"Mum! You're smothering me!" Lily giggled and fought her way out of the fluffy pink sweater her mother was attempting to get her into. Mrs. Evans frowned. "Now, Lillian, you want to look your best for this guide, even if it does turn out to be..." She bit her toungue at those last words, hoping her daughter hadn't heard them. Lily's mother had seen how much she glowed since the letter had come. And she just couldn't bear to tell Lily that there was no such thing as magic and ruin the fun, so the family was going along with it. But Lily had heard. She sighed. "Mum, don't worry, I know this probably won't be a real thing." Her face lit up again. "But if it is, that'd be way cool! Don't come another step closer!" She held up her fingers to ward of the sweater Mrs. Evans was inclosing onto her. After a few minutes of battling on what to wear, the two had half heartedly agreed on pitch black capris and a fluffy sky blue tank top with a pink heart on it. Lily hated the outfit and thought she looked like she got dressed in the dark, but she chose that over the skirt at sweater her mother was still insiting she wore. "Now! Go get ready, the guide should be here in about," she checked her watch and a look of utter disbelief came over her. "Ten minutes! Where did the time go?" Quickly, she helped braid Lily's vibrant red hair. She even agreed to let Lily put a bit of lipstick on. Of course, she overloaded and her mother had to fix it, but Lily was still happy. She was just admiring herself in the mirror and patting down her hair when there was a loud crack in the living room. Lily squealed and slipped on her sandals before running down the steps to investigate. What she saw when she got there made her scream. She continued to run until she bumped into Petunia, who glared at her. She blushed and rushed even farther down the stairs, bewildered. There, in the Evans' own living room, was the oddest sight Lily had ever seen. Her front door was torn halfway off the hinges. The doorknob had cracked off and was laying in pieces on the floor. A giant man of over eight feet was attempting to fix the door, but only breaking it more. And there, gazing at it all with a horrible expression on her face, was Lily's mother. Pale as day. Quickly, Lily rushed to pick up the pieces of the shattered door knob. She stared up at the large man, who had finally managed to fix at least three of the hinges, leaving four still damaged. In the midst of all this, she bumped into the wall. The tall man made an odd noise. Then he spoke. "Sorry 'bout that. Don't know me own strength!" He smiled down at Lily. She smiled back. Lily liked this man's smile, it was warm and inviting. But her own faded when she saw him reach for his strange umbrella and point it at the door. "Reparo!" he bellowed. In an instant, the door had fixed itself. The entire Evans family gasped in unison. Petunia and Mrs. Evans looked sick. Mr. Evans was frowing at the man. Only Lily had the tiniest bit of a smile on her face. She looked up at the man. "Amazing," she whispered. He winked at her. Then he turned to her parents and apoligized for what he had done. With forced laughs, they offered him a seat on the couch, which he happily took. Before long, Lily and the man, who's name, she learned, was Rubeus Hagrid, were deep in conversation about Hogwarts and the rest of the wizarding world. "So you're saying that witches really aren't green skinned, broom riding, evil creatures?" Hagrid looked her over. "Now, do ya look 'ike a green skinned evil creature? Nah, witches and wizards like us are just as normal as all 'em muggles out there." He winked at her, again. "We do ride brooms, 'ough. Made a whole sport outta it, in fact!" The man was just going into explination of what Quidditch was when Lily's parents stood up. Neither of them noticed until Mr. Evans cleared his throat. "Excuse me, Rubeus, but may we have a word with you in the kitchen?" "Ah, call me Hagrid. 'N sure, why not." Lily giggled at Hagrid's first and second tries of making it through the kitchen doorway. At last, on his third try, he succeeded. Since she had never been one to eavesdrop, and since she supposed they were simply going over finer details, she turned to her sister. "So, Tooney, doesn't this sound fun? Riding around on broomsticks and being able to make candy appear out of nowhere," she giggled. "I can't wait! I hope they say yes. This can't be a joke, right?: But Petunia just scowled. "That's Petunia to you, runt. And you can go and wave your magic stick any way you want, but you'll never be able to convince me to get into all that nonsense." For the first time in her life, Lily lared at her sister. Then she yelled. "You're just jealous because I'm special and you're not! You're always the best at everything and now I'm the one who's a witch and you're just a fourteen year old average girl!" The two did not exchange another word. They just sat there, glaring at each other until the three adults came back into the room. This time, Lily didn't even laugh at Hagrid's height issue. She just looked at her father expectantly, her eyes begging him to let her go. Finally, they were all seated again and he spoke. "Well, Lily, your mother and I have decided that, if you want to, you may go and persue this - er - magical oppertunity of yours." He glanced at Lily's mother, who took her turn. "We have seen proof of this school and proof of what goes on there. We have disccussed it long and hard and we believe that you will be safe there." Lily grinned. She had no problem believing that she was a witch. In fact, it helped explain all the odd things that happened whenever she was feeling a great amount of one emotion. "YES I WANT TO GO MUM! MAY I REALLY?" She couldn't hold her excitement in any longer. She grinned and faced her mom, who was nodding. "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH!" Lily ran over to hug each of her parents. Then she circled her chair, unable to sit still. Her mother laughed. "Lily, sit down, dear." Mr. Evans beamed at her and Hagrid chuckled. Petunia stared at her as if she had grown another head. Finally, Lily sat down and crossed and uncrossed her legs. She was still quivering with excitement when her father continued. "Lils, you'll be going to - er - I believe Diagon Alley, right?" Hagrid nodded. "Well then, you'll be going to Diagon Alley tomorrow with Hagrid here. However, since we find it unsafe to let you go off with a man we have just met, your mother will go along with you." The rest of the night merged into one big blur. Lily was so happy that when Hagrid left, she hugged him. He had just chuckled again. "Sweet girl ya got here, Evans." And with that, he was gone. Lily didn't even know it, but before long she was upstairs brushing her hair. Hagrid had been there for several hours, and yet Lily felt like it had only been a few minutes. She gave her hair one last stroke and lay her brush down. Then she looked up and gazed at herself in the mirror. She could picture herself as a witch. She was wearing crimson robes to match her hair, which was flowing down below her shoulders. The Lily in her thoughts was laughing at a joke someone might have said. A long thin wand was jammed carelessly in one of her pockets, and piled in the bag by her feet were books with odd names such as "World's Most Useful Potions" and "Werewolves: Friend or Fo?". Her eyes were twinkling, the green in them stood out clearer than ever. Lily blinked and it was all gone, just like that. But the image had seemed to clear, she could almost hear her soft laughter. And someone had called her name... But then the bathroom door was pushed open and Petunia walked in, coldly ignoring Lily. Lily scowled and stepped on her foot on her way out the door. Petunia let out a shriek as Lily let the door swing shut. Walking into her room, Lily slammed the door quietly. Not even a rotton sister could get to her tonight. She slowly climbed into bed and snuggled up into the soft, warm sheets. The image was still vibrant in her head. I'm gonna make a great witch, Lily thought. And with that, she fell into a deep slumber, dreaming of owls and broomsticks and dark crimson robes.

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