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Chapter 1: Men in green, Nerd lovers and Magic Shoes

I wish I could say my dreams were the only place in my life that weird things happen. Of course being me, and a witch to bout; everything always ends up being less than normal. Despite my constant experience with the strange and odd, I’m usually surprised and confused every time. Like right now with these leprechauns that keep scaring the heck out of me.

“How do you do?” a little green man asked me as he crawled out of my cupboard where the glasses were usually stored. I didn’t want to be rude but it was starting to get annoying.

“I’m okay, but I’d feel better if I was wearing pants” I answered him with forced politeness. Three more crawled out and in their hurry to get to the rainbow on the other side of my kitchen, they knocked me over.

“ARGH!!!!!! How many bloody leprechauns are going to jump out of this bloody cupboard?????” I shouted after landing with a thud.

I opened my eyes. I was sitting on the floor of a Hogwarts train compartment. So it definitely was a dream….this time anyways.

Still groggy I looked up at the fuzzy image of my best friend, hell my only friend Amy Davidson. She glanced at me with an amused smile and went back to reading her copy of Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find Them. Only a real loon would actually want to go looking for magical creatures.

“I’m alright” I muttered to know one.

I rubbed my sore arm “Did I miss anything interesting?” I asked her sweetly. When I got on the train earlier I had immediately collapsed on the seat and fallen asleep.

She put down her book and grinned at me. “You’ll never guess who came into our compartment while you were catching up on your beauty sleep”

I crossed my arms and narrowed my eyes “Much needed rest you mean, you know I got about two minutes of sleep yesterday.”

“Sorry” she tried to look sympathetic but she still had a small smile.

I sighed with a smile of my own. “Okay then, wow me with your exciting tale of the visitor who came to our compartment”

She giggled, Amy Davidson giggled! I’m not sure if I actually woke up yet because this girl cannot be the long time friend I thought I knew. She wasn’t answering so my attention wandered I looked out the window. Great, it was raining my shoes would be soaked from the grass. I grabbed an elastic to put up my hair and noticed that Amy remained sitting there, smiling expectantly without saying anything. It finally dawned on me.

“Say did Remus by any chance stop by?”

She blushed crimson even though it was no secret to me about her not so tiny crush

“Yeah, him and Sirius Black poked in looking for James” she said excitedly and then her face fell a little “but Remus didn’t say anything, he just sort of stood out in the hall, but he nodded at me when they left, so acknowledgement, that’s good right?”

“In his realm, you are existing” I agreed hesitantly.

I sat up and looked at Amy trying to figure it out. She was a stunner as my Dad would say. It was hard to ignore her wavy dark brown long hair our her numerous piercings, three in one ear, two in the other and of course the one in her eyebrow that she knew would set her mom off (and it did). She was bold, easily distracted, not mention a little crazy (qualities we both share). She also wasn’t schoolwork’s biggest fan but she was no idiot. Boys liked her. Boys asked her to Hogsmeade.

And yet she had been harboring a little crush on the rule abiding, smart, quiet, prefect Lupin for 2 years. And when I say a little crush I actually mean she becomes a 12 year old, boy obsessed, giggly, shy girl whenever he so much as walks by. Her infatuation began when she let her off for coming in late after curfew in fifth year. Of course he has never noticed that she likes him, not very perceptive that Mr. Lupin.

“And there is something else” she said her devious smile returning, “When he saw you, Sirius Black took a double take and asked your name”

There could have been many reactions for a girl to have when they find out Mr. King of Hogwarts acknowledged them while they were sleeping.

1. Freak out and ask if she was drooling
2. Giggle like mad
3. Overanalyze and ask what EXACTLY happened

Or you could be me and yawn and ask if the food trolley went by, I mean what girl isn’t looked over as a prospect by that boy, its not exactly exciting news. And then another realization dawned on me and I crossed my arms.

“What is it, mad I didn’t wake you up” Amy asked me

“We’ve going to school with him for years, we’re in the same house, same YEAR and he doesn’t even know our names, some people are just….oh I don’t know self involved I guess” I replied to her. I tried to remember if we had ever spoken in the past. I may not be Miss popularity but it’s a little insulting.

“How do you know he didn’t know my name?” Amy asked defensively.

I smirked “Well did he?”

She looked guilty “Well not exactly, he called me Anna so I guess he thought he knew until I corrected him.”

She looked at my triumphant face (I love being right about people) and stuck her tongue out at me.

“Well it least he didn’t think I was a guy” she shot back.

“What?” I exclaimed. He thought I was a boy!

“He heard your snoring in the hall and thought it was James, your face was turned and with your short hair so I guess he naturally assumed” she said laughing. “Now you don’t have to worry about him fancying you then”

My face turned pink, “My hair isn’t that short” I whined. A shoe hit my arm and fell to the ground. I glared at my friend who sometimes had a habit of throwing things.
At me usually.

“Oh get over it, as soon as you turned over in your sleep he realized his mistake and got all embarrassed”

“Well it doesn’t change the fact I apparently snore like a man”

“I live in the same dorm as you, don’t worry its rare”

I smiled gratefully at Amy and reached up to tussle my new do. I had recently cut my long light brown hair after years of complaining how annoying it was. It was a refreshing change but I sort of miss it. Amy’s is longer than ever but I was always a little jealous of it to begin with.

We may have had similar tastes and personalities but we certainly looked different. I was covered in freckles and had brown eyes (hers were hazel). I was also unfortunately taller than half the boys in my year and didn’t have the supermodel body to go with it. Of course modeling would be out of the question if I did because I tend to trip over everything from tree roots to thin air.

“I just had the best idea, you should totally have something Sirius” Amy said from no where. She looked pleased with herself.

I raised an eyebrow “Why? I totally don’t want to”

“Well neither of you seem big on relationships anyways so it wouldn’t have to be long”

I caught on “You mean it would be neat if you had a reason to talk to and be near Lupin instead of just having a staring contest with the back of his head in Charms?”

She didn’t take my remark well; I dodged another shoe aimed at my head “Must you be so violent with your footwear? Surely there is a better use for shoes besides tossing them at my head, on your feet possibly.”

I tossed them back to her before continuing “and FYI, I do not have just have “things” with people, I may be inexperienced with the whole relationships stuff but I don’t shun them”

It was true though, there had been a few boys during the summer over the years but it was just innocent kisses and fun memories, nothing real. I wouldn’t mind a relationship, its just I haven’t met anyone to make me consider it. When I meet the boy who makes me feel the good old clichéd weak in the knees then maybe I’ll try it. Providing he is interested of course. I don’t want to drool after someone like Amy. I have the utmost respect for her aside from her crush by the way.

She laughed at my protests and I smiled and looked off to the window at the sky, which was now getting darker, we would be arriving soon I thought, forgetting our conversation. I was hoping for an exciting year with my friend.

Even though Amy and I preferred not to hang out in big groups, we always managed to have fun; we have been best friends ever since her mom turned down her nose at me and my dad at some wizard charity when I was 10. As soon as she knew her mom disapproved, she’d struck up a friendship with me and we’ve practically been joined at the hip since. I introduced her to muggle music and she taught me how to lie properly and effortlessly among other things. Our summers were spent doing as many things as possible to keep from being bored. Everything from those bizarre self taught polka lessons to one eventful night a few weeks ago when we unsuccessfully tried to sneak into a club and trust me we tried almost everything. Those bouncers must have had magical shields or something despite being non-magical.

I sighed, thinking about the summer again, it was great until the end and soon I became lost in thought about the night before. So much had happened at once and I was hanging on to the hope that everything would work out by Christmas.

“And now you’re day dreaming right in the middle of our conversation, geez girl you certainly make me feel special.”

I looked over at Amy and understood she was teasing me like we were usually did, but she also had a concerned look on her face. I had briefly filled her in about last nights events when we first reached the platform and promised to tell her more later as I needed some extra Z’s.

“We’ll talk tonight” I told her reassuringly “After the ahem ladies and Lily are asleep.”

As if on cue “the ladies” we share a dorm with walked by our compartment and stopped, only because Lily Evans opened the door.

“Hello Paige, Amy, how was your summer?” she asked, rather nervously as our other dorm mates stood around looking bored. That girl may be too perfect for words but she’s always been nice to us and made an effort to talk to us for some reason, so that makes her alright in our books. When she asked that question we exchanged knowing looks and grins, both recalling our uhh.. interesting summer.

“Same as always, got bored, found something to do, you?” I answered her and earned a very undeserving glare from Kimberly Roberts, a girl who was probably backstabbing before she even knew what it meant.

Lily shifted uncomfortably and said “It was okay, I…..” but she was interrupted by a nudge from Kimberly “Well I guess we better get back into our compartment” She said turning away.

“Man we should get her away from them” Amy commented. I felt a bit guilty. When we both first came to Hogwarts we had stuck together and basically ignored everyone else. Last year I got the impression that maybe it was our fault she hung out with those girls all the time in the first place. Or maybe I’m crazy, that’s always a likely answer to everyone.

Our other roommates, well to sum it up quickly, they are the type who enjoy being noticed and adored. Amy and I prefer living in our strange but fun little world and it has proved to be just fine over the last 6 years but it seems to give them a reason to look down at us. Also it might be because we constantly make fun of them and trash our dorm room during crazy dance sessions to AC/DC. But who knows.

As they walked away I heard one of them say eagerly “Ohhhhh Lily, look its James” and a groan was her answer. I shut the door, she may be polite to everyone else but there was something about that boy that set her off. It’s a huge mystery, although it might have been that fact that he was practically stalking her. He actually wasn’t too bad of a guy from what I’ve seen, asides from toning down his advances they only other thing that he probably needed to do was comb his hair, it looks like he just woke up all the time.

“Why does she hang out with them anyhow?” Amy asked still looking out of the compartment “Sometimes I think she would rather just chill with us then go on with that little posse”

“Just cause she’s friendly to us doesn’t mean she wants to be best buds” I said, grabbing my robes out of my trunk. I ignored my earlier thought. If she wanted to hang out with us we wouldn’t have stopped her in the past.

“Well who wouldn’t, I mean we are pretty fantastic” she laughed.

“Regular witty and charming belles of the ball” I replied sarcastically “I mean I got ogled at by Hogwarts prime male today, I’m practically A-list material”

“You weren’t being ogled”

“For my ego, I’m going to pretend that I was. Now where the hell are my damn shoes?”


The carriage ride was pretty uneventful. We shared it with second year boys who spent it trading chocolate frog cards. They ignored us until Amy accidentally kicked over a pile and they got angry and made big deal about “organizing them for 10 minutes.”

“Merlin,” Amy said as we walked to the great hall “I thought these little buggers were supposed to be afraid of us seventh years.”

“Well they looked pretty frightened when you threatened to throw them out of the carriage” I told her.

She sighed “Yah but they should be scared of us as soon as we’re within 6 feet of them, then I don’t have to waste time making them petrified, the moment we walked in the room…err…. carriage we should have been feared and respected”

“Well you took care of that” I replied, “Now come on, move your butt, I’m starved because someone didn’t buy me any food off the trolley”

“Hey, you could stand to go out with eating for a while” she said poking my side before going through her bag.

A few moments later my shoe, which was now soggy from the wet grass, flew at her mysteriously. For some reason Amy didn’t believe that the Hogwarts grounds avenged her insult towards me on its own. I mean they are magical ground, anything is possible.

We almost missed the feast on account of we had a bit of….. well to make a long and complicated story short, she tackled me and we had a bit of a tussle that ended up with us trying to remember an effective drying spell.

Ahhhhhhhh our seventh year was starting off good.

“Hey you started this whole thing with the shoe” she said laughing as I dusted off clinging wet grass from my robes.

“Need I remind you, I was inspired by your methods of attack” I replied.

We reached the great hall, and could only see a few spare spots, besides the end of the table which I assume was reserved for first years. Still concentrating on the lawn particles that wouldn’t go away, I squeezed in between two people and Amy sat across from me. We were just in time for the sorting, and after waiting veryyyyyyy patiently through Dumbledore’s speech, the food finally arrived. I sighed happily and dug in.

Mmmmmmm I had missed this grub. Although my concentration remained on the delicious roast I was eating I had a funny feeling someone was looking at me. I realized Amy was snorting into her drink, which I caught my reflection in. There was a dandelion in my hair and I was probably getting a lot of weird looks. I shrugged and picked it out but I still had that weird feeling.

After stuffing our faces I realized that even though I had slept all day, I was still beat. Luckily Amy signaled she was done eating and we got up to go.


“Wow” Amy said after I told her all about what happened the night before in the common room. “Heavy stuff”

“It’ll work out and whatever, I’m fine” I said nonchalantly. I snuck a look at her; she didn’t believe me for a second but I could tell she wasn’t going to push it.

“Do you want to know why I was laughing at dinner?” Amy asked me after some time had passed.

“Because you love seeing me being stared at oddly by my classmates?” I said to her as we got up to go to bed.

“No” she smiled “because HE was looking at you funny.”

She paused for my reaction but I was half asleep and heading up the stairs.

“You sat right beside him you know” she continued. “You didn’t even notice, I think that unsettled him a little.”

I didn’t ask who she meant. Mostly because I knew where she was going with it and all I wanted was to go back to sleep.


A/N: So here it is, the first chapter, the one I always find the hardest to write. The next one is already sent out for validation. Please review, I would love to hear some feedback even if it is critical (hopefully polite critical)

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