They appeared it what seemed to be a black and white movie but it wasn’t.
“Harry? What is this place?” Suddenly music started and people were dancing. Ginny had a white beautiful dress with her hair in a bun. Harry was wearing an original tux.
“I think we have to dance.” Ginny said. At that moment Harry took Ginny and started dancing.
“You look beautiful Ginny.” Harry said. He looked around and saw a small boy who looked like that girl Hannah. He was standing next to a man who looked like Harry. Harry then realized it was James his father. He was standing next to a beautiful girl who was Lily. She didn’t look to pleased she kept looking at Snape who was standing alone.
“Lily please, would you dance?” James persisted.
“Ginny may I dance with someone else?” He asked. Ginny looked over and saw the women she remembered the pictures she had seen of Lily.
“Yes Harry.” She said. Harry walked up to Lily.
“Who are you Mr. Fancy?” James asked.
“I’ll talk to you later James.” Harry said then he turned to Lily. “May I have this dance?” She gladly accepted and danced.
“Why did you ask me?” She asked.
“Lily, I wont know you later when you have your son because I will be him.” Harry said. At that point she fainted.
“What have you done to my Lily?” James shouted. He took Lily in his arms and saw Snape who was quite concerned.
“Midum, come here and talk to this-, I’m sorry what’s your name?” He asked.
“Harry, Harry Potter.” Harry smirked.
“Come get this Harry- Harry Potter?” James asked.
“James I’m your son.” Harry said Ginny rushed over and saw Harry tell his father that.
“My son? I’m not even married.” James said.
“It’s a long story I’ll tell you in the Infirmary.” Harry said.

“So you see James, Ginny and I came from Midum’s Memories.” Harry said. “I didn’t mean for Lily to take such a shock from it.”
“Midum, that fool, he gets a book and I don’t?” James said.
“Well, sir he also got a hallway for that book.” Ginny said.
“A hallway?! That man has no importance, I DO!” James shouted.
“Excuse Mr. Ego you-,”
“Harry I don’t think it’s wise to tell him about that.” Ginny said.
“You’re right. Now mum should be up any second.” Harry said.
“Wait Harry how could we be talking to your father unless Midum was-, Harry we messed with time. We must fix it!” Ginny said. Then another flash of light and Harry and Ginny were back dancing.
“Harry we can only dance and watch these are Midum’s Memories we can’t change time.” Ginny said. They went off the dance floor and sat watching James, Lily, Midum and the others.
“Lily please, would you dance?” James persisted.
“James no I only came with you to get off Snape’s back!” Lily said.
“Youke, I mean Midum, please bring that toad to me.” He pointed to Snape.
“Yes master.” Midum said. He walked to Snape and pulled him over to James.
“Snape you old fool! You made poor Lily stand up for you I think you deserve a dance. Lily dance with Snape, for his own sake.” He threw them onto the dance floor and laughed with his friends.
“Sir, may I please leave?” Midum asked in a small voice.
“Dimwit first years,” James said to his friends. “Yes Midum you may talk to Gwen.” He laughed. Gwen, who appeared to be a blonde beautiful first year, sat alone rejecting every guy who came along. Midum walked over to her.
“Hello Gwen.” He said very nervously.
“Aren’t you that Youke O’Harris boy?” She asked in a sweet voice.
“Harry, O’Harris just like Hannah!” Ginny whispered.
“Yes, Gwen, but please call me Midum.” He said. “Would you dance with me?” He asked.
“I’d love to.” She said they dance until the ball was over.
“Well thank you Midum.” She said she curtsied. When she came up Midum pulled her into a kiss. Everyone was in shock. No one ever attempted that. The Jenson family was the most popular proper family ever. No one could kiss a Jenson but that was broken when Midum kissed her.
“Midum!” James shouted.
“Coming sir.” Midum said. Then there was another flash of light. Midum was sitting at a table, he was older, and right next to him was Gwen.
“James rejected my invite to our wedding.” Midum said.
“I don’t think we should have invited him anyways. He was so rude he took advantage of you.” Gwen said. Then another flash of light.
“Do you Youke Midum O’Harris take Gwen Jenson, to have and to hold in sickness and in health, to be your lawful wedded wife?” The pastor said. It was a wedding.
“I do.” Midum said.
“And do you Gwen Maggie Jenson take Youke Midum O’Harris, to have and to hold in sickness and in health, to be your lawful wedded husband?” The pastor asked.
“I do.” She said brushing her hand through his thick black hair.
“You may now kiss the bride.” Midum and Gwen kissed. A large bell was over them and it was supposed to pour out flowers but it poured out thick green liquid.
“Potter!” Midum hissed. He dissapperated into James’s room were he found Harry lying in the crib and two dead corps. “Lily and James. They are dead, and the little Potter is still alive. Hagrid!” He shouted. Hagrid came in and took Harry ignoring Midum.
A flash of light and Harry and Ginny were back in the hall.
“Here ends Midum’s Memories, these are the three that lead up to his disappearance.” Ginny read.

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