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A/N: I’m back!!! You guys rock!! When I came home on Sunday, I had something like 50 reviews to answer… I want to thank all the reviewers, I would like to name them all here, like I did before, but they’re just too many now…
A special note to greenyoda987: if you’re reading this instead of doing your homework go back and DO IT!! Wolfshadows same to you! You should be studying instead of reading this!!!

Blimey, I think I have a new boggart

August 10th, outside the Three Broomsticks, 05:34 pm

Daily Report:
Current mood: Bored to death…Someone take me out of HERE!!!
Number of times I begged Moody to send another Auror to take my place: 17
Number of times Moody told me to stop complaining: 16

Yes, I am still outside the Three Broomsticks, were Madam Bones is staying… she came here to Hogsmeade for some ministry business and Moody thinks she needs a body guard… and who is the poor soul that has to take the bloody assignment? Good old Tonks! Yeah, let’s all put Tonks outside the Three Broomsticks for a week and let her rot there!


A whole week and NOTHING HAPPENED! A normal person would think that it’s proof enough that she won’t be attacked by some Dark wizard but not for Moody. I can just hear his voice inside my head… CONSTANT VIGILANCE!

She could at least be kind enough to invite me for a cup of coffee…


I just received another owl from Moody. Same answer: stop complaining and keep doing your job

I miss going to work every day…

I miss waking up with Molly banging at my door…

I miss life at Grimmauld Place…

Talking about Grimmauld Place… do you think Sirius told Remus about operation TLSW? Better yet, if he really told him what is Remus thinking about Operation TLSW?

I shouldn’t have included so many details in you. I can just imagine the wheels on Sirius’ head working after reading Ginny’s idea of TLSW.

This is dangerous material in Sirius’ hands… Blimey I think I have a new boggart…

Madam Bones is leaving, I have to follow her as usual.

August 13th, my auror office, 10:37 am

Daily Report
Current Mood: Terrified… I wasn’t as nervous since I did my Auror exam…
Number of times I paced around my office: countless
Number of times Kingsley told me to go home instead of disturbing him with my pacing: countless

Finally my 10 days shift as madam Bones’ body guard is over. At least, I have two days off now.

I apparated in here two hours ago and I gave my report to Moody. I’m free to go now but the image of Sirius telling Remus about TLSW and them laughing together keeps popping up inside my head over and over again…

What should I do?


Ok, breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out… take a grip Tonks! You have to do this, you know you have to!

It’s not as bad as it seems… So Sirius read you, so what? It’s not the end of the world… is it?!?

Let’s be rational and analyse the situation here…

Worst case scenario :

#1- Sirius tells Remus. Both share an evil laugh and tell everyone during lunch time

#2- I find out that Sirius and Remus were disguised as Ginny and Hermione with Polyjuice potion the whole time (that would explain some of Ginny’s remarks…)

#3- Sirius tells Remus. Remus swears he will never be in the same room with me again. (er… that would make a little difficult to even the score)
(it’s not as I was going to miss him terribly or anything…)

Best case scenario :

#1- Sirius finds the good inside himself and not only he promises to keep it a secret but he also helps me. (I know… I won’t hold my breath… but a girl can dream…)

#2- Sirius tells Remus. Remus thinks it’s a farfetched joke from Sirius.

#3- Sirius tells Remus, but by a miracle Remus becomes temporarily deaf at that precise moment.

This was supposed to encourage me, but somehow I think the odds aren’t in my favour…

I think I can’t delay this any longer. Moody told them I was arriving today, so Molly is probably expecting me for lunch.

Ok, this is it… I’m going to Grimmauld Palce.

I’m going to the Wolf’s mouth…

… Literally.


Grimmauld Place n.12, my room, 04:00 pm

Sirius is going to pay. In a very PAINFUL way.

I mean, really, REALLY PAINFUL.

Those worst case scenario I predicted were nothing compared to this. NOTHING! It’s worst than an unforgivable curse.

It’s torture.

Plain torture!!!

I’m even considering taking Snuffles for a walk… right down to the Ministry. That ought to scare him a bit.

Here’s what happened at lunch:

I entered the kitchen and they were all waiting for me to have lunch. Lucky me, the only seat available was between Sirius and Remus. I hesitated for a bit and…

Sirius: (with a cheerful tone and an evil smirk) Tonks! How good to see you! Come on, sit here, don’t be shy. Remus won’t bite you… neither will I…

Me: (Sit at the table and stare at plate. A lot. Avoiding Sirius and Remus’ eyes like the plague.)

A few minutes later:

Sirius: My dear cousin, have I told you how poised and sophisticated you look like lately? I don’t even remember the last time you broke something! I think Moony’s mug misses your heavenly touch…

Remus: (grins)

Me: (Does he know? DOES HE KNOW? SAY SOMETHING!)

Ok, sorry about that, I’m in control now, off with the story…

Sirius: Oh, but you’re not the only one who has changed lately Tonks! Oh no… Remus I must say I never realised before how handsome you are! Well I guess that’s why they call you an SW!

Me: (spit food and choke myself. Everyone stares)

Remus: Apparently Tonks doesn’t agree with you Sirius. And, by the way, what is SW? You’ve been calling me that all week, it’s getting really annoying you know?

Me: (He doesn’t know! HE DOESN’T KNOW!)

Sirius: (staring at me with his evil grin) Oh, it’s nothing… just a private joke I have with Tonks…

Bloody git… How can he do this to me? I’m his cousin for Merlin’s sake! I have to make him stop, but how?

Ginny and Hermione just came in.


05:39 pm

Ginny and Hermione are gone, they went to help the boys cleaning the house.

They just told me everything that happened while I was away. It seems that Sirius has been playing his sick little game for a while now.

He really needs to get out more… or get a woman… Figg… Arabella Figg… now that’s a thought! (Insert evil laugh here. And when I say evil I mean you-know-who’s evil.)

The good news is that apparently Remus still doesn’t know about the whole thing. Sirius probably thinks it’s funnier this way, doing this slowly… like a little kid eating an ice-cream as slowly as he can to make it last. Well guess again, I’m taking that ice-cream away from you!!!

I just don’t know how… the girls came up with a few ideas, here’s what they suggested:

Ginny’s ideas :

#1- Snog Remus in front of everyone (I don’t really know how this would help me… each day that goes by I think that I was really desperate to get Ginny’s help…)

#2 – Bribe him with some walks outside

#3- Threaten him with Arabella Figg.

Hermione’s ideas :

#1- Confront Sirius and demand to know his intentions

#2- Ignore both of them. They eventually would forget the whole thing.

#3- If nothing else works, tell Remus before Sirius does.

I think hermione’s first idea is from far the best. If Sirius doesn’t break I’m going with plan B (threaten him with Figg). If nothing works, retreat and regroup.

Ok, so here I go. I can be as tough as you Sirius!


My flat (I mean my flat, not Grimmauld Place), sitting on the living room floor, 08:37 pm

Yep, I left Grimmauld Place for good. I wasn’t going to stay after what heard! And I thought my cousin was a good person after all. I can’t believe he did this to me! I took Hermione’s advice and went to talk to Sirius. Harry told me he was feeding Buckbeak so I went upstairs. When I was going to the door I heard some voices. I’m not the type of person that listens behind the door, but I couldn’t help it!

Really, I couldn’t!

Sirius: (lauhghs) I think you made things worse when you tried to be nice to her. Now she’s trying to get you personally.

Me: (I knew it! I knew Sirius wasn’t going to hold on much longer. Damn assignment that kept me away from here so long…)

Remus: I know that now. Did you know that when I… (insert Buckbeak’s roar here)

Me: (why doesn’t Buckbeak shut up? I want to hear what he says about me. Too bad I don’t have those extendable ears… but I can’t go and get them or I’ll lose the conversation…)

Sirius: So when are you going to give her a little bite? I think you’re her type of man, you know… with an animal side!

Remus: Are you INSANE? Being locked in this house is definitely affecting your sense of humour… or the lack of it… that woman could scare a Dementor by herself!

Me: (Bloody git! Scare a Dementor by myself??? Is that what he thinks about me? Well there are tons of men out there that disagree with you! And when I find one, I’ll make sure I’ll introduce him to you.)

Sirius: Well, what are you going to do about it?

Remus: I know what I would like to do… I guess I’ll restrain our interactions to a minimum…

Sirius: (small chuckle) You could s… (Buckbeak roared again) her senseless and (Buckbeak again).

Remus: I think I’ll put that in consideration…

Me: (Damn Sirius! Why is he talking so quietly? What is Remus putting under consideration? And why isn’t Buckbeak shutting up? Just shove a dead rat in his throat!)

I heard steps coming to the door and I had to leave.

I knew it all along that Sirius was going to tell Remus and they would join forces against me. I’m actually surprised it took him so long…

Forget about operation TLSW. I’ll just try to keep myself alive and away from those two.

A/N Can anyone guess what S... her senseless and... is?

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