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September 1st, 2005

Today I went back to Hogwarts. It was the same as always. I sat with Harry, Ron and Hermionie, but if you walked into our compartment you couldn’t really tell if I was there. I mean, the most they said to me was,

“Luna, do you have any extra chocolate frogs?”

I don’t mind that much anymore really, I’ve gotten used to it over the years and besides, I don’t like talking to people that much either. It clutters up the silence when you could be thinking about more important things like the new epidemic of pygmy pox, which makes you shrink to one foot with fur all over you, or whether the train is infested with green horn gabblers, that steal your left shoe and spray water in your face, or that perhaps, you might be Harry Potter’s sister? Yes, that thought occupies my mind most often nowadays since I found out last year in Dumbledore’s office.


“Luna, I have some very important matters that I must discuss with you before this war gets any more dangerous. You have to remember though that whatever we say here must never, leave the room or there will be severe penalties beyond which no wizard could ever imagine. Do you understand?” He said while peering at me over his half-moon shaped spectacles. I nodded my head, dazed and confused while he continued to speak.

“Do you know who your parents are Luna?” Dumbledore asked.

“Yes…I’ve lived with them my entire life except for my mother since she, um, passed away. Why are you asking me this? Does this have to do with the new epidemic of pygmy pox? Or is one of my parents a shornsagger smurf?” I replied puzzled.

“No, not exactly,” he said while attempting to hide a smirk. Did he think I was joking? “Your parents were, or are, your adoptive parents, Luna.”

“What?” I replied. This man must have a gift for making people confused.

“Your father died before you were born, and then your mother shortly after you came. Do you know their names?” He asked again while expecting me to know the answer. Did he think I was a seer? Or did he enjoy the puzzled look on my face? Why does he ask so many questions? I shook my head and he continued.

“Your mother’s name was Amelia Dufoix. She was the French ambassador for the ministry. And then your father-“ he paused for effect, “and your father is James Potter. Your real name—before the adoption was Rosemary,” Dumbledore smiled as he said this name, almost as if he knew yet another secret about my past, “just like your great-great-great grandmother.”

“What? I don’t even look like Harry! My dad is the founder of the quibbler! I don’t have James Potter as a dad! And why do you know my great-great-great grandmother?“ I replied back even more confused. Has this man gone insane? Has he always been this way? I don’t even look like Harry! What could he be talking about?

“Here, let me show you.” Dumbledore said while taking a glass vile filled with silvery liquid in his hand and pouring it into a small round bowl filled with what seemed to be water. Then he motioned for me to follow him…into the bowl? I plunged my hand in and suddenly felt myself rush through the bowl and land on a crowded street in what seemed to be France. I looked around and saw Dumbledore standing next to me.
Then I saw my mom; she was tall and skinny with thick honey-blonde hair, strange bug-like eyes and a large chest, which seemed to be her only redeeming feature. She reminded me of Gilderoy Lockhart, Professor McGonagall and Professor Trelawney, but you couldn’t really tell what she looked like due to the large amount of makeup on her face. I swear, if she just had a red nose, she would’ve looked like one of those muggle clowns. Dumbledore motioned for me to follow her.

Soon, she ended up at a large building with the words “L’hôtel de Paris (The Hotel of Paris)” written on the front. She stood there waiting, until a man came up. He had jet-black hair (that seemed to be messed up no matter what he did to it); green eyes…and he strangely resembled Harry Potter…The Boy-Who-lived! I glanced back at Dumbledore but he just smiled and motioned for me to keep watching.

Suddenly, without warning, the strangest thing happened…they pulled into a tight embrace! This couldn’t be my mother…it would probably be one of James’ past girlfriends. What was going on? Why would Dumbledore show me this? Then I saw them disappear into the hotel. I cautiously followed them. I stared, amazed that they hadn’t noticed me already. I practically stood right next to them, almost to the point where I could breathe down their necks. Was I invisible?

I didn’t understand it though. If I was Harry’s sister then why didn’t Voldemort come after me? Why was I saved? Didn’t he know about me? My thoughts were suddenly interrupted when I heard a door slam and my mother’s angry words.

“You’re married?! And your wife is having a baby! What is your problem James? Why can’t you keep your stupid hands on your own woman James?” She shouted at him while saying his name as though it was some horrible poison.

“Amelia, darling, you see-“James tried to explain, but was cut off by a sharp slap to the face.

“Don’t you ever come back here! Do you understand me, you selfish, sick minded, creature?! I hope you’re a horrible father! Good bye James!” she shouted back while angrily slamming the door. As suddenly as the scene had come on, it soon became replaced with another one of my mother clutching her stomach and holding the Daily Prophet with shaky hands while her soggy face resembled a sponge soaked in tears.

“James,” she whispered so soft you almost had to stand next to her mouth to hear anything, “James, why did you do this to me? Why did you give me this? Why did you have to leave,” This time however, there was no poison, just sorrow, compassion and sorrow, “Why did I do this to you? I never meant it James! I never meant it!”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to go home. As if he read my mind, we were back in Dumbledore’s office, yet again. Why did I need to know this? Why couldn’t I just stay Luna Lovegood? The crazy girl who read The Quibbler? Dumbledore cleared his throat and began to speak.

“Luna, do you know why I showed this to you?” Afraid to speak, lest I flood his office with my blabbering I shook my head. He continued,

“Luna, until a couple of days ago, there were only two people that knew about you. Your late mother and I, but now, the most dangerous wizard in the world knows about you. Luna, listen to me, your life is in grave danger. But I have kept you too long. I suggest you go down to your common room and get your things ready, but remember-no one must know. Remember that, Luna, you must remember that.” Dumbledore warned while motioning me out of his office. His eyes still stood, transfixed upon me. I then replied with great difficulty,

“Of course Professor Dumbledore, I won’t tell a soul.”

I left his office, in tears. How could I be crying? Anyone would be overjoyed to find out that they were a relation to the famous “boy-who-lived,” but then again, who would want to be hunted like a wolf every day of their life, and live in fear that those closest to them could suddenly perish without a trace. I told Professor Dumbledore that I wouldn’t tell a soul, but could even I, a mere witch, keep her promise?


Suddenly I jolted back to reality by Harry’s voice.

“Luna,” he said, “Luna, are you okay? You seemed kind of dazed.”

“Yeah, I’m okay. I was just…thinking.” I replied.

“About what?”

“My parents.”

“Do you miss them?”

“More than you could ever know.”

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