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Chapter 17

“So Gabby,” Lily went on. “When are you suppose to present what you have been working on.”

“Soon,” Gabby said smiling from ear to ear. “Very soon.”

“Can’t you at least give us a hint at what you will be presenting?” Alice whined.

“Nope, sorry. You will just have to stay in suspense. Can you see the guys?” Gabriella asked from her chair, “All I see is other people’s bottoms.”

“Yeah I see them,” Lily smiled. “Do you want me to push you over there?”

“Nope, I got it. Just walk in front of me so I know where to go.”

“I will follow,” Alice said putting her two knuts in.

“There you are,” James said purring at his wife. “I was wondering where you had snuck off to.”

“Alice had to tell us some exciting news.”

“Frank told us too,” Peter said as he looked somewhat pale.

“Where is your date Pete?” Sirius asked.

“I don’t know.”

“She ran off,” Sirius barked.

“Yeah and so did yours.

“No, I am right here.” Amelia said slinking through and Sirius put his arm around her waste. Lily, Gabriella, and Alice all had the same thought, ‘Slut.’

Of course they never had any proof that Amelia was truly a slut, they had never heard anything of the sort about her in Hogwarts. It just felt to soon for Sirius to move on, for all of the girls, after all they had all been best friends.

“Martinez,” everyone turned around to see Gabriella’s boss.


“I need to see you for a moment.”

“Now?” Gabriella asked as if she couldn’t believe this.

“Yes it is about one of the…er…products we are to introduce tonight.”

“Right,” Gabriella nodded and apologized to her friends that she had to leave momentarily.

“Amelia, do you want to dance?” Sirius asked out of nowhere and everyone turned to him, completely not expecting this.

“Of course,” Amelia said smiling and showing off her gorgeous pearly whites.

Sirius and Amelia walked off and it was Alice that spoke, “What was that all about?” Well Alice really didn’t speak, hissed would be the appropriate wording.

“What?” Peter asked completely clueless.

“Lily, let’s dance.” James said dragging his wife off to the dance floor.


“What?!” Gabriella hissed at her boss, “That is absurd!”

“I know,” he nodded.

“That is totally not fair! I invented both of them! I should be able to introduce both of them! We both know that he really didn’t help me out at all with the Wolfsbane Potion!” Gabriella yelled outside.

“I know, I know.”

“Then why can’t I say that I made it! I did, he was never there!”

“I am so sorry Gabriella, but you know his father is our director head, there was nothing I could do.”

Gabriella had tears falling down her face, “I put so much work into it! I did it all for Remus! Damn this isn’t fair, not at all!”

“I know I am sorry.”

Gabriella wiped her tears away and shook herself, “Do I at least get to introduce my other invention?”



“When he gets off the podium.”

“When is that?”

“He should be talking about it now.”



Meanwhile, the music cut as soon as Lily and James were about to get on the floor. One of the potions was being presented, the Wolfsbane Potion.


“So why aren’t we in there?”

“Well, he was afraid that you would blurt out that you are indeed the creator of it and would embarrass him.”

“You are damn right I would!”

“Director head ordered me to keep you occupied out here until it was your time.”


“I know, again I am truly sorry.”

“No,” Gabriella shook her head. “I know you tried, stupid spoiled brat.”


Wolfsbane Potion, it seemed unreal. Remus blinked his eyes, he would just become a wolf, a harmless wolf. It sounded too real, but he didn’t seem like the type of person that would invent it. Remus had heard Gabriella complain about how lazy he was and never helped her out with her top secret project, and then it hit Remus like a bludger to the head.

Gabriella did this, this was Gabriella’s project. This is why she was working long hours…she had done it for him. For Remus.


Gabriella and her boss heard clapping and her boss spoke up, “Guess that is our cue.”

“Yeah, can you give me a push?”

“Sure,” and Gabriella was being pushed up back inside where she could present her other miracle. “Did you take the potion?”

“Yeah,” Gabriella smiled. “An hour ago.”

“You sure this will work?”

“As sure as my love for Remus.”

When Gabriella was pushed in her wheelchair beside the podium, she pointed her wand to the throat and muttered, “Sonorus.”

“Hello everyone, and thank you. Now that you have heard about the wonderful new amazing Wolfsbane potion, I now have another amazing potion to show you. I have already taken this potion and explaining it wouldn’t do it justice, so I will just show you.” Gabriella looked back at her boss and he nodded. So Gabriella turned back around and gave the crowd a huge smile as she bent down and pulled herself up from her wheelchair and walked across the room, a bit wobbly, to her boyfriend Remus Lupin.

“Gabby!” Alice and Lily screamed as they watched their friend in awe walk all the way across the room to Gabriella.

Remus had lost all of the color in his face and almost fainted, “Gab…Gabby what? Is this for real?”

“Yes,” Gabriella smiled and kissed him.

Everyone began to clap and all sounded so happy for her, but then the lights went out and flickered back on momentarily. When the lights came back on there was something different about the room and Lily felt James pull her close. Then Lily noticed what was different…

Death Eaters.

Lily felt her stomach fall completely out of her body, Death Eaters everywhere.

Total chaos was everywhere and people screaming, and people trying to get out of the corridor that the ball was being held in. Lily knew Death Eaters too well with her and James’s influence in The Order of the Phoenix. True, they hadn’t been on too dangerous missions but Lily and James had seen their good amount of Death Eaters, in and out of school. Lily knew the Death Eaters too well and she knew that the would have locked all of the doors.

“Lily, we have got to get you out of here!” James said ducking a piece of the falling ceiling.

“Me! Why me?! I can fight, Alice is the one that is pregnant! If anyone should be worried…”

“Don’t you handicap me because of my pregnancy Potter,” Alice yelled back at Lily.

The rest of the friends didn’t have time to argue as Death Eaters began to attack. All James knew was that he had to keep his eye on Lily. James had lost so many people in his life and there was no way in bloody hell could James live without Lily.

The lights went out again and people screamed even louder. James cursed, the people shouldn’t have screamed that was only feeding the Death Eater’s ego.


The lights went out and Lily didn’t scream because she knew that was what the Death Eaters wanted, but Lily was truly scared. Lily couldn’t see anything and she was afraid she would end up hitting someone with a curse.

The lights flickered and Lily’s brilliant green eyes bulged, where was James?! In fact, where were all her friends?!


Remus was throwing curses left and right. Some night this had turned out to be! That stupid bloke took credit for the obvious creation that Gabriella had invented. Gabriella made some other miracle potion to get her to walk and as soon as Remus thought he could smile…well Death Eaters attack.

Remus could still see Gabriella and she was fighting, but Gabriella wasn’t use to using her legs and Remus was really worried about her.


Alice was throwing Death Eaters off with ease and Alice smiled to herself, Auror training had done her well. Yes Alice would have to put her Auror job on hold in a few months because of her unborn baby growing inside of her. Alice could hear Frank, James, and Sirius too. They were obviously doing well too. Alice couldn’t hear anything from Lily, Remus, Gabriella, and Peter. Alice of course was worried about her friends and didn’t think she could truly lose another best friend, not so soon.


Frank was throwing the Death Eaters off with ease and Frank smiled as he knew that he would make his father proud right now. Frank had to do well and make sure to take all of these damned Aurors down. Frank had all of his to take care of. Frank’s wife, unborn child, mother, uncle, and aunt. That was all the family Frank had left and he had to do his best to make sure that they would all be alright.


Sirius was fighting a Death Eater he had been fighting for a good ten minutes and Sirius was surprised that this Death Eater was taking so long. Most of the Death Eaters had graduated with Sirius and his friends or were Seventh Years at Hogwarts this year. So most of them were not that well at dueling yet, of course Sirius was doing well as he had been attending his school to be an Auror for almost two months now.

Then add Sirius was at the top of his class. Frank was the best by far, then James, then Alice, and then most likely Sirius. So Sirius wasn’t really worried about his follow Aurors, but it was his friends that weren’t Aurors that Sirius was worried about.

Lily was going to school to be a Healer and of course Lily had always been an awesome dueler, but Lily was part of the Order. Of course Sirius was still worried about Lily. Lily had really been there for him after Cassidy had died, and Lily was like a sister to him.

Gabriella hadn’t really ever been a very good dueler and she had been in a wheelchair with no use of her legs for almost ten months now. Sirius knew that Remus was really worried about Gabriella, hell the whole group was worried about her.

Remus had always been the best in their graduating class in Defense Against the Dark Arts, but then again they hadn’t been in school in five months. Remus had only been helping his great aunt out with her house, there was lots of worry for Remus, his brother like figure.

Then there was Peter, and Peter had always been horrible in dueling and horrible with anything of the sort. It would not surprise Sirius if they would have to put Peter’s dead corpse in the ground in a few days.


Gabriella was doing as good as expected, but Gabriella had never been the best dueler and the fact that Gabriella was very wobbly on the two legs she was standing on, well it didn’t really help her out any.

Gabriella was scared for all of her friends, but mostly Remus.

It was then that Gabriella felt her body lift off of the ground and she then felt the most horrible pain she had ever felt in her life. Gabriella screamed as the Death Eater was chuckling at the horror they were putting this poor girl in.

The curse came off and the mask slipped off and Gabriella gasped as she saw the Death Eater who had been torturing her.

“You?!” Gabriella asked as total fear was filled in her face and tears rolled down her beautiful face.

“Avada Kedavra!”

Gabriella screamed as she heard the rushing wind coming towards her and a bright green light around her. Gabriella Martinez was dead before she ever hit the ground.


‘That damned Spaniard had recognized me as the Death Eater I had become. I had to kill her.’ Peter Pettigrew said inside of his head.

Peter Pettigrew fixed his mask before any of his other ‘friends’ could recognize him.

Now not only had Peter Pettigrew killed Cassidy O’Brian-Black, but also Gabriella Martinez. All Peter had to do left was kill off that Mudblood and nosy Alice Longbottom. After Longbottom was murdered, her husband would leave and the Marauder’s would be what they were before. Before that damned Mudblood and her mettlesome friends came around.

Bellatrix was right, she was always right. Bellatrix had been busy and hadn’t come around and saw Peter in a while, well that was until two nights ago. Then tonight before the Ministry Ball, the Dark Lord had called all of his Death Eaters in to plan the attack for tonight.


Amelia Bones was fighting off Death Eaters very well, and she knew as she was fighting that she might as well just give up. None of Sirius’s friends liked her and she really had no reason to live. Lily, Gabriella, and Alice had showed how angry they were with her earlier. Amelia did understand Lily’s anger towards her. Amelia had dated James last year to try and help James make Lily jealous and it ended up working. Problem was that Amelia had began to fall in love with James. Of course she was over that silly crush now, but losing Chris had been so hard.

Now to Lily, it looked as if Amelia was taking Cassidy’s place in Sirius’s heart.

Then a flash of red caught Amelia’s eyes and to Amelia’s right she saw Lily Potter, herself. Lily looked weak and as if she couldn’t fight much longer.

Amelia’s eyes flashed about ten feet to her left and there was James, fighting like a solider but there was what looked like a terror in his eyes. James had no idea where Lily was at and he was completely terrified.

“Stupefy!” Amelia yelled at the Death Eater in front of her, and she was going to risk her life to get on Lily’s good side after what had happened last year.


James was going insane about because he had been battling these Death Eaters for a while now and Lily was no where to be seen. James had seen the majority of his friends earlier, but now James was all on his own. James would be fine if he at least knew that Lily was okay…

“Stupefy!” James turned behind him and saw Amelia Bones running towards him as she had stunned the Death Eater he had been fighting.


“I saw Lily.”

“Lily!” James grabbed Amelia by her wrist and they ducked behind a thrown over table. “Where?! Where is my wife?”

“That way,” Amelia pointed. “She was fighting a Death Eater and was doing pretty well, but she is obviously tired. I knew you would be worried.”

“Thank you,” James said hugging Amelia before he left off for his wife.

“Amelia!” Came a voice from behind her and she turned to see the one person she was hoping to see.

“Edgar!” Amelia said smiling at her older brother.

“You need to get to safety.”

“I have got her,” was another male voice.

“Black?” Edgar Bones asked.

“He was my date here.”

Edgar nodded, “There is an secret exit that the Death Eaters did not know of. Black, we discussed of it the other day in class.”

“Yes sir,” Sirius nodded.

“Get her out of here and safe.”

“Of course.”


“Stupefy!” A male voice that Lily recognized and she felt her heart flutter. The Death Eater she had been fighting for almost thirty minutes was down now.

“James!” Lily said smiling as she saw her prince charming running towards her. “Don’t embrace me yet, we have got to get out of here.”

“All the exits are suppose to be closed off.”

James saw terror in Lily’s eyes, “We are really going to die tonight aren’t we?”

“No,” James said shaking his head. “There might be an exit…I remember hearing about it in one of our lessons from Edgar Bones.”

“We have got to at least try it.”

“Of course, but get your wand out. We have got to get out of here alive Lily.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


“Frank, where are we going?” Alice asked as she ran behind her husband as he had a hold of her wrist and wouldn’t let go.

“Don’t you remember what Bones told us the other day in class?”


“About that no matter what, all ministry buildings have a secret passage way out by the lavatories.”

“You are a bloody genius!”

There were curses being thrown left and right now, and Frank threw himself and Alice into a spare room.

They weren’t alone in this room either.

“Lily?” Alice asked as tears were falling down her face.

“Alice!” Lily said running towards Alice.

“Girls we have got to get out of here,” James insisted.

“James is right,” Frank said trying to get the wives apart and to get the hell out of here.

There was a click and a voice from behind all of them, “There will be only one of us leaving this room alive.”

The four eighteen year olds turned around to see none other than Lord Voldemort himself.


“Sirius!” Amelia exclaimed as the both of them had escaped from the ballroom that they had been in.

“Not now Amelia.”


“We need to get out of here.”


“More Death Eaters and I know it. Apparate to my flat.”

“What about your friends?”

“They will all know to meet up at Lily and James’s house.”

“Then why are we going to your flat?”

“I need to change, then we will apparate to your flat so you can change and then to Lily and James’s house. Hopefully by the way when we get there, the others will be there.”

“What if they aren’t Sirius?”

“Then we will wait.”


Remus hadn’t seen any of his friends since after Gabriella had walked towards him and now he was really afraid. Not only for Gabriella but also for all of his friends.

Remus tripped over a dead body and fell to the floor. Falling to the floor Remus was able to duck the killing curse. Remus thanked the poor body he had tripped upon and when Remus turned to see who it was, he screamed.

His lovely Gabriella.

“No, no!” Remus dragged himself and Gabriella behind a table that had been turned over, “Gabriella. Gabriella, wake up.” Remus had tears streaming down his face and falling down onto Gabriella’s beautiful tan skin. “Love come back to me! Don’t leave me here in this horrible world alone. Gabriella, please! I know you made the Wolfsbane potion and you can walk now with that miracle potion you made! You did both of these for the two of us! Come back to me, love come back to me!”

Remus cried as he held her body close to him for what seemed forever, but it was then he heard a crash not to far from him. Remus knew he couldn’t leave her body here. Remus threw Gabriella’s body over his shoulder and was following some people out of the building.

He would apparate to St. Mungo’s.


“So lovely to meet the newlywed couple,” Voldemort cackled and James stepped in front of Lily as Frank did the same. “Oh, do we have two ickle newlywed couples? The two couples in which I have come into contact twice and have slipped through my clutches will die tonight.”

“Obviously you are not as powerful as you believe because four eighteen year olds who have no extraordinary powers can survive your attacks twice.” James yelled.

Voldemort cackled, “As stubborn and stupid as your father.”

“You are a coward,” Frank snarled.

“I will kill you all, as I have killed off so many of your families.”

“You are a horrible man!” Lily screamed.

“I am anything but a pitiful man, Mudblood.”

“We will succeed and defeat you again tonight,” Alice was the one to speak this time.

“Let’s have the games begin,” Voldemort cackled as he waved his wand and both Potters and both Longbottoms were thrown up in the air and thrown into the wall behind them as Lord Voldemort cackled at how weak this teenagers really were.

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