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A/N Thanks to everyone that has read this so far! I would really love to hear your opinions on this story. I accept criticism of any kind! Thanks again, and please review. Chapter 11 Out of The Frying Pan Into The Fire. “QUIET!” Hermione screamed to calm the group. “Look, he’s got a mobile phone…” She again hushed them. “A mobile what?” Ron asked. “It is like a Muggle regular telephone only wireless. Now shut up.” Hermione hissed again. The six of them quieted down and they could see Michael as he spoke into the little silver box. Thousands of questions were racing through Hermione’s mind. How could he use Muggle technology in a place where there was magic? Was the mobile phone a magical item? Why did he seem to have control of this room, while their magic had failed them? The group saw him talking to the hypnotized Muggles. After he had snapped his fingers, all of Harry’s friends fell to the ground. Donovan then muttered some things, pointing his wand to the group. Harry and the others watched as he tapped his wand on one of them and all fifteen Muggles disappeared. He pulled out the mobile phone again and dialled a number. “I have two subjects for Dr. Ranodoll. Ok, in five minutes.” He said and pocketed the mobile phone again. He then turned his attention to the cell where the group was incarcerated. He took off the Silencing Charm. “Your friends have been returned to the house and they will be fine. I believe the Order is there now.” He said as he walked closer. “I must leave you here for now, your guards have been Kissed by Dementors and I must take them… somewhere. This room is charmed to give you anything you want except for a way to escape. You will also find any attempt to contact the outside futile, so I suggest you make yourselves comfortable. I will be back in a few hours.” Michael exclaimed and raised the Silencing Charm once more and headed to a wall. He pulled out something from his pocket and began to draw a rectangle on the wall. They hadn’t paid much attention to this while in the midst of a Dementor attack, but now they were curious to see what Michael was doing. He drew the rectangle with what appeared to be chalk, and a door knob, and spoke something to it. The lines glowed green and a door appeared. Donovan opened the door and they could see that it had opened to a bright white hallway. Donovan crossed over and closed the door and it disappeared. Moments later the door appeared again and opened and Donovan came back, with several people rolling two hospital beds. They were dressed like Muggle nurses, and they lifted the bodies of Jane and Patrick each onto a bed, then they wheeled them out through the door. Hermione had been able to spy through the door and saw more nurses, doctors and the room on the other side appeared to be a room in a hospital. Donovan and a male nurse exchanged some words, and then Donovan returned to the room, closed the door and it disappeared. He waved his wand and the cage disappeared, freeing them. “I will be back.” He said and disappeared with a loud crack. “Have you tried to Apparate again?” George asked Fred. “I don’t have a wand,” he said and frowned, since obviously Michael had just Apparated, but he had tried as soon as they had arrived here and nothing had happened. “What do you suppose was that all about? Who was he talking to? And where did they take Jane and Patrick?” George asked now feeling the wall where the last door had appeared. “And how can he make a door appear like that?” Ron asked, he wasn’t feeling the best after having too much to drink and his head still spun a little. Harry didn’t say anything and simply held Veronica who seemed distraught by all of this. “Do you think this is You-Know-Who’s doing?” Fred asked. “I don’t think so,” Hermione replied. “What makes you say that?” Harry asked. “Think about it, this isn’t the way he works. Also, think of the conversation Michael had on a mobile phone. That’s a Muggle object, and Death Eaters don’t use those. Although I’m not sure how he can make it work with all this magic around. As well as that, he’s not used one Unforgivable and all those Muggles weren’t killed, I think. So no, I don’t think V-Voldemort is behind this.” Ron, Fred and George flinched at his name. Hermione simply continued. “Although I think he might be behind the Dementor attack.” She said. “Then who is behind Michael?” Ron asked. “I don’t know.” She replied. “So what do we do now?” Harry asked. “Nothing for now.” Hermione said and shrugged. “I can’t think of anything we can do, and I believe Michael when he says that it will be of no use to try and leave.” “I wish at least we had a nice comfy chair to sit on.” Ron groaned as he lowered himself to the ground. Suddenly a bright red armchair appeared right underneath him and he jumped. “What the bloody hell?” He said as whirled around to look at the chair. “You said you wanted a comfy chair.” Fred smirked at him. “How did you do that?” Ron asked looking at his brother. “I didn’t.” Fred replied. “Didn’t Michael say that this room would give us what we wanted? Maybe it is like the Room of Requirement?” Hermione offered. “Mmmm.” Fred said. “I reckon you may be right Hermione. Let’s try it: I am hungry and I wish I had a ham sandwich.” He voiced aloud. Instantly a table appeared with a plate holding a large sandwich on it. “Wow.” He breathed. “I wish for a Butterbeer.” George now said and one appeared on the table as well. “Come on, wish for something.” Fred encouraged and already was wishing for more food and drinks. “I don’t think this is funny.” Hermione interjected. “We don’t have anything to do but wait. Might as well make the best of it.” George added. Ron, for once was not eating. Hermione rolled her eyes. “Well, I wish to know where we are.” She said but nothing happened. “I guess that is probably something this room will not give out.” Harry said and helped Veronica to her feet. Harry wished for a comfortable sofa and sat down. Hermione finally gave in and wished for a cosy fireplace, a chair and a book. Everyone groaned when Hermione began to read a book. Hermione wished to know what time it was, and a clock appeared on a wall. It was only 11pm. Michael hadn’t returned, and the twins were running out of things to wish for. Ron had passed out again in his chair, and Harry told Veronica more about him and his story as a Wizard. Finally, around 2am, and at Hermione’s urging, they all wished for beds to sleep in, and then they crawled into bed and tried to sleep. Hermione had argued that there was nothing better to do, and they should get some rest while they could. They didn’t know that one of the walls was a one way looking glass. An older man stood up from his chair. He had watched the youngsters for a while, particularly Harry. He turned around and left the monitoring room. The next morning they all woke up and groaned as they realised that last night had not been a dream. They were still locked up in this room, and they didn’t know where to go or what to do. The Weasleys quickly decided that breakfast was in order, and soon a table had appeared full of food. They all sat and ate, with nothing else to do. “I see you have made yourselves comfortable.” Michael said as he popped into the room through the wall, just like the barrier at King’s cross. “Why are we trapped here?” Ron blurted out the first thing that came to mind. “It was for your own safety, I had to take you away from the Dementors, but I also can not let my identity and position be revealed. I had to make certain arrangements before I could come back to let you go home, but I need a moment with Harry first.” He said. The group of young people jumped to their feet and crowded against Harry as if to protect him, although none of them had any wands on their person. “Please, I mean no harm.” Michael said and pulled out his wand. “I need to speak with Harry, before I let him go.” “You’re not going to take Harry.” Hermione said glaring daggers at Michael. Michael nodded. “I don’t want to have to do this to you, but you leave me no choice.” He said and the group found themselves bound by ropes. Harry, on the other hand was left standing. Donovan approached him but stopped short a few feet from him. “Let them go.” Harry demanded. “I’m sorry Harry, but I can’t speak openly in front of them. This information concerns you only.” Michael said and Harry’s eyes widened as a wall came up and split the room in two. On this side only Harry and Donovan stood alone. The others were on the other side. Harry began to feel his palms become sweaty. He didn’t know who this stranger was, now he was alone with him, and he didn’t even have a wand with him. “I have been instructed not to erase your memories, but to give you this.” Donovan said producing a piece of parchment from his robe pocket, and extending it to Harry. Harry was weary of reaching for it. He didn’t trust things that could be used as a Portkey. Donovan approached him, and placed the paper in Harry’s pocket when Harry didn’t take it. “I know how much you trust your friends Harry, but not everyone can be trusted. It will be best if you do not share this information with anyone.” Donovan said and motioned towards Harry’s pocket. “HARRY!!!” Ron was screaming from the floor where he was bound. “HARRY!” Hermione screamed as well, scared to death for Harry. For all they knew Voldemort had Harry now. Harry could hear the muffled screams from his friends on the other side of the wall. “Who are you?” Harry asked baffled by this man’s actions. Donovan didn’t answer, but instead he created a Portkey and placed it on the table. He then pulled out all of the wands belonging to the group and set them next to the Portkey. “This will take you back to whatever destination you pick, it is untraceable so do not bother to trace it back here. You say aloud the destination, grab a hold of each other and count to three. It was unfortunate that things happened this way, and I know you don’t believe me when I say I mean no harm to you or your friends. I had hoped for different circumstances but now I know it is not the time for me to explain things to you. I do promise you Harry, you will never come to harm from me. You will be seeing me again when you least expect me.” Michael said, and with a flick of his wand, the wall that separated him and his friends began to lower. The restraints on the others disappeared. “Good luck to you Harry.” he said and disapparated as the wall lowered to the ground. The group rubbed their sore wrists, and Hermione and Ron rushed to Harry. “Are you all right mate?” Ron asked when he noticed Harry didn’t move. Harry snapped from his thoughts. “Yeah, I’m fine.” “Did he do anything to you?” Fred asked. “No, he just said that he couldn’t explain things to me. It doesn’t make sense.” Harry refrained from mentioning the paper in his pocket. He was sure Michael was referring to someone in the group not being trustworthy. To Harry, this meant Veronica. Harry proceeded to explain what Michael had said about the Portkey. “We should get back to the Order.” Hermione said drawing their attention to the Portkey. “Do you think it’s safe?” Veronica asked. “Only one way to find out.” George said picking it up. “Should we go to Headquarters?” Fred asked the group. “I don’t know; this could be some elaborate scheme to get the location of Headquarters. I say we go to the Leaky Cauldron.” Hermione replied. “We can take the Knight Bus from there, or Floo to the Burrow.” She added. “Ok, everyone, grab onto each other.” George said to them, and then turned to the Portkey. “The Leaky Cauldron, London.” The Portkey vibrated then shone a bright blue for a few seconds before lying still in his palm. It was an odd shaped salt shaker that Donovan had conjured into a Portkey. “Ready?” George asked and they all nodded “Keep your wands ready. One… two… three…” with a jerk, they all felt the familiar pull on their navels and the world swirled around in a swish of colours and air. A second later, they were all sprawled onto the floor of the old tavern. Witches and Wizards gasped at the arrival of the youngsters, and the crowd murmured when they spotted Harry. “We better get back to safety.” Fred murmured as a few of the Wizards didn’t look too friendly. “We can go to the joke shop and use the Floo there.” George offered and the group set a quick pace through Diagon Alley. Soon they arrived at the store front of Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes and entered. “Fred, George!” Lee Jordan shouted with surprise at seeing them arrive through the front door. “Your mother was asking last night if I knew where you were. I told her that you had gone to some Muggle party for Harry and she left here in a panic saying something about mortal peril! What is going on? Are you guys all right?” Lee asked. He had been hired by the twins to manage the joke shop when they were away on Order business, or when they had to take time to work on new inventions. “It’s a long story, but right now we need to get Harry back to safety.” Fred said then guided the group up to the office to use the fireplace. “What about Veronica? She doesn’t know the location.” Harry asked them. “Right, let’s go to the Burrow then, I will go to Headquarters and alert them.” Fred responded. “Harry you go first.” Harry pinched a bunch of Floo powder and just as he was about to throw the dust into the fireplace, the entrance to the joke shop was blasted with a loud bang, and a crash. “DEATH EATERS!” they heard from the other side of the wall, followed by screams from customers. Jets of different colours glowed through the crack of the door outline as a few brave customers tried to fight against the Death Eaters. “GET DUMBLEDORE!” George yelled at Fred. Fred disapparated to headquarters that same instant. “LEAVE TO THE BURROW NOW!” George yelled to the teenagers then rushed outside into the main store room. He stunned two Death Eaters that were not aware of him yet. There was one already on the floor stunned by Lee Jordan before the other two had knocked Lee unconscious. But another caught sight of him, and George found himself duelling with him. He narrowly missed the Killing Curse, and he scrambled on the floor to get away. More Death Eaters had arrived and George was outnumbered 8 to 1, now that Lee lay unconscious on the floor. All other Wizards were cowering in fear; those who had fought had either been killed or were injured badly. “Where is Potter?” One of the hooded masked figures asked George after another Death Eater had blasted the young man against a wall with a disarming spell. “You’ll never get to him.” George replied ignoring the pain of his broken ribs. “Tsk, Tsk. Watch your tone, blood traitor!” The man sneered… “I guess I have to teach you a lesson. Crucio.” George screamed as the curse hit him full force on the chest. He contorted in pain as he felt as if his insides were being ripped apart. “Search the place.” The man ordered the others, and three of them headed to the little office upstairs. “I will ask one more time. Where is the boy?” George lay panting on the floor, but looked up bravely only to glare at the coward behind the mask. “Crucio!” The man yelled again, and screams of agony erupted from George as the man laughed insanely. “STUPEFY.” Came cries from somewhere and immediately four of the five Death Eaters left in the room collapsed to the ground. The other three had been stunned as they had entered the office to find the four teenagers there. There was only one left. The Death Eater who had been torturing George spun around to face the four teenagers. “You’re outnumbered.” Harry yelled, his voice hiding the fear in his pounding heart. All four kept their wands trained on him, although Veronica could barely keep a hold on hers. The man laughed “You can’t do anything against me.” The man laughed and sent a curse flying toward Harry. Harry blocked the spell with a Protego as Hermione and Ron countered at the same time with stunners. The Death Eater crumpled to the floor unconscious. “George!” Ron exclaimed and ran to bloody mess that was his brother. “Hermione, let’s gather the Death Eaters before they regain consciousness.” Harry said and the two of them levitated all 11 Death Eaters into a group. They placed a full body bind on them, and stunned them all again. The implications of what she had done hit Hermione suddenly. [i]Oh no.[/i] She thought and expected a Ministry official to suddenly appear and snap her wand in two. Just then, several Ministry Aurors as well as members of the Order appeared with several pops. They all were surprised to find the struggle over. Eleven Death Eaters were bound in the middle, with Harry pointing his wand at them. Ron tending to George, Hermione was reviving Lee; while Veronica had slumped to the ground in shock after her adrenaline had worn off. Other Wizards were helping with the other customers who had been injured as they had attempted to fight. “George!” Fred exclaimed as he rushed to his twin. Molly passed out from her shock, and Remus caught her. “Well done, son!” Moody growled to Harry as he headed to the stupefied men and women and conjured silky black cords to bind them, and then stunned them again as a precaution. Harry had taken their hoods off. He didn’t recognize any of the Death Eaters. Just then, Ministry owls flew in dropping letters onto Ron, Harry and Hermione. Harry groaned as he tore his letter open. It was to expel him from Hogwarts for his multiple violations for the second time in 24 hrs. Hermione gasped as she read hers. Ron hadn’t even bothered to open his; he refused to leave George’s side as Dedalus Diggle gingerly levitated him onto a stretcher. “We need to take them to St. Mungo’s.” Kingsley announced and conjured stretchers for the rest of the injured, and Order members began to take them to the hospital. Molly had to be taken to St. Mungo’s as well because she was hysteric. Just then Ministry officials came to the store and headed towards Harry, Ron and Hermione who now stood together, fidgeting nervously. “Surrender your wands.” A man said pointing his own wand towards them. “By decree number…” “Put a sock on it!” Moody barked at the man. “You are not taking their wands away, not if Dumbledore has anything to say about it.” “They have broken the law and have been expelled from Hogwarts. I have been sent to confiscate and break their wands.” The man responded back, although he was intimidated by the old Auror. “But they just saved our lives!” A young Witch interrupted jumping from the small group of people that had been shopping right before the attack. They were being interrogated. “Yeah! If they hadn’t used magic we would all be dead.” An older man said clutching his daughter madly to him. Murmurs rose from the small crowd protesting the actions. Several things were shouted over. “I will sue the Ministry!” “I will file a complaint!” “Their use of magic can be excused!” The people moved to stand between the Ministry officials and the three teenagers. Moody smirked as he watched, and Harry, Ron and Hermione were all dumbfounded by the reactions of the small group of people. The man was overwhelmed by the response. He didn’t know how to act. Several owls swept into the shop again with letters for Ron, Hermione, and Harry, and also to the Ministry official. The three young people sighed with relief, while the man frowned as he read his letter. “Very well. I will not take your wands today, but you are required to appear in court for your actions on August 30th.” The man said and spun around on his heels, the other Ministry officials leaving with him. As the Aurors and members of the Order straightened out everything and interrogated the witnesses, the four youngsters were led to the office by Remus. “Let’s go back to headquarters.” He said guiding them towards the fireplace. “Veronica doesn’t know the location. We can’t take her there.” Hermione reasoned. “Let’s go to Hogwarts then, we’ll be safe there.” Remus said and the group disappeared through the fireplace.

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