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A/n: Okay so this is my first fanfic and I would really love it if you would r/r both good and bad just please not to harsh. And if you have any ideas that would go good with my story I’m always open and will consider anything. HBP has no effect on this story!=D

Disclaimer: I own nothing except for the plot, Alix, Zach and Ivy If I did own it I wouldn’t be writing this fanfic… lol

Home or Hell

Hermione got up groggily and went to the bathroom to take a shower. She washed her hair and washed her body- all the usual stuff. When she was done and got out she went to her room and got dressed, dried her hair and put on a little bit of make-up. Her hair wasn’t as frizzy as it was in her first year it now went into soft ringlets to about the middle of her back, she had also grown a bit and filled nicely in all the right places. She put on a pair of light blue jeans and a red t-shirt.

When she was done she went downstairs to get some breakfast, but once she got downstairs all she saw was her mum throw a vase at her dad, but before it hit him Hermione pulled out her wand and stopped it in mid-air with a simple spell then returned it to its spot in the middle of the table.

“What are you two fighting about know?” she asked them looking to her dad back to her mum again. By know her brother Zach and sister Alix had joined them in the kitchen.

“Well honey, we’re getting a divorce and your father here won’t get out of my house.” Said her mum glaring at her dad. Hermione just looked at her parents wide-eyed.

“This is my house just as much as it is yours!” said her father looking at her mother as if she were the devil.

“What do you mean getting a divorce?” she asked them tears lining in her eyes. Alix and Zachery just looked at their parents’ mouths agape. Alix then closed her mouth and began to speak.

“What to you think Mia?” she asked Hermione. Hermione just looked at her eye-brows raised.

“What do you mean what do I think?” she asked her sister. Zach now began to get involved too.

“Honestly Mia, your not that stupid.” He said. Hermione just looked at him not believing her own ears.

“Are you saying this is my fault?” she asked them. Alix looked at Zach.

“Well duh.” She said flatly not daring to look into her sisters’ eyes or she might tear up.

“Kids why don’t you sort this out in the living room and leave me and you father to finish what we began.” She said lifting up the vase again.

Hermione just ignored her mother. “How could you honestly think this is my bloody fault?” she asked them but Alix had already gone to her room.

“Well if you hadn’t been a witch mum and dad wouldn’t of had to buy you all those expensive clothes and books. And if you would have stayed with us or family wouldn’t be so tarred up.” Said Zach.

“I SAID GET OUT AND LEAVE ME AND YOUR FATHER ALONE!” yelled her mother throwing the vase on the floor.

“Honestly woman can’t you see we’re talking!” said Hermione to her mother. “Oh my gosh I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to…it just slipped.” she said to her mother tears now falling freely.

Zach just looked at her. “Well now look what you’ve done.” He said.

“Well if you guys think this is all my fault then I mine as well leave so you won’t have to deal with me.” She said running to her room and slamming the door.

Once she was inside her room she fell to the floor and sobbed. how could they think this is my fault? she asked herself. After a while she got up the strength to get up and started packing. She packed everything that she possessed and shrunk it to fit into her Hogwarts trunk. After she was done packing she looked around her room and said “goodbye” seeing as this would probably be the last time she would see her home or shall we say Hell again.

She then went to her sisters’ room and knocked. Alix opened the door but before she could speak Hermione hushed her.

“I just wanted to say that I love you and always will no matter what and goodbye, that may very well be that last time I see you again. Bye.” And With that she gave her a hug and went to Zach’ room. She knocked just like she did for her sister. Zach answered but said nothing and just looked at Hermione.

“I’m sorry for every and I just wanted to say I love you and always will. Goodbye Zach hope you have a good life.” She said and left before he could say he was sorry.

Hermione grabbed her trunk and left the house, she walked down the street when a big purple triple-decker bus came and stopped in front of her. Stan stepped out and said his usual speech then helped her with her things. Hermione gave Stan the money and said nothing more to him except for “Hogsmead, please.”

When the bus came to a stop she got of and got her trunk. As she was walking to a hotel she bumped into someone and fell to the floor. When she looked up it was the last person she wanted to see it was Malfoy but he was with a girl with the same blond hair as him and look very familiar even though she had never meet her.

“Watch where your going mudblood.” He said looking down at her. The girl next to him them punched him in the arm.

“Draco, Don’t be so mean. Help her up.” She demanded. This girl was not at all like Draco she was actually nice. Draco scowled the helped Hermione up.

“Hi I’m Ivy, Ivy Malfoy Draco’ twin sister.” She said. Hermione just looked at her as if she were an alien. Then she shook it off.

“Pleasure, I’m Hermione. I didn’t know Draco had a sister.” She said.

“Well would you like to come with us to the pub and I can explain everything.” Said Ivy. Draco was not pleased with his sister’ decision.

Hermione just looked at her in awe then said she’d love to. Draco did not like this at all but he knew that his sister knew best so he tagged along and hoped that Dakota and Blaise showed up soon.

A/n: Well there’s the first chapter I hope you liked it the second chapter will be up soon.

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