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Authors Note: here the next chapter and it was by far the hardest one to right! Enjoy and dont forget to review DICLAIMER: nothing is mine ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter Four – He Thought He Knew Voldermort summoned his Death Eaters using Wormtail. They appeared in only a few seconds as he knew they would. They were to afraid not to come at once. Little did they know he had no intention to kill one of them, the Death Eaters were to valuable. “Good evening my loyal ones. I see you have returned to me as all ways. That is good to see. Such faithfulness with always be rewarded greatly. But I have not summoned you here to test your loyalty. No, I have a far more joyful and pleasant task.” Severus Snape fidgeted slightly. He didn’t like the sound of whatever his master was planning. Snape wasn’t there for the killing side, only for the fact he didn’t want to support Dumbledore. Also the potions side; as the potion master of the Death Eaters, he was allowed to make potions that he had once dreamed of making. “Tonight I have a treat for you. I have two of the most respected wizards of the good side at our disposal. Would you like to meet them?” Voldermort grinned as cheers rang out from the Death Eaters that surrounded him. “Guard,” he called in his icy voice. Suddenly two people were thrust into the room. They fell to the floor and remained still. Voldermort pointed his wand at them. “Get up,” he commanded. “I have no time for your pathetic show of weakness.” The figures rose slowly but the hoods of their cloaks covered their faces. Then they titled their heads so the hoods fell back to reveal their faces. Gasps arose from the Death Eaters, everyone of them recognised the wizards before them. Voldermort smiled in glee. “I’m sure I don’t need to introduce to you all…” ~~~~~~~~~~~ Well that was a short chapter I no, but nah just jokes this aint the end , I just needed a pause for effect ~~~~~~~~~~~~ “Frank Longbottom! But how master?” Avery said from beside Snape. “And Alice too….. Quite amazing….” “You doubted me Avery? You thought I wasn’t able to capture two of the Ministries most powerful wizards? I’m deeply insulted Avery” Voldermort sneered at the quaking Death Eater. “Oh no master, I never doubted you master. I just never expected Frank and Alice Longbottom master. I was expecting… well I don’t know what I was expecting.” “Avery I suggest you shut up and the Dark Lord carry out his plans,” Lucius Malfoy hissed from the other side of the circle. The other Death Eaters nodded in agreement and looked anxiously at their master. “Yes master,” they murmured. “Tell us you plans.” Voldermort smiled. “Well tonight, I thought I’d let you decide the plans. You get to decide what we do and how much. After all soon I’ll be sending you out into the world to fight your own battles and work to your own devices.” Most Death Eaters looked shocked except for Malfoy who confidently smirked. “Excellent, my Lord.” Voldermort turned to Malfoy. “Ah Lucius… I knew you’d approve. Would you like to go first?” Snape was surprised as Malfoy shook his head. “Not this time master. No, I think Severus would be the perfect person for this job. And I think we should use the Cructius curse.” Voldermort looked surprised as he glanced at Snape before turning back to Malfoy. “Alright Lucius, if that is what you wish. Severus Snape will torture the Longbottoms.” Snape felt sick to his stomach as he stepped forward – into the middle of the circle to face Frank and Alice Longbottom. Frank, who had been Head Boy in the year ahead of him and Alice who had been Head Girl. He had known Frank, seen him fly as the Ravenclaw Keeper and had often admired his friendly, easy way of treating everyone. He had never looked down on Snape, even if he was a Slytherin. And Alice; sweet, kind girl she had been. Alice had helped several students pass their Transfiguration OWLs, including Snape. She had been a symbol of Hufflepuff; she represented everything the house stood for. Now Snape faced them and could see the defiance in their faces. They showed none of their kindness and were obviously prepared to fight. Franks face was creased in concentration as he muttered something under his breath. Alice’s hair framed her face in frizzy waves, giving off the appearance of insanity. “Hurry up Snape. Before I think you’ve turned soft on us,” Lucius hissed. But Voldermort cut across him. “Give him time Lucius. You have to be in the right frame of mind to perform one the Unforgivable Curses. We don’t want our potions master suffering an any consequences.” Snape raised his wand and pointed it at the Longbottoms. He forced himself not to look at their faces, into their eyes. He opened his mouth and bellowed before he could stop himself; “Crucio.” A jet of brilliant, startling red light burst from Snape’s wand and flowed to Alice’s chest. She screamed in agony and writhed as the pain filled her entire being, searing her skin and breaking her bones. She dropped to her knees as Frank tried to help her. She pushed him away and the pain and anger in his face was evident. Snape tried to pull away but found he couldn’t break the connection. The light continued to flow. He tried desperately to turn his wand tip away from Alice, not wanting to cause her any more pain. He used both hands and still only just managed to turn the wand away from Alice, ending the spell. She collapsed to the ground and lay motionless. Frank knelt beside her, sadness and misery contorting his handsome face. He looked over and glared at Snape, his anger for him evidently as great as the hatred Snape felt for himself. “Well done Severus,” Voldermort said from beside him. Snape turned to him, still panting slightly from the effort the spell had used. “Well done. But I think you’ve had enough fun for today, why don’t we let the others deal with Frank Longbottom and you can just watch?” Snape nodded and backed away to the outside of the circle. Alice and Frank were still on the floor, but at Voldermort’s signal Avery stepped forward and pulled Frank to his feet. Then Lucius stepped forward. Without even the slightest hesitation, a corrupted smile playing on his face, he cast the curse, “Crucio” Unlike Alice, Frank did not cry out. He fell to his knees and his head hung but he could not give the Death Eaters the satisfaction of his scream. Frank bit hard on his lip until it bled but slowly he raised his head. He looked at Voldermort with eyes filled with triumph. The curse did not hurt him as much as Voldermort had hoped. Snape was relieved at this until Voldermort said quietly, “Avery, Nott and Bella double the effect.” At once three beams of red light shot from the wands of the Death Eaters. Two of the beams hit Alice Longbottom, who writhed in pain, her screams filling the room. The third beam hit Frank, joining Malfoy’s curse. The combined effect caused Frank to fall. The once strong, great and good Head Boy of Hogwarts fell to the ground and screamed in pain. As he did a cheer rang from the Death Eaters and Voldermort smiled. Snape looked round at the Death Eaters. They were all smiling and laughing now, they had broken the wizards. Bile rose in his throat. He was disgusted in himself. How could he of helped them do this? The Death Eaters had tortured these two courageous people to the point where they would become insane and he had been part of it. All his life Severus Snape had been proud of always knowing who he was and what he would become. Now he was sickened at that person. Voldermort called quietly again, ordering the removal of the curses. The beams of red stopped but the Longbottoms remained on the ground, motionless and pale. Lucius Malfoy wandered over to them and reached down to pick up something that had fallen from the cloak of Frank Longbottom. He glanced at and laughed. The paper fell to the floor and Snape could see it was a photo. As Lucius, Voldermort and the rest of the Death Eaters left the room, some kicking Frank and Alice as they went, Snape hung back. He stooped and picked up the photo. Vomit rose in this throat again as he stared down at a chubby, laughing baby. Staring back at him was four month old Neville Longbottom. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well there it was - the next one shuld b out in a couple of days.

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