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Chapter 1

“Maggie! Michael! Can you hurry up and come down, you’ll miss the train!” shouted Hermione Granger-Potter from the base of the stairs.
“I’m coming mum!” sixteen- year- old Maggie Potter ran down the stairs, her curly dark-red hair bouncing with every step, and faced her mother.
“Where is your brother?” Hermione asked her daughter.
“Well, apparently his Head Boy badge is missing. I kept on telling him before to keep his badge in a safe place but would he listen? Of course, I’ve never mislaid my prefect badge.” Maggie looked up the staircase and shook her head sadly. “This happens every year.”
“Go and wait in the car, will you Maggie? I’ll go and sort out Mike.”
“Okay,” Maggie said before turning around and walking towards and out the door. She got in the silver vehicle, where she saw her father, Harry Potter in the driver’s seat.
“Don’t tell me, Michael’s lost his badge,” he said as soon as Maggie entered the car.
“You know it dad,” Maggie said, and she grinned, her emerald green eyes sparkling madly. A few moments later Hermione and Michael entered the car. Michael took a seat next to Maggie, his raven-black hair looking more ruffled as usual and Hermione took the front passenger’s seat. Hermione gave Harry a quick kiss as she came in.
“So, where did you find his badge?” Harry asked her as he started up the car.
“In his pocket,” answered Hermione. Maggie snickered. Michael glared at her.
Twenty minutes later they arrived at King’s Cross Station. Hermione and Harry helped Maggie and Michael to transfer their trunks and owls into trolleys, then they sprinted across the station to find platform 9 ¾ as they was only 3 minutes until the train left. When they found the platform, Harry and Mike went first through the barrier, then Hermione and Maggie. Maggie watched Michael hug and kiss both of her parents then she did the same. “I’ll miss you both,” she said.
“We’ll miss you too,” Harry said. “Now hurry up and get on the train before it goes off without you.”
Maggie ran to the train door. Mike helped her hoist her trunk into the train and Maggie embarked the train with her owl cage. The train started to move. Maggie and Mike went to the nearest window and waved goodbye to their parents until they were out of sight. Then Maggie followed Mike to the prefect meeting as she was prefect and Mike was Head boy. After the prefect meeting Maggie went to find her friends, which took ages. Apparently, her friends chose a compartment right at the end of the train. Maggie slid open the door. “Hi,” she said quietly. She looked around the compartment, it was quite big. “Hey!” her friend, Alice Pearson, jumped up from her seat and greeted her with a hug. When she pulled back, Maggie took a good look at Alice. She looked different. She had cut her long, brown to her shoulders and put blonde highlights in it. She also looked much tanned but still had the same bright hazel eyes which were filled with laughter.
“Hello Maggie,” said a voice behind Alice. Alice sat back down and revealed Veronica Lane. Veronica was sitting in the corner of the compartment, her short dark hair pulled back by a hair-band.
“Hello Veronica,” Maggie greeted her politely. Ever since they had an argument last year Maggie and Veronica had been very cool towards each other. It was only because Veronica was Alice's friend that they were still polite to each other. Maggie sat down next to Matthew Gayle, her best friend. He had grown a couple of inches that summer, in height and hair. He was wearing a cowboy hat over his long, jet-black hair. “Hi Maggie,” he said cheerfully, giving her a small hug.
“Matt,” she said, “what’s with the hat?”
“Oh, this?” he said, taking the hat out of his head then back on it again. “I went to America for the summer to visit my uncle who lives in Texas. He’s a real cowboy, you know. He taught me how to catch buffaloes and stuff. Yeee ha!”
Alice and Maggie exchanged glances. Veronica chuckled. Matt had even developed a. American accent, though it was very, very faint. Maggie could tell that he loved being a cowboy because of the way his bluish-purple eyes sparkled as he spoke of it.
“Right, so what did you guys do for the summer,” asked Maggie.
“I went to Corfu,” Alice started. “I had the most amazing ti…”
Alice was interrupted by Chantal Lawrence, Maggie’s other best friend, and Drake Malfoy arriving. Chantal, a black girl who had just turned sixteen yesterday, had cut her black, curly hair very, very short so that it was no longer than an inch, and put scarlet highlights. She was almost unrecognisable. Drake’s champagne-blonde hair looked windswept.
“Hi,” Chantal said. “You just had to pick a compartment right at the back of the train, didn’t you?” she took a seat next to Maggie as Drake did and whispered, “I just caught Drake snogging Rosie.”
Maggie gasped. “Really?” Chantal nodded. They both looked at Drake who glared at Chantal. Maggie and Chantal giggled. Just then, Endri Hoxha arrived with the Gryffindor 5th year twins, Amy and Dawn Weasley. Shortly after Sharmayne Weekes, Veronica’s best friend, arrived with her 7th year boyfriend, Toby Weasley. It was then that the compartment was absolutely full. After the lady with the trolley arrived with the food, Alice started talking.
“As I was saying before people started to arrive,” said Alice quite bitterly. “I had the most amazing time in Corfu.”
“Corfu?” said Endri with his mouth full. “Never heard of the place.”
“It’s in Greece, isn’t it, Alice?” Maggie spoke up.
“That’s right, it’s in Greece. Anyway I spent most of the time on the beach because it was so hot, much hotter than England anyway. That’s where I met, this amazingly gorgeous bloke. I forgot what his name was but he was 19.” Veronica and Sharmayne laughed. Chantal and Maggie said nothing.
“Enough about me, I got you all presents!” Chantal and Maggie sat up at the word presents. Alice passed around little gifts and beamed at them all, waiting for their reactions. All the boys got either a tiny book of Greek translations or a small bottle of cologne. Chantal and Maggie got clips. Maggie’s were white and decorated with tiny pearls while Chantal’s were blue and green. All the rest of the girls got boxes of chocolate.
“That’s not fair; all the girls get chocolates while Mag and I get clips!” Chantal complained.
“Oh, sorry,” Alice said, rummaging through her trunk. “Here,” she chucked a box over to her. “It’s my last one.”
“Thanks!” Chantal ripped opened the box and picked out a square chocolate. Maggie looked at Alice sadly. “Sorry Maggie,” Alice said sympathetically, and then she rummaged through her trunk once more and threw a small, wooden box at her which Maggie caught easily with one hand (Quidditch skills, chaser).
“It’s a mood ring,” Alice explained. “There’s a sheet inside which tells you what each colour means.”
Maggie opened the box. Inside was a ring, which was big enough for her middle finger, made of silver and in the centre of the ring was a large crystal oval which had all colours swirling around inside it. Maggie put the ring on and slowly the oval turned sky-blue which meant that she was calm. This was miles better than some Greek chocolates.
“Thanks,” she said appreciatively, examining her hand. “This is much better than chocolates!”
“Hem, hem,” coughed a voice coming from the door. Everyone’s head whipped around towards the orator. It was none other than Vivian Umbridge, Slytherin with her cronies, Foyle and Crabbe.
“What do you want, Umbridge?” Chantal asked her rudely.
“What do I want? Nothing from you, mudblood. Wouldn’t want to get my hands dirty, do I?”
Matt whipped his wand out and jumped out of his seat, ready to attack her but Maggie stopped him.
“Don’t, Matt, she’s not worth it,” muttered Maggie to Matt.
“That’s right Matty,” simpered Umbridge. “Do as Magpie tells you, sit down and be a good boy.”
Then Maggie jumped out of her seat and pointed her wand at Umbridge. “Say one more word, and I swear I’ll….”
“You’ll what, Potter?”
“I’ll tell you what she’ll do,” Chantal said, standing up to join Maggie. “She’ll give you your tail back.”
“Yeah, good idea! What’s a matter, Umbridge? Twitchy?”
The compartment rang with laughter. Those who were in Maggie’s transfiguration class could remember the time when they were turning goblets into mice and as Maggie was casting the spell, Umbridge got in the way and got turned into a mouse. Umbridge, red with anger and embarrassment, left in a hurry with her cronies, who just gave them daggers before they had to go.
Afterwards Maggie got bored and pulled out of her trunk, Advanced Transfiguration and started to read. Chantal peered at the title. “So you passed Transfiguration, then?” she asked.
“Yep,” said Maggie not looking up from her book. Maggie could talk and read at the same time, which most people could do.
“How many OWLS did you get, anyway?”
“Thirteen,” answered Maggie.
“Thirteen OWLs?!” screeched Chantal.
Suddenly the whole compartment went quiet, except of the sounds of the owls twittering in their cages or rustling of the candy rappers which littered the room.
“That’s impossible,” Toby Weasley said. “The maximum amount of OWLs you can get is twelve.”
“They gave me an extra mark because all my scores were O++,” Maggie said, her cheeks burning behind her book.
“Even Divination,” Chantal said, amazed. Maggie nodded visibly.
“That must mean you have the highest mark…” Sharmayne began.
“…in history,” veronica finished.
Maggie knew she had the highest mark in history, it said so in the letter with her OWL grades. She’d even beat Dumbledore’s score. She was the smartest girl in the school, even though she’s only sixth year. Maggie was born smart. Her mum told her the time when she was three; she had snatched her wand and turned her bunny rabbit into a real life rabbit. Maggie had completed secondary school before she went to Hogwarts and do fourth year magic.
“I only got six OWLs,” Alice said lamely.
It was a while before the train finally stopped. Hundreds of students filled the platform. Maggie could see Hagrid in the distant and waved at him. He waved back. Then Maggie went to join her friends in the horseless carriage and was on her way to Hogwarts.

The end of the first chapter. I've just read through it and I think it stinks. What do YOU think? Please review, many thankx.

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