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Sorry it has been a while since i updated... a lot of stuff has been going on and i tried to write this chapter as quick as i could... i'm sorry if it sucks... lol

Draco was walking to the Hospital Wing for the third time that day, and about the eighteenth time that week. He had been visiting Hermione as much as he could lately since she seemed to be coming back to reality. Every time he was there, a dozen roses would be in his hand incase she was awake. So far there were white roses decorating the entire left side of the Hospital Wing, Draco had to pull over three other bed side tables to hold the last few bouquets he had brought her. Today he thought that she would want something other than white, so he had a dozen of long stem red roses with him.

“Oh, Mr. Malfoy, I was wondering when the next time you would be coming was.” Madame Pomfrey was checking Hermione’s vital signs when Draco walked in. She assumed it was him since it was late at night and everyone else would be at the Great Hall for dinner.
“How is she? Awake yet? Because I brought her these roses, they are red this time, since I thought she would be tired of white and-”
“Please, Mr. Malfoy, take a breath. You have been so edgy lately, just sit and let me finish and I’ll tell you if anything is different.” Madame Pomfrey was pushing Draco away from Hermione, toward a chair a couple feet away so he wouldn’t get in the way.

Draco sat and messed with the cuffs of his Hogwarts dress shirt for awhile and assumed dinner would be over by now and Harry, Ron and Ginny would be heading to the Hospital Wing soon.
“Well Mr. Malfoy, seems like she is doing much better. How she has been asleep for this long is beyond me, she isn’t in a coma. But, anyway, I expect her to be up and looking around in a couple hours, all of her vitals have picked up. Though she will be up tonight, I suggest you head back to your dormitory and sleep for once, you look a mess dear boy.”
“I’m not leaving, atleast not yet... just another hour or so.” Draco leaving was the last thing he wanted to do. If anything, he wanted to be the first person Hermione saw when she came out of her two week long nap.

Before Madame Pomfrey could object Harry, Ginny and Ron came rushing in asking a million questions at once.
“Here we go...” Madame Pomfrey mumbled to herself. “Students please, quiet, I do have other patients in here that do not need any disturbing!” she gestured over to a closed curtain a couple beds down.
“Sorry...” The three murmured in unison.
Pomfrey walked away from Hermione’s bed with a tray full of things she was using earlier. She slowed down slightly at the closed curtains around the dark bed, but shook her head in annoyance and walked to her office.

“How is she, any change?” Ginny asked Draco without even looking at him.
“Malfoy, how the bloody hell is she?!” Ron shouted grabbing onto Draco’s collar after he hadn’t answered Ginny’s question before.
“Fine? What about fine, what kind of fine, Merlin Malfoy, details would be nice!” Ron was still clutching on Draco’s collar and was beginning to turn red for no reason.
“I said she was fine, she should be up sometime tonight.” Draco wasn’t even blinking, just staring at Hermione’s lifeless face, waiting for something to change.
“Well don’t sound so happy about it, she’s only waking up for the first time in 2 weeks, no need for a smile or anything.”
“You’re horrible with sarcasm Potter...” Draco was sitting back in his seat looking at the roses he had tossed onto a table before the three had burst into the Hospital Wing.

The four of them sat in silence for almost two hours since they were ignoring Madame Pomfrey when she would come in and try to get them out. Draco was lying on the bed next to Hermione. He felt himself getting tired, so he pulled out his wand and muttered a quick spell under his breath and stuffed it back into his robe pocket. A couple seconds later a guitar came hovering into the Hospital Wing, catching the attention of Ron in the process.
“Oy, Malfoy, why is there a guitar floating to you?”
“The guitar fancies me Weasel... what the bloody hell do you think it’s doing, I summoned it you thick headed git.” Ron sat down from pacing since he didn’t have the energy to fight with Draco.

Draco was completely ignoring the stares he was getting from Harry and Ginny while he messed with cords and simple or fast melodies he kept coming up with.
“What are you playing?” Ginny kept asking him in a soft voice when he would stop and stare at the acoustic guitar lying in his lap.
“Don’t know, just whatever...” He finally answered after about thirty minutes of playing.
“Sounds good Malfoy didn’t know you had talent for anything but being an ass.”
“I’ll take that as a compliment Potter.” Draco pulled out his wand again and closed the curtains around his bed so that they would stop talking to him. He picked up the guitar again and began strumming notes quietly, but was picking up the pace quickly. Soon he was singing to the tune he was playing.

“There's something about you now
I can't quite figure out
Everything she does is beautiful
Everything she does is right

Cause it's you and me and all of the people with nothing to do
Nothing to lose
And it's you and me and all of the people
And I don't know why, I can't keep my eyes off of you-”

Draco stop playing abruptly when he heard rustling outside the curtains he had closed earlier. He ripped them open and saw Hermione standing there on wobbly legs smiling weakly at him.
“Hermione! You have to lie back down!” Draco tossed his guitar aside and jumped from the bed. Before Hermione could object she was swept up into his arms bridal style.
“Draco, really I’m fine just put me down.” Draco did as he was told, and slowly put Hermione back on the floor.
“Okay, now go get Madame Pomfrey...” Hermione was holding onto her forehead trying to stop the dizziness swirling around her head.
“Herms, you okay?” Ron was walking slowly over to her afraid she might topple if he went any faster.
“Yeah, just really, go get Pomfrey.” Harry and Ginny ran to Madame Pomfrey’s office without thinking twice.

“Hermione!” both Draco and Ron shouted and grabbed for her as she fainted and collapsed to the floor. Both of them got her before she hit the ground though. Draco had gotten her waist and Ron was able to get an arm around Hermione’s back.
“Let her go, she has to lay down Weasel!” Draco was shoving Ron out of the way so he could lift Hermione back onto her bed.

“What happened?!” Madame Pomfrey shrieked when she saw Hermione’s limp form in Draco and Ron’s arms.
“S-She fainted, I swear!” Ron stuttered afraid he would get in trouble.
“Alright, alright, everyone out for good this time! I want no disturbances when she comes to again!” Madame Pomfrey snatched the sleeves of the two boys and dragged them to the door. “Now out!” She shoved Draco and Ron out while Harry and Ginny ambled out after them.

“What the bloody hell did you two gits do to her?!” Ginny shouted pushing Draco and Ron up against the wall behind them.
“Nothing! She just fainted when you two left to get Pomfrey!” Draco sounded confident, but was truly scared of the tiny red head’s temper.
“Really Gin, we didn’t do anything.” Ron reassured them.
“You had better hope so, or so help you Merlin, both of you will be thrown in the lake.” Ginny turned on her heels and stomped off toward the Gryffindor Common Room.
“Both of you are in serious trouble if you’re lying...” Harry warned before he left to follow Ginny.
“This was your fault Weasel.” Draco pushed Ron back up against the wall and left in the opposite direction of Harry and Ginny towards the Heads Common Room.

“Stupid Weasel, stupid Pomfrey, god damn fainting!” Draco had been mumbling the whole time he was walking to the Head Dormitory. He stopped though when he saw a crowd of professors around the portrait in front of the Head Dorm. “What’s going on here?”
“Mr. Malfoy, I was wondering when you would show up, it is past curfew you know, but none the less, its best you weren’t here.” Dumbledore stood away from the huddled teachers to talk to Draco when he noticed he was there.
“What happened? Where’s our portrait?” Draco noticed the open portrait hole with no portrait covering it.
“Gone, seems as though someone has stolen her.”
“Her? Wait, who would want a blank portrait?”
“Oh no, Mr. Malfoy, that was no blank portrait. It was just hidden, there was a woman in the blackness, and you were just unable to see her. Seems like someone in the school was able to see her though.” Dumbledore said cocking an eyebrow at Draco.
“You don’t think I stole it, do you?”
“Of course not, I can tell you have not had the chance to meet Princess Papillion.”
“Uh, I guess not... but am I allowed to go to my bedroom anyway, even though the portrait is gone?” Draco was shaking the sleep from his mind, but sleeping was the only thing he wanted to hear about right now.
“Ah yes, Sir Bartley should be put up in a couple minutes, so go right ahead and enter your common room. Oh, and Mr. Malfoy on more thing.” Dumbledore had that same twinkle in his eyes that Draco knew meant that Dumbledore had a secret.
“Yes professor?”
“Please do make sure Miss Granger stays away from harms way, it is important that nothing gets in the way of her training, it is, off limits by the way.” Dumbledore smiled lightly and turned away from Draco before any more questions were asked.
“That old git is off his rocker... ‘Off limits?’ He is truly too old for his own good... everything is ‘off limits’ to him, first the Forbidden Forest, now Hermione... soon he’s going to say blinking is off limits.” Draco quickly walked into the Head Common Room and collapsed onto the couch, he found that his bedroom was too far away tonight. He was asleep before he even hit the soft cushions.

“Draco you bastard!” Draco was watching himself and Hermione fighting in a deserted corridor, but what the hell were they fighting about?
“Oh, get over it Granger! Did you really expect all of this to last?” The dream Draco was yelling at Hermione and throwing his arms up in the air.
“No, shut up, what are you saying, you love her!” the ‘real’ Draco was yelling at his other self, but his shouts were going unheard.
“I must have been hit over the head pretty damn hard then because I truly believed when you said you loved me!” Hermione slapped the dream Draco hard on the cheek, but the odd part was that the ‘real’ Draco felt the swift slap too.
“You filthy Mudblood bitch!” the dream Draco now had Hermione pinned against the stone wall squeezing her wrists hard causing her to winced slightly in pain.
“Your fucking loss Malfoy.” Hermione was able to twist her wrists out of his grasp and push him back far enough for her to run back down the hall.

Draco saw the scene fade into white and come back into focus with Hermione in the Gryffindor Common Room crying into Ron’s chest on the sofa infront of the fire.
“Oh please let this be only a dream...” Draco muttered to himself seeing Hermione’s tear stained cheeks and hearing her choked sobs.
“Ron, I was so stupid, he never loved me...”
“Hermione don’t say that. He’s the stupid one, I mean look at you! You’re beautiful and smart and perfect in everyway and...he’s crazy not to love you.”
“Thanks Ron, but stop making things up... I knew I was stupid for believing Malfoy, there’s no possible way for that bloody git to feel anything.” Draco could feel his heart breaking in two, especially when he heard the hate in her voice when she called him by his last name.
“Hermione, please stop crying, he isn’t worth it. ‘Mione please, I can’t see you crying over that idiot, he never loved you like I do.” Ron was trying to wipe away her tears when he realized what he said to her.
“Do? Ron, what are you-” Draco’s expression fell blank when he saw Ron kissing Hermione, his Hermione.

Draco woke up in the Common Room of the Head Dorms flushed and confused.
“What the hell just happened? I have to get the hell out of here...” Draco got up from the couch and headed to the portrait hole. He didn’t know where he was going, but he definitely had to leave and get some fresh air.

Meanwhile, Hermione had woken back up in the Hospital Wing with a clouded mind. She couldn’t remember anything that had happened, she had no idea why she was in the Hospital Wing, or even how long she had been there. ‘What are all these roses doing here?’ Hermione grabbed the letter sticking out in the middle of the only bouquet of red roses in the whole room.

I got you these red roses since I thought you might be tired of me bringing you white all the time. I hope you like them. Please wake up soon, these past two weeks have been so hard without you. I just want you to come back to me, I need to see your smile and your eyes, everything about you has been gone, I need you back.
I love you so much Hermione,

“Oh Draco... I should have known these were from you...” Hermione ran her finger tips along the silky petals of the roses and inhaling the sweet scent floating around her.
“Ah, Miss Granger, I’m glad to see you finally awake.” Madame Pomfrey stepped into Hermione’s view with two more bunches of roses, but one was pink, and the other was a mix between yellow and red. “Mr. Potter and Mr. Weasley sent these to you a little less than an hour ago. They said they could not sleep and decided some more roses and color would help you out.”
“If you don’t mind me asking, but why am I in here?”
“Well Miss Granger, it seems as though you have been in a deep sleep for a little over two weeks now. Mr. Malfoy carried you here when you were having nightmares and screaming bloody murder for hours. Ever since you have been in somewhat of a sleeping state. You weren’t quite in a coma, but it was impossible to wake you.” Madame Pomfrey had proceeded in checking Hermione’s condition making sure she was alright in every way.

“When am I allowed to leave?” Hermione finally asked when Madame Pomfrey stopped checking her over about three times.
“You will be back to your head duties Monday. But for now, I want you to stay in your Common Room until then. Tomorrow is Saturday, so I’m going to allow your Hogsmeade trip, but please stay with somebody, incase you faint... or worse.”
“So I’m assuming I’ll be staying here for the night...” Hermione said in an annoyed tone.
“Yes, but first thing in the morning you can be off to the Great Hall for breakfast. I’m sure your friends will be happy to see you, plus, you haven’t eaten for two weeks, it’s not healthy dear.”
“Is there any way I would be allowed to go back to my own Dormitory right now? I mean, the sun is going to come up soon, and since I’m already awake, could I just leave now to shower?” Hermione was trying to make excuses to get out of there as soon as she possibly could so she would be able to see Draco.
“Well, I supposed... but please do be careful and take your time down the halls!” Madame Pomfrey had to shout the last part since Hermione jumped from her bed and dashed towards the Head Dorms. She felt fine, not even light headed or dizzy, so she kept running.

“Draco! Draco wake up! Where are you?! Draco?” Hermione couldn’t find him anywhere. She checked his room, her room, the bathrooms, she even ran down to the Gryffindor Common Room to see if he had gone back with Ron, Harry and Ginny. She started to get worried since he wasn’t anywhere and nobody had seen him. She headed back to her Common Room incase he had gone back.

“Does she know about it yet?” Hermione stopped in the middle of the corridor when she started to hear voices conversing down the next corridor.
“Of course she doesn’t. Why, do you expect a change before Christmas?” There was a female voice that sounded oddly familiar and a strong man’s voice that also sounded familiar.
“There is too much of a risk, we need to... weed out the problem soon. I suggest you get to it Armand, she will be better off the sooner you execute the plan. Don’t be taking your time either, I expect to see results by Monday, or sooner.” Hermione could tell the people were getting closer so she slipped quickly behind a suit of armor. She now knew that the man was Armand, but who was the woman?
“Don’t worry, I know the perfect way for her to get a jump start. And I promise she will be ready.” Armand’s voice echoed as the people turned the corner towards Hermione. She gasped slightly when she saw the woman was Arielle.
“She had better be more than ready Armand. If she isn’t willing, there will be no way to complete the prophecy. Make sure she has nothing to keep her around, we can’t take any chances, especially with that Slytherin boy.” Hermione felt her stomach do a million somersaults as the two walked away. ‘Please don’t be talking about Draco... Merlin let him be in the Great Hall!’

Hermione sprinted to the Great Hall without even changing. Everyone was staring at her when they heard the great oak doors slam loudly against the stone walls. She quickly glanced over to the Slytherin table, but saw Draco wasn’t there. ‘Oh no...’ Hermione jogged to where Ron and Harry were sitting and grabbed them both so they would look at her.
“Hermione! You’re awake!” Harry shouted and wrapped his arms around his best friend.
“You must be hungry, come on sit and eat!” Ron ushered her to a seat between him and Harry, but Hermione wouldn’t sit.
“Where’s Draco, when was the last time you saw him? It’s extremely important I find him before anyone else does.” Hermione was whispering since too many people would wonder why Hermione Granger was looking for Draco Malfoy.
“We haven’t seen him since last night when we were visiting you, what’s the rush?”
“Harry is right Herms, plus you need to eat. I’m sure he’s around here, just eat something and then go looking for him, we will even come with you. Just eat some breakfast before we do anything.”
“But, no Ron, I can’t eat,” Hermione started eyeing the food and felt her stomach grumble, “swear you are going to come with me if I eat?”
“Of course!” both of them said in unison while grabbing plates and loading them with food.

Draco had been wandering the school grounds since he had that dream, but had no idea the other students were up also. He was lying by the lake Ginny came up to him and sat down on the grass next to him.
“What are you doing?” Draco asked her slightly glancing her way.
“Just came out here to talk to you about Hermione.” Ginny said in a monotonous voice staring into the sparkling water of the lake.

Author's Note: The song Draco sang slightly was called "You and Me" by Lifehouse, hope you liked it!

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