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discaimer: i don't own the characters and such James awoke to the sound of hushed whispering near his head. Confused, he opened his eyes groggily, but could only see darkness. “Whozair?” he demanded, reaching for his glasses and sitting up. He felt for his wand and was about to mutter “lumos” when someone beat him to it. Blinded by the light directed in his eyes, James raised a hand and tried to see who was intruding on his sleep. “Prongs, get up,” Sirius said quietly, prodding him in the chest. “Padfoot....what...?” James replied, still rubbing sleep from his eyes. “Come on, mate. Hogsmeade, remember? We planned this weeks ago,” Sirius whined, rapping James on the head with his wand. James swatted at his friend. “Right. Valentine’s Day tomorrow. Are you sure the stores will still be open? It’s got to be...” James reached to find his alarm clock, “11:30? No way they’ll still be open.” Sirius sighed dramatically. “Midnight special, Prongs. This is a big holiday for some of those shops. But if you don’t hurry up, they will close.” James jumped from his bed and grabbed his invisibility cloak and their map of Hogwarts (which they had fondly named the Marauders Map) and set out of his room with his friend. “Incidentally, I don’t want to know how you got in here, right?” Sirius grinned. “Nah, probably not.” The two found Remus and Peter waiting in the common room. The four huddled, as best they could, underneath James invisibility cloak, checked to see that the caretaker was no where in sight, then made their way to one of the unknown paths to Hogsmeade. The passageway they took was one very familiar to them, as it was that same one they took each month when the four of them went to the Shrieking Shack to let Remus live out his terrible curse away from the other students. Because of this, Remus shivered slightly when they entered the building, seeing the wreckage he had caused there on previous occasions. James patted him comfortingly on the back as they exited out into the cold night air in Hogsmeade. “So, Prongsie, where to first?” Sirius asked, as they walked down the main street. Scratching the back of his head, James replied, “well, I suppose the flower shop would be good, right? Then maybe The Three Broomsticks to make arrangements for tomorrow.” The four boys went to The Magic Pot to pick out a flower arrangement. James and Sirius were rather useless when it came to picking out nice things, so Remus did most of the talking with the shop owner. To James’ great delight, his friend had chosen one arrangement that Lily was sure to love. After the shop owner put a long lasting spell on the bundle, the boys started to head for the door when Sirius began talking to the owner quietly. “Right, so... what type of flower would you suggest as a, oh, I don’t know, as a sort of apology kind of thing?” The shop keeper turned his back to Sirius for a moment, then returned with a smile on his face and a deep red rose in his hand. “It’s usually a Muggle gesture, but even the witches seem to enjoy it immensely.” Sirius grinned at the man, then turned back to his friends. When he saw the curious expressions on their faces, he put the flower inside his cloak and asked, “what?” “Sirius Black, has some girl made you go soft on us?” James asked with a smirk. “Oh, sod off.” * * * Lily rolled over as the sun shone brightly on her face. She had heard a tapping at her window, and was now debating whether or not it was worth getting up for. Rubbing her eyes and yawning widely, she sat up and looked to find a handsome brown owl hovering outside of her window with a letter tied to his one foot and a lily clutched in his other. Lily smiled as she let the familiar owl in. “Morning, Canoah. What have you got there?” James’ owl dropped the flower in her hand and held his leg out for her to take it off. Smiling, Lily unfolded the note. Happy Valentine’s Day, love! This flower is the first of many today, along with many other surprises. I’ve got lots more planned for us today, so I hope you kept your schedule open!. Patting Canoah and sending him off, Lily left her room and crossed the common room to James’. She had expected him to be sitting on his desk with a huge grin on his face, proud of himself for setting this all up. Instead, he was sleeping soundly, his body spread out as though he was trying to cover the entire bed. Shaking her head and smiling at his completely innocent state (which she was sure only happened when he was asleep), Lily crawled under his blanket and snuggled up beside him. She stretched up to kiss him a couple of times, then waited for his response as he began to stir. Trying to roll over on his stomach, James realized there was something in his way. Screwing up his face against the bright sunlight, he opened an eye and saw a glowing face staring up at him. James shook his head as he tried to clear it and smiled when he discovered that Lily truly was laying there like she had been in his dream. His voice still gravelly with sleep, he mumbled, “morning, love.” “Good morning to you, too,” Lily smiled, kissing him just to the right of his mouth. “I got a nice little visit from Canoah just a few minutes ago.” Grinning at her, he responded, “that so? Wonder what that was about...” Lily nestled closer into the nook between his body and arm. “So, I’m intrigued– what is it you have planned for today?” James grabbed the blanket and pulled it up over both of their heads, covering them completely. “Well... I did have some things in mind... but that was before you got into my bed.” He winked at her and raised his eyebrow playfully. Rolling her eyes up at him, Lily raised her head and bit him on the shoulder. “Ow!” He laughed, pulling away from her slightly. “I can’t believe you just bit me!” Laughing at his reaction, Lily giggled, “well, if I’d have know that biting you would have gotten you to back off, I would have done it years ago.” James’ mouth opened in shock, then he pushed himself to a sitting position and leaned over her. “Oh, really? That so?” He began tickling her, then paused to ask, “care to change your answer yet?” Giggling and trying to hold his hands away, Lily yelled, “no!” “Oh, we’ll see about that!” James resumed tickling her. “Take it back!” Thrashing underneath him, Lily refused to give in. “Not a chance!” She tried to wriggle out from under him, and succeeded, only to find herself on the cold floor. James looked over the edge of the bed at her, momentarily stunned, then jumped out after her with a grin. “Do remember who you’re dealing with here, love. I don’t give up for anything!” Laughing and shaking her head at him, Lily jumped back onto his bed and back under the covers. Taking her lead, James also returned to the warm mass, pulling her closer as he did so. Before she could object, he pressed his lips against hers. When she gave a small moan, James ended the kiss and pulled back to smile at her. “And this is exactly why I don’t give up. I knew my dashing charm would get you in my bed eventually.” Laughing in surprise, Lily punched him in the shoulder. “You’re such a toad.” James shrugged. “If toads are what you go for, I’m glad I’m one.” Lily grinned up at him, her eyes gleaming. They continued to stare at each other for a few minutes in silence before James asked, “so, I’ve been anxious to know... when was it exactly that you decided I wasn’t such a prat and that it would be okay to date me?” “Oh, I still think you’re a prat,” Lily chuckled. “But I realized that’s just who you are.” “Is that supposed to make me feel better?” “No, it’s supposed to be a joke. Anyway... I guess it was about... sixth year when I realized some of your better qualities.” James looked at her questioningly. “And yet you still continued to turn me down for a year?” Lily shrugged apologetically. “It was more out of principle. Stubbornness, really, but then you really did get loads better this year, and well...” she smiled up at him. “And then this happened.” Scratching his head, James responded. “Yeah, well, getting in my bed usually changes a person.” “You’re impossible.” Lily reached for his head and ruffled his hair. “Hey, what’s Canoah doing?” She pointed over to James’ window. He looked over and grinned. “It’s the first part of our day. You just stay here, I’ll get it.” James crossed over to his window to let Canoah in. He took the large bundle from his owl, tossed him a treat, then sent him off to the owlery until he needed him again later. Pointing his wand at his bed, he conjured a small table to sit over it, then brought his bundle over to reveal an assortment of breakfast foods from The Three Broomsticks. “Ta-da! How’s that?” Lily grinned up at him. “Oh, you are good.” A/N: hey all! thanks again for the r&r, i really appreciate it! i absolutely loved this chapter, but as i was typing it, i realized it was getting really long so i decided to split it up. i will do my best to get the next part up soon! hope you enjoyed it!

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