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A/N: hey and I would like to thank shapoopie 09, Alia_of_the_Fantomaya, VeritasAmo, the downfall of the rising, angelgirl, thechosenone, Olivia, Jenny, angeleye, Ali, MagikCat, clover_crookshanks, jenne, Lady_Gryffindor, candy_shop, EvilSmurfa, brittany,
who had reviewed and to all who's been reading.

Now remember that this story is based on the Classic Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Here's the casting list.
Ron: Beast
Hermione: Belle
Harry: Chip
Ginny: Miss. Pots
Fred: Lumiere
George: Cogsworth
Draco: Gaston
Dumbledore: Belle's father
Goyle: Lefou
Lavender: Wardrobe closet
Snape: D'Arque

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Chapter II: In a Far Away Place

Far, far from any big cities was a very small town.The villagers were very common. Every day they would get up at sun up and do their daily routeens. The baker would begin to bake fresh bread, all the wives begin to clean while their husbands were out working. They do the same things every single day and doing it the exact same way. The villagers didn't like change, afraid on what it might do.

Up on a hill, that's in the distance from the town sat a small house. A father, who was a cook, and his daughter lives there. The villages don't really like them, too odd especially the girl, Hermione. She's really is a funny girl to them. Always having her nose stuck in a book and getting to be too smart for a young lady. Every day she would walk into town with a book or two in her hand and she would hum to herself as she would walk to the library. Every time she would walk out she would be carrying a different book. As she would walk by the stores the villagers would whisper to each other about her.

"There she goes with more books in her hands."

"Doesn't she ever get tired of reading?"

While all they had something negative to say about her there was one who didn't, Draco. He was a handsome hunter and had his eyes set on her. As she walked by him Draco grabbed his friend Goyle and said.

"Goyle my friend, Hermione's the lucky girl who will be my wife."

"Cook's daughter?" laughed Goyle.

"And what is wrong with that? She the most beautiful girl in town."

"I know but . . ."

"And that would make her the best. Don't I deserve the best?"

"Well yes."

"She will make the perfect wife. I knew that the moment I saw her," said Draco

He quickly walked after her. Once he was behind her he wasn't sure how to great her so he grabbed one of her books.

"Draco, can I please have my book back?" asked Hermione.

"What do you see in these . . . books?" asked Draco. He flipped through the pages. "They don't even have any pictures."

"It doesn't need any pictures. I use my imagination to make the pictures."

"Uhm," said Draco and he toss the book in a puddle. "You know the town's people have been talking about you. Saying it's not right for a woman to be reading and should worry about more important things."

"Like what?" She went to get her book and began to dry it with her dress.

"Like getting married," Draco said smiling at her.

Hermione rolled her eyes and continued her walk back home. When she got home she sat her books on the table and sat down in a chair.

"Good morning Hermione," said Albus, her father.

"Morning Father."

He was in the kitchen with a white apron on cooking some pancakes.

"Father, do you think I'm odd?"

"My daughter odd? What gave you that idea?" He gave the frying pan a shake and the pancake went up in the air and landed on the opposite side.

"Oh I don't know. I just have this feeling that I don't fit in around here. I don't have any real friends."

"What about Draco? I see you talk with him a lot."

"Draco, please Father."

"What's wrong with him? He's very handsome."

"Sure he's handsome but all he wants is to show me off like one of his hunting trophy."

"Well my dear I have some good news for you."

"What is it?"

"Well there will be a fair going on in the next town and I have entered the bake off. The first prize money will be more than enough to move to the city and start a new life."

"Oh Father." She got up and gave him a big hug. "When will you be leaving?"

"As soon as breakfast is over."

He dished up some scramble eggs and placed it next to the pancake. After turning the stove off he carried two plates to the table. Once they were done Albus began to pack. Hermione brought Ginger, their horse to the front of the house, Albus tied his baking pans and pots (but leaving some for Hermione to use) to the horse.

"Good bye me dear daughter."

"Good bye Father and good luck."

Albus got on the back of Ginger.

"I won't be home for a while so take care."

"I will."

Albus kick Ginger softly and started riding off.

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Albus rode Ginger for 4 days straight without any sleep. On the 5th night he came to a fork in the road and he didn't know which way to go. He look at the signs but they were worn and no longer readable. So he pulled out his map.

"I can't see a thing," he cried.

He put his map away and looked in both directions.

"I guess I have no choice put to pick one," said Albus. He took one more look and decided on taking the road to his right.

After going for about an hour Albus notice that the tree's were dead and not a single animal was in sight.

"Ginger, let's . . . turn around."

Albus starts to turn her around when they heard a wolf howling. Ginger starts the buck and become spook.

"Easy there girl," said Albus in a calm voice.

A twig snapped and Ginger broke out in a gallop. Albus lost his balance and fell off. He could hear the beating of the ground getting softer and softer. He got up and brushed the grass and dirt off his clothes. He heard more howling and froze. He looked down the path and he couldn't remember which way would be the way home. The howls turned into growls and Albus could tell it was coming from behind him and began to run. He hoped he pick the way home but if not maybe he would meet someone. Albus was too afraid to look behind his shoulder and he didn't stop running until he saw a big steal gate and a dark castle. Albus pushed the gates opened and slowly walked in. He went up to the big wooden door and knock the knocker.

"Hello, is someone here?"

There was no answer so Albus starts to leave, but as soon as he starts to turn the door opens and he hurried in. Inside was dark, there was only a lit candelabra that was lighting the room up.

"Who's that?" whispered the candelabra. "How did he get in? I thought the master ordered all the doors to be locked."

"Someone must had opened it for him," whispered a mantle clock. "Just keep quiet, maybe he'll go away."

"Hello, is anyone here?" asked Albus. "I don't mean to bother you but I lost my horse and I need a place to stay for the night."

"Come on George, we should help him," whispered the candelabra.

"Fred no. You know that the master doesn't like strangers in his castle," said George.

"That's only when he knows and no one will tell him," whispered Fred.

"Of course you can stay here Mister."

Albus looked around and no one was insight.

"Who said that?"

"I'm over here by the stairs."

Albus walk to the stairs and he could see a table and on it was a candelabra and a mantle clock.

"Where are you?"

"Right here."

Albus grabbed the candelabra and starts to wave it around.


"Over here."

The voice came from behind him so he turned around and saw no one. He felt a light tap on his arm and turned around to face it but saw the candelabra.


Albus dropped it and quickly stepped back.

"You're alive!"

"Oh my head," groaned Fred.

George got down from the table and stood next to Fred. "Serves you right mister "We need to help him." He needs to leave. The master probably heard him yell."

"Leave? No I can't leave, it's not safe out there," cried Albus.

Fred rubbed his head and looked at Albus.

"Of course you can stay here. We have plenty of room."

"Fred, what about the master?" asked George.

"He doesn't need to know," said Fred. " Let me introduce myself. My name is Fred and this worried clock is George."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Al . . ."

There was a great big boom and followed by a roar. The three of them stood very still. Albus heard a loud footsteps, they were so deep that he almost mistaken the sound to his own heartbeat.

"Oh dear," cried George. "He's coming."

"Who's coming?"

"Our master," said Fred. He quickly looked around and saw a closest near by. "Hide in here quick."

Albus opened the closest and quickly went in. He closed the door and began to pray. Outside Fred and George began to shake as the footsteps began to get bigger and bigger. Then finally the noise stopped. At the bottom of the stairs stood a big hideous beast. It's dark red hair covered the entire body. The paws were four times as big as any human and his face had so many scars, but his blue eyes were the only features that was soft and less savage.But the beast wasn't all beast. It stood up on his back legs and wore pants and a raged shirt like a human

"Where is he?" bellowed Ron. "I know someone is here, I can smell him."

"What do you mean . . . no one is here,"whimpered George.

Ron walked around with his noise in the air sniffing it. He stopped when he reached the broom closest. He quickly turned the handle and opened the door. When he saw Albus he grabbed him and shoved him to the ground.

"What are you doing in my castle?"

"I-I." Albus could find his words and all he could do was to stare at the beast.

"What are you staring at?"


"So, you've come to stare at the beast is it?"

"N-no. I lost my h-horse . . . I need a place to stay."

"Okay then. I can give you a place to stay in."

Ron grabbed Albus by the collar and carried him up the stairs and down many halls and up more stairs until they reached a tower. Ron opened a door to a small room and pushed Albus in it. He shut the door and looked in at Albus.

"I hope you find it comfortable. This is where you will be staying forever." He turned around and descended down the stairs.

Albus sat on the ground and put his hands on his face.

"What have I done? Oh Hermione I hope you are well."

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