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“Welcome home honey.” Her dad said opening the door to her mother and Hermione. Her and her mother had just gotten home from King’s Cross. The train ride home was boring and longer then ever since Harry hadn’t been there. She was silent the whole time looking out the window as Ginny, Ron, Luna, and Neville watched on.

“Hermione are you alright?” Ron asked.

“Yeah I’m fine.” Was all she said. She didn’t feel like talking. She missed having Harry with her.

"Dad!" She squealed. "I'm so happy you're finally better!" She hugged him tightly. "I love you so much." She smiled at the both of them and then they watched her walk up the stairs with her trunk in tow. She stayed silent most of the first week before Christmas. She was happy her dad was back, but the excitment drew down as she started thinking about Harry. During dinner one night an owl flew in carrying a letter.

“Who’s it from dear?” Her mum asked.

“It’s from Dumbledore.” Hermione said taking the letter off the owl’s leg. She opened it in a hurry and read it silently. “HE’S AWAKE!” Hermione shrieked with joy, jumping up from her seat and flinging her arms into the air. Her dad grabbed the letter from her hand and read it aloud.

“Dear Hermione, Harry woke up this evening. I’d like to send for you to come to Grimmauld Place. Harry will arrive there tomorrow morning. I will send someone for you at 11 tomorrow. Happy Holidays.” Her dad said.

“Can I go dad? Please? Please?” Hermione pleaded putting her hands together and kneeling next to her dad.

“Oh let her go Robert. She’ll be happier there.” Her mom said. He looked down at his daughter and smiled.

“Of course you can.” He said. She leapt up and hugged him tightly before going over to her mom and doing the same.

“Thank you! Thank you so much.” She smiled.

“Now finish your dinner.” Her mum laughed. Hermione sat down willingly. She finished her dinner, kissed her mum and dad goodnight, and then went to her room to pack. She felt bad about leaving her parents for Christmas, but they knew how important Harry was to her and had to let her go. She fell asleep later then usual due to excitement and too many thoughts running through her mind.

“Hermione!” Her mum yelled from downstairs. “Time to wake up! Breakfast is ready and it’s almost time to go!” Hermione jumped up from her bed, ran to the bathroom and changed. Then she packed the rest of her things into her trunk, dragged it downstairs, and then went to the kitchen where her mum and dad were already eating.

“We’re going to send you our presents tomorrow for Christmas.” Her dad said reading the newspaper.

“Thank you.” Hermione said. When she finished her breakfast a knock on the door sounded her ears. She dropped her fork and ran to the door. She found Lupin and Sirius was standing right outside the door.

“Are you ready?” Sirius asked.

“Yeah.” Hermione said. “Just hold on.” She said turning around to see her parents standing in the dining room doorway.

“Have fun dear, and we’ll see you in a few months.” Her mum said. “I love you.”

“I love you too mum.”

“Merry Christmas. Love you.” Her dad said hugging her. She hugged her mum next.

“Merry Christmas.” She smiled. Lupin grabbed her trunk and they left her house. She didn’t know it would be the last time. She didn’t speak the whole ride to Grimmauld Place. She was too anxious to see Harry and be with him. When they arrived, she didn’t care to grab her trunk, and ran inside.

“Where’s Harry?” She asked.

“He’s upstairs in his room.” Mrs. Weasley said coming into the room after hearing the door open and someone run in. Hermione didn’t wait around and ran upstairs. She burst into his bedroom a minute later and found him sitting up taking a potion that Professor Snape was supplying him. He smiled slightly as she arrived and she moved forward. She sat down in a chair next to his bed and waited for Snape to finish and leave.

“How are you feeling?” Hermione asked taking a hold of his hand.

“Better now that you’re here.” He smiled.

“I missed you.” Hermione said. She jumped up and hugged him tightly. “You have no idea how much.” She began crying.

“Hermione, what’s the matter?” He said pulling away from the hug and holding her face in his hands. She shook her head and looked away biting her lip. “Hermione, what happened?” He asked more forcibly.

“I can’t.” She whispered shaking her head and closing her eyes. Tears started falling and Harry wiped them away.

“Hermione, I can’t help if you don’t tell me.”

“Matt…” She whispered so that if anyone was around they couldn’t hear unless they were right next to her.

“What about Matt?” Harry said getting angry and tried getting up from the bed.

“Stop.” Hermione said pushing him back down. “I didn’t want to tell you because I knew you would act like this.”

“How else am I supposed to act?” He paused calming himself down. “What happened?”

“Hermione!” Gwen called from outside the room. Hermione quickly wiped the rest of her tears away and stood up.

“Yes?” Hermione asked as Gwen came into the room.

“Could I have a word with Harry?” Gwen asked.

“Sure.” Hermione kissed Harry quickly on the cheek. “I’ll see you later.” And she left the room.

“What did Matt do to her?” He asked as soon as he knew Hermione wasn’t around.

“Actually, that is what I wanted to talk to you about. Listen Harry; promise me you wont get too upset. And stay calm. He’s already being punished for it.”

“What did he do?” He asked angrily.

“He tried raping her Harry.” Gwen said calmly.

“That bastard! I’ll kill him!” Harry yelled for everyone to hear in the house. He started getting up and out of the bed but Gwen held him back.

“Harry, what did I tell you?”

“To stay calm.” Harry said angrily sitting back down.

“You can’t handle this right now Harry, you’re still weak and if you do anything fast, you’ll go back into a coma.” Gwen said. “You’ve got to be cool about this.”

“Okay, I get it.” Harry said irritably. “Where’s Hermione, I want to talk to her?”

“Umm well, actually I have more to say to you. Your mother…”

“What did she do?” Harry asked getting more irritated.

“Well, she knows you and Hermione have slept together. And well she had a little talk to Hermione about it.”

“Why? She’s been around for a little over a year of my life and she thinks she can talk about that stuff?”

“Harry this is your mother and she’s only watching out for you. Plus she would have talked to the both of you if you weren’t in the Hospital. Hermione took it rather badly actually. Told Lily she wasn’t Hermione’s mother. Poor girl, I feel bad too. I mean Lily is practically a total stranger to Hermione and she’s talking about it because you are her son.”

“I’m 17! I think I know how to make my own decisions. I can't wait until they talk to me.”

“I’ll send Hermione back up here with some food for you.” Gwen said. Harry didn’t say anything so Gwen left.

“Hey, I heard you downstairs.” Hermione said walking through the doorway a few minutes later. “So Gwen told you then huh?”

“Come here.” Harry said beckoning her forward. She sat his plate of food down on the table next to him and sat down on the bed next to him. He wrapped his arms around her tightly keeping her close and she snuggled up against him. “Hermione, I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to protect you.” He said.

“Don’t say sorry.” She said looking up at him. “It wasn’t your fault he tried to do what he did.”

“I should have been there.”

“Harry, stop. You can’t be everywhere at once and plus you were sick. Don’t blame yourself for his stupidity.” She caressed his cheek. “I’m just glad you’re okay.” He smiled and kissed her on the forehead.

“So what do we got here?” He said reaching over to his plate of food. “Hmm a ham sandwich, banana bread, and for dessert a piece of apple pie. Not bad.”

“So they’re feeding you solids?” She asked as he started eating the sandwich.

“Well I refused to eat from a straw. Plus I can handle it, I’m all better.” He winked.

“Good, you’re going to need your strength.” She smiled sweetly. On that thought, Harry remembered Gwen said his mum talked to Hermione.

“So, I heard my mum talked to you?”

“Oh please, don’t even start on that topic. That day was just horrible.” Hermione said leaning back down on the pillow.

“It couldn’t have been that bad.” Harry laughed.

“It was! She was lecturing me about it when you were in the Hospital wing. I mean come on. I have my own mother thank you.”

“She’s just trying to look out for you.”

“I know, and I shouldn’t have been rude about it. But I was going through a lot at the moment. I do appreciate that she cares. It’s just, why then? Why couldn’t she have waited until you were there?”

“Umm well, I think they want to talk to me alone.”


“Well I’m the guy, I control these things.” He laughed. “Maybe they’ll talk to us both at some point but who knows.”

“Great, I’m really looking forward to it.” Hermione grunted.

“Aren’t you?” Harry laughed. “I am. I can’t wait to see how my parents try to talk to me.”

“Well wont it just be your dad? I mean woman to woman and man to man?”

“Yeah, but it should be fun. Try to look on the brighter side. They’re nervous about talking to us about it. It’d be fun to try to see how they get it out.”

“You can look at it as funny but I’ll look at it as terrifying.”

“Who else was there with you?”

“Kate and Gwen.” Harry started to laugh. She looked up furiously at him. “It’s not funny.”

“I know, I’m sorry.” Harry said.

“Are you done eating?” She asked.

“Yeah, you want my banana bread? I was never fond of it.”

“What?” Hermione asked surprised. “Wow I learn something new everyday. I can’t believe you don’t like banana bread. You’re crazy.”

“Why thank you.” Harry said handing her the piece of bread and watching her eat it.

“I’ll take the plate back downstairs.” Hermione said. “You want something to drink?”

“Water, thanks.” He smiled. She got up, took the plate and kissed him before she left. “I love that woman.” He said quietly to himself.

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