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AYAH! Sorry about the freakishly long delay... it was innapropriate of me as an author to leave my readers for such a long amount of time without any warning.

I had soooooo much stuff to do this summer and I had no time to update

sorry once again but this WILL be finished by the end of september.... hopefully

happy reading

For the prank on Crabbe and Goyle- the two gorillas- all they needed was help from Fred and George. Help came immediately- in the form of the actual Fred and George. "Brilliant" Harry whispered when the twins showed up on the outskirts of the Forbidden forest in the dark of night with a bag of their inventions.

Cue the music.

Food. That was the main ingredient for this prank. This was so simple it was sad.

As Ron and Harry sketched up some plans, Hermione was already thinking about the Pansy prank. The night before, the boys wanted to go to the kitchens right away but Hermione made them stay to do their homework. At around 9pm and after and hour and a half of grumbling, the 3 young Gryffindors were on their way to the kitchens under the cover of night...

and the invisibility cloak.

Harry stepped forward and tickled the pair. It began to squirm and became a green doorknob seconds later. The houselves immediately surrounded the trio and bombarded them with pampering

"Uhhh, we just need to see the Slytherin table"
"oh yes, follow Dobby Harry Potter sir"

They followed the small house elf to the table at the farthest end of the room and pulled out their bag of food....

This was gonna be good

At dinner that night they three Gryffindors made sure to get a good seat to watch the show

When Crabbbe, Goyle, and Malfoy entered the great hall, Ron could barley stop shaking with excitement. But, no matter how excited he was, he was able to get down 5 helpings of turkey. Crabbe was the first to reach out for a turkey leg. He bit it and instantly was engulfed by a cloud of glittering smoke. When he re-emerged he had the body of a bald 50 year old male... complete with a beer belly and body odor.

Goyle... who wasn’t any smarter, took a sip, more like a gulp, of pumpkin juice. Instantly every spoon within 5 feet of him flew up into the air and began to dive bomb the lad


Crabbe's future self had disappeared and was replaced by a tall skinny blonde with ugly gold highlights and fake blue eyes, he... [she?] was also wearing an orange jumpsuit

Those damn apple fritter morphers

Goyle, who had stupidly swatted at the spoons now had a swarm of custard creams dive bombing him, he looked like a canary

Damn those canary creams

Once the show was ''over'' the two gorillas got up and made their way to the door. Once they passed the Gryffindor table, Hermione magically magnified her voice and boomed out in a creepy singsong voice
"Not the brightest crayons in the box now are we lads?
But we can change that

The room went black and their were a few screams, Harry and Ron aimed their spells at the two terrified Slytherins and when the lights turned back on they were still glued to the spot with fright, but they were both neon colored [Goyle was neon green and Crabbe was neon orange]

They bolted out the door

Poor kids

But there were still 3 days left in that potion and there was no time to relax. For planning must be attended to

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