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Well, here it is. The not so long awaited sequel to "A Different Answer". If anyone reconizes the tagline for this story it is because it is from the movie Moulin Rouge. And that line is basically the main line of that movie, so I do not own that besides not owning Lily, James, Sirius, Remus, etc.

So, enjoy the first chapter!

"...I'm sorry for how I treated you." He didn't respond. He stood there. As blank as a piece of parchment. Just how he was everytime her mind made her relive the horrible memory of the last time she spoke to James Potter. It seemed that her mind was determined to tell her something, or to try and get her to figure something out that was extremely important. She watched as her crying self fled the Quidditch stadium and woke up with a jolt, just as she did three nights every week.

Lily Evans' breathing was ragged. Her face was drenched in the tears that she shed in her sleep as she watched the scene, her long silky red hair was lying in a messy clump on her back, sticking to her face; her sparkling emerald eyes filled with sorrow. She groaned slightly as she flipped her sheets off her and swung her long legs over the side of the bed and onto the floor.

She propped her elbows on her knees and cradled her head in her hands. Sighing sadly to herself, she stood up and wandered over to her bathroom to start the day.

Lily flipped on the light switch and hunkered over to the shower at the far end of the spacious bathroom that she shared with her roommate and friend Li Murphy. She bent down and turned the water on up to the hottest it would go without burning her flesh. When the water was ready, Lily pulled off her pajamas and stepped delicately into the shower and closed the flower studded shower curtain behind her.

As the water rushed over her body, she could feel the cold sweat that had enveloped her washing down the drain. She emptied the last of her shampoo into her hand before scrubbing it fiercely into her hair; her nails digging into her scalp.

After a lot of soap and scrubbing, Lily felt like she was all clean and turned off the shower and stepped out onto the warm, fluffy rug that was placed right next to the bathtub. She grabbed her wand from the white marble counter and did a quick drying spell on herself before slipping her white bathrobe on and stepping out into the long hallway that seperated their rooms from the rest of the apartment.

The pictures that lined the walls smiled and waved at Lily as she passed them on her way to the kitchen. She pushed open the stained wood door and slumped down into a chair at their kitchen table.

"Morning Li." Lily mumbled in greeting to Li; who was sitting across from her still in her pajamas and reading the Daily Prophet.

"Morning Lil," Li looked up from her paper and stared worringly at Lily with her bright hazel eyes. "You look like hell." She stated.

"Yeah well, I was just there." Lily remarked running her hands through her hair and slamming her face onto the wood table.

"You had that dream again?"

"More like a nightmare, actually." Lily corrected.

"Why do you think you're having that nightmare?" Li questioned, tucking a loose strand of black hair behind her ear.

"What are you, a psychologist?" Lily remakred, bringing her head up.

"Sorry. I'm just trying to help," Li snapped offended before she got up and made her way towards the door. She stopped in front of the door and turned around. "By the way, we're meeting Sirius, Remus and Bri today at 1:00 before we have to go meet Dumbledore." With that she walked out of the kitchen and towards her room.

Lily sat in the comfortable silence for awhile after Li left, simply staring at the grains on the table and thinking about how her life was so far.

She had currently recieved her Healer's degree and had gotten a job at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries as a part time Healer. The pay was decent and her fellow workers where kind towards her, she couldn't see a downside to the job; not even when James Potter was weekly admitted for Quidditch injuries. Good thing she was never assigned to him.

'Don't think of him!' Her mind scolded her. 'All he did was cause you heartache after heartache. Thinking of him will only make it worse.'

''Well at least I never have to see him." Lily muttered out loud.

'Still. Thinking of him will only make it worse.'

"No it won't. I got over him 10 years ago."

'Sure. Of course you did.'

"You know I-"

"Lil?" Li's voice came from behind her. Lily immediately turned around and blushed, embarassed that she was caught talking to herself. "You coming to get dressed? We're meeting them in a half an hour."

"Yeah. I'm coming." She stood up and followed the now dressed Li out of the kitchen door and down the hallway towards their rooms. Lily shut the door and walked over to her maghony dresser and pulled out a pair of loose jeans, a plain red shirt, and her brown robes. When she was all dressed, she walked into the bathroom and pulled a brush through her long tangled red locks.

"Ready Lil?" Lily turned her head to find Li's head sticking through the slightly opened door.

"Yeah. I'm almost ready." Li nodded and walked down the hallway to wait for Lily in the living room.

Five minutes later, Lily joined Li and the two of them apparted to the Leaky Cauldron; the entrance to Diagon Alley.

"Good aftr'noon," Tom the barmaid shouted over the sounds of the pub to the two girls as they made their way towards the back. "Wha'll it be today?"

"Nothing today, Tom. We're on our way to Diagon Alley. Maybe some other time." Lily called back to him as Li held the back door open for her to come through. Li pulled put her wand and tapped the bricks three up and two across before the entire wall began to shake and reshape itself into the stone archway that led towards Diagon Alley.

"Let's go." Li said as they walked through the archway and into the crowded streets that seperated the shops on each side.

"Where did they say they where going to meet us?" Lily asked as they came up to Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor.

"Here. They're probably waiting inside." They walked through the glass doors that led to the main part of the parlor and soon found their friends Brianna Wickham, Remus Lupin and Sirius Black sitting at a table in the far back.

"Hey! Over here!" Bri called to Li and Lily once she spotted them come through the door. Li and Lily made their way between the tables towards their friends and sat down with them.

"Hiya Lily, Li." Sirius said nodding his head towards each of them in turn; his long black hair brushing against his face everytime he moved his head.

"Hello Bri. Sirius, Remus." Lily said smiling at each of her friends.

"Bri, Sirius." Li said; her greeting to Remus was giving him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Don't I get a kiss too?" Sirius asked jokingly.

"Unless you want your best mate to get mad at you for kissing his girlfriend, then you can." Remus remarked; his tired blue eyes filled with happiness.

"Uh, no thaks. I think I'll stick with my own girlfriend." Sirius said putting his arm around Bri's shoulders. Remus rolled his eyes and smiled at the two of them. The group sat in silence for awhile after that. Simply enjoying the fact that they where all together again for the first time in three months.

"So Lily," Bri said breaking the silence and leaning forward in her chair to speak with her friend. "How's St. Mungo's?"

"Oh, um, it's, it's, great, actually. The people that work there are very nice and the pay and hours are great. What about your job? You still working at the Three Broomsticks?"

"Nope. I just got the job of Astronomy teacher at Hogwarts." Bri said happily, her sea blue eyes shinning.

"Congratulations. That's great for you. You always wanted that job."

"Yeah. Congrats," Li said. "Professor Wickham. Somehow I'm never going to get used to hearing it."

"Oh shut up, Li. What about you? Still in Auror training?"

"Just graduated last month. I start work in the field next week."

"Cool. What about you Remus?" Bri asked.

"Oh, I think I'm getting a job at the Leaky Cauldron. Tom said he had an opening."

"That's great, mate. You can get us free drinks." Sirius said, punching Remus in the arm.

"How about you Sirius?" Lily asked.

"Me? I'm working in the Department of Magical Games and Sports."

"And how's that going?"

"Great. Except when the Player Reports come in. Then I have to...." Sirius trailed off and never finished. He didn't have to. They all knew who he was talking about. And they had all sworn never to mention his name again. It was like a curse to them. A curse from their past that they never wanted to come back.

"So," Li started, changing the subject. "What do you think Dumbledore wants to talk to us for?"

"No idea. He probably wants us to help Bri teach her class." Sirius joked.

"It might have something to do with Voldemort," Lily muttered. Everyone looked over at her. "What?" She asked innocently. "It is highly likely. I mean this is Dumbledore. He won't stand for this. He never has."

Silence greeted the end of Lily's conclusion. Everyone looked at the table, thinking over the past events that had haunted them since they left school.

Voldemort was the rising power in Britain. He killed Muggles, Muggleborns, and anyone who defied him. Already, several people close to those friends where taken. Lily had lost her mother and father, Li lost her brother, and Bri her grandfather. Neither of the girls was really ever the same after their deaths, and had taken comfort in each other for a long period of time.

"We better get going. He have to meet Dumbledore in a few minutes." Remus said glancing at his wrist watch. They all nodded and made their way out of the parlor and onto the busy streets.

"Where are we meeting him?" Li asked as they made their way towards the Leaky Cauldron.

"Hogwarts. Are we going by Floo?" Remus asked when they walked near the fireplace.

"That would be the best idea." Lily said as Remus pulled the bag of Floo powder off the handle that held it to the fireplace. Bri took a handfull of it and walked into the fireplace and shouted, "Dumbledore's office!" before she threw the Floo powder onto the fireplace and disappeared. Sirius went next, then Li, then Remus, until finally only Lily remained.

Taking the Floo powder, she gingerly stepped into the ash covered fireplace and coughed out the words "Dumbledore's office." Before feeling the dizzying sensation as she traveled through the many fireplaces until she stumbled out of one that brought back her memories of long ago.

So? What do you all think? I'm sorry it's really short. The next chapter should be around the same length, but then they'll get longer.
So please, PLEASE review! Tell me what I should work on or what I could do to make this story better!

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