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    “Honey, please hold still!” said Hermione to a screaming and thrashing Ally. Ally did not like to use the respirator but it was for her own good no matter how hard it was for her. “No respiater” said little Ally for she was now almost a year old and did not like her daily treatments. “Yes, Ally you need to do your treatment!” said Ron very Stern walking into the living room with a box of cookies in his hand. “Ronald that isn’t fare you’re dangling cookies in her face when she can’t have any!” said Hermione struggling to hold down Ally and give her, her treatment at the same time. As Ron and Hermione bickered about the cookies Ally rolled off the couch and landed on the floor then crawled up the stairs before her parents noticed she was gone. “ALLY!!” said both of them at the same time starting up the stairs and when they reached her Hermione bent over and picked her up. “Ally no, no the stairs are not for you” said Hermione now she had calmed down and was talking not yelling at Ally. A faint cry came from the girl’s bedroom it was little Pollean who was also almost a year old Ron followed the cry to the door to their room and opened it to find Pollean had woken up from her nap. He picked her up and walked to Hermione saying, “Hermione umm… your daughter reeks.” “My daughter why is she always my daughter when she needs a diaper change” said Hermione trading baby’s with Ron. *Cough, cough* “Ron can you get Ally to do her treatment I tried for an hour before you came home from the Ministry” said Hermione noticing the cough as she unbuttoned Pollean’s pants. “Why can’t you do it I’m beat I had seventeen Muggles that needed memory charms done and also one of those dang Muggles that needed the memory charm was because he some how found out how to get into the Ministry it self!” “Oh my gosh! Did you fix it though?” said Hermione pulling on a new flowered dress for Pollean. It had a blue background with pink, purple, and yellow flowers on it; also it had little bloomers with ruffles on the butt. Then she changed Ally into the same dress so they would match when they went to town. “Oh yeah I fixed it, took me six whole hours to do it though because I had to memory modify the Muggle, and clean up the mess he’d caused and on top of all that by the time we caught up with him he’d already told sixteen Muggles about us and who knows we could be on the Muggle NEWS by now” said Ron Munching on a cookie. Hermione grabbed it and the box out of his hand and threw them away. “What did I tell you Ronald!” said Hermione with her hands on her hips and tapping her left foot. “Now go get the stroller out of the closet and unfold it, I’ll get the diaper bag ready” said Hermione bending over to pick up the wipes to put them in the bag. When the diaper bag was ready and the stroller out and unfolded Hermione sat Ally on the couch and said, “Ron you hold her down and I’ll do the treatment” so Ron held her down and Hermione did the treatment to a very upset Ally. When the treatment was through Hermione buckled Ally into the stroller and then Pollean and away they went. It was sunny and warm day as the walked down the cobble stoned street. “Toys!” screamed Ally and Pollean they did this every time they went to town. “Honey I’ll be in here looking for some clothes for the girls” said Hermione gesturing toward a little shop to the right of them. She walked in and headed to the back of the store that’s where they kept the Clearance racks she started at a rack with shirts on it and started flicking through it as rounded the corner of the rack she bumped into Ginny who was also shopping for Sirius she had four shirts in her hand and a cute bathrobe with dinosaurs on it. “Hi Ginny just looking for a few things for the girls and you?” said Hermione who now had six shirts in her hand. “Hi Hermione I’m shopping for some shirts because little Sirius has just grown so fast that none of the shirts we have at home fits him any more” said Ginny looking at the size of a new shirt then placing back on the rack. “Harry is taking Sirius to look at toys today I thought they needed a boy’s day out” said Ginny picking out a pair of pants for her son. “Yeah Ron is outside probably trying to get the girls to be quiet about the whole toy issue” said Hermione giggling to herself as she thought maybe he’d given in and taken them to the toy shop. “Do you think Pollean would like this one?” said Hermione holding it up to her chest to see the effect of what it would look like on Pollean. “Yes I think so” said Ginny now with eight shirts, a bathrobe, and four pairs of pants. “Well I think this do him for a while I better go pay for it” said Ginny as she walked toward the cashier. She plopped down all her items onto the counter and started writing out a check. Hermione waited in line behind Ginny then plopped her items on the counter then grabbed her VISA and slid it through the machine in front of her she grabbed her bag of stuff and followed Ginny to the cobble stoned street. Ron was nowhere in sight so she figured they went to the toy shop with Harry and Sirius. “Sooooo… you want to go shopping for ourselves?” said Hermione really excited because they had not been able to for a very long time. “Let’s go look at that new robe shop down on Forge” said Ginny “its right across from the toy shop so we can watch the boys with our children” said Ginny sarcastically as they headed to the robe shop. They caught up with the boys and the children in front of the toy shop. “Hermione and I are going into this new robe shop want to join us, oh Sirius did Daddy get you a new toy” said Ginny noticing the truck in Sirius’s hand. “And girls you got new dollies, Mommy got you girls some new clothes” said Hermione gesturing to the bag hanging off her wrist. “Well we’ll be in here ok” said Hermione to Ron and Harry who did not feel like going into the crowed shop with the strollers. Ginny saw a periwinkle colored robe hanging from a display rack that she thought would look so good on her so she grabbed it in her size and ran to the back the store where the dressing rooms were with Hermione in her wake. As Ginny was changing Hermione spotted a violet robe near her so she grabbed it saying “Ginny I’ll be trying on a robe too” Hermione entered the stall next to Ginny. The two girls came out at the same time and modeled their robes for each other; they absolutely adored them so they bought them after changing back into their clothes. When they retuned to their family outside the shop they showed them what they had gotten. “I’m sure it looks gorgeous on you Ginny” said Harry after seeing the new robe. “You’ll look beautiful in it Hermione” said Ron. “Hungy!” said the children as it was almost time for lunch “Oh I never realized it was this late we better get going home” said Ginny looking at her watch. “We’ll see you later then” said Ginny walking away with Harry and Sirius and Ron, Hermione and the twins did the same.

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