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After getting like 25 reviews I finally updated…THANK YOU SO MUCH TO ALL MY REVIEWERS!!
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot
Hope you like this chappy!

previously: “Sleep well. For you are not dead; you have only been bitten."


Hermione woke the next morning in a cold sweat. ‘That was the scariest dream I

have ever had in my life,’ she thought thinking about the recent nightmare that had just

occurred. ‘Thank Merlin it was just a dream, well nightmare,’ ((irony)) she added,

stretching and then finally opening her eyes, greeted by a bright light. When her eyes

finally gained focus, she looked around in confusion. ‘What am I doing on the couch?’

she asked herself perplexed. She shrugged it off, just thinking than she probably fell

asleep on the common room couch after studying last night. After all, there was a stack of

books, on the dark wood coffee table in front of her.

Swinging her feet off the couch, she decided to go get ready. She walked up to the

bathroom door, knocked, and when she heard no reply from her roommate, she walked

in, absent-mindedly rubbing her eyes. Staring at the slick white marble floor, Hermione

walked over to the sink, not looking at the mirror. She turned on the water, and stuck her

hands under the icy fresh liquid, watching it splash onto the sides of the sink, finally

scooping up some water and poring it onto her face. The sudden burst of cold water woke

her up instantly, as she continued splashing water onto her face with her left hand, she

groped for a fluffy black cloth with her other. Patting her face dry, she glanced quickly at

the mirror to check her hair. Feeling satisfied with herself, she turned around, then

noticed something out of the corner of her eye, then did a double take.

Pulling her hair way from the right side of her neck, she noticed two small gouges

in the side of it. Getting closer to the mirror, she traced her fingers over the small cuts.

“What?” she said aloud, horrified. “What the—” she stammered, trying to think

what could have possibly done that to her. Then it came to her.

“The dream,” she whispered, putting her hand to her mouth, fear in her voice. “It

couldn’t possibly—” but it all fit. Waking up on the couch of the room she had been in

her the dream, cuts on her neck, feeling really weak. “It can’t be. No. I can’t be a—a—a

v—v—vampire,” she said, trying to convince herself, but failing dismally. ‘This can’t

happen. It couldn’t be happening. THIS CANNOT BE HAPPENING!’ she thought

insanely, still trying to figure out what was happening. “The Library!” she practically

yelled, as the idea popped into her head.

She quickly pulled her hair down over her neck to cover the cuts, smoothed out

her robes, that she still hadn’t changed out of from yesterday, then dashed out the

bathroom door as quickly as she could without her hair moving too much((to cover up her neck)). ‘There must be

some sort of charm, or potion, something, to figure out if I’m a real vampire or not.

Maybe there’s something to reverse the, the, well incantation, well no, process of

becoming a vampire. Oh, this cannot be happening!’ she thought to herself, scurrying to

the ever-so reliable library, not really looking where she was going, for she had walked

this path so many times in the past years.

As she quickened her steps, in anxiety, her head still swimming with thoughts, she

ran straight into to someone. Not being able to keep her balance from the blow, she

wobbled a bit then started to fall, but just as she was about to hit the cold stone floors, she

felt a strong hand grasp her around the shoulders. Looking up into the saviors eyes, her

eyes were met with steal gray ones, which clashed dramatically with her own honey

brown ones.

“Well if it isn’t the head girl running through the halls, to get to her—boyfriend?”

he sneered, still holding her in his arms.

“Jeer off, Malfoy,” she spat back, trying to break free of his grip, but he wouldn’t

let her go. “Let me go! Now!” she demanded, staring daggers at him.

“You may want to be a little nicer to me. I did just save your arse from a fair bit

of pain,” he replied coolly, still having a firm grip around her shoulder, tipping her back

so that she would look into his eyes.

“Well, thanks for that, but I am in bit of a hurry. I MUST get to the library,” she

thanked hurriedly.

“What, got a test to study for, over winter BREAK.”

“No,” she huffed, defensively.

“Then what, may I ask are you going there for?” he questioned, looking down at

her. His eyes scanned her face, then started to wonder down her body.


“Hmm?” he asked, bringing his eyes back up to her face, but immdiately snapped back down

to her neck.

‘Oh shit,’ she thought as she realized what he was looking at then, started to squirm even more.

“I have to go,” she said quickly, then pulled away from his grip with all her
might, and walked swiftly down the hall, shouting back to him, “Thanks for

catching me!”

Finally reaching her destination, the library, she inhaled deeply. Breathing in, according to her,
the best smell known to mankind: crisp paper, and oiled leather. She quickly

shuffled over to one of the back rows, where she could hopefully find something useful

on the transformation of vampires. She brushed her finger along the spines of the books,

reading the book titled at random. “…‘Venetian Times: A Lost Civilization’…

‘Venezuelan Runes: A Time of Darkness’… No. I need ‘vampire’. V-A…V-A…V-

A…V-A! ‘Valerie Isabel Smelthing: A biography,’

…no…vampires…vampires…vampires! ‘Vampires: A Guide To Self-Defense.’ No, I

don’t want to defend myself from myself. ‘Vampires: Bitten.’ Yes! I’ll take this one,” she

muttered to herself, taking the book from the vas variety of leather-bound books. She

traced the cover with her hand, admiring the craftsmanship. The deep brown red covering

seemed so old, as did the pages, that seemed to have faded yellow due to the age of the

book. ‘I love old books like this,’ she thought, taking in every detail of the book’s cover,

from the tiny crevasses to the beautiful gold lettering stating the title and author. ‘Okay

Hermione, no time to be admiring ancient books. You must look for more!’ she scolded

herself mentally. She then went back to the shelves and began searching for more books

that may help her in some way, shape, or form. Within a few minutes she had a large

stack of books, that was some how related to vampires, balanced on her arm. She walked

over to a nearby table, grabbed the closest book to her, and plunged right into it, taking in

every bit of information.

“ ‘…a person who has been bitten by a vampire, is considered a half-breed,’” she

read aloud. “Not much different from the wizarding world. Hmm,” she said thoughtfully.

“What isn’t?” came a voice from behind her that made her jump. She knew that

voice. But she couldn’t quite put her finger on it.

“I said, what isn’t like the wizarding world,” the voice asked snidely.

“None of your business,” she replied curtly, finally figuring out whose voice it

belonged to.

“Manners, Granger, manners,” drawled the voice.

“WHAT, do you want, Malfoy?” she spat. Was he trying to get on her last nerve? Duh!

“Is it a crime to walk into the library, and start a friendly conversation with a

classmate?” Malfoy questioned.

“No,” she answered truthfully, but then added, "For you it is."

“Then I’m just going to sit hear and read,” he pulled out the chair next to her, and

was about to reach for one of the books in her pile, when she grabbed it out of his reach.

“I’m going back to our common room, and don’t you dare follow me!” she whispered loudly, referring to the heads' common room, then

collected all her books and exited the library.

He stared at the door, where she had just been a moment before. ‘I wonder if she's found out yet?’
he thought to himself finally shifting his eyes back onto the table. ‘Hmm…A

book Granger left on the table. What ever shall I do with it?” he asked himself

sarcastically, “Return it to her like a good little boy…or…’ he snatched up the book and

read the title aloud. “ ‘So, You Think You Are a Vampire? By R. Striden.’ Weird title.” He let the book drop open in front of

him, where he came upon a few loose pieces of parchment, with notes scratched upon

them. “ ‘If you are—bi’—what does that say? Oh, ‘bitten by a vamp. Then you will start

transforming into a part vampire within a few’—something—‘from when you were first

bitten.’ Freaky,” he flipped over the parchment and read another line, “ ‘Transformation

process: skin gets paler, eyes grow grayer, teeth grow sharper, hair becomes drastically

lighter or drastically darker, depending.’ Hmm, true true,” he read aloud. “Seems like Little

Miss Perfect has had a sudden impulse to study vampires. Let’s go see what she is doing

right now.” He snapped the book closed, jumped up, and glided toward the door.

When he finally reached the Head’s common room door, he was slightly out of

breath. “Password?” asked the elderly lady who was knitting a putrid yellow colored


“Le lion et le Serpent,” he recited before he was aloud admittance. “Why

McGonagall let Granger

choose the password is beyond me. And in French too. ‘The Lion and the Serpent,’ well

I guess it could be worse,” he muttered to himself, as he walked through the short hall

that lead to his and hermione's own personal living space. Finally reaching the common room, he looked around

for the millionth time. Even though he had seen it so many times, he always found

himself in awe at the beautiful vaulted ceilings, and extensive wall of books, that was his

and Hermione’s own personal library. He found the shimmering silver walls, so

mesmerizing, the way the winter sun danced around playfully. He walked over to the

lounging area, and sat down on the squishy leather chaise that sat between two other

charcoal leather chairs. He set Hermione’s book down on the knee height mahogany

table, thinking that he could give it to her later.

As he stared into the blazing fire that lay peacefully in its grate, he heard a noise

from behind. Instinctively he whipped out his wand and pointed it at his assailant, but

what he was no murderer, but a very ill looking Hermione. Her hair lay lank in her face,

her eyes a very dull gray, and her skin as white as a ghost.

“Are you okay?” Malfoy asked unsure.

“I—I don’t feel so good,” she whispered taking a few steps down the deep red

staircase, clutching onto the deep wood railing with all her might. She looked faint, as if

she would pass out any moment.

“Okay,” he said walking over to her and offered her a helping hand. She looked at

him suspiciously, trying to figure out if he was actually trying to help. Finally she took

his hand, slightly reluctantly at first, but then clutched onto him trying to keep her


He wrapped his arm around her waist and guided her over to the couch, as she

clutched onto the front of his robes. He gently helped her onto the couch, grabbed a

pillow and put it behind her head. “Thank you,” she barely managed to say, putting

herself at his mercy.

Draco then lifted her legs onto the couch, putting her into a lying position. “I

think it’s just best that you rest right now. I’ll get you a cool towel and some soup,” he

whispered to her, as he walked over to their small kitchen, grabbed a towel and ran it

under some cool water. Wringing it out slightly, he got to thinking. ‘He was helping

Hermione Granger. Mudblood Granger.’ But for some reason he didn’t care, for he knew

if he was in her position, she would do the same for him. He finished wringing out the

towel, folded it a few times, then walked quietly toward Hermione and rested the damp towel

on her forehead. He watched her,

as she lifted her hand onto it, closing her eyes, as she took a long soothing breath.

“Thank you,” she repeated, barely audible. Still not opening her eyes, she swung

her legs off the couch and leaned her head back against the top of the couch. She felt so

sick; her stomach ached in a way she had never experienced. A hungry feeling, she was

craving something, but couldn’t quite put her finger on it at the moment, for the pain in

her head and teeth was too great.

She again took another deep breath, trying to get the pain out of her mind, when

she felt a sagging in the couch next to her. She finally opened her eyes and found Malfoy's own gray ones staring back at her, concern behind them.

. “I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” she

said quietly.

“We’ll figure it out soon enough,” he replied soothingly trying not to seem like he already knew, patting her kindly on the


“Thank you,” she gratified, once more. She tried to shift her position, but once she

moved the slightest, her vision became blurred, and she became very light headed.

“Whoa,” she exclaimed quietly, as she clapped her free hand over the other,making the damp towel ooze water down her face, as she tried to steady


“Are you okay?” he inquired, voice full of concern, as he gently place a hand on

her shoulder.

“I just feel s—so—odd,” she finished faintly, as her hands began to shake.

“What’s happening?” she stuck out her right hand in front of her, watching it move


“I don’t know,” he lied, grabbing her hand firmly. “You’re so cold.”

Draco said, caressing her hand. “I’ll get you a blanket. Hold on just one moment.” He

whipped out his wand, muttered an incantation, and instantly a folded feather comforter

appeared on the table in front of them. Leaning forward he grabbed the blanket, then

wrapped it snuggly around the sick Gryffindor beside him.

“Thank you,” she whispered once again, truly genuine. She then did something,

he would never expect her to do. She leaned up against his shoulder and closed her eyes,

placing complete trust in him.

“Your quite welcome,” he whispered in her ear, stroking her hair gently. Then continued, after he was sure she was in a deep slumber, “Sleep

well, my dear Hermione, for you have been bitten, and I will always be in your debt for

doing so.” He finished, by placing yet another kiss on her forehead, and rested his head upon her already sleeping one, letting sleep come over him.

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^I like that sign : )

did you like it? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REVIEW!!! Sorry it took so long to update. Get used to that little sentence at the end, for it will be used a lot in the coming chapters! This is the longest chapter I have ever written! WOW!


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p.p.s- thankyou so much to rcj for giving me constructive critism, i actually changed a few things because of his/her review, so thankyou and if you have any other suggestions i will take them with open arms!


p.p.p.s- you guys have no idea how much all the reviews mean to me, unless you write stories too ; )...every review truly makes me happy! i just wanna say that when i get a review on a day that i don't feel all that great, and when i go on the computer and find and read a review it truly makes my day 10 times better!!!! TRULY!!!!!



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