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Chapter 10

A Story Through The Muggle Mind

“It was him. I’m sure of it!” Tonks said as they surveyed the house trying to find clues as to where the people had disappeared, or what had happened.

“Are you sure Tonks?” Kingsley asked again.

“Yes, Michael Dobsen, they met him at the café at noon today when I took over Jane’s lunch hour.”

“What else can you remember of him?” Dumbledore asked.

“He mentioned something about being an archaeologist and worked with some Ian at the museum nearby where Harry works,” she said recalling the conversation earlier that day.

“I think he’s the man from the train station as well.” Lupin offered, “I recognised his scent,” he added noticing the ‘are you sure?’ expression in Tonks’ face. His werewolf senses were much more advanced than regular humans.

“Do you suppose he is wearing one of those silicone masks again?” Tonks wondered.

“We may never know,” Dumbledore replied. “Arthur, I need you to go to the Ministry and find anything you can on Michael Dobsen, but I doubt if that is his real name. Someone will have to check out this Ian at the museum and see if we can get any more information. Also, find out what Ian’s current work is,” Dumbledore said and Arthur nodded and Disapparated with a pop. The anti-Apparition field had been lifted.

Mad-Eye came into room again. “Nothing upstairs,” he declared.

“What was he doing with the Dementors?” Tonks asked “How could he trap them like that? Did he bring them here? This just doesn’t make any sense.”

“I am just as puzzled as you, Miss Tonks. I have never heard of an act as such.”

“Dumbledore, here!” Moody barked as he was examining the wall where Donovan had made the door.

“What is it, Alastor?” Dumbledore asked.

“I don’t know, but there is a residual trace of magic here,” he replied, pointing to the faded trace of the door outline that he could see with his eye.

Dumbledore pointed his wand and muttered something. Slowly a few small fragmented lines about an inch or two long began to appear at what appeared at first to be random. They were fading and shrinking. They were not connected and didn’t make sense at first.

“If you connect all the lines they make a rectangle,” Tonks offered; being the farthest from the wall made it easier for her to see.

“Yes, you’re right,” Dumbledore mused. “This mystery man must know of a way to create portals at command,” he added stroking his beard.

“But that’s impossible!” Moody barked.

“I am aware of that, Alastor.” Dumbledore replied.

Just then there were dozens of pops and the living room floor became littered with bodies. All of the Muggles had appeared out of thin air.

“What the…?”


The Order was back at headquarters. It had been five hours since the incident, and Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred and George, and that Muggle girl, Veronica, were still missing. The Order had interrogated all the other people who had been returned that same night, but all of them remembered the same thing: The party had been great and Harry and his friends had said goodbye and gone home. Veronica had left with Harry and would be back sometime. They searched to see what memories had been Obliviated, but the counter spell had revealed that nothing had been erased. It was very dangerous to try and break through an Obliviation spell; severe mental damage could result. The Order couldn’t figure how their memories had been changed, for they didn’t remember anything out of the ordinary. The encounter with the Order was Obliviated and the Muggles returned to their normal life and to bed. Dumbledore had been able to see in Chaffy that something else lurked there in his memories, so he had made arrangements with the Ministry for Chaffy to be interrogated further. He had made arrangements for everything, and right now he was waiting back at headquarters for his interrogator to arrive.

The fireplace glowed green and Snape stepped in through it. Tonks indicated for him to go up the stairs to a room where Dumbledore sat with a young man.

“Chaffy, this is Professor Snape, and he will be doing what I explained to you earlier,” Dumbledore said in a soft voice. Snape could see that the boy, Chaffy, was scared, but he nodded.

“Severus, I leave you to do your job. Please come and get me once you are finished,” Dumbledore said and turned to leave.

Snape sat on the other side of the table, and his face impassive, began to talk.

“All I need from you is for you to make eye contact with me. I will take care of the rest,” he said with his voice devoid of any emotion.

Chaffy nodded and looked at the intimidating man.

Legilimens,” Snape muttered, his wand pointed at Chaffy under the table.
Snape began to flip through an array of images, the Muggle mind very weak to his skill, there was no resistance from the boy to stop what he was doing and Snape was glad for it made things easier. He could almost browse his thoughts like a book. Finally, he found the recent months with being friends with Harry. Snape had meant to block some of these images, but had peered at a few of them in which Harry was hard at work in this Muggle construction business. Mmph. He thought to himself, but then fast forwarded to the night before.

Snape saw the images the poor kid had relieved after feeling the effects of the Dementors, while he was still conscious of what happened around him. But he could not see anything, apparently the young man had his eyes shut, but he could hear the voices around him. Snape ignored the memories being brought on by the Dementors and focused on everything recorded by the subconscious. He could hear everything that had transpired in the living room until a man muttered a spell.


Suddenly, all of the memories tormenting Chaffy disappeared and as Chaffy stood and opened his eyes, Snape could see the stranger standing in front of a door that lead to a very large and somewhat dark room. This man must be Michael Dobsen. Snape thought to himself.

“IN HERE NOW!” The man shouted, and Snape saw all the Muggles walk through the door as Chaffy followed behind someone. Snape was puzzled by this, as there was clearly no conscious memory to do so, yet Chaffy was clearly walking to the door, and onto the other side.

“What is that spell?” Harry asked from somewhere behind Chaffy.

“It’s a hypnotizing...”

Snape was able to hear part of the screams and shouts until a door was slammed and the room was quiet.

“Are you all right?” Hermione asked helping Harry to his feet.


“Where are we?” Snape now could hear Harry as he asked from somewhere around. To Snape, it seemed that all of the Muggles just stood there without moving, and without comprehending anything. He recalled they were still hypnotized.

“We’re trapped!” George answered. “I’ve tried to Apparate, but I can’t!”

“Lumos,” Hermione said and watched as her wand didn’t light up. “This room must render our magical abilities useless,” she commented.

“I don’t see any doors around,” Fred said from somewhere.

“At least we seem safe for now,” Hermione said and went to Ron. “He’s still passed out,” she said, irritated.

Snape couldn’t see much because Chaffy didn’t move about, he simply stood staring blankly at one of the walls.

There was a crack and a sudden gush of air and a small scream of surprise from the dark haired girl.

“What was that?” Fred asked.

“Look, there’s a foot there!” George exclaimed. There was some noise from those in the room, gasps could be heard and there was something being said, but it was all outside Chaffy’s view. Hermione’s voice broke above the others.

“It’s Patrick and Jane!” Hermione gasped pulling the Invisibility Cloaks from them.

“They’ve been Kissed,” Fred said after trying to rouse them.

“Oh no…” Hermione breathed unable to speak any more. The others were grim as well.

“What happened?” Veronica asked in low voice after a while.

Snape heard hushed voices and Ron muttering in his drunken stupor. It seemed Harry was explaining some things to the Muggle girl. Then it hit Snape, the Somnus spell was supposed to work on Muggles, yet Veronica was not affected. She was mostly out of his field of vision, and all he could see was her dark hair and part of her face. She must be a witch, then. After a few more exchanges within the group someone said: “Once they’ve been Kissed. There’s nothing we can do.” There seemed to be a long silence after this.

“Are they going to be alright?” Fred asked waving a hand in front of Chaffy’s face.

“Should we remove the spell?” George asked.

“We can’t,” Hermione interjected, rolling her eyes.

“Right.” George replied remembering.

“And if we could, I am not sure if we should, or we would have to Obliviate their memories, and I don’t want to mess with that. The Ministry should be here to take care of what happened tonight. The Order must know too… I hope,” she said looking hopeful for a bit.

“Don’t you think that we should have received something from the Ministry about underage use of magic if they knew?” Harry asked, hugging Veronica. Seems that the boy has some brains, Severus retorted mentally.

Hermione and Harry looked at each other.

“You’re right! There should be someone here to confiscate our wands!” Hermione said in a panic.

Ron groaned and mumbled, “Oh no, I broke it... Mum’s going to kill me.”

“What are you on about?” Fred asked.

“It means that if we haven’t heard from them yet is because no one knows where we are!” She shrieked.

Just then there was a loud crack.

“Michael!” Harry exclaimed. This confirmed to Snape that Michael Dobsen was with them.

“Is everyone alright?” Michael asked from somewhere.


“Where are we?”

“What is going on?”

They all asked at once.

“Accio wands!” Michael yelled and all of the wands flew neatly into his hands.



“I’m sorry Harry, but it has to be this way. Now, huddle closer,” His voice added sternly, and Snape now could see as Fred, George, Hermione, Veronica and Harry stood closer around Ron just to the left of Chaffy’s vision. They were glaring confusedly at Michael. Michael came in to view on the right.

Michael waved his wand and muttered something and a large cage appeared around the group, trapping them. They began to voice their complaints, but he put a silencing charm on the cage. Snape could see them yelling and ranting, but no sound could be heard. He was rather enjoying the scenes before him. Dobsen seemed to be using some tactics that Snape would consider appropriate to use with those Gryffindors. He saw Michael pocket all of the wands. He pulled out a silver box and placed it to his ear.

“Sir, there has been a situation. I was forced into using magic.” Michael spoke to no one and waited for a response.

“Dementors,” he said after a while. To Snape it seemed that he was talking to the little silver box.

“Yes, two of them. They are from the Order, Harry’s guard. None of the teenagers are harmed,” Michael added, then he was quiet listening. Snape thought that it must be a communication device of some sort, but who was he communicating with? Snape knew of no Death Eater who used such form of communication.

“Yes. I was forced to bring all of them. Yes. At The Cell. No. Fifteen muggles, Sir. The Ministry? I used the flo… I see, Sir. No, I used an untraceable one with the guards,” Donovan paused and seemed to be cursing himself. “I can go immediately and clean… yes Sir. Thank you, Sir.”

“Yes, he’s here. Ron and Hermione as well and the Weasley twins. One more. No. I don’t know. I thought she was Muggle, Sir. Yes. The hypnotizing spell. Yes. Are you sure, Sir? The anti-Apparition field is off? But Sir… that may be traceable... It has not been tested. Preliminary trials proved to be untraceable, yes, but sir… the risk… No, I can handle it. What about the guards? Should I take them to St. Mungo’s? I will inform the Research Hospital. Half hour. Yes sir,” Donovan said and pocketed the little silver device.

Donovan turned to the group of Muggles. “When I snap my fingers you will fall asleep. When you wake up, you will be back at the house and you will remember nothing that happened since just before the lights began to flicker. You will remember that Harry, Ron and Hermione left around midnight, and Veronica left with Harry. She will be back sometime. You have said goodbye to all of them. You will not remember any of the unpleasant memories,” he spoke clearly and snapped his fingers.

Chaffy snapped out of the reverie and fumbled forward and retched into a bucket that had been placed next to him for him to use. He was sweating profusely, and stared wide eyed and in fear as he remembered all of the memories that Snape had brought back to him.
Before he could speak, Snape smirked and muttered a spell to alternate his memory about this whole ordeal and left him to get Dumbledore.

“Very well Severus. Your information leads me to believe that it is not Voldemort who is behind Harry’s disappearance, but it seems to me that he was behind the Dementor attack. I am afraid that this new information will not help us solve our problem, but there might be some clues. You may return to your duties, Severus.” Dumbledore said and Snape walked out of the room. Albus noticed Chaffy sitting, staring idly at the wall. He smiled and guided the youth downstairs for his escort to take him back to his home after Obliviating his memory. Dumbledore left Grimmauld place to search for those clues as to where Harry and the others had been taken.

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