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Gabby followed Oliver silently to the Quidditch field. Her heart was pounding. It couldn't be his pride which pushed her away at times, he had said he hoped he would love her. She knew now that he probably did not care the slightest bit for her...he didn't love her, like she did him. Everything had happened to fast, and nobody had enough time to reflect and adjust. So as Gabby sat on the bleachers that frosty morning watching Wizards and Witches whisk through the air, she lost herself in her thoughts once again.

Oliver would be graduated in one year, then what? She knew he loved Quidditch more than anything. She had been in his dorm, seen his walls covered with posters, Broomsticks lying around, newspaper headlines pinned above his bed. Perhaps he would go into Professional Quidditch. There wasn't much she knew about it, though she did know Oliver would be busy, always on the run- traveling and training and such. There was so much she had wanted to do, but she knew know she would be tied down to Oliver. Would he need her to clean house and cook, and be there for him when she got home like most wives did? Or could he flick his wand and within a blink of the eye clean the house, and cook supper. Would he even need her the tiniest bit? Would she even be with him. She knew it was supposed to be over when Hogwarts was out…but how would that happen? A divorce after a year of forced marriage? Would they part and never see each other again? She missed him even thinking about it. Just at that moment her wonders were interrupted by the sight of a rather odd looking creature hurrying up the bleachers to her. Big ears and big eyes took up most of this scrawny beings head, while it wore what looked like a pillowcase.

"Mrs.Wood?" It inquired slowly with a high voice, though Gabby knew this must be a male from his facial looks. She nodded slowly, knowing she was indeed Mrs. Wood.

"Dipsy at your service!" the little creature piped. "Does Master Wood request anything mistress? Shall I get him something to drink, Mistress. Oh Mistress, Master Wood is a fine Quidditch player. Dipsy is willing to do anything you want Mistress. What do you need?"

"I...ummm. Well you see, I'm not really-", Gabby stammered, confused and unsure of what was going on and what this thing was.

"Dipsy, Dumbledore would like to see you in the kitchen for a moment".

"Yes'm. Mistress Wood", Dipsy said turning and giving Gabby a full and elegant bow.

"Thank you", Gabby said relief shown through her sweet smile as she looked up to see a beautiful girl standing there.

She had long brown locks which rounded her creamy peach face. Her big brown eyes were sweet and innocent hidden beneath long dark lashes. She stood taller than Gabby did by a few inches and held herself nicely showing off her fine, lean figure.

"I'm Penelope, Clearwater", the girl said smiling and sitting down beside her.

"I'm Gabby...Wood", Gabby said smiling back.

"Ohh, you're the one everyone talks about. Don't worry they have nothing better to do. You're married to Oliver", Penelope said knowingly nodding her head as she looked at the Quidditch team.

Gabby nodded back at her and asked, "Do you know him well?"

"Who? Oliver? I guess you could say so. My best friend, Angela...her boyfriend is best friends with Oliver".

"Angela? I don't think I've met her". Gabby said trying to recall the name.

"Well you will soon, if you want to sit by us at lunch?"

"I'd love to", Gabby said looking at her with a grateful smile.

"That's good", Penelope said sincerely.

Gabby knew she wasn't a thing like Mary had been. She trusted Penelope.

"Who's her boyfriend? Perhaps I've met him?"

"Fred Weasley. Bright red hair, can't miss him. He's got a twin and the two are always cracking jokes on everybody. Awful funny they are. I'm dating his older brother. Percy...", Penelope said blushing...her voice trailing off.

"I've heard about the Weasleys. Oliver seems to like them very much. And I think I might have seen the youngest Weasley girl walking though the hall".

"She's hard to miss as well. They've all got brilliant red hair. I think its quiet beautiful really...".

"I love it". Gabby decided out loud.

Penelope smiled once again and sighed.

"It's so blistery and cold out here, but I promised Fred and George I'd watch them. They've taken to calling me Penelope Weasley". Penelope's face turned a deeper shade of crimson.

"Are you and Percy planning to marry?"

"I don't know. We're really so young, aren't we? I love him though, he mean's so much to me. I hope so!".

"Well I hope you do too then! I've been meaning to ask you...what was that...thing...", Gabby said referring to Dipsy.

"Dispy? Oh he's harmless really. He's just a house elf, have you heard of them?"

"No, I'm clueless here".

Penelope let a laugh ring out.

"Don't worry about it! Really it'll turn out fine. A house elf is sort of, well a servant I guess you could say. Unless they're freed. They work in the kitchens here at Hogwarts. Some Wizarding families have them at their homes. Dispy really won't be so much of a bother once he gets used to you. He's so excited. He's taken a very strong liking to Oliver...I guess that's why he's calling you his mistress, and Oliver his master. Even though really, he belongs to Hogwarts".

Gabby nodding smiling and shivered. "He seemed sweet. Very...excited I guess?"

"Defiantly", Penelope agreed.

After they had talked for a long period of time, those in the air landed and began to walk off. Walking down from the bleachers, as practice was clearly over, Penelope told Gabby she would see her at lunch and then she was off, Fred and George waiting for her.

"Are you too friends now?", Oliver said walking over.

"I think so. She's so sweet..."

Oliver smiled and nodded his head, then continued to walk forward to the castle.

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