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Author's note: I'm going to tell you guys right now, I'm very nervous about posting this chapter. I'm scared i might have went to far with it, so please tell me and i hope you all like it, so far this story is going great but i'm extremely nervous. Need'in reviews! I hope it's okay, not hard to tell that I am nervous. Okay i'll shut up now, on with the story! Megz -- What was she doing? In a way it was all too obvious. She was walking to the lake with Draco Malfoy and going swimming. So why was it that she felt so guilty? Secretly she knew the answer though. He was the enemy but that wasn’t the only thing bothering her. She felt scared that she might be cheating on her man. They were at the lake but Ginny’s feelings were gone. Now she was just feeling the cool blue water and was so tempted to run in. the sun beat down on her and the overwhelming temptation was calling her. What did it matter anyway? He’d already saw her sun bathing. Draco pulled off his robe and then his white muscle shirt. She’d never realized just how built he was. He had a really nice chest and she couldn’t tear her eyes away from it. Soon he was just in his boxers splashing into the water. “Oh god! That’s nice.” He said grinning seductively. “I asked you to come to the lake. I was hoping you’d come swimming.” She didn’t know what to do, he looked so hot in the water, and the water was so cool. She was dying to get in with him but it was all so wrong. He stood up and walked toward her, she stepped back and watched him warily. “I dunno Malfoy, I don’t think we should.” “Why not?” “Because it’s wrong.” “No it’s not.” He said calmly. He reached out to her robe and opened the top button. Ginny didn’t’ and wouldn’t stop him, so he reached for the second button. Soon her robe was on the ground and she was shivering from his touch. If she’d known she was going to swim she would’ve worn something that wasn’t white. As soon as she got wet he’d see through all that was covering her. Not that it was a lot. “Are you coming?” “Just vie me a minute!” He grinned and she shuddered again. She was turned on by him. As horrible as it was. He waited for a few seconds before going behind her. An arm slid around her shoulders and another around her legs. She gasped when he picked her up in his arms and suddenly he started walking in the water. He was evil! His eyes glistened with a passionate excitement and Ginny couldn’t help but giggle at him. Soon her feeling’s disappeared and it didn’t matter that it was all so wrong. “I don’t wanna go in!” She whispered in his ear, blowing on it gently. “Too Late.” And with that he let her fall into the water. Ginny came up, cursing and shivering. The cold water had been such a shock to her hot body. She stood up and looked at him angrily, red hair all over her face and dripping wet. “What the hell? Don’t you know how cold that is?” she said shivering, but it was from his touch, not the water. “Yeah but I couldn’t resist.” Draco replied, twirling her red hair between his fingers. She tried to slap his fingers away but the look hi his eyes said that he needed her. So she walked into the water going until they were covered by it and he pulled her to him, nuzzling her neck affectionately. Something has come over him though; he had figured out that it was wrong; he did have some common sense after all. “Ginny, this isn’t right.” He mumbled. “Shhh, don’t ruin it now. After you worked so hard to convince me.” She whispered putting her finger to his lips. She couldn’t figure out why he was resisting now and she was pressuring but she wanted to be held by someone and he would do. Draco’s hands drifted through the water, reaching the small of her back, he pulled her to him. She grinned happily as her feet wrapped around his waist. Ginny was terrified by him, by what was happening and she wasn’t sure if she could stop it. Even if she wanted him too. His hands were on her stomach now and he was teasing her with the slow seductive movements of his thumbs. “Oh god, you’re torturing me.” He didn’t say anything, he just laughed and raised his hands before cupping her breasts. She gasped in delight as he started doing that thing with his thumb again, but now to her nipples. “Oh god…” He’d unclipped her bra and it was almost out of site, but she didn’t care, all that mattered now was the fact that Draco Malfoy was making her go crazy and she didn’t want it to stop. “Draco? Where’d you go?” “Oh shit! Pansy!” He whispered setting Ginny on the ground gently. “Holy Crap! What have we been doing?” “Damn, oh god, this was so wrong Malfoy.” She stuttered. “Let’s forget it ever happened.” “Damn right, you get out of the water and I’ll tell Pansy that I just went for a dip in the lake.” Ginny nodded and rose out of the water. She couldn’t help notice that his eyes watched every move she made before slipping back on her bra and getting out of the water. She grabbed her stuff and sprinted away just as Pansy came into the clearing. ~*~ She was dry now, and night had finally come but her consciousness was killing her. She still hadn’t written back to his guy yet. So, to get her mind off what happened at the lake she picked up the quill. Dear Sorry, I understand and yet I am so hurt that you’d do this. Yes it is understandable. Did you know that the sixth sign of love is being able to be completely open with one another? Do you think that maybe someday we’ll be able to do that? Today’s been such an eventful day, full of surprised good and bad. I have to go though. Love, ??? She folded the letter and tied it to the owl, before shooing it away, into the night sky. Still Malfoy lingered on her mind though. What had she been thinking, who knows how far they would have gone if Pansy wouldn’t have come! For the first time in her life she was thankful for a Slythern. No matter how hard she tried to forget it. The fact of what she’d done was still with the family enemy. The person she’d thought she’d despised. What the hell had she done?

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