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A/N: This fic is written by both Killsdracowithspork (Sporky) and Justasloonyasluna (Loony). Sporky writes Tanya’s point of view and Loony writes Laura’s point of view.

Disclaimer: JK Rowling owns all, etc., etc.

POV: Tanya 

I sat in the library hunched over my Defense Against the Dark Arts Book. It was opened up to the chapter about werewolves, though I was anything but reading it. I was the only person in the library other than Remus Lupin.

Stupid Marauder. Okay, sure he’s super-smart. That’s always a good thing. But he’s so… popular. Well, he’s popular by association. His best friends, Black and Potter are popular, so he is too. Every girl seems to think that popular is such a plus. I don’t understand it. Okay, sure Lupin is kind of cute. But that’s not much of a plus either. Girls always ramble on about hot guys, like Black, for example. Even my best friend, Laura. I just don’t get it. Looks aren’t everything.

I snapped back to reality and realized I was supposed to be studying werewolves.

“Ack! Stupid Werewolves!” I ejected.

Remus looked at me with a mix of confusion and anger.

And without thinking, I explained my sudden outburst. “How in the name of Merlin am I supposed to remember all this? There are the characteristics that define a werewolf and the behavioral patterns and…”

A look of comprehension dawned on his face. “Come over here, Tanya.” He gestured over to the seat next to him.

I frowned. No way was I going to sit next to that Marauder. But then again… I really needed help with Defense Against the Dark Arts. It was my worst subject (maybe apart from Divination… but that’s a different story). I was leaning on the edge of an E. And I have to have to have to, HAVE to get all O’s. Sometimes people call me paranoid and obsessed. I like to think that I’m just a true Ravenclaw.

Why not get some help from him? After all, Lupin is the best in our year at Defense Against the Dark Arts.

“Er… okay…” I replied.

I sat down promptly in the seat, and then scooted it away from him when he wasn’t looking.

He seemed to notice the sudden distance and smirked, but began his explanation anyway.  

POV: Laura                          

I headed over to the Quidditch Pitch with my gear at hand. As I headed over to the Ravenclaw broom shed I saw him… him being Sirius Black. God, he was good-looking, and I (as I often do) got the urge to drag him into the broom shed with me and… well you get the idea. I knew this urge needed to be ignored because, number one, he was my rival keeper, and, number two, he was a Marauder and was off limits. I mean, how could I find such a jerk so immensely attractive?

Anyway, I grabbed my broom, took out my bewitched quaffle, and was about to mount when…

”So Knight, I see you’re about to get started.”

Sirius was suddenly in front of me.

“Well, I was… before you got in my way,” I said, slightly glaring at him. 

First rule in avoiding temptation: seem uninterested.

“Oh, I see…” he said, seeming like he didn’t really care what I had actually said. 

“Whatever, just let me through, unless you want to practice with me,” I said, not thinking he’d want to.

“Sure, sounds good to me. Are you a decent chaser?” Sirius said, with a less indifferent air in his voice. 

I shook off my shock.

“Yeah, I’m alright,” I said with a slight smile. 

I picked up a regular quaffle and noticed that Potter was on the other side of the field with Peter. Potter was giving Sirius a sort of odd thumbs up that told me that he assumed Sirius was hitting on me.

“Oh God, Potter…” I said as Sirius shook his head at him, his black hair shining. 

I found myself wondering what conditioner he used when he said…

“Yeah, Prongs is a piece of work. Well if its any consolation, he seems to think you’re worthy of me.”

“Worthy of you?” I laughed. “What an honor!” I pretended to gush.

“Oh, you know what I mean.” He rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, I do. Anyway, wanna get started?” I said as I shoved the quaffle in his hands.

“No fair! I wanted to go first!” he laughed, chasing me in the air with his broom. 

POV: Tanya

“But… werewolves are only dangerous during the full moon… right?”

By now I had totally forgotten my dislike of Remus. He taught me even more about werewolves than there was in the book, as well as helped me with some other dark creatures I was having trouble with.

“Yes. Exactly.”

“But… they’re still mistreated?”

Remus sighed deeply. “Yes. They are.”

I frowned. “That’s stupid! Why hasn’t anyone done anything about that?”

“People have tried. It’s no good.” He looked slightly distressed.

“Well then, they probably just aren’t doing it right!” I was really getting mad now. “We should do something!” I paused, realizing that Remus was right on how little we could do. “Or at least try to convince people that it isn’t right. I can already think of a ton of reasons why werewolves should be treated just like everyone else!”

My rant was interrupted by an angry Madam Pince, who yelled at us to get out.

“Sorry about that,” I apologized to Remus as we were walking out of the library.

“That’s okay.” He laughed, looking a lot happier than before. “I have to meet James, Sirius, and Peter at the Quidditch Pitch anyways.”

“I have to meet Laura there, too. But wait… why is Peter there… I didn’t think he played Quidditch…”

Remus laughed again. “Oh no, he doesn’t play. He’s just there to squeal whenever James scores a goal or Sirius blocks a quaffle.”

I laughed too. “Ah, I see. Well… thanks for helping me.”

“No problem.”

As I walked toward the Quidditch Pitch, I couldn’t help but think that Remus wasn’t all that bad… but Black and Potter… that’s another story… 

POV: Laura

We had been playing for a good amount of time, when it became my turn to be keeper again. Sirius was yet to score off me, and vice versa, when I dove for it… too late. And he scored.

“Aw, you scored off me,” I said in a mock disappointment. He flew over.

“Yeah, I did. Whatcha going to do about it?” he said, playing along.

“Well…” I had gotten closer to him. Close enough to kiss him. I was about to, when I saw Tanya and Remus heading over… TOGETHER! They were laughing and talking like old friends. I almost fell off my broom, but Sirius caught my arm before I did, then accidentally let go when he saw what I had seen.

“AHHHH!” I yelled as I began I fall again, and once more, he grabbed my arm.


He didn’t seem to notice that I had just tried to kiss him.

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