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Chapter 2: Flying Objective

Thankfully my dreams were void of dozens of little men that night. Instead I learned how to ride a flying caterpillar, which was much less frightening and much more interesting to say the least.

Because of my nap on the train I woke up very early the next morning. Nothing like waking up of your own violation and fully rested to boot.

I stretched out, fully rested and comfortable. These beds were ten times better than mine at home, if I wasn’t careful a spring might poke out any day now and I may lose an eye. I’ve always thought eye patches were quite unappealing.

Another good thing about being awake early is you get all hot water in the showers. I made my shower long and steamy and hoped I used up most of it. I’d just like to add, that man I love having shorter hair, less time to dry and less effort into brushing, When I finished getting dressed in the good old school uniform, and added this and that, I was finished in no time flat.

I went down to the common room and found Lily sitting on the couch reading a book. I hadn’t even noticed her bed empty but clearly she’d been up before me, that girl made morning people look lazy. I cleared my throat and she looked up.

“Oh I didn’t hear you come down, I’m just waiting for the others to get up and get ready.” She explained. It sounded if she was used to this. She could make James Potter eat out of her hands if she wanted to, I would have thought her the type who waits for no one.

I looked at her curiously; maybe Amy was right yesterday, I mean we couldn’t be the only ones who tired of our roommates after thirty seconds. .I started to walk to the portrait but thought about all the soundly sleeping people I left behind and that fact that they would probably sleep in as late as possible. I turned around and took a deep breath. I can do this, reach out beyond my Amy orbit and pull in someone new.

“Say Lils, you want to grab breakfast with me, I don’t think the others will be up for a bit.” I tried to look like a person who would be fun to have breakfast with.

She looked surprised but recovered with a smile “Alright.” She put her book in her bag and stood up to join me.

“Excellent, hey head girl, congrats” I remarked, noticing her badge as we made our way down the stairs. Not that I was astonished or anything, I mean come on, its Lily Evans.

She beamed “Thanks my parents were so proud they bought me a new owl.”

An owl? Lucky duck I should’ve sorted out my priorities when I was younger. I could use one of those and the school ones aren’t always reliable or fast.

“You better of given he or she a clever name, not like Fluffy or Spot.” I warned her in a friendly way.

My response was a chuckle “Her name is Babs and don’t blame me, my mother named her Barbara and once and animal likes a name, you can only shorten it but never change it.”

“Barbara or Babs is not so bad, very unique.” I said reassuringly. After a moment of silence I enquired as to who got the head boy position.

Lily made a face “James Potter, and he has been gloating about our mutual honour since the train, I can’t believe I have to share all those privileges, like the special bathroom with him.”

“Bed head boy! Doesn’t he, like hold the record for most detentions in the history of Hogwarts, how on earth did he get that title?” I exclaimed.

She sighed “Good at school, and I guess has qualities of a good leader as well or he wouldn’t have been picked.”

“Yah” I agreed, the teachers in this school may be some of the looniest birds I’ve ever met but they know this kind of stuff, usually.

I let her rag on about Potter for a bit until we came to the great hall, which was practically empty as it was so early in the morning. As we sat down I actually found myself having a conversation with her, with topics ranging from the uselessness of divination (a class Aimes swears by) to muggle music. I had never known she was a muggleborn and she must have found that surprising but she covered it really well. Amy and I have never really bothered to get to know our classmates very well. We aren’t snobs or anything, more space headed and closed off.

Soon the conversation turned over to me. I was a half blood, my dad is a muggle and my mother is a witch. I’d grown up more muggle like though, mostly because my mom left us when I was 7. I told Lily about this when she asked about my family and she gave me a sympathetic look. I left out the part that my mom did return, two nights ago. We certainly weren’t ready for that discussion this early in our sort of friendship.

After quite a bit of time, the hall began to fill up and Amy made her way over , soon followed by Kimberly and our dorm mates, I decided to leave this talk on a good note, said goodbye to Lily and we moved down the table a bit. No doubt Kim would sit with Lily and I wasn’t feeling that friendly today. Unfortunately although we were in a new position we could still hear their meaningless chatter.

“Oh there’s that Rita tramp from Ravenclaw” One of them hissed “I heard she threw herself at Sirius every chance she could get over the summer, that’s probably why he went out with her so he could get a break from her popping up everywhere he went.” Man, these gals were vicious.

Another one sighed “If only I could get him to look at me, I mean really look at me, I’d be in heaven.”

Amy couldn’t help but make fun of me and whispered “Try sleeping on public transport, or getting weeds stuck in your hair, I know for a fact that it’s effective.” She thought for a moment “But the weed thing may mean he thinks you’re weird, but he’s definitely noticed you” Damn, I knew she was going to bring this whole thing up again somehow. I gave her a look that said “Just drop it.”

To make up for it she leaned over to the other girls “Just be true to yourself and the rewards will be plentiful” she told them sweetly.

Some of the girls looked at her disgusted and a little bemused that she actually spoke to them. “Whatever” announced Kimberly that gave the girls the cue to ignore us and continue with their Rita bashing, and maybe us as well. I didn’t find out because we decided moved down the table a little more. I saw Lily roll her eyes as they talked and look over at us quickly like she wished she could come before turning back to her friends.

“I knew she was cool” Amy remarked as we settled down.


“Lily, you idiot”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you have to be somewhat interesting to keep your attention for a bit”

“Shut it Davidson, but you are right about the redhead. We should stage a rescue mission or something. I remember them being more pleasant when they were younger, she probably got stuck sometimes then.”

Amy grinned and dug into her oatmeal before starting again “I reckon her and James are going to eventually end up going out.”

I stared at her “After what I just listened to, he’d be lucky if she signed his yearbook.”

“We don’t have yearbooks, you know that”

“It’s an expression”

“No its not”

“Just because you take stupid divination doesn’t mean you know everything”

“It has nothing to do with that class, although it is extremely useful and not stupid,” She argued “I’m using sheer perception for this prediction, open your eyes for once, study the clues.”

“What clues? She hates him and he wants what he can’t have, key word being CAN’T.”

“Paige Paige Paige, not everyone is as clueless as you, even her friends know it’s going to happen.”

“Shut it Davidson”

“You can’t fight destiny” she sighed dreamily.

I snorted “You can beat it with a stick”

“Destiny is a concept, not an object”

“Well it can concept my arse” I told her before shoving a nice big spoonful of oatmeal in my mouth and grinning at her. She looked at me in disbelief.

“I honestly don’t even know how you’ve even passed your classes”

“I find the combination of galleons and lap dances had professors in my favour”

“Thanks for the image”


First class of the day was double Potions and we managed to earn an A on our potion but mostly because we followed exactly what the Slytherins beside us did, of course our teacher was biased though and they received and E for theirs. Class was momentarily interrupted by the exploding of two marauders’ potion, which happened conveniently while they were on the other side of the room and Serverus Snape was passing their cauldron to hand in his perfect potion.

I’ll admit I laughed with the rest. I do love the comedic misery of others. Slytherin and otherwise.

On our way to Charms, while recalling last class’s incident, I tripped and knocked into some younger male students. One yelled out “WATCH IT!” and looked like he was going to say more but caught sight of Amy.

“That’s her” he stated nervously to his friends and they exchanged looks and scurried off, calling back “Sorry!”

“Now that’s the fear and respect for elders I was talking about!” Amy triumphantly declared and I laughed. I was looking forward to more of that.

Charms was less interesting as we were doing review first, so I passed Amy a note teasing her about her “casual” glances at Lupin, which I received back with some very nasty language written on it. Unfortunately Flitwick saw this and took the note and placed it on his desk.

“If this note is as entertaining as it seems to you two young ladies than I will read it at the end of class so everyone can enjoy it also” he lectured. Crap. I hate it when teachers do that. I think I hate it more than I hate it when they do extremely long and boring reviews.

Amy had meanwhile gone pale, causing me to immediately feel bad, so when our dear teacher had his back turned I took out my wand and whispered softly “Accio note.”


There must have been a lot of bored people that day because as soon as I whispered the incantation, dozens of notes flew towards me. I screamed and fell off my chair as I was pelted with paper and earned myself 3 paper cuts and a punishment essay of the past year in review by next week.

Amy picked out the note from the pile and ripped it up with a pleased look on her face. I scowled; glad I could be such a great friend and make these great sacrifices.

At lunch she finally thanked me and we cleaned up my battle wounds. I was approached by several students all demanding their notes back, one of them even called me “Penny” to Amy’s amusement. Of course I always save the best for last, and when Kimberly Roberts graced us with her presence to retrieve her note, I pretended I didn’t have it. Not because I was actually interested in the note, I just wanted to see her ticked off face to cheer me up.

“Must of left it in the charms room, - sorry.”

She looked down at me like I was a child with muddy hands reaching up for her and I guess that made her decide to remind us of our place.

“Just because Lily takes pity on you for your pathetic ness doesn’t mean you have control.” And with that she spun around and left us puzzled at her idiot logic.

“Control of what?” I asked my best mate as she left, “the sacred art of note keeping?”

My friend gave me a solemn look “A holy position to keep, right up there with protector of shiny lipgloss”

I tapped her in the head lightly “And you say I’m a nut”

Next was Defence Against the Dark Arts and I was entertained through another boring review with Amy’s doodle of Kimberly’s head swelled up and an X ray proving that brain size didn’t cause it’s largeness. She’s quite talented. We kept adding embarrassing features to the drawing until the bell rang; I love our immaturity, never gets old.

We got up to leave for our final class and I wished Amy good luck, she had Care of Magical Creatures and there had been numerous causalities from that class, I’m positive Hogwarts just covered it all up.

I used to be in that class but after O.W.L.S I was thrilled to leave it behind. I had had enough of bites, scratches and stepping in turd. Amy is an animal/creature/beast lover and gets along with the teacher for a change as well as the Hogwarts gamekeeper Hagrid, who is known for his dangerous critter love. After reading Fantastic Beasts I consider myself scarred for life.

I headed upstairs to Ancient Runes, a class where for once I didn’t always need someone to talk to. I wanted to go off traveling when I graduated and study meanings of ancient artifacts or visit old temples and stuff. Yeah I’m pretty surprised myself that I have some sort of post Hogwarts plan. Unfortunately it also involves having to continue with History of Magic.

I think the fire was purposely set to off Binns and he avenged himself on all students by coming back as a ghost. It’s a theory I’ve been working on for some time. Amy agrees that he does give off an unsettling aura. She knows her auras.


At the end of our first week back, we actually participated in the tradition of going outside to relax and moan about having classes again. I eyed the ground suspiciously before seeing if it was dry while my amigo plopped down and began humming. No sooner than we sat down, a boy with spiked out hair and many piercings wandered over with the apparent intent to talk to Amy.

“Hey Amy, I was wondering if I could…..”

I tuned out quickly; I was used to Amy sometimes attracting the attention of Hogwart’s more edgy crowd. She was very pretty and over the past two years I have noticed her being glanced by many boys but they stayed away from her mainly because I think they are afraid of her. She had a standoffish appearance and seemed to give out a vibe that she would kick your ass. I know she’s a big softy though. Unless provoked. That’s why I find her choice in crush a little insane.

People like this guy didn’t stand back though; they must felt she was part of their “element”. In truth, I thought she was too original to be categorized, she simply liked what she liked, and didn’t like to portray some sort of image. Although the ticking off of her mother may contribute her fashion choices just a tiny bit. As they chatted I started my punishment Charms essay and didn’t notice when Gerald or Greg whatever left. But I did feel the death grip on my arm that threatened to cut off my circulation.

I glanced up and saw Lupin walk by, nose in a book. If that had been me I probably might of tripped, who am I kidding, I’m pretty sure that sort of thing has happened before, and probably without the book to distract me. I looked over at my friend expecting some sort of giggle but instead she looked upset.

“How come I can talk to Garth like it aint-no-thang, but when this guy goes by I freeze like a…. oh I don’t know anymore.” She mumbled this in a way that made my stomach sink. I hated seeing her like this.

My eyes followed her crush as he sat down with his friends, the marauders (what is with naming your group of friends). What has he done to my dear Amy? For goodness sakes, she inspires fear into smart-assed younger boys, she speaks her mind constantly, she truly works hard at ticking her mother off, she actually burnt down that stupid…..uh....oh never mind I’ve made my point.

“Why?” I asked, knowing she would figure out quickly what I was talking about.

Her eyes got all misty “He’s so kind and smart and dangerously handsome while being so innocent at the same time” she went on.

“Innocent?” I questioned. “You have noticed who he hangs out with, there’s no doubt your golden boy has been corrupted”

“I’m a stickler for the corrupted innocent”

“That sounds like a campaign slogan”

“I’ll remember that when I run for minister”

“A vote for Amy is a vote for happiness, bunnies and sunshine”

She only smiled sadly and sighed.

Alright time for measures that could be considered desperate. I was tired of my confident friend becoming shy and miserable about this so I decided to do something drastic.

What to do what to do. Must remember the lessons I’ve been taught. Crime never pays. Violence is the answer, or was that never the answer? Time flies when you’re having fun.

Oh a book.

I picked up her Care of Magical Creatures textbook and threw it at her. Okay okay, not at her, I threw it over her head but it was in that general direction. As I had hoped, it soared over to where Remus, Sirius Black, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew were sitting and when it landed with a large “thud”, they looked up alarmed. I would have thought they were used to people throwing heavy objects in their general direction. I assume they make many enemies on their daily basis.

Oh they’re looking this way. I gave them a friendly wave. This appeared to cause them to look more alarmed.

Amy turned to me, confusion and shock all over her face.

“Aimster, you are either going to love me or hate me for this!” I said smirking and leapt up and made my way over to them, leaving my stunned best friend sitting there.

I was heading towards my doom.

Haha just kidding, I could totally take them.


A/N: I know there was a lot of Amy praising but she’s a cool gal, and kind of based on someone I know, who has an “out there” look but remain as friendly and cool as she always has been. Paige is a lot like her but to a lesser extent and can be more pessimistic. But usually they’re happy gals. Anyways I always had this ending planned for my 2nd chapter, the trouble was when I got to it, the chapter wasn’t as long as I hoped. So I added the charms incident and was able to make it longer, I hope people like it. Actually I hope someone is actually reading my story or I will feel silly for writing all this out. I also plan on making the next chapter even longer, the ideas in my head are soaring like a majestic textbook.

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