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Little Moments

Summary: Lily Evans was never paid heed to be the Marauders. Why should this year be any different? But there is one difference in this year; the six years are assigned to be a job shadow for two months. Lily Evans is assigned to be a Medi-witch. James falls off his broom and has to spend a few weeks in the hospital wing. Rated R for language and sex. R/R!!!

A/n: My first Lily/James story. I hope it turns out the way I want it to. I have so many ideas for it that I didn’t know which one to do. Finally I decided to explain out how Lily and James got together, of course, and why Peter Pettigrew suddenly held a grudge against the two. Just what did drive him to do what he did? I hope to explain that in this story! So sit back and enjoy!

Disclaimer: I own nothing...

Chapter Twenty: Duck...Duck...Goose!

The next day I woke up in the same position as I had been in when James left the room the night before. I must have fallen asleep before I could even reposition my nightgown. I pulled the straps back over my arms and yawned loudly. I smiled remembering last night’s events, but then I frowned remembering how it ended.

Then it really hit me. James Potter had kissed me. James Potter had kissed Lily Evans. Oh God, not only kissed we practically made out! We had a snogging session. How the hell did I go from not being kissed at all to getting my first from one boy, then turning around and completely snogging with another boy? I bit my lip. I wonder how far it would have gone if Sirius hadn’t of....

A knock on the door broke my train of thought. “Uh...Uh...Just a minute!” I stood up quickly, pulled the covers back, climbed in the bed, and then pulled the covers almost all the way up. “Come in!” I yelled cheerfully.

Sirius walked in slowly a smile glued to his face, “Hello, Evans, dear, love, flower.”

I frowned, “Don’t call me a flower.” He sat down on the bed next to my feet.

“So....” He said laying his back against the wall.


“You and James were a little.....busy last night, eh?” I blushed and looked away. I knew that’s what this was about.

“I guess so....” What else was I supposed to say? ‘Oh yeah, we were really going at it.’

“I knew that night gown was a good idea. James must really like you.”

I frowned, “He never said that.”

Sirius stared at me in disbelieve, “He made out with you!”

I bit my bottom lip, “But he never really said he liked me. I might have just been a one time thing.”

Sirius shook his head and sighed, “Evans, Evans, Evans, Flower....”

I growled, “Don’t call me a flower.”

He sighed again, “Evans, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a goose...” He frowned, “I mean...if it looks like a goose and quacks like a duck...then it’s a dog?”

I raised an eyebrow, “I think you have it wrong.”

He frowned obviously thinking rather hard, “If it looks like a it acts like a goose....”

I sighed, “I think it’s ‘If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck...then it sure isn’t a dog!’ or something like that.”

He looked at me still frowning, “Are you sure? I could have sworn there was a goose in there somewhere.”

I sighed, “What was your point?”

“Oh!” He grinned, “My point was James wouldn’t do all the stuff he does if it didn’t mean something by it. You can’t keep being so dense. He’s not going to come right out and tell you.”

“Why not? Is it so hard to say?”

“For a guy, yes. He needs to know you like him first. That way there is no chance of him being rejected. And trust me, James does not handle being rejected very well at all.”

He sighed and stood up, “I’ll see you downstairs.” He grinned, “I’d ask you to walk with me, but...honestly...I don’t think Harriet would approve of you coming to breakfast in that.” He winked.

I through a pillow at his head. He caught it and tossed it to the end of the bed, “Shame, Shame, Evans.” He started out but stopped short, “Oh...are you sure there was no goose?”

I laughed, “Yes, Sirius, no goose.”

“How do you like that....No goose.” He mumbled before walking out.


I walked down the stairs rather quickly. For some reason I was really looking forward to breakfast. I was terribly hungry.

“Lily!” Peter called as I entered the breakfast nook, “Sit next to me.”

I smiled slightly noticing the seat was right in between Remus and Peter, and right a cross from James, “Ok.” I sat down and began fixing my plate.

“Where’s Frank?” I asked looking up and meeting James’s eyes.

He smiled slightly, “He, uh, He had some business to take care of today.”

“The day after Christmas? That’s a shame.” I picked up a piece of toast and smothered it with strawberry jam.

Harriet reached over me and sat a bowl of eggs on the table, “I’m afraid I’ll have to join him after I clean the kitchen. It seems a teenage girl has discovered the wizarding world. She is so upset about having to lose her memories.”

I took one last bite of my toast and sat it back down on my plate. I looked up to see James staring at me. I blushed and looked back down.

“It would be hard to lose memories. I feel sorry for her.” I heard James’s voice and I looked up to see him still staring at me.

I coughed awkwardly, “Uh, Sirius...could you hand me the orange juice, please?”

I reached over Remus to grab it and nearly dropped it. Luckily Remus caught it, “Whoa, Lily...careful.”

I looked up at him and nodded, “Sorry.” He moved his eyes to James and back to mine quickly and nodding his head slightly in his direction. I looked over at James to see him eating happily. I shrugged my shoulders and took the juice from his hands.

“We’re going to the meadows to go flying today.” Sirius said with a mouthful of eggs earning a warning from Harriet not to talk with his mouth full.

“The meadows?” I asked confused.

He nodded and started to put more eggs in his mouth. He stopped just before they reached it, “Yeah, it’s a place me and James found where we can fly freely and not worry about muggles seeing us. Now we can practice quidditch. Do you wanna come? We can take turns on the broom.”

I shook my head, “No, Thanks. I think I’ll stay here and start on one of my new books.”

“Ok. We’ll we’re leaving now. Let’s go.” He stood up signaling for all the boys to fall him. They did.

“See you later, Lily.” Peter yelled as the exited the room.

“They are quite a bunch of boys.” Harriet said as she started to take the dishes away from the table.

I nodded, “Yeah, they are.” I piled a few plates on top of each other and followed her into the kitchen. After a few more trips we had the table completely cleared.

“You dry, and I wash, ok?” She asked handing me a rag. I nodded taking it from her hand. “I would use magic, but I think this a good time for us to talk a bit. I don’t get much girl talk around here.”

I grinned, “It’s a perfect time.”

She started soaking the dishes in the soap water, “So, Lily, Do you do well in school?”

I nodded taking a cup from her hand, “I think so. I’m a prefect this year and I’m actually hoping to make Head Girl next year.”

“Oh really?” She said surprised, “I was Head Girl my 7th year,” She sighed and grinned, “It seems like such a long time ago. I’m sure things have changed a lot.” I took another dish from her hand and continued to dry it.

She watched me still smiling, “Sirius tells me you have a little crush on my son.”

I gasped and looked up. Before I knew what was happening I heard a loud crash. I had dropped the plate, “Oh, I’m sorry. I’ll fix it.” I dove down to the floor to pick of the pieces.

“Don’t worry. I’ll do it. Besides, you aren’t allowed to do magic outside Hogwarts.”

I stood up slowly, “I’m sorry.”

She fixed the plate and continued to smile, “It’s ok. And don’t worry; I know how Sirius can...stretch the true to fit what he wants it to be,” She paused, “But he did also tell me Peter had a crush on you. It sounds like you have quite a little love triangle going on.”

I frowned, “He didn’t stretch that.” I looked up at her. She was waiting on me to continue. I sighed, “Peter’s a nice boy, but he doesn’t...he doesn’t....” I paused searching for the right word.

“He doesn’t make you feel like, oh say, another boy’s do?” She smiled, “I know how it is. Frank is the only guy, other than James, who can make me love to live. He’s just so special in everyway. When we first met in 5th year I knew he was going to be the guy I married. All the other couples were constantly breaking up, but we only broke up once,” She laughed, “And it was only for half a day. He came back to me saying he never wanted to be apart again, and I agreed. And we haven’t been apart since.”

I smiled and took another dish from her hands. I was careful not to drop this one, “That’s a lovely story.”

She nodded, “Love is a wonderful thing,” She looked at me and her face turned serious, “Don’t abuse it.” I nodded an ‘ok’ and we continued to dry our dishes.


I guess it was another three hours before the boys got home. Harriet had left after the dishes were done, and I had curled up by the fire with one of my new books.

“I still say I won!” Sirius said as he walked through the front door. I glanced up at them as they all waltzed in sweaty and missing jackets.
“I clearly blocked that last goal. You have no argument.” James sat his broom in the small closet right beside the couch. I locked eyes with him from the couch and he smiled slightly.

“I have every right to argue! Everyone deserves a fair trail!” Sirius yelled sitting his broom next to James’s and taking Remus’s from his hand.

“Fine,” James replied calmly, “We’ll take a vote. Raise your hand if you think I won.” Remus, Peter, James and me all raised our hands.

Remus chuckled, “Well, I’m off to take a shower.” He exited the room.

Sirius glared at me, “You weren’t even there!”

I smiled, “I heard all the evidence. That gives me the right to vote.”

“Bloody hell it does! Besides, all the evidence you needed was it was me against James. No doubt who you’d pick there.” He mumbled before turning to the stairs, “I should’ve won. I’m in this shower after Remus.”

I laughed as soon as he was out of the room, “He’s such a sore loser.”

James nodded giving his world famous smile, “But you gotta love him.” He turned to Peter, “Come on, Pete, you can take a shower after me.”

Peter nodded and followed James up the stairs.


Remus was the first one down. He still had a towel wrapped around his neck and was wearing a white undershirt. He smiled, “Hello, Lily.”

I smiled back, “Hi.” I moved my feet so he could sit at the end of the couch. He began rubbing the towel over his head. I wrinkled my nose as water splattered on me.

“What book are you reading?” He stopped toweling his hair.

“Just one of my new ones.” I answered marking the page and closing the book.

“So....Sirius tells me you and James snogged last night.” He said as if it was casual conversation.

I gapped at him, “What? Did Sirius till everyone?!”

Remus gave me a tight semi-smile, “Everyone except Frank......and Peter.” I winced at the mention of Peter. He sounded so rough saying his name; As if I had done something wrong.

“Oh, Peter....right....” I shifted my eyes to the other side of the room.

Remus began to stretch his hands over his head and yawn loudly. “You know, Lily,” He said as he stopped yawning, “You really shouldn’t tease.”

I blinked, “What?!”

“You completely led Peter on and then went for James. His Best friend. I know you’re a witch, Lily, but I didn’t think you were a bitch too.” Ouch...

I stood up quickly a pillow in my hand, “Let’s get a few things straight, Lupin. I did not completely go for James....and if I did.....So what? He went for me too! If he is such good friends with Peter, he is just as much to blame for......what happened! The nerve of you!” I hit him with the pillow.

“Owe....Lily, stop....I’m just saying....It was so nice seeing Peter actually break away from the crowd. I mean...He’s never really had a girlfriend.”

I glared at him, “I was never his girlfriend.” I hit him again.

Remus jumped up and grabbed my wrist, “You could’ve been. You could still be. You could give Peter something he’s never had.”

I closed my eyes tightly and then slowly open them to see Remus clenching his jaw, “What do you care?”

Remus sighed and let go of my wrist, “James has had tons of girls. He has a new one every week. I think it would be better for everyone if you stuck with Peter.”

“Better for everyone.” I repeated in a harsh tone. I squinted my eyes trying to give him the biggest glare I could, “Yeah, Lupin, I can just see how great it would be for me!”

“You don’t have to be sarcastic. I was just stating my opinion.” He said sitting back down on the couch.

I resisted the urge to spit on him, “Yeah,’re opinions suck! I wish I could take back your Christmas gift.” The minute it left my mouth I realized how childish it truly sounded. God, I’m sinking low.

He frowned, “What gift?”

“The stupid werewolf book I got you! You deserve a piece of coal!” I turned and fled from the room not wanting to think how stupid I just sounded. He must think I’m worse than a two year old. Why did he have to pick such a sore topic to fight about? What I really wanted to know is why he wouldn’t be supporting James. They seemed like such a great friends.

A/n: ^_^ Sorry it took so long to get the chapter up, but school has started back and I was second guessing myself the whole time I wrote this chapter. I must have changed a million things, but it’s rather nice the way it is now, I do believe. Remus showed a new side to himself too, huh? He may be sweeter than James and Sirius, but he isn’t always sugary sweet. More L/J action in later chapters.....when I write it. If I write don’t worry I will. Thanks for all the reviews!

Thanks For the Reviews!!!!!!!

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