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By Merlin’s beards, someone is going to die!

August 3rd, Kitchen, 07:25 am

Daily report
Current Mood: sleepy
Current score: Tonks 2; Lupin 5
(I know, It’s pathetic, right?)
Number of times I considered going back to bed and skip work: 23

Isn’t this just great? I hate you diary! Oh, sorry, I hate you NOTEBOOK! Yes, because of you I went to bed really late last night and now I won’t be able to work properly. Like it’s not enough the fact that every Auror in the ministry think I’m not good enough and should be sacked… But now that I think again, it’s not really your fault, it’s his fault… it all comes down to him…

Talk about the devil… he just came in and said good morning… I of course did my poised-and-sophisticated-Tonks act… Is he smirking at me? He is smirking at me! Why is he staring at me like that? But I have to admit He really looks cute with those puppy’s eyes…


You are not going to believe what he just did! He gave me the book back and said “I believe this is yours… You left it behind last night…” And he grinned! Yeah, right, rub it in my face… although I thought it was beyond him… I think Sirius is a bad influence to him… maybe his Marauder’s days aren’t over yet… it’s a nice improvement to the plain-Remus. Point for him.


Current score: Tonks 3; Lupin 6

YES!. I got him good this time! But he deserved it. When I was starting to think there was actually something worthwhile in that man, he just pulls up a stunt like that!

You want to know what happened, right? Here it goes:

Remus: (insert annoying voice here) “Did you made any hot chocolate?”
Me: “Why should I? I don’t drink hot chocolate. Last time I checked you were able to get yourself your own chocolate…”
(Was he expecting ME to be his servant? His personal house-elf? I was already expecting something like this when he gave me the book back…)
Remus: (puzzled look) ….

He silently ate his breakfast after that! Yeah, that’s right Lupin, you don’t know who you’re messing with! The wolf has his little tail between his legs! I hope your mommy has a nice little candy just for you! Tonks strikes again!

Bummer, look at the time! I should really go to work…


my room, 06:23 pm

Another boring day at work. How many times a day does Moody think we can polish our wands? I shouldn’t have said that, it’s not really his fault… it’s that bloody Fudge! How long will he deny that You-Know-Who’s back?

Fudge came to my office today, by the way. He just said Good-morning and then stared at me in a funny way. I hope he doesn’t start making passes at me… arghhh, got to take that image out of my head. And I thought nothing was worse than that time when Snape caught me in a corner and started to be nice with me… Snape is never nice to anyone! NEVER! (Mental note: must remember to obliviate that memory… BOTH memories…) I was his bloody student a few years ago!! How old is he? Well he can’t be that old, he was on Remus’ year, I think… I have to admit Remus’ is way more appealing than he ever will be. Speaking of the werewolf, I really have to even the score… what is the current score anyway?


Oh Merlin.

Oh no… Oh no… OOOOOOOOHHHH NNNNOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have spots of food on you. Yes, FOOD!!! Not my food, SOMEONE ELSE’S FOOD! Someone who read you and ate at the same time! Someone who trespassed my privacy and, by Merlin’s beard, someone who’s going to die!

Tell me who was it!


Oh, wait, you don’t speak…

Moody would be ashamed of me if he knew. I can’t believe I let my guard down.

Now I remember! I left you in the Kitchen this morning… I was so late for work I forgot about you… Remus was just… Oh no! That’s it! It was him! HIM! Of all the people! I should have known! Who else would read someone else’s diary and then neatly place it back in their room again?

But what if it wasn’t him? I really hope not! He saw me writing in you, he would never pick up something private… or would he? He was pretty mad at me…It could have been Molly… no, not Molly… maybe the twins? Ok, it’s time to put my Auror skills at work! I was trained for this type of things after all! And Yes, I did earn it!

Let’s see… everyone who was here today is a suspect…


I went to see Ginny and Hermione. They didn’t saw who picked you up, but they gave me the list of everyone who was here today:

#1 – Remus Lupin
#2 – Molly Weasley
#3 – Fred Weasley
#4- George Weasley
#5- Harry Potter
#6- Ronald Weasley
#7– Sirius Black

According to them, when they got up and went downstairs for breakfast, you weren’t there, and only three people were at the crime’s scene: Remus, Sirius and Molly. The boys were all asleep, because Ginny and Hermione were the ones who woke them up after that. That cuts our list of suspects to only three.

Do you know what this means? The so well kept secrets of operation TLSW are not so well kept from now on…

Ok, time to start eliminate the suspects one by one.

Molly Weasley
Why would she read it: because she’s a woman. A very curious woman.
Reaction upon reading: (mental note: I have to think like she does. What would I do next?) … I would probably tell someone… that’s it! If Molly knows, Arthur knows!
How to confirm suspicion: This is going to be like taking a candy out of a baby. I just have to ask Arthur. ( he’s trustworthy enough to tell me the truth) :)


I found Arthur in the Hall. I asked him, he answered. He doesn’t know a thing about it.

Off to the next suspect.

Sirius Black
Why would he read it: He’s a marauder; he’s bored; he’s Sirius Black.
Reaction upon reading: Make my life a living Hell until Doom’s day.
How to confirm suspicion: I just have to be next to him and see what he does. ( he would never lose an opportunity to gloat…)

One of the twins just walked in and told me dinner was ready.


2nd floor bathroom, 08:09 pm

I just come up from dinner. Sirius was eliminated. It was Remus, I know it was. I met Sirius on the stairs, on my way down. He said hello and we walked side by side downstairs, but he didn’t made any strange comments. This was proof enough for me, but I wanted to make sure so I brought up the subject…

Me: “Sirius, did you saw my Auror notebook I left in the Kitchen at breakfast?”
Sirius: (with a musing look) “Can’t say that I have… The only books I saw there were the ones Remus had…maybe you should ask him.Talking about him, have you noticed he’s a little down lately?”
Me: (not down enough…) No, I haven’t noticed anything…
Sirius: I think it’s probably a lady’s subject. I always said he’s too lonely. That man needs a woman in his life. If only I had a sister…I would be so proud to have him in the family. Actually I always though he had a crush on your aunt Bella back at school. He always had a thing for cute brunettes. (insert broad grin here)

Eeeeeeeewwwwwww… Remus and my aunt Bella? I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

I knew it! It all comes down to him…. This is bad… this is really, really bad… it’s not that I’m obsessed with him or anything. Ok, calm down Tonks. What if he really read this? It’s not that bad. What would he see? Just a bored Auror trying to have a bit fun with him.



Just put me down of my misery…


I went to scream at my window and I’m cool now. I’m cool, cool is my middle name!
Ok, focus Tonks, let’s look at the last suspect’s profile.

Remus J.Lupin
Why would he read it: he was really mad at me this morning. I could tell, he wasn’t reading the newspaper like he always does. Maybe he wanted to read something else for a change.
Reaction upon reading: Lock himself in his room to escape crazy stalker.
How to confirm suspicion: Be alone in the same room as him and see if he goes for the door.

Time to put the plan into action, he’s probably in the drawing room right now.


outside drawing room, 08:57 pm

My theory went down in flames.

Me: ( I enter the drawing room; Sit on an armchairs; stare at him)
Remus: (stops reading, looks at me for a moment, continue his reading)

(He didn’t ran away like I thought he would… Maybe the Sorting hat didn’t made a mistake. He is a Gryffindor after all. Maybe I should make the first move and see what happens. I’ll just use my subtlety and persuasion…)

Me: ”Remus, did you saw the notebook I had this morning at breakfast?”
Remus: “A notebook? Like that one that’s coming out of your robes’ pocket?”
(The nerve of him… After all he’s done? Isn’t that enough? He still has to make a few jokes on the way…)
Me: “Yeah, this notebook… this PERSONAL notebook! But I guess you know everything about it don’t you? You came really low you know? (Who cares about subtlety and persuasion? Moody’s way is so much better…)
Remus: (with a hurt look)I’m sorry Nymphadora, but I have no idea what you’re talking about. I would never… I thought you knew me better than that.

When I looked at him again I knew he was innocent. No one is that good of an actor. Especially not him.

Me: I’m sorry.. I just… You see, it’s just… I thought…it’s not even that personal, I was just upset that someone went through my stuff.

Remus: It’s ok… I noticed you write in that notebook often. What is it about? Ministry’s business?

Me: Oh no… er… it’s recipes. Yeah, it’s some cooking recipes. (RECIPES? It’s kind of stupid but it was the first thing I could think of…)


Me: Yeah, you know me… how I am in the kitchen… so I… I asked Molly to give me some pointers…. She’s teaching me how to cook, and I… I write everything down here…But don’t tell anyone! I don’t want them to laugh at me or anything…

Remus: I’m flattered that you trust me enough to tell me then. I’m looking forward to taste your cooking.

(He was actually being nice to me… really, really nice…Now I’m starting to feel guilty for suspecting him…)

Me: I can cook you dinner sometime… if you want,… you don’t have to agree if you don’t want to, I just thought…

Remus: just the two of us? (He stares… I stare… We stare together…) I would like that…

So, my dear notebook, like you see it wasn’t him who read you. Of course you already knew that but I didn’t. But if it wasn’t Remus, then who…


…The only books I saw there were the ones Remus had…

…maybe you should ask him…

… That man needs a woman in his life. If only I had a sister…

…I would be so proud to have him in the family…



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