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Little Moments

Summary: Lily Evans was never paid heed to be the Marauders. Why should this year be any different? But there is one difference in this year; the six years are assigned to be a job shadow for two months. Lily Evans is assigned to be a Medi-witch. James falls off his broom and has to spend a few weeks in the hospital wing. Rated R for language and sex. R/R!!!

A/n: My first Lily/James story. I hope it turns out the way I want it to. I have so many ideas for it that I didn’t know which one to do. Finally I decided to explain out how Lily and James got together, of course, and why Peter Pettigrew suddenly held a grudge against the two. Just what did drive him to do what he did? I hope to explain that in this story! So sit back and enjoy!

Disclaimer: I own nothing...

Chapter Twenty-one: The Element of Surprise

I’ve decided I second guess myself way too much. It’s not normal. It’s not healthy. When I get older and I feel it’s my time to die, I may not be able to because I’ll never really be sure it is my time. Get it? So for the sake of myself when it comes time for me to die, I will be sure. From now on, it’s not shy-little-confused-Lily-Evans. It’s new-older-confident-Lily-Evans. I will be sure of myself.

I bit my bottom lip as I stared over at Remus who was currently stringing popcorn for the Christmas tree. Maybe I really shouldn’t have gotten so mad at him. After all, he was just worried that things would blow up.

I’m afraid he might be right. James hasn’t spoken to me alone since that faithful night. He purposely avoids me. I maybe completely dense but I’ve noticed this. There’s no way around it. We were currently decorating the basement with Christmas stuff for the winter party.

I was un-boxing things on one side of the room, and James and Sirius decorating a small Christmas tree on the other side. Peter was helping them, sort of. He was mostly flipping through a muggle sports magazine James’s had had in one of the boxes. I hadn’t spoken much to Peter since that night either. I had no clue if he some how found out or what had happened, but he seemed to be avoiding me too.

Sirius was basically the only one willing to be around me without someone else present. I felt like a discarded sweater that everyone else thought was out of style except the one person who keeps wearing it.

I pulled out two cute little Bears with red Christmas hats and signs reading ‘The First Noël’ from the box and placed them on a small coffee table James had set up earlier. Apparently this wasn’t going to be your typical teen party.

I sighed and pulled out the last figuring from the box. It was a ballerina dressed in Christmas colors with presents at her feet. It was beautiful. I sat it down and soon forgot it.

I walked slowly across the room towards James and Sirius, “I finished unpacking those boxes.”

“Um...ok...Thanks. You can do whatever.” James said without looking me in the eye. I looked to Sirius but he was busy with the Christmas lights.

“I, uh, I guess I’ll just go take a shower then.” I mumbled and walked up the stairs. I winced as soon as I saw the kitchen. We had eaten breakfast and then deserted the dishes in the sink. I walked to the fridge and got a glass of water before promising myself I would clean before Harriet and Frank got home. After all, nothing’s worse on a mother who works than having a hard time then coming home to a wrecked house. It was the least I could do.

After drinking the rest of my water I ran up the stairs. As soon as I rounded the corner a pair of arms wrapped around me and a body pushed me against the wall. Just as I was about to scream a hand came over my mouth.

I let out a deep breath when I saw it was only James. Of course, that breath only got stuck again after he leaned in closer to my face. His mouth was near my ear when he whispered, “You’re such a tease, and what makes it so sexy is you don’t even know it.”

Before I could respond his mouth had taken over mine. He pushed me harder against the wall deepening the kiss. I let myself melt into him embarrassingly forgetting everything else. I just concentrated on the way his tongue moved a cross my mouth making me move mine against his. I had forgotten exactly how great this truly felt, but something told me James didn’t mind reminding me.

He broke apart and grinned at me. I fell back down to earth my thoughts climbing back into my mind, “How exactly am I a tease?”

If possible James’s grin grew bigger, “Come on, Lily...” He pulled back letting my body breath a little better.

“I guess I’ll just go take a shower.” James said mocking me. He made the word shower sound so dirty.

I resisted laughing at his impersonation, “How is that teasing?”

He raised an eyebrow, “What do you exactly think went through my mind when you said that?”

I blushed deeply, “Oh.”

He frowned as if thinking about something.

“What’s the mat-” He cut me off by bring his mouth down to mine. I closed my eyes while letting his lips run across my smile. Was it such a hard decision kiss me?

His lips moved down to my chin proceeding downward. I tilted my head back letting him continue his work. I frowned ‘Was that a bell ringing?’

“James?” I gasped as his nibbled slightly under my ear.

“Lily.” He whispered licking where he bit.

I moaned lightly as his mouth was attached once again to my neck, “No...James....I think...” I took in a deep breath, “someone’s at the door.”

James broke away and looked down at me. His lips were red and his hair was sticking up more than normal. He looked at me longingly before going kissing my lips again.

I pushed him back and grinned, “James... The door.”

“Sirius will get it.” He tried to kiss me again but I dodged it.

“Don’t you think he would have got it by now?”

He growled, “Fine, but you just....stay there....don’t move.” He disappeared before I could answer him.

My mind began to race once again. Trying to remember every little thing that just happened. This was definitely turning out to be an eventful winter break. If someone had told me five months ago that I would make out with James Potter a few days after Christmas...I would have reported them to the Hospital Wing for a mental evaluation.

I sighed, a grin playing at my lips. Every thing James did was so random and perfect. I can see how he gets all the girls. I bit my lip. I couldn’t help but wonder if Sirius was as good as James. I doubt it, but who really cares when you just experienced what I did?!

The smile fell off my face as I remembered my fight with Remus. How could he say James was only playing with me? James had to have felt what I just felt.

I paced back in forth for another five minutes before getting impatient. My brain was working way too hard. Where exactly was James? I walked half way down the stairs before I got my answer.

“James, love, you’re looking very good these days, and it has been such a long time, hasn’t it?”

“Too long, Maggie.” I could hear the amusement in his voice. He wasn’t lying. I walked a little farther down and caught a glimpse of the girl talking to the boys. She was a tall brunette, with a pencil size waist and boobs that held all the fat on her body. My jaw clenched as she wrapped her arms around James giving him a hug. How dare her hug him!

What am I doing?! I’ve never even met her. She just might be a decent girl. I have to give her the benefit of a doubt. I looked down at my pajamas. I just can’t do it with out getting a shower first. I turned to sneak back up the stairs.

“Evans!” Sirius yelled catching sight of me. Damn him. “Come meet, our gem! Maggie!”

I turned back around, plastered a fake smile on my lips, and made my way over to them, “Hello. I’m Lily Evans.”

She gave me an amused look, “Nice outfit, Lily Evans. Did you get it at the thrift store?”

Sirius chuckled and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, “Stop teasing, Maggie. Evans was taking a shower, but apparently something stopped her.” He raised an eyebrow knowing way too much to keep me from being embarrassed.

Maggie still wore the same amusing look that gave a feeling that she was making fun of me, “Well, by all means, don’t let me stop you.”

I looked at James again and resisted an urge to sigh. His eyes were avoiding mine again. I turned slowly and walked back up the stairs not saying a word to anyone. Talk about teasing.....


I finished my showering, got dressed, and made sure I looked my best in the outfit Remus had picked out for me less than a week ago. I dried my hair and made sure it was shining from every angle. This was the first time in my life I ever really cared about my looks. I shook my head feeling myself change into something I wasn’t, but I still felt the need to go down stairs like this.

When I reached the last step I noticed Maggie sitting right next to James with her hand on his knee. I bit my lip to keep from screaming.

“Lily!” Peter called out, “Sit next to me.” He patted the loveseat’s cushion.

I glanced at James seeing him watch me closely. I placed on another fake smile, “I’d love to, Peter.” Everyone went quiet watching me closely. I could tell they noticed the make up I was wearing. I crossed my legs, “Don’t let me stop the conversation. Keep going.” I said with a wave of my hand.

Sirius coughed, “Uh...yeah...Maggie, you, uh, you were just telling us why,” He frowned still trying to figure things out, “why you are here.”

I watched her smile and hold on to James’s hand. He didn’t pull away. “Well, it is getting close to the annual Winter Bash, and I had yet to receive my invitation.” She pouted her lips which held way too much red lip stick. “Of course, I had to stop in and see why.”

“I didn’t think you’d want to come.” James mumbled shifting slightly.

She laughed lightly, “Of course, I wanted to come! I come every year to see my boys.” She tried to hide her wink at James, but I saw it. My stomach turned over. Something wasn’t right about this.

“Now,” Maggie stood up still holding on my James’s hand, “Who’s gonna show me to my room?” I guess James will considering the way he followed her up the stairs. Peter followed too with her bags.

“You’ll have to share with Evans.” I heard him mumble. I growled. Great, I have to live with her for the next few days.

“What’s the matter, Evans? You look, dare I say, jealous of our Maggie.” Sirius asked sitting next to me.

I clenched my jaw, “Shut up, Black. I’m not jealous.”

Sirius grinned, “Well, you should be. Maggie and James go way back.”

I glared at him, “You always know how to make me feel better.”

“I’m just telling you the truth! Maggie is the only girl who has ever broken James’s heart.” Sirius placed a hand on my shoulder, but I shrugged it off, “He was sick for weeks this summer after she broke up with him. She claimed ‘They were just too different.’ In other words, her mom and my mom were good friends.”

I frowned in confusion, “What?”

“You know my parents don’t like muggle-borns.” He mumbled, “Well, neither does Maggie’s. Her mom didn’t want her seeing James since his family was friends with tons of muggles.”

James came down the stairs with Peter following close behind. “She stood up to her parents, like you, Sirius. She got kicked out, and is now living with her aunt. She may start Hogwarts next year.”

Sirius smiled, “Great. Lily and Maggie are going to be great friends.” Did I detected sarcasm?

James’s smile grew, “Yeah! They are!” He looked at me and grinned more, “You are!” I forced a small smile. I sure hope so.

A/n: Wow, this chapter was posted rather quickly, huh? What can I say? I went on a writing spree. So, do you like my new character, Maggie? She’s kind of mean, isn’t she? I think it’s in her blood or something. Anyways, Thanks for reading!! I love getting those reviews and EMAILS! Those are great ^_^

Thanks for the reviews!!!!!!!

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