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*** Hey all... this is quite exciting. Just knowing people are bothering to read my fic. I'd love to hear from you'z sooner or later, Kei ***

CHAPTER ONE: At Malfoy’s Manor

Hermione had slept for three days straight. A doctor had come to check her health and had prescribed some medication and rest.

She awoke to find herself in the midst of heavenly pillows and warm blankets. She looked up to looking at a canopy that even she recognised was not her own. She immediately sat up. Where the hell was she?

She sat up in the darkened room. The heavy curtains were drawn across large windows that took up a wall of the room, but it was in no way menacing. Its maroon walls were calming, and the bed itself was in a silver and maroon motif. Next to her was a bedside lamp, as she leaned over to turn it on, she saw something move.

‘You’re awake,’ he said.

Hermione squinted. She recognised that voice but could not place it.

Hurriedly, she flicked on the switch. It was Draco Malfoy. Malfoy!

It all came crashing back to her now. Six weeks on the road after the second war. Hardly any food, and even more scarce was rest. She’d been in a daze for so long, just wandering the country roads and trying to make sense of the war—the war that had killed her dear Harry.

Tears prickled in her brown eyes.

‘Would you like a glass of water?’

Her mind came back to the present. This couldn’t be Malfoy. For one thing, his grey eyes were looking at her with something that looked suspiciously like kindness, and he was standing in his bed clothes, suggesting that he’d been sleeping in the chair at the side of her bed.

She looked around once more.

‘You’re at my house,’ he spoke softly, pouring her a glass of water.

He handed the glass to her, which she almost dropped. Her hand was so weak from its lack of movement in the last few days. He held the glass against her hand and supported it as it made its way to her dry mouth.

Hermione greedily gulped the water down. It was icy cold and brought a jolt through her senses.

‘Are you hungry? I could get you something to eat.’

Hermione contemplated speaking but didn’t get a chance to because suddenly her stomach grumbled in a very un-ladylike manner.

‘I guess that’s a yes,’ Draco chuckled. A smile formed on his lips, it was an honest to goodness smile, not like his custom-made smirk, ‘Maybe some soup to warm your throat?’

Hermione tried to speak, That would be lovely thank you.

She stared up at Draco in horror. My voice, what the hell happened to my voice!?!

She tried again, opening her mouth and placing a hand on her throat—waiting for the vibrations to come—it didn’t. She appealed to Draco once more.

‘Calm down,’ Draco who’d almost reached the door was suddenly by her side, grasping her cold and sweaty hand in his warm one.

‘The doctor said it may be cause of shock. It might be a sign of your grieving...’

Grieving? I don’t need to grieve!!!

Draco looked to be thinking of something, but chose against voicing it out. Instead he made his way back to the door and smiled.

‘I’ll be back with some sustenance. Holler if you need me!’ he said cheerfully.

Ha, ha.


Hermione was sipping the soup that Draco had presented her, when a beautiful woman that looked vaguely familiar entered the room with such energy that it made Hermione sit up with attention.

‘How are you feeling, my dear?’ she asked kindly.

‘Hermione, this is my mother—,’ Draco began.

‘Oh how silly of me. I am of course Narcissa Malfoy, and you are Hermione Granger,’ She cut her son’s voice off and grasped Hermione’s hand warmly.

She stood in awe at the woman, which she had now remembered as a beautiful, porcelain doll— in the way that she seemed untouchable and set apart. But this vibrant woman, who fluttered like a butterfly shared nothing with the other woman—

‘Mother, Hermione won’t be able to speak to you. Remember what the doctor said. She’s in shock,’ Draco reminded her.

‘Oh! Of course dear—but I must say that you’re welcome to stay with us for as long as you would like and not a moment before the good doctor says you’re better,’

To both Hermione and Draco’s surprise, Narcissa leaned over to give the bed-ridden girl a kiss on the forehead.

‘Rest up. I must get to work—what with me taking over the responsibility for my late husband’s companies, there is hardly much time to spare. But have no worries, Draco here will take good care of you.’

With that she whisked her way out of the room again.

Draco turned his attention back to Hermione he was staring at him in a peculiar manner.

‘What’s the matter, are you okay?’ he came towards her.

She put her hand up as though to say that she was okay. Draco saw that she looked tired. Maybe he shouldn’t be talking to her as much. After being asleep for three whole days, she would feel tired after being on the go for only two hours.

‘You better get some rest. I’d get you some books to read but there’s time for that yet. For now sleep is the best thing to do.’


Hermione watched as Draco refrained from calling her a ‘mudblood’. She knew that it was just there on the tip of his tongue, but she couldn’t fault his effort.

In fact, he’d been a perfect gentleman to her. Aside from that first day of her arrival of course—not that she’d expected anything less. She’d acted like a pompous ass.

She had even more to think about when he leaned over and brushed his lips over her forehead as he mumbled a ‘good night’.

Who does that? Who was he? Where was the Draco Malfoy that would have paid any money to be the one to put ‘Mudblood Granger’ back in her place? She so desperately wanted him back! At least she knew she hated him—but this new Malfoy was unsettling her—and she didn’t know where she stood with him.

A/N: End of Chapter One. Just for those who care, this fanfic goes to chapter seven followed by an epilogue. PS. If anyone can help me work the html codes-- id be glad-- coz atm my story's pretty stunted coz I cant use the italics without turning the whole chapter into italics. Ay carrumba. Thx Kei

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