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A dimly lit chandelier hung from the center of the dingy, cellar like room that Hermione was being held captive in. The candles flickered as Hermione watched them. The room was small, four simple walls made from stone. The back wall was lined with dark, wooden shelves, ladden with strange glowing potions, stones, purple hairs, silver worms ---the ingredients usually linked with an apothecary. A black, empty couldron sat in the corner of the room. Hermione had tried to touch the ingredients, but her hand hit some sort of invisible barrier.

On the wall opposite the shelves was a stoney, thin and narrow set of stairs, leading to a trap door. Hermione attempted, in vain, to open this door, but it was locked from the outside. She didn't have a wand, alohamora wouldn't help her now. She'd banged on the door with her fists until bruises showed, but there was no one there to open it.

She wasn't even sure that she was still at Hogwarts. She hadn't been conscious when she'd been taken to this dark, foreboding room. She'd lost count of the number of hours that had passed. If it had even been hours, she didn't know. In her fear, she'd lost all sense of time.

She was sitting in the corner of the room when expensive black shoes descended the stone stairs, making clicking noises and sending a shakey chill up Hermione's spine.

"Ah, Mudblood, how has your day been? I imagine you've had quite a productive one down here." Malfoy snickered.

Hermione remained silent, sitting on the floor with her feet up to her chest, wrapped in her arms.

"Not very talkative, are we? I'll fix that." Malfoy flicked his wand, and without warning, Hermione began to talk, sputtering random words, inciting Malfoy's explosive laughter. He flicked his wand again and she stopped.

"That's better, isn't it?" He said in a mock caring voice. "Now, come here and play with me, I've had a long day. It was quite difficult sneaking that memory potion into the morning's breakfast. But I did, and now, everybody who ever knew you were here has forgotten."

Hermione cocked her head in his direction. So thats what he had done. But had he followed through in this threat? Or was this just another empty threat, another thing screaming with Malfoy's lack of bravery. Either way, she refused to move.

"Now, now, I said come here." He yelled. "You don't want to make me angry, you wouldn't like it," he said, tilting his head in a malicious grin. "Come here!" He boomed.

He swished his wand. Hermione felt her body loose control. She stood up, against her will. She walked over to him, against her will. She wrapped her arms around him, against her will. She kissed him, against her will.

After they broke apart, Hermione gained control of her body, and stepped back. She stared at him, not a shred of good feeling towards him. She wanted to scream at him, to hit him, to hurt him in any way. To hurt him for taunting her with the mere control of her own body.

"I suspect your hungry, then? Being held down here the entire day." He reached into his robes and took out a brownish sac. He emptied the contents onto the floor. A goblet filled with orange pumkin juice lay sprawled on the floor, no doubt protected by an anti-spilling charm. A loaf of bread and a chicken wing accompanied it.

Hermione stared at the food, laying on the dirty floor. She wasn't about to eat something Malfoy gave her, but she was starved, having not eaten anything for nearly a day.

Malfoy watched her as she stood staring at the food. "Now, there really isn't much sense in my poisoning you. Even though everybody at this school has forgotten you by now. You're muggle parents might worry, sending an owl or something. That would mess up my plans immensely."

Hermione stared at Malfoy. His blonde hair was slicked back. It was nearly as light as his pale skin. She wouldn't eat anything from him. She would starve to death before she gave him the opportunity to give her some sort of potion.

"Oh, wait, I've nearly forgotten. I've sent your dear parents a batch of special cookies. Yes, I wrote them a letter. About how these cookies were the first you'd ever conjured with your own wand. I believe they thought you were taking a class on wizard cooking. How gullible of them. But don't fret," he said as he walked over to her, so he was close enough to touch her. He brushed her curly hair out of her face and ran a finger down her cheek. "They won't remember you now."

Hermione explode with anger. She smacked his hand out of her face. She'd never felt so angry in her entire life. She was screaming, but she couldn't remember opening her mouth to make the noise. Her hands were over her head in rage, but she couldn't remember raising them. She wanted her wand more than anything. She wanted to cause pain to this stupid boy. Standing in front of her, mocking her. She wanted her wand to perform every hex or curse she'd ever learned.

And suddenly, she felt something long and smooth in her hand. She opened her eyes and looked at her hand. Malfoy's wand was in her hand. She looked up, and fear slowly spread across Malfoy's face.

She screamed. "STUPEFY!" And Malfoy was suddenly lying on the floor, unconcious.

Hermione was overcome with a feeling of freedom. She walked over to the stone stairway and pushed open the trap door, which was still unlocked from Malfoy. She emerged from a trunk, ladden with about seven locks, which surprised her. She'd never have expected to find out her captivity had been inside a trunk. She locked the lock that had led her out. There was no need for Malfoy to escape.

She looked around the room she was in now. A bed made from deep mahogany wood, with emerald green bed hangings sat in the center. An armoire and desk, made from the same deep mahogany wood, lined the wall farthest from her. Directly to her left was a stone fireplace, the embers of a fire left burning far too long slowly calming down, puting out the last flames.

Hermione walked over to the desk. Parchment with half written essays lay scattered around. She pushed several of them aside and saw a book open to a page with directions to a memory potion on it. The page was splattered with dried splashes of some purple liquid. The title for the potion said the Oubliserum, a potion to erase a person from somebody's memory. She closed the book and looked at his title. The Memorable Book of Memories.

After snooping through Malfoy's armoire, she found a silvery cloak. She slipped it on and watched her body dissappear. Holding The Memorable Book of Memories tightly to her body, she left Malfoy's room and descended into the Slytherin Common Room. Finding the exit easily, she left, still wearing Malfoy's invisibilty cloak.

Unsure of whether Malfoy had actually put the memory potion in Hogwart's breakfast or simply threatened her, Hermione slipped off the cloak. She wrapped in around the book she was holding, not knowing whether it had dark magic in it or not.

She was wandering down to the Great Hall when she saw Professor McGonagall walking by. McGonagall obviously saw her as well. But she tilted her head to the side in confusion.

"Excuse me, " Professer McGonagall asked in a stern, but uncertain voice. "But who are you? I don't recall seeing you in any of my classes." A look of confusion and a little fear spread across the Professors face.

Hermione's heart dropped. Malfoy had administered the potion. Malfoy had erased her.

A/N: The end to this is coming. Maybe a chapter or two. Please review.

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