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Summary:The inevitable is here, but the Darkness has only just begun.

It was Hermione’s idea. Ron had laughed and dismissed it, but a growing smile had appeared on Ginny’s face and Harry had liked the thought. After much persuasion from Ginny, Draco had reluctantly agreed. Dumbledore had readily lent them the big old fashioned wizarding camera and now they all crowded round in the Astronomy Tower; every single one of them trying to tell the other how to work the contraption.

“No, Ron, it’s very simple-”

“Like this Potter, you need the black cloth-”

“Ouch! Someone just elbowed my ear, watch-”

“Right, calm down, everybody calm-”

“What does this button do?”

A flash of light filled the air and the noise stopped, as five rather rumpled looking teenagers jumped backwards in surprise. They stared at the thing in silence for a few moments and then Ginny reached forward tentatively and plucked the photo from the slot. Five pairs of arms waved wildly around it- someone’s robes were flapping in it slightly and the snow was falling behind it.

“Well,” said Ginny in a small voice. “I think we worked out how to use it. But how can we get the self timer to work?”

Once more pandemonium descended upon the room and it wasn’t until some half an hour later that the group agreed upon how it worked. They walked stiffly into its view and posed uncomfortably, aware of how weird a photo containing both the Golden Gryffindor Trio and Draco Malfoy would look. The camera clicked, and a photo scrolled out.

Once again Ginny reached forward and grabbed it. The students surveyed it, impassively for a moment, and then the ridiculousness of how formal they looked struck them and the teenagers burst into laughter. It was a historical moment; both Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter laughing at the same time, and not at each other. Ginny grinned slyly and flicked her wand; quickly getting close to Draco again as she did so.

The camera clicked.

This time the photo was much more natural. The people in it looked as if they were all best friends - something that made Ginny snicker – and they were happy. They waved at the camera and the photo images of Draco and Ginny were hugging each other close, laughing. A couple of times the photo of Draco whirled the counterpart of Ginny around, much to the disgust of the replica of Ron. Snow fell in the background again, catching in the hair of the students.

Hermione muttered a spell and soon there were copies for everyone. Harry produced – rather embarrassedly – some black frames which they were quickly placed in, Draco reluctantly accepting the gift.

The group photo was a success.


Ginny sat with Draco one night in a study corner in the library, flicking through a restricted book. She grimaced at some of the spells supplied and wrote down more notes. Draco, head down, was also scribbling on parchment, long fingers turning the pages over impatiently. She frowned and stretched, rubbing her eyes as the clock struck nine.

He looked up at her movement and he too rubbed his eyes tiredly. “Library’s closed, then,” he said wearily. “God, I’m starved. You’re fanatical, Ginny, I haven’t had anything to eat all day.”

“And you won’t be tomorrow, either,” she reminded him. “We have to practice then.’ Ignoring his groan, she continued. “C’mon then. Let’s go raid the kitchens.”

Draco stood up, sending the books flying back to the shelves with a mutter and shoving the parchments in his bag. “Right, let’s go,” he yawned.

“Isn’t it funny,” Ginny murmured as they descended the staircase. “How you sit still all day reading and writing and are exhausted by nine?”

Draco’s stomach growled. “Yes, but right now I’m more hungry then tired so could we please hurry?”

Ginny smiled. “Wouldn’t want to keep His Lordship waiting. Here then, here’s the pear. D’you want to do it?”

He frowned bemusedly at her. “Do what?”

“Tickle the pear, of course.”

“Why on earth would you want me to tickle a portrait of a pear?”

“You mean you’ve never raided the kitchens before?” she giggled.

I was usually always on time for meals,” he said pointedly. “And if I wasn’t, then Parkinson or Crabbe and Goyle got me something.”

“Oh you are a spoilt brat,” she laughed. “Well then, this is the entrance to the kitchens. You have to tickle the pear.”

She reached forward and did so, and to Draco’s astonishment the large portrait swung open, leaving them to clamber through.

While Draco stared around in bewilderment at the bustle around him, Ginny was quickly piling food into a basket. She tugged his hand impatiently and he followed her slowly into his bedroom again, where they picnicked on the floor.

Ginny, forking a roast potato regarded him curiously. “You know, I never did ask you why you have your own room,” she remarked.

He grinned. “I’m a Malfoy, Ginevra. I couldn’t be expected to sleep with the commoners. My father’s words,” he added hastily as she winced.

“Weren’t you ever… I don’t know, lonely?” she wondered.

He shrugged. “I never cared. I didn’t like anyone enough to want to share a dorm with them.”

Ginny brushed aside her doubts with a smile, telling herself that she was too tired to work out the enigma that was Draco Malfoy tonight, and pushed aside her empty plate, placing it in the basket. Draco stacked his on top of hers.

“Let’s go to bed,” he smiled. Yawning, Ginny nodded and went into the bathroom, where they both got changed separately. She came back in and they snuggled under the blankets together, Ginny as always sleeping in his arms.

“Goodnight,” he murmured.



Professor Dumbledore had, upon request, granted them a week off from studies to practice, so once again the five students met up, working on the spells that Ginny and Draco had noted down yesterday. Ginny mastered several nasty curses, and taught with much glee the rest of the group the Bat Bogey Hex. Ron gave a triumphant yell when he finally managed his; no longer was Ginny a threat to him.

Or, at least, not as much as one.

The day trundled by slowly, until come dinner time stomachs were once again growling. The group went downstairs and dined in the kitchen this time, not wanting to bother sitting with the other students. Ginny remembered that the professors were forcing all students (save them of course) to go on a night walk of the Forbidden Forest, and personally she couldn’t think of anything more boring.

Ginny listened as Harry, eyes gleaming, told a very funny story about his and Cho’s first date, and watched in wonder as Draco (Draco Malfoy, her mind squeaked over and over again) roared with laughter at Harry’s poor first dating skills. Ron told of, to the great amusement of all listening, the disastrous dance with Padma Patil and Draco related a hilarious story of Pansy Parkinson trying to get his attention.

Ginny did not talk much, instead watching as for the first time, the Slytherin and the Gryffindors actually got on- as friends, not allies. She smiled her way through dinner, laughing at the stories until finally (after Hermione told the incident of when Theodore Nott asked her out) Draco demanded a story from her.

She paused, wondering if she could find in her a story as amusing as the ones that had just been confided. Finally, a smile crept across her mouth.

“You all spoke of romance,” she said. “So I guess I will too. I’ll tell how Draco and I had our first incident this year.” Draco turned pink slightly- she guessed that he remembered the meeting too.

“It was after,” she smiled. “The time on the train where we had to share a compartment and Draco succeeded in freaking me out so well.” His foot linked around hers and she exchanged a wry glance with him.

“I got all scared, for no reason I guess, but the fact that this year wasn’t going to be a good one seemed clear to me and so I decided not to sleep in the Girls Dormitory; I went up to the Astronomy Tower and spent the night there instead. Anyway, next morning I was sitting on the windowsill and talking to myself, and then Draco appears at the door and frightens the life out of me.

“He started up a nice, friendly chat, as he was wont to do,” she continued, voice dripping with sarcasm. “And I - hilarious, witty I – told him to eff off. So then we got into a conversation about morals – and you know how similar we were in that respect – and Draco gave me a lecture, and then he sized me up.”

The trio gasped, and Hermione fell into peals of laughter. Ginny giggled her way through the rest of the story. “Yes! So I asked him what the hell he was doing, and he covered up pretty well by telling me he was trying to decide which curse could be used to better effect. And then I got pissed off and left. And that was the oh so very romantic first encounter this year.”

The group, excluding Draco, began to cry with laughter. “Now you’ve done it,” he said grumpily. “I’m going to have to cheer myself up now. Where do they keep the wine here?”

Hermione’s eyes flicked to his face quickly. “But we’re underage!” she protested.


“I think it’s a great idea,” Ron exclaimed. “Only, why would they keep alcohol at a school?”

“The teachers,” Ginny grinned. “Keep a stack of it. If I can just remember…” She stood up, untangling her legs from Draco’s and tapped several stones on the wall. Finally a trapdoor slid open and Ginny descended the stairs, emerging triumphantly with two bottles of wine in either hand.

Ron hurried to find the goblets and Draco popped the corks out with a smile. “Well done, Gin,” he laughed and she smiled at him, automatically brushing hair out of his eyes and completely unaware of the wistful look she was getting from Hermione.

The more Hermione saw the pair together, the more she thought they were a charming couple. She noticed the little things they did without thinking, the affectionate touches, the way they looked at each other and how close they sat together. These reflections were always inevitably followed by a (by now) miserable daydream of her and Ron, yet she was beginning to think they would never be together.

Hermione was brought back to the present by the sloshing of wine pouring into a crystal goblet, and then handed to her by Ron. Her fingers brushed his for a moment, sending a pleasant tingle of electricity up her spine. His ears turned red but apart from that he showed no sign of having noticed the contact.

Draco clinked glasses with the group affably and then took an appreciative sip, the cool, flavorsome liquid sliding easily down his throat. Ginny nodded and smiled and the conversation resumed, the light hearted chatter filling the air.

Some half hour later Ginny was beginning to feel a little tipsy, so standing and swaying slightly she excused herself for the bathroom, noting with a rather lopsided grin that Ron and Hermione were sitting and talking animatedly in the corner, their own bottle of wine and glasses residing on a smaller table beside them.

“Now, don’t kill each other while I’m gone,” she instructed and Draco nodded enthusiastically. Ginny reminded herself to take him to bed soon, as he looked like he was nearing the all out drunk stage.

She slipped and swayed her way to the girls toilet, thankful that there was one on this floor and she was not being forced to climb any staircases. She looked at her happy face in the mirror briefly as she washed her hands and remembered again the apprehension that she had felt at the beginning of the year.

She wondered at it, for Ginny realised that though the year had contained heartbreak and fear and sorrow, it had also brought love, and friendship and…

Yes, true happiness. She was truly happy.

Ginny smiled dreamily and returned to the kitchen, where she found a strange scene.

In one corner, a group of worried house elves stood nervously, obviously searching for a polite way to ask them to leave. It was after all, they squeaked to themselves in search of a reason to be rude, past two in the morning and these Wizards and Witches showed no signs of leaving. Only Dobby seemed truly happy, cracking his long fingers in the joyful glee that comes when you are a natural optimist.

In the middle of the room, Harry and Draco were smashing a wishbone into the remainders of the chocolate pudding and giggling hysterically. Ginny briefly overheard the words ‘you evil villain, you are, you Lucius’ before it was once more drowned out by the clanging of the saucepan that Draco had somehow found and was banging in raucous tune to the theme of the Executioner’s drum.

Hermione was sitting on Ron’s lap in the other corner kissing him passionately. They might have been a young couple under only the influence of love (or lust) but for the fact that Ron had mashed potato in his hair that Hermione kept rubbing in when she came up for air, a broad, happy (drunk) smile on her face.

Ginny took in the scene, wondered briefly if she was drunker then she had believed, stepped outside, stepped back in again and then wracked her brains for what was the best way to sort all three situations at once.

She decided the quickest way would be to cast sobering up charms on everyone. Harry was easy, but Draco was more difficult.

“Nuh uh, Ginny,” he chided, waving a finger and slurring somewhat. “I decided to become drunk and I’m staying drunk.” Ginny, exasperated, turned away from him- after all, a drunken Draco was a gentle, conceding Draco and he would be easy enough to get to bed.

With a delighted smirk, Ginny quickly performed the charm on Hermione and Ron and watched with glee as they sprung apart.

“Oh my God!” shrieked Hermione.

“It’s okay!” shouted Ron, a bright shade of red. “We were drunk! It’s okay… let’s just go back to the Common Room, okay?”

Hermione nodded dismally, a fine pink dusting her cheeks.

With the trio gone, Ginny gently took Draco’s hand and the couple went back to the Slytherin Common Room, where Ginny went into the bathroom to change. She found Draco fully dressed lying spread-eagled on the bed. Blushing a little at the idea of changing him, Ginny tucked him in his clothes under the blankets, before sliding under herself.

The wine making her even more tired than usual, she closed her eyes quickly.

Yes, she decided as sleep claimed her. Tonight was definitely… fabulous!


In the Gryffindor Common Room, Harry had tottered up to bed but Ron and Hermione remained downstairs, taking awkward glances at each other.

“Ron?” Hermione squeaked finally. “I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“You were drunk, Hermione,” he shrugged. “We were drunk. No big deal.”

“It - it wasn’t a big deal?” she whispered sadly. Ron stood up and went in front of her.

“Did you want it to be a big deal, Hermione?”

She stood up indignantly only to find that they were far too close. She closed her eyes, took a breath and made the plunge. “Yes,” she mumbled.

His face cracked into a wide smile. “Well then,” he laughed. “Come here, sweet!” She looked up, surprised and Ron kissed her. As her arms snaked around his neck, she wondered if there had ever been a more perfect night. Her parents had always warned her against alcohol, but when push came to shove…

Well, she found red wine made her a hell of a lot happier.


Draco was woken up by someone persistently shaking his shoulders. He groaned as the person increased his splitting headache.

“Come on Draco,” laughed Ginny. “Time to practice dueling.”

“Ginny,” he croaked. “I have got the worst hangover in the world. Leave me here to die.”

Again the laugh. “It’s your fault,” she sniggered. “You wouldn’t let me perform the sobering up charm.” She muttered some words and the pain was gone. “There. Now come on.”

“Alright, alright… I’m getting dressed.”

He stood up and gazed bemusedly down. “I’m already dressed,” he mumbled.

Ginny quickly cast what was commonly known as a ‘spruce-up’ charm and the creases disappeared. He frowned at her, telling her he liked the ‘slobby’ look. She laughed and grabbed his arm, leading him up to the Room of Requirement.

The atmosphere was very relaxed this time. Hermione and Ron were in a world of their own, and somehow Harry had convinced Luna to skip school so she was here too. Ginny and Draco decided to have a little ‘conversation’ by themselves away.

The couples had finally gone back to the middle of the room at midday, and Harry had cleared his throat, deciding to tell them what spells they needed to work on.

And that was when the screaming started.


They moved as one to the window and saw the black masks mingling with the students out there for Herbology or Care of Magical Creatures. They stood stunned for a moment as more teachers ran out to help, as well as students; to fight or flee. Harry was the first to come to his senses - he pushed Luna out of the room, promising to meet her down there and with a loud crack Apparated.

Ron and Hermione with a frightened glance followed him, and it was only Draco and Ginny left. “I love you,” they said in unison and then with a tiny scared smile there were two loud cracks, and the room was empty.


Ginny appeared some meters from Draco but she quickly went to his side and as one they strode forward, wand out. She saw Harry fighting someone to the left and Hermione and Ron side by side to the right. She saw Luna Lovegood with her dreamy expression gone, leaving a hard face - pure will and ruthlessness. She saw Blaise Zabini running in the direction of the Forbidden Forest. She saw Dumbledore, his long white hair making him easily distinguishable, dueling someone ahead of her. As she watched, reinforcements for both sides arrived – the Order Apparating onto the grounds and Death Eaters appearing with a flash of blue; she guessed it was a new spell.

And the noise. She heard children screaming and the shouts and cold laughter of Death Eaters. She heard spells cracking and the agonizing death screams – already people were dead. The thought of death wandered vaguely across her mind. And then she heard Draco yelling her name and she ducked just in time to miss the green shot of light. She straightened and met the cruel eyes of a laughing Death Eater, and realised that she had almost been killed.

Rage took over her, and before she could stop and think she screamed “ADVADA KEDAVRA!” The Death Eater fell to the ground; no longer laughing and Ginny felt her insides heave. But Draco had grabbed her hand and tugged her forward and she had to swallow the bile rising in her throat and continue.

They tried at first to keep the shield around them at all times, but quickly they realised that it was too hard to have to keep lowering it to curse Death Eaters and then raise it again and it was using their energy up so they lowered it for once and for all and relied upon their wits. The Death Eaters did not fight only with wands; they had swords and daggers with them which they used mercilessly. Ginny stepped over countless student bodies, wide blank eyes staring up at her and every time her tears fell harder. She wiped them away angrily; they were obstructing her vision.

A Death Eater once sliced at her with a sword, ripping her robes open, cutting through her t-shirt so that it hung loosely on her, her shoulders the only thing stopping it from falling off completely. Draco had cursed the Death Eater before he could do any real harm but she was bleeding from a long gash just above her bra.

Ginny did not kill anyone again. Instead she used the Imperius charm as much as she could, sending them to the Forbidden Forest and bidding them to hide themselves until the battle was over, where they should return to her. She did not add that they were returning to death, or a life sentence in Azkaban.

After she had been fighting for some ten minutes she remembered something. Raising her wand, she shouted at her attacker: “EXPECTO FORTITUDE VALITURUS PATRONUM!” Just as Dumbledore had told her it would, the silver wolf jumped out of the tip of her wand and snarling, hurled itself into the fray.

As if on cue, the rest of the DA plus Draco and several teachers repeated the incantation and silver Patronus’s came leaping out of the wand. While some charged immediately into battle, others, like Hermione’s otter and Professor Sprout’s gentle mare went to find their respective magical people.

Her wolf and Draco’s Thestral leading ahead of them, the pair fought until Ginny’s breath came hard and fast. She was grateful for the cold weather; it froze the sweat on her, stopping it from dripping into her eyes. She lost count of the times Draco saved her or vise versa, and to her shame lost count of the bodies she had seen. She tried frantically to remember every face; they deserved to be remembered.

There was a sudden familiar scream, one that stood out to Ginny. She turned her head sharply and with a cry, cast the shield around her, running to the side of a freshly fallen body. Draco was at her side in moments, holding her tight, trying to turn her face away from the blank, staring eyes of Tara Elliot.

“No, no!” Ginny wailed. “Please no!”

Draco pulled her up fiercely. “Ginny!” he yelled, shouting above the noise of the fight. “I love you - but I can’t let you do this now! You have to go on! You must mourn later!”

Ginny turned painful eyes up to him. “Mourn,” she whispered, her breath coming shallowly. “Later.”

“Yes - come on Ginny!”

And so Ginny, with the strange feeling that a part of her had died re-entered the fight, pushing aside the warm, happy memories of Tara Elliot that threatened to overpower her… for now.

The battle increased with renewed fervor. Now, so many familiar faces were falling: Professor McGonagall, Dean Thomas, Sally-Anne Perks… Ginny’s lips were bleeding from her biting them but again and again she pushed aside all feeling, until all that was left in Ginny’s eyes was rage and a courage to go on…

She felt herself being abruptly pushed to the ground, and twisting her head painfully around she caught sight of another jet of green light flying over her. The muddy, bloody face of Harry Potter smiled grimly down at her. “Hold in there, Gin,” he whispered as he allowed her to stand again, and his voice was raw with pain and emotion.

Draco was dueling a Death Eater and Ginny rushed to his side; together, the pair defeated him again, and another Death Eater fell.

“He’s dead,” she choked. “We… killed him.”

Draco’s face was twisted with guilt and sorrow. “We didn’t mean to,” he cried. “We have to go on!”

Ginny nodded, tears pouring down her face. Two deaths! Cried her mind. How many more will I have on my conscience by the end of the battle?

The Death Eaters were gaining control of the battle, and now there were no first years left; save the few who had managed to flee, they were all dead. Ginny’s face contorted with pain and rage as she stepped over the countless bodies and she vowed that the Death Eaters would pay - but for every one she eliminated from the battle; whether by knocking them out or using the Imperius curse – or in the rare case, killing them – they killed another two students.

Ginny crumpled to the ground and Draco was instantly next to her. “What’s wrong?” he croaked. “Where are you hurt?”

Ginny turned her tear-stained, bloody, dirty face up to him. “I can’t do it anymore Draco! I can’t fight!”

He took her in his arms, casting the shield around them and trying to find words to tell her she had to continue fighting. How could he tell her to fight to the death? He wondered despairingly. He didn’t want to fight either. They were only kids, he told himself over and over again.

Suddenly there was a cry that went over the whole battle and for a moment the fighting ceased. Ginny and Draco looked up and there, wheeling overhead against the white sky in a blaze of crimson glory a Phoenix flew.

“Fawkes,” Ginny whispered, and she looked around and saw many of her friends and teachers crouched as she was, despairing, giving up hope. Yet the call of Fawkes sent courage and faith rushing into her heart and she felt as if she were bathed in warmth – and she staggered to her feet.

Fawkes’s song was suddenly joined by a long, clear note; a bugle. Ginny’s face broke into a smile as she saw on the outskirts of the Forest a great army of centaurs, holding swords and staffs; their own version of wands. As she watched the Patronuses cantered and ran and leapt to their side- and lo! Out of the lake the water was heaving and for the first time in Hogwarts History, the head, body and arms of the Giant Squid that had dwelt so long in the murky depths emerged, and at its side were mermen holding their own weapons. The Squid swam to the sides of the lake, and the army of centaurs and Patronuses charged.

And thus the odds of the battle turned and with renewed spirit the side of Light fought on. The squid hurled countless Death Eaters into the lake, reaching with its long arms from the bank and there they drowned or the mermen took them as hostage.

Ginny and Draco too fought with a never before known strength and vigor, and Ginny did not stop to think and mourn or fear; until she came face to face with a tall proud figure masked in a black cloak.

“Ginevra Weasley,” hissed the voice. “How pleasant to meet you again.”

Ginny felt shudders crawl up her spine as she averted her eyes from Lord Voldemort. She saw Draco shivering beside her, and then suddenly Harry was standing next to her.

“The odds are turning, Voldemort!” he shouted in a clear, strong voice. “You cannot win!”

“Ah, Harry Potter,” hissed the evil man. “You are mistaken for I cannot die.”

“Don’t you know the prophecy, Voldemort?” Harry yelled with more bravado than he felt. “None can live while the other survives! One of us has to die!”

“Yes,” cackled Voldemort. “Yes! Prepare to die Harry! ADVADA K-”

“STUPEFY!” bellowed Draco, and to Ginny’s delight the Dark Lord was forced to duck to miss the spell. “Listen to me Potter,” Draco whispered urgently while Voldemort regained his balance. “Go into his mind. Invade that way! Me ‘n Ginny will hold him off. Hurry!”

Harry looking extremely pale nodded and Draco without thinking hurled another curse at the leader. Ginny and Draco kept performing spell after spell while Harry cast a shield around himself and prepared to invade Voldemort’s mind. Ginny snuck a glance at him after a while and she realised that judging from the blank expression on his face he had succeeded.

Voldemort let out a screech of pain and dropped his wand, clawing at his head with his hands. Ginny and Draco smiled triumphantly and watched with wands raised as Harry attacked Voldemort again and again.

There was suddenly a burst of white light, and Voldemort shattered into a million flames, Harry withdrawing just in time. The snow put out the fire and for a moment there was complete silence as the wizarding world realised that Voldemort was gone – forever.

Then the shouts began again as many Death Eaters fled and some stayed to fight. Ginny was hugging Draco so tight, tears of sorrow and victory pouring down her face; and so she felt his body arch backwards – she heard his sharp breath - and she fell backwards with him too.

He lay on the ground with a little blood trickling out of his mouth. “Draco!” she cried. “Draco!”

“Ginny,” he whispered urgently. “Listen to me. I love you. I love you more than anything in the world.”

“What are you talking about?” she cried. “Draco, it’s going to be okay! We’ve won – he’s gone, he’s gone forever!”

“Ginny,” he murmured, voice so quiet that Ginny had to lean forward to hear him. “Ginny, it’s over for me.”

“No,” she sobbed. “No, please no! I’m going to save you!”

His face twisted painfully into a smile. “Let me go.”

“Never,” she cried. “Never!”

“Ginevra,” he said hoarsely. “Don’t I get… a goodbye kiss?”

Her whole body was shaking, but she leaned forward and placed her lips gently against his. He scarcely moved, but his breath came lightly and she could taste the saltiness of his blood. She felt his chest heave once more…

And then he was gone.

Ginevra Weasley did not see Hermione Granger fall, one of the last fatalities of the war. She did not hear the agonized cries of sorrow and victory. She did not know that the last Death Eaters were dead or captive.

All she knew was the unfairness and the terrible heartache that threatened to overcome her and the sad, wasted life of Draco Malfoy.

Authors Note: Please, please don't hate me. I cried my eyes out writing this part, and it hurt me much more! (My Draco! My poor baby!) It had to be done though; I knew from the beginning that he would die.

One chapter and the epilogue to go!

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