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A/N -> Phew! This chapter is sooo long, I'm sorry, but just think of it as two chapters, ok?! Ok?! Now you see why I had to split it apart from chapter 12? Ah, good, you can be taught. Everyone who reviewed on the last chapter - I heart you. I write for you. Thanks! I hope you enjoy this's one of my personal favorites. to the 'Truth or Dare' part of the chapter...I've read sooo many stories where the marauders play Truth or Dare and I get quite annoyed by the things that they have to do. Cuz they just don't seem very reasonable, you know? I didn't want to make mine unreasonable just for the sake of a laugh. it is. Inspired by real life Truth or Dare games that I have been a part of...and maybe some stuff from my imagination. Hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer - I take no credit for anything Harry Potter. It all belongs to J. K. Rowling.

*This chapter is dedicated to Albus Dumbledore, the best headmaster Hogwarts has ever seen, for...well I think you know why.*

Ch.13 It’s Like Wearing Shorts Under Your Pants

“What do you want, Sirius?” the question seemed to be asked as if the questioner didn’t really care to hear the answer but was just trying to be polite for the sake of staying calm.

James clearly didn’t want to talk to his friend at the moment, but Lily wasn’t going to let him get away so easily.

“What’s up with you? Why are you acting like a Slytherin whenever you talk to me?” she asked, knowing that James would get upset at that.

“You want to talk about it? Fine, we’ll talk. What did you tell Lily?” he asked, making eye contact with her for the first time.

They were standing the middle of the hallway facing each other, letting other students walk around then.

“Nothing,” Lily said, knowing that he wouldn’t believe her, and also thinking to herself that she should have realized that his problem was going to be a about his obsession. Her.

“Oh, ya right. She told me that you hit on her. And that you said I never wanted to be friends with her, ever! I thought that when you told me years ago that you would ‘never do anything to make me mad at you’, that you were being serious, Padfoot!”

Oh, Sirius is good, Lily thought, knowing that Sirius had only said all of that stuff to James to get her to want to change back with him. Not today, Padfoot. If he thought that she didn’t know by now how to deal with James, he was wrong.

“Prongs! I’m your best friend and you’re mine. You think that I don’t know about your feelings for Lily? I would never say that to her, or hit on her for that matter. Ever. You’ve got to trust me here, buddy. I value your friendship too much, I’m afraid,” she said evenly.

Lily was lying through her teeth.

James looked taken aback and out of his element now after hearing what ‘Sirius’ had just said.

“You mean…you never…,” he stuttered.

“I never,” Lily said and then smiled, letting James know that it was all ok between him and his friend.

“Sorry, Pads,” James said and then brought his hand up to ruffle his own hair.

“It’s all good,” Lily answered, “even the best of friends fight sometimes. But usually they get all of the facts first,” she added.

When she got no response from James, she spoke again.

“Shall we go back to the common room or something?” She asked.

“Good idea, mate,” James said as his attitude completely changed. He looked much better now that he wasn’t mad at his friend. He apparently didn’t have any experience fighting with Sirius, and it had shown in his appearance and mannerisms.

He turned around to start leading the way and walked two steps before stopping dead in his tracks. Turning around, he walked back to where the person he thought to be Sirius was standing.

James, unexpected to Lily, wrapped his arms around her and gave her a brotherly hug.

After they separated, they walked back to the Gryffindor common room, no words needing to be shared, and waited for Remus to come and join them.


A couple of hours later, Remus walked through the door to the ‘Marauders’ Lair’ (their dormitory), looking as weak as ever, but a lot better then he had been previously.

Lily was currently sitting on the floor reading something, and James it seemed was sleeping. Remus, not wanting to disturb them, found his own book, waved at Lily nervously, and then went to his own bed to read.


“Here, Sirius” James said, throwing him a pair of red silk boxers as he did so.

James had long since woken up, greeted Remus, gone down for dinner with his friends, come back up to the lair and was now telling his friends that they needed to get ready for the event that would be taking place at 9:00.

“Erm…what exactly are these for? I thought we were playing Truth or Dare,” Lily asked, getting a bit worried.

“Oh, come on Padfoot. You know better then me that the girls are going to dare one of us to strip down to our boxers. Girls always dare that,” he said that.

Well this was news to Lily.

“And how exactly do you figure that?” she asked a little amused by James’ confidence.

She could hear Remus snickering in the corner.

“Care to make a bet on it?” James asked.

“Fine,” said Lily, feeling that she knew the fifth year girls a little better than James did.

“Alright, good. Loser has to break out into the song and dance of their choice whenever the winner snaps their fingers,” he said, as if he had been planning what he had been going to say since the morning.

Lily gave him an ‘are you insane’ look, before smiling and answering.

“Deal. You better start stretching now though, because you’re going to be dancing a lot tonight, Prongs.” Lily said as looked down and noticed that the boxers were still in her hand, “But I still don’t understand why I can’t just wear my own boxers…” she finished, giving James a raised eyebrow as she did so.

“Are you kidding me? Put on the red ones, the girls will love you. Trust me,” he said as he headed to the bathroom to change into a matching pair of boxers in white opposed to the red ones that Lily now held in her hand.

As soon as he had shut the bathroom door, Lily turned to Remus who had been silent throughout the whole conversation to see him badly trying to conceal laughter. As soon as he noticed her turn to him, the laughing stopped and the mood in the room became one of awkwardness.

Lily, deciding that she could act comfortable with him if she put on an act, put the burning feeling of mortification out of her mind. She wasn’t used to telling boys that she liked them, and knew that Remus wasn’t used to telling girls that he liked them either. But she knew that he still had more experience then her.

He was, after all, a marauder.

Lily tried to speak as if she were just talking to a good friend.

“You know, I still don’t know why you guys have to wear such long boxers under your clothes. It’s totally not comfortable. I mean, it’s like wearing shorts under your pants,” Lily said as she picked up the silk boxers and examined them.

“Lily,” he said in a whisper so that James couldn’t hear him, “it’s exactly like wearing shorts under your pants,” and he broke out into a grin again.

Lily, worried that things were going to be unbearably weird between her and Remus after their little discussion in the hospital wing, watched his eyes light up as he spoke to her, before talking again.

“Since when do you guys share boxers?” she teased.

“Just put them on,” he said avoiding the weird subject.

“By the way Remus, a couple days ago, James threatened to show the rest of the Gryffindors Sirius’ special boxers,” and she paused to laugh, “do you happen to know where said boxers are?”

“Just put the red ones on. Sirius would kill me if I showed them to you,” Remus answered with a secret smile on his face now.

Just at that moment, James exited the bathroom looking exactly the same as when he had entered it. Only Lily and Remus knew that he had changed into his white boxers.

Lily instantly rose from the floor where she had been sitting, cast one more look at Remus who was lying on his bed with the same loopy smile plastered all over his face, and felt a strong jolt go through her stomach as she did so before she walked over to the bathroom and shut the door.

She found that once she was in the bathroom, she couldn’t hear any sounds coming from the other side where the boys were talking and that the weird sensation in her stomach seemed to have now vanished.

Putting on the red boxers as quickly as humanly possibly, (and feeling stupid just doing so), Lily was soon out of the bathroom and caught the end of Remus and James’ conversation.

“I told the idiot rat not to talk to us for a while. Not until we find out what he’s up to, or until he tells us what they wanted with him, at least. I mean, come on Moony, what on earth would Snape and Malfoy want with Peter?” James was saying.

“Maybe Peter went willingly, Prongs,” Remus said quietly, “Maybe he’s just, I don’t know, had enough of us or something.”

“This is Peter we’re talking about, Remus. He wouldn’t betray us. We’re his friends!” James was saying.

“But still James. Maybe we shouldn’t be so trusting. Not everyone values friendship above everything else like me, you and Sirius do,” Remus answered thoughtfully.

“He’s a marauder. That’s all that needs to be said. Wormtail wouldn’t do anything to hurt us, especially behind our backs. He’s never been as intelligent anyways as the rest of us, right? I mean, he’d have a hard time keeping something like this from us, wouldn’t he?” he asked Remus, looking for reassurance in his theory.

Lily felt it was time to let her presence be known.

“He is a rat, you guys,” she said, letting the two know that she was back in the room, “is that just a coincidence?”

“Welcome back, Padfoot,” James said, standing up from where he was sitting on the floor, “don’t worry, you guys. Peter will come to his senses eventually.”

Remus got up to and the three of them then walked out of the dorm, ready to start the game that was waiting for them in the common room, putting all thoughts of Peter, rats, or trust out of their minds until later.


James, Lily, and Remus walked down the staircase with the red carpet at exactly five minutes to nine. They were expecting to see more people in the common room then usual but were shocked to see what looked like every single person that had gotten sorted into Gryffindor in every year, sitting together in the room.

“I thought you said that it was just going to be the fifth years playing?” Lily asked James as they walked through the crowd until they found a place to sit together on the floor near the fire.

“Did I? Well, everybody from every year is playing Truth or Dare tonight, Sirius,” James said.

Remus, noticing the confused look on Lily’s, or rather, Sirius’ face, tried to explain better what James had not.

“Each year will be playing a different game though. So we’ll only be playing with the other fifth years. Get it?” he said, and then smiled as Lily gave a look of understanding.

Looking around the room, Lily saw that everyone was looking very excited, but not one hundred percent sure about what was going on. Just as she felt. She couldn’t believe that Sirius had organized something like this without telling her, and wondered what he had bribed Dumbledore with to get away with forcing every Gryffindor to play a game of Truth or Dare. She also had a bad feeling that Sirius was going to do something that she wouldn’t approve of, since she now knew that he wanted to switch back with her and was angry with her for point blank refusing.

Lily saw Remus stand up beside her.

“Where exactly are you going?” She asked him, grabbing his pant leg as she did so to stop him from walking, but quickly released it when she noticed that every Gryffindor sitting by her was staring at them.

“Erm…I’ve got to go introduce the game. With Lily,” Remus answered and pointed to ‘Lily’, who was really Sirius, and who was standing on a chair ready to start speaking.

“Right,” the real Lily answered as she watched Remus go over to the chair Sirius was standing on. Sirius pulled Remus up so that they were both standing on the cushioned chair.

We don’t look that bad together, Lily thought to herself as she looked at Remus standing next to her body on the chair. James interrupted her thoughts however.

“Doesn’t Moony look uncomfortable that close to Lily?” James joked and laughed, which caused several first years around him to laugh as well even though they hadn’t heard a word of what he had just said.

And it was true. Remus looked very uncomfortable standing on a chair that close to what looked to be Lily. But Lily felt that she would have been uncomfortable too if she were standing next to one of her best friends in the body of the opposite sex.

“Welcome!” Sirius said from up on the couch, causing the laughter, whispers and general noise to stop.

Everyone always listened to Lily when she spoke and it seemed that tonight was no different.

“You’re probably wondering why you’re all here, if you don’t already know that is,’ Remus added with a smile.

He always got just as much respect as Lily did from the other Gryffindors, but Lily wasn’t sure if that was just because he was a marauder.

“We have told you all to meet us here tonight for a rousing game of Truth or Dare!” Sirius chimed in, cutting straight to the chase and not wasting any time.

At once, the whispers started up again from anyone who had not been informed as to why they were all crammed in the common room.

“Dumbledore’s orders,” he added, positively beaming at this point, and not looking like the usual Lily Evans that the Gryffindors were used to.

Everyone seemed to look to Remus for him to confirm what ‘Lily’ had just said. He nodded, and the whispers got more intense.

“I told you that Dumbledore was a past marauder!” James shouted from the back where he and Lily were sitting. It caused everyone to laugh, and the whispers lessoned as they all turned instead to the two prefects on the chair, wanting more information.

“Alright,” Remus began, “we are going to split up into seven groups,” he said and then held up his hand to stop the whispers that were starting again, “don’t even bother trying to pick groups right now, because they are already decided. You will be playing with the other Gryffindor’s in your year.”

“That’s right, Remus,” Sirius agreed, a mischievous look on his face now, “now the only rules are this. You may dare whatever you want, but if you fail to complete a dare, then you are out of the game and will have to just sit out and watch. And who wants to miss out on the fun?” he said, paused for dramatic effect and then continued, “now as to the truth part…well it’s going to be a little different. Remus and me have tampered a bit with the potion known as Veritaserum.” But he stopped as everyone had annoyingly started whispering again.

Lily was actually quite shocked herself that she had not known that Remus and Sirius were meeting to brew potions. She guessed that they must have been meeting at night when no one else was awake.

What marauders… she thought, before she saw Sirius getting ready to speak again.

“Don’t you lot worry. It’s perfectly fine and safe. And here’s how it works. If you pick truth, then you have to down a sip of the potion, which will be given to each group in their own cauldron. It will make the drinker unable to lie for about two minutes. So the person asking the question will have to ask quickly. And, even though this is obvious, know that you cannot possibly lie, so if you do pick ‘truth’ then you have to be brave and willing to answer whatever question you get asked. I think that’s pretty much it, don’t you think, Remus?” Sirius finished, the smile never having left his face.

“Yes, that’s pretty much it. This game is for uniting us all, and to have fun. So go ahead and try to get to know your fellow Gryffindors through this.” Remus said.

“Oh, and who ever is left still playing at the end of the games, meaning that they didn’t refuse a dare so they haven’t been eliminated, will have bragging rights for as long as they want and are encouraged to rub it in to anyone they deem worthy.” Sirius finished, got a holler of appreciation from James who was looking admirably at ‘Lily’ up on the chair.

“Alright, so just split up into your groups and start the game!” Remus said, and him and Sirius got off of the cushion and walked over to the fire where the rest of the fifth years were gathering around James and ‘Sirius’.

Lily saw Sirius pull out some vanilla lip-gloss, coat his lips, and then sit down right next to her best friend Christina Conroy, looking a little overly excited. Lily greatly resisted the urge to roll her eyes and then moved back closer to James, so that the rest of the fifth years could join their circle. Remus sat down next to her and she instantly tensed up.

Peter, they noticed was sitting on the opposite side of the circle. Lily knew that everybody wondered why it seemed that the marauders were now down to three, but only they themselves, Lily included, knew that Peter was sitting away from them because James had told him not to talk to them until he admitted the truth about what he was doing or being asked to do. Clearly, he hadn’t told them yet.

Remus took out his wand after noticing that everybody seemed to sitting within the right circles, which were now scattered around the common room, and muttered something to himself as he flicked his wand. Instantly, seven bubbling cauldrons full of a clear liquid appeared in the middle of each circle. It was obviously the Veritaserum, but also the signal to begin the games.

“Alright, so who wants to go first?” Sirius asked his fellow fifth years, wanting to start their game right away.

There was a general murmur as everyone tried to decide who should ask the first question.

“I propose that Lily asks first, since she was one of the planners of this whole thing,” James said and, as usual, everyone agreed with him that Lily deserved to ask first.

Sirius got that look on his face like he always got when he had a prank in mind, a mischievous smirk and wide eyes. Except that it entirely different on the face of Lily Evans as she never usually was one to smirk.

Sirius looked directly across the circle to James, smiled, and without a second thought, asked his first person.

“Truth or Dare, Potter?”

Every eye in the circle shifted so that they were staring shamelessly at James.

Lily inwardly groaned, not wanting to be playing the game in Sirius’ body, and not liking the look in Sirius’ eyes as he waited for James’ answer. It was obvious that he already knew the question that he was going to ask, regardless of if James picked truth or if he picked dare.

Lily knew that Sirius planned these kinds of things. And however sad that may have seemed to her, it was the truth. But it was one of the few things she loved about Sirius Black, and that was the fact that the little things in life still excited him.

James smirked and Lily knew that he had decided on his choice. She also knew what he would pick before the words even left his mouth.

“I pick dare, Miss Evans. Do your worst,” James said.

Lily sat with the rest of her classmates, who were now all staring at Sirius, waiting for his dare. She silently prayed that he wouldn’t dare James to strip down to his boxers. That, she figured, would not go down too well, let alone the fact that she would’ve had lost the bet they made.

“Alright, let’s start off easy, shall we?” Sirius said, holding everybody’s attention.

Please don’t let it involve me, please don’t let it involve me…Lily found herself chanting in her mind, knowing that Sirius was going to involve her into James’ dare somehow anyways.

“I dare you to say this,” and he conjured up a piece of parchment and quill with Lily’s wand, and wrote something on it before handing it to James and continuing the dare, “but you have to face Mr. Black, who I might add is conveniently sitting right next to you, and say it to him in your most seductive voice, without breaking eye contact or smiling. And you have to be completely serious,” Sirius said, watching James break into a grin at the words he was reading on the parchment that Sirius had just handed him.

Almost everybody sitting in the circle had laughed at ‘Lily’s’ dare, as they knew that it was going to be very funny to see James try to seduce his best friend.

So that’s what you’re up to… Lily thought to herself as she turned a little bit so that she would be facing James. Oh it’s on, Sirius, it’s on.

Sirius had felt that this was a good way to start the game. He didn’t want to give James that hard of a dare at first, but rather one that would amuse the group, and hopefully make James feel a little bit uncomfortable in the process not to mention what he hoped Lily would feel.

Leaving all pride behind, James turned to his left so that he was sitting on his knees, facing the boy that looked like Sirius. Lily tried not to stand up and run away when James went as far as to hold her hands in his own. He glanced at the parchment that Sirius had written on one more time, let any trace of a smile leave his face and stared into the eyes that he didn’t know were actually Lily’s. Putting on what Lily could only guess was his ‘seductive’ look, he inched closer so that their faces were closer, (for dramatic effect), took a breath and tried to speak in a low voice over the giggling that was coming from the circle.

“Oh, Sirius. As the moon shines through the open window, it reflects so magnificently off of your beautifully perfect silk hair. Hair that only someone of your natural handsomeness could make look sexy. I want nothing more then to hold your muscular…ok this is just getting weird,” James said, casting a look to the person he thought was Lily.

“Oooh is the great James Potter chickening out of a dare already?” Sirius mocked, kind of glad that James had stopped as the result had just made everyone laugh harder.

Sirius knew before the words even left his mouth that James would finish saying what was written on the parchment.

“…your muscular body,” James continued, causing laughter to erupt from around the whole circle, “My room is free tonight, why don’t you make me the luckiest…hey, Lily, you spelt marauder wrong,” he added as he had picked up the parchment to see what the end of the speech said.

If the circle had been laughing before, it was nothing compared to the general howl that came from all of them now. James let go of Lily’s hands and broke eye contact.

“Alright enough, James. Just stop, no more. That sounded a little too believable, if you know what I mean,” Sirius added, having noticed the looks the girls had had on their faces when James had read the words to his best friend. Obviously they were wishing that James were talking to them in his ‘seductive voice’. Getting a little bit jealous at the girls fawning over James instead of him, Sirius had decided just to let James have it easy. Besides he’d have harder dares for him later.

“Well in that case, I believe that it is my turn, is it not?” he asked the girl that looked like Lily.

He knew perfectly well that it was his turn.

Sirius gave him one of Lily’s famous looks that told him that if he didn’t ask the question to someone else, then he would get slapped.

“Alright, alright, I know that look,” James said.

Remus laughed beside him.

“Erm…Padfoot, truth or dare?” he said as he looked to Lily once more that night.

Not at all ready to be part of the game again that night, Lily sighed silently. She was still getting over the image of James asking her to come upstairs to his bedroom, that she had almost missed the question.


“Dare,” she said, feeling that she needed to be true to what Sirius would choose if he was back in his body at the present time.

But she also didn’t want to choose truth in case she was asked a question that would somehow blow her ‘cover’. And she was not ready to ruin the secret and let Sirius have his wish of switching back fulfilled just yet.

James eyed her suspiciously as he thought up his dare. Unlike Sirius, he didn’t come prepared to these kinds of events.

“Ok,” he said, as it appeared to everyone that he had thought up his dare, “but this one involves leaving the common room.”

“That’s ok,” Sirius said from across the circle, “but only a couple of us can go with him though.”

James smiled the smile that made Lily dread what was coming next. She never was too good at dares, and James thought her to be Sirius at the moment, who was an expert at them. He turned to her and Lily held her breath as she waited for the bomb to drop.

“I dare you to go and stand outside of Dumbledore’s office and sing a Christmas carol until he comes out. When he asks what you are doing, you have to tell him…um… that you are just serenading a wonderful role model… and then blow him a kiss! After the next thing he says, instead of answering him, you have to deny the whole thing and pretend that you were sleep walking and don’t know what he is talking about.” James finished and Lily just sat there confused.

Sirius was practically wetting himself with excitement at this point as he waited with everyone else for Lily’s reaction.

“You’re on,” she said regretting the words even before she had said them.

Now normally she would have never done the dare, but seeing as she was in Sirius’ body, she figured she might as well give Sirius a run for his money tonight.

James ‘elected’ that ‘Lily’ could come and watch along with Remus on the reasoning that they were the two in charge of the night and could make sure that ‘Sirius’ went through with the dare, or was eliminated if he chickened out.

“We’ll be right back,” Remus said as the four of them stood up and walked together out of the portrait hole.

“Ah, another nightly adventure for the marauders,” James said as soon as they were in the hallway and the portrait had closed behind them.

“Don’t get any ideas,” Sirius said doing his best to act like Lily, “we’re going to watch Sirius do the dare and then return to the game, got it? No funny business.”

“Since when do you lecture me around for talking, Miss Evans?” James said, “I don’t mind it of course, but it would be nice to get the night off.”

Lily saw Sirius smile in spite of himself. He obviously loved getting James to flirt with him. She picked up the pace until they were standing in front of the stone gargoyle that guarded Dumbledore’s office.

“Now he’s probably not asleep yet anyways, so this shouldn’t take too long,” James commented.

“Lemonade Lollipops,” Sirius said from beside all of them and they all watched the gargoyle jump aside revealing the staircase that was familiar to all of them. But for different reasons.

“Erm...why did you do that?” Lily asked Sirius.

“So our dear headmaster can hear you properly. We’ll be standing behind this corner alright?” and he pushed her towards the stairs as the rest of them hid behind the corner that was close by.

Lily walked up as close as she dared to the staircase, looked around and saw no one there, and took a deep breath.

“You better watch out, you better not cry, better not pout, I’m telling you why…Santa Clause is coming to town,” Lily began feeling the most like an idiot then she ever had in her life before. But as she heard the voice of Sirius Black ring through the empty corridor and, god help her, up the staircase, she felt a smile creep up on her. She had never heard Sirius Black sing before.

“Oh,” she began with a little more confidence this time, “he’s making a list, and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty or nice –”

At that second she heard footsteps coming down the staircase and so she finished off the verse and then shut her mouth waiting for the headmaster to come down from his study.

“Santa Clause is coming…to town,”

No sooner had she said ‘town’, then she found herself face to face with Albus Dumbledore who was wearing slippers and an amused look on his face.

“Is it that time of year already, Sirius?” he asked, the twinkle evident in his eyes, and a smile perched on his face.

It wasn’t that time of year. Not even close. Lily knew that Dumbledore was enjoying this as much as James, Remus, or Sirius was from behind the corner.

Suddenly, Lily’s eyes widened as she registered what that smile meant. He knew it was her. Dumbledore knew that she, Lily, was currently in Sirius’ body. But of course, she had failed to remember that little fact when she was so conveniently singing to him from under his stairs.

She felt a rush go into her cheeks and started to feel embarrassed. So embarrassed that she had forgotten that he had asked her a question.

“To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?” Dumbledore asked, rolling back and forth on the balls of his feet, with a look on his face that looked as if he wanted nothing more then to be standing here by one of his students, asking them why they were singing Christmas carols outside his office.

Knowing that she had to complete the dare, as she had already come this far, Lily, silently thanking James that he had chosen Dumbledore for the dare instead of a professor with no sense of humor, remembered what James had told her to say. Feeling her cheeks redden even more, she, without meaning to, tucked the black hair that was falling into her eyes out of her face and behind her ears.

“I was just serenading a wonderful role model, sir,” she said and then, thinking that the situation could get no worse anyways, blew him a kiss like James had requested.

“Well isn’t that lovely,” Dumbledore commented, not at all the least bit surprised by what Lily had just said to him, “I daresay that the portraits in my office enjoyed your rendition of ‘Santa Clause is Coming to Town’ very much. A little too much, if you ask me.”

Lily felt so humiliated now that she wasn’t sure if she could go through with the other half of the dare. But she tried. It was the Sirius Black thing to do.

“Er…sorry what? I wasn’t singing. What am I doing here?” she said and tried her best to look surprised.

She knew that the headmaster didn’t buy it, but that he would play along just for fun anyways.

“You weren’t? I must have been mistaken then. My imagination has been known to wonder from time to time. Though one may ask why you are standing at the bottom of my staircase?” Dumbledore said, but it wasn’t a question that he expected her to answer as he said right after, “Thank you for this night time chat, Sirius, it’s been most pleasant for me. This is the stuff that a headmaster loves.”

Lily kept the confused look on her face as she said, “Goodnight, sir,” before she turned around and walked around the corner to find the three marauders sitting on the floor clutching their sides from silent laughter.

Just as they were getting up to start their walk back to the common room, they heard Dumbledore’s voice one more time from around the corner.

“Have fun with your game,” he called after them, which caused the four of them to cast amazed looks at one another as they trudged back to the common room.

They walked single file through the portrait hole and then went over to join their circle by the fire, laughing as they told the story to the rest of the fifth years who laughed along with them. Once the euphoria had died down a little bit from ‘Sirius’’ dare, Lily realized that it was her turn to ask someone. For the first time in a long time, she said something to her best friend.

“Christina, Truth or Dare?”

Christina looked shocked that Sirius Black had picked her to go next, Lily could tell.

“Um…truth,” she said a little quietly.

As soon as she said this, Sirius who was sitting near, crawled over to the cauldron in the middle of the circle, picked up the spoon that was sitting in the clear liquid and fished for a spoonful that he gave to Christina in a matter of seconds.

She downed the spoonful, although looking a little afraid to be the first one to do it, and everyone else in the circle held their breath.

After about five seconds, Remus announced to them that it had ‘kicked in’ and that ‘Sirius’ was free to ask his question any time now.

“Alright, Christina,” Lily started, “who do you have a crush on?”

Lily herself already knew whom Christina liked and figured it wouldn’t be so bad that the person found out, since a lot of girls had crushes on this particular boy regularly anyways.

“Sirius Black,” Christina said in a matter of seconds.

Lily watched Sirius on the other side looking genuinely surprised by this new piece of information. She watched him look at Christina as if he was seeing her for the first time, before he got distracted when, after the two minutes were up, the potion seemed to wear off and Christina’s face went red.

Lily watched her look down at the floor, not knowing that it was her turn to ask a question.

James cleared his throat after a minute of silence, and she got the picture and looked around for the next victim. She picked one of her other friends, a girl by the name of Julianna London, who had long blonde hair and a smile on her face all of the time.

Julianna picked dare.

Lily had found it extremely amusing when she had heard what her shy friend, Julianna had to do. Christina had dared her, using the floo powder, to put her head in the fire and floo it to the Slytherins common room. Once there, she had to just simply smile and keep smiling with no explanation or no words until the Slytherins reacted. So all of the fifth years watched as Julianna said, ‘Slytherin common room’, threw some floo powder into the flames and whipped her head in it as if she had done it a million times. When she returned, she had told them that all of the Slytherins who had seen her were most definitely getting annoyed by her silent smiling, and were even starting to take their wands out. This caused the whole circle to laugh again, and they all resumed their positions in the circle.

Lily hoped that the rest of the years were having as much fun as they were. She never used to like the game of Truth or Dare before, but was now finding it very amusing.

Julianna picked another of her and Lily's friends to go next. Once Lindsay, the friend, had succesfully completed the dare which had involved kissing a rather good looking boy in the circle with wavy, brown hair, she sat back down in her spot with a red face. The boy had happened to be her crush. And the boy had happened to be Remus Lupin. And it wasn't out of freaky coincidence that Julianna had picked him for Lindsay to kiss. She had known. But what are friends for?

Lily noticed that Remus seemed to have enjoyed the kiss more then he should have, and that he couldn't stop smiling afterwords. She secretly wondered whether he had been telling the truth earlier when he had said that he liked her.

Maybe he was just trying to be nice before and didn't know what else to say... Lily thought to herself, her spirits dropping but then, deciding that she was maybe reading too much into this, as it was, after all a dare, and Remus loved Truth or Dare, she put her mind back to the game.

Now Linsday, realizing that it was now her turn, turned to the person she thought was her friend Lily once everyone was quiet and asked the night’s question.

“Lily, Truth or Dare?”

Sirius knew that Lily would not have picked Dare, so using all of the willpower he had in him, he smiled and said, “Truth.”

Lindsay handed him a spoonful of the tampered Veritaserum and then waited five seconds to make sure that it would work when she asked her question.

“Alright, Lily. Here’s the question. Why have you been acting all different lately?” she said, thinking that it was a perfectly innocent question.

Lily froze.

Remus froze.

Sirius, had he not just taken the truth potion, would have frozen too, but at the moment he had no control over what he was about to say. The words came smoothly and freely.

A/N -> Alright so as to overcome by bad/sad mood brought on by my terrible i saw it, I had two options.

A) leave a cliffhanger ending.

B) eat chocolate and gain weight.

Needless to say, I chose the former and am not ashamed.

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