didn’t care. ***** Dumbledore had been searching for hours but he couldn’t find anyone that had seen Remus since he had returned from the Douglas rescue almost five days ago. All members of the Order were required to check in every three days so Dumbledore could be sure that all were alive and well. But Remus Lupin had not checked in five days. Dumbledore rose and walked over to the wall to check how everyone in the order was doing. There were rows and rows of witches and wizards on his Life Chart, all of them with their own individual life line under their name. He flicked his eyes down the chart, almost missing it. But his eyes quickly moved back to the two red filled life lines right next to each. Then he checked the number in the corner of the photos; two. So it had been two days since Alice and Frank Longbottom had checked in with him and he would bet his life, tomorrow they would not check in again. Dumbledore walked over to his fire. Throwing the Calling Powder into the flames he yelled, “James Potter, get here right now.” The flames turned purple and within seconds a large lump was crawling out of the fire. The lump- when it straightened – was James Potter, looking very much still asleep. “What is it Dumbledore? I only just got Lily to sleep” “Wait a moment James, I need the others,” Dumbledore turned back to the fire as James collapsed into an armchair. Dumbledore quickly Called Sirius Black; Peter Pettigrew, Alastor Moody and Arthur Weasley. Each one looked half asleep except for Moody, who never really looked anything. James rose from his seat again and half glared at Dumbledore, “So what is this all about?” The others nodded in agreement. Dumbledore quickly sat back down at his desk, where he could see and face them all. “I’ve called you here because of what I found on the chart. Alice and Frank Longbottom have been attacked.” He paused as the group collectively gasped, “I don’t know where they are, the chart only says the last time they checked in was two days ago and that their health is red line.” Arthur stepped forward; his face visibly paled, causing his freckles to stand out more than usual. “Albus, it cant be true. Is there anyway the chart could make a mistake?” Dumbledore shook his head. “I’m sorry Arthur, but it isn’t possible. That chart is as smart as your family’s clock. Alice and Frank are near dead. And I need all of your help to find them. Can everyone help?” Everyone nodded, now all completely wide awake. “Good. Sirius and James, I want you to go to the Longbottoms house. The chances are that they were attacked and tortured in their own home. Moody I want you, Arthur and Peter to return to your Guards and ask for their help. Search everywhere in your guard ranges.” The men nodded and one by one left the office through the fire. As James and Sirius, the last to leave, were about to step into the flames, James turned to face Dumbledore and opened his mouth to speak. But before he could, the door to Dumbledore’s office burst open and Remus Lupin walked in. ~~~~~~~~~~ Ohhh I no that’s mean to leave it there. But to be honest I don’t know whats been happening with Remus and I need time to think!!!! Lol quite pathetic I no but yeh. Oh well hoped you liked it! BI!

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