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disclaimer: i only own the plot...and i guess the owl...but, yeah... An hour later, Lily was drying her hair after her shower and was picking out her clothes for the day. Not knowing what else James had planned, she pulled on a pair of jeans and a bottle-green sweater. Her bouncy, red curls swinging as she went out to the common room to wait for James, Lily smiled at how glad she was that she had given him a chance. A few minutes later, however, she retracted this thought as James came up behind her and caught her in a huge bear hug. The problem with this was that he was still dripping wet from his shower. Gasping and trying to jump away from him, Lily screamed, “James! You’re getting me completely wet!” Grinning back at her cheekily, James laughed, “well, yeah, that was the point.” Lily tried to glare at him fiercely, however she quickly averted her eyes in embarrassment. Seeing as James had just gotten out of the shower, he was wet, at least what she could see of him that was not hidden by the towel at his waist was wet. To say the least, this was quite the eyeful. As she and her friends had joked about on the train at the beginning of the year, quidditch, indeed, did the body good. She could feel her cheeks burning as he stared at her inquisitively. Sensing her embarrassment, James walked towards her and bent until he was at eye level with her. Tilting her chin up until she was forced to look him in the eye, he raised his eyebrows. “And you better stop being so embarrassed and get used to this because you’re going to be seeing a lot more of it.” Unable to do anything else, Lily rolled her eyes as a grin escaped her lips. Smiling at his success, James turned to go to his room, shaking his behind in a kind of jig as he did so, which caused Lily to burst out in giggles as she pointed her wand at herself to cast a drying spell. * * * James strutted from his room a few moments later, his hands held behind his back. “So, do tell me again, what was your favorite book growing up?” Though eyeing him suspiciously, she made room for him on the couch. “Hmm, well... a few years ago, I would have definitely gone with Jane Eyre, now, however, I’m rather taken with Great Expectations. No– Little Wom– oh, no, The Scarlet Letter... hmm, no, I liked that other one better...” Lily’s eyes had taken on a reverential glaze as she remembered some of her favorite reads. Shaking from this, she turned to him. “Why do you ask?” Grinning triumphantly, James pulled a package out from behind him and handed it to her, taking a seat. Turning the heavy package over in her hands, Lily began to slowly remove the outer coverings. Every so often, she would steal a glance at James, trying to catch his mood. When at last she got to the intended surprise, she saw the markings of a packing box. Taking off the lid, Lily gasped and looked up at James in excitement. In the box lay numerous Muggle novels, the titles of which were all one’s she had mentioned to him that she had enjoyed reading over the course of the year. Carefully pulling the copy of Anne of Green Gables out, Lily beamed at James. “Where did you get these?” Shrugging and looking (for once in his life) rather humble, he responded, “I went around looking for some of them on my Christmas holidays. Got my mom to send me some of the others. This was the first one you loved, right?” he indicated the book in her hands. Biting her lip and placing the book and box on the floor, Lily leaned forward and hugged him tightly. “Yes, it is. Thank you so much, this is wonderful.” Kissing her lightly by her ear, James whispered, “you’re wonderful.” Looking at him coyly, Lily spoke again. “You do realize this scores you big points, right?” A large grin spread across his face as he leaned in and kissed her. * * * The pair spent the afternoon outside with their friends. It was a clear day, and perfect for a snowball fight. When the sun began to dip below the horizon, James pulled Lily aside and whispered that they should get going as Canoah would be there shortly with their dinner. Once back in their common room, James had locked Lily in her room and had told her she wasn’t allowed to come out until he was ready. Taking the opportunity, Lily rummaged through her closet for the dress her mother had gotten her for Christmas. With a pang of sadness, Lily stopped her search and held the dress in her hands. No Lily, she told herself firmly, closing her eyes tightly to hold the tears back. They want you to be happy. This is a happy day... think of everything James has done so far... And with that, Lily proudly put the dress on, then searched for a sweater to throw on over top. James truly had made not only this day very special but had helped her through the toughest part of her life thus far. She had been at her lowest point that night, and though she had asked him for something very special, he had known her enough to decline and hadn’t mentioned it since. For this, this was forever grateful. If she had been unsure of her feelings for him before Christmas, there was no doubt in her mind now that she loved him very much– so much, in fact, that she couldn’t imagine her life without him. With that thought in mind, Lily stared at her reflection in the mirror and attempted the impossible: the subtle art of make-up application. The task in itself was not hard, it was just the fact that it was something Lily had never put much interest in before. In the end, she felt she hadn’t failed the task too miserably, and turned her attention to her hair, something she knew a bit more about. She tried to magically straightening it, but decided on going with her natural curl. It looked more, well, natural that way. Deciding she had put in enough effort on her appearance, she took a seat on her bed and pulled out her new copy of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Smiling as she remembered the tale, she couldn’t help but wonder how much it reminded her of James and the Marauders. Startling slightly when she heard a knock on her door, Lily rose from her bed and greeted a grinning James. He, too, had changed into a more formal outfit, and looked as though he had attempted to tame his hair. Smiling at him for this, Lily allowed him to take her hand in his and pulled her out to the common room. Twirling her once to take in the full view, James whistled his approval. “If it’s possible, you look more lovely than ever. You weren’t trying to impress me, were you? Cause you really shouldn’t, I’m always amazed just by you showing up.” Grinning up at him, Lily shrugged. “So you don’t like it, then? Fine, I can just go change.” She was half-way through her door when James pulled her back eagerly. “No, don’t do that, I love it. You’ve found my weakness, happy now?” Lily laughed as she twinned her fingers in his. “You’re my weakness.” “I’ve been trying to tell you that for years, love.” James grinned widely down at her. “We can finish this little discussion later, though. Right now, we’ve got dinner plans.” With that, he stepped around beside her to reveal an intimate table for two. “How is it you know how to do everything just right?” Lily asked, allowing him to pull her chair out for her. Shrugging at her and raising an eyebrow, James took his place across from her. Raising his glass towards her, he grinned. “To us?” “To us.” Lily clinked her own glass with his. A/N: hey all! thanks yet again for the comments and reads! i know i'm being terribly slow at updating... i lost my steam but am constantly trying to work out ideas in my head to get them written down, i promise! i also lose interest in things quickly, so i'm working on other pieces, which i know is bad, but i am going to push myself to finish this for all of you people (you know who you are and i love you!) who keep giving me encouraging reviews. i'll stop nattering now and let you get on with stuff! happy reading!

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