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Story based off the Disney Movie 'Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Red-Head

Chapter I: Once Upon a Time

It was a cold blistering December at Hogwarts. All of the students were inside the castle sitting next to a fire in their common room.

In the boys dorm room over at Gryffindor Tower Harry got out of bed one morning and looked around his room. Neville, Dean, and Seamus were both gone, they went home for the winter holiday. Harry looked over at Ron's bed and it too was empty.

"I wonder where he is?" asked Harry to himself.

So he put on his bath robe and a pair of house slippers and left to go to the common room. As he was going down the stairs he could hear raised voices. He recognized them very clearly. One was Ron and the other was Hermione.

"You know they should have the same rights as any wizard. What makes them so lower in society?" yelled Hermione.

"Hermione, you don't get it, they like being slaves. It makes them happy," Ron yelled back.

"How would you know? How would you like to be someone's slave?"

"I wouldn't. But if they wanted to be free wouldn't they try harder to get their freedom?"

Hermione's face became really red and she wanted to scream. She took one last look at Ron and turned around and marched up the stairs to her dorm room. Along the way she ran into Harry. He said a weak hi but Hermione was so mad at Ron that she didn't notice him. She was just mumbling something under her breath. When Harry reached the bottom step he saw Ron sitting in front of the fire looking gloom.

"Hi Ron," said Harry as he sat down next to him. "What was all the yelling about?"

"Oh it's just- Hermione and I had a fight. We were talking and then she brings up the topic about . . . ." He looked around making sure she wasn't around. " . . . spew. She should know that I don't see eye to eye with that," said Ron. "You probably saw her going up the stairs huh?"

"Yeah and she looked very angry."

"I just wish for once we can talk without fighting." Ron let out a big sigh.

"You want to play chess?" ask Harry trying to change the subject.

"Nah, I should finish my Mythology homework that Professor Brown assigned." And he got up and went up stairs to go to his dorm room.

Harry was still sitting by the fire. He didn't hear anyone coming through the portrait door until some one said his name.


Harry turned his head around and saw Ginny.

"Uh . . . oh -hi Ginny."

"What's wrong?"

"Oh it's Ron and Hermione, they just had another fight."

"Those two I swear bicker more times then anyone. Good thing they're just friends. Can you image if they were an actual couple?"

"But that's just it, I think they want to be. You've seen them when they're not fighting, they can't keep their eyes off of each other. I want to help them but I don't know how."

Ginny began to pace back an forth behind Harry for a while until she stopped.

"Of course," she said. She grabbed Harry's hand and they ran up the stairs to the boys dorm room.

"Where are we going?" asked Harry.

"You know it's a shame that you haven't thought about them before."

"Thought about who? Ron and Hermione?"

"No the twins. It's a shame that you haven't ask the twins for help."

"The twins? Your brothers? How can they help?"

"You'll see."

They stopped at a door with a sign on it reading 'Year 7'. Ginny knock on the door and went in.

"Ah Ginny our baby sister and Harry, how can we help you?" asked Fred.

"It's about Ron and Hermione. Ginny told me that you know how to put them together."

"Magically speaking yes. There are loads of spells and potions that can do the trick," said George. "Why would you want them to be in love. They can't stand each other. Hey it's a mirical that they are friends."

"You've seen them together. It's crystal clear that they have feelings beyond friendship," said Harry. "Do you know a spell or not that will make them see it?"

Fred looked at George and the both smiled.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking bro?" asked Fred.

"Of course and it's absolutely perfect."

"What's perfect?" asked Harry.

"Ginny, go to your dorm and bring back your fat book on fairy tales . . . oh and bring some hairs from Hermione's hair brush, we will be needing a bit of her for the spell. Harry you should go too and get some of Ron's hair," said Fred.

Ginny nodded and they both left the room. When Harry returned with a handful of Ron's hair he saw Fred, George, and Ginny hovering over a big fat book.

"Oooh, Sleeping Beauty is a good story," said Ginny.

"Nah, he would have to slay a dragon. Oh what about Robin Hood?" asked George.

"No, that's not a good story," said Fred. He licked his fingers and began to flip through the pages. "Aha, now this is perfect." He sat the book down on his bed.

"What are you guys doing?" asked Harry.

"Ah Harry you're back good. Give me Ron's hair so we can begin the spell," said Fred.

Harry walked over to him and handed him the hairs. He then walked over to the bed and saw the book.

"Beauty and the Beast?"

"Don't worry Harry. This spell is a 'Once upon a time' spell. It takes 2 people, in our case Ron and Hermione, inside a fairy tale story and in the story they are suppose to fine their true feeling by being the characters. The spell is over when they kiss," said George.

"And you pick Beauty and the Beast!"

"It's perfect. Ron is very much like the beast," said Fred.

"Okay but you said that the spell is over when they kiss. So what happens if they don't kiss?"

"Don't worry, the spell never fails."

Fred walked over to the book and placed Ron's hairs on top of Hermione's and cleared his voice.

"Once upon a time there was a prince and a fair maiden named Ron and Hermione. All they did was fight all day. Now send them through the pages I have chosen. Let the fairy tale be real and in the end they will live Happily Ever After."


Once upon a time there was a very handsome and very rich prince named Ron. He had everything he ever wished and became spoiled. It was a cold winter morning and there was a knock at the door.

Knock, knock, knock.

"Someone please answer the door," bellowed Ron.

Knock, knock, knock.

"Is anyone going to answer the door?"

Knock, knock, knock.

Ron sat down his quill and got up from his desk. He walk down the flights of stairs and across the halls until he came to the door.

"Where are my servants? I don't pay them to do nothing."

Ron opened the door and saw an old ugly beggar woman.

"What do you want?" ask the prince.

"Please sir. It's very cold out here and I have no place to go. Please let me come in and stay warm. I don't have any money, all I have is this red rose."

She held up the rose and all what Ron did was gave it a look.

"A rose! What am I suppose to do with a rose? I have many rose bushes. Go away and don't ever bother be again."

The prince closed the door and walked away.

"Please sir give me shelter. I'll give you this rose," said the prince in a mocking voice. "What a stupid old hag."

Knock, knock, knock.

"Who could it be now? It better not be her."

He march his way back to the doors and when he got there the doors burst opened. He saw the beggar woman walking in, and right before his eyes she turned into the most beautiful enchantress.

"You are very cold Prince. Your heart is empty and with that I will punish you."

"No please," begged Ron, "I can change. I promise. If you want to stay in my castle you may."

"You are too late. For your punishment I will put a spell on your castle and all those who work here. As for you Prince, you will endure a life as a beast. Before I leave I will give you this rose and this magic mirror. The mirror will be your window to the outside world." The enchantress starts to leave the castle. "To return back to a man you mush learn to love and be loved in returned, and this must happened before the last petal of that rose falls." She then dissapears.

"No wait, please come back," cried Ron.

Just then Ron felt a pain in his stomach and fell to the floor. He looked at his hands and they were changing. Hair begunto grow more rapidly and his fingernails grew to a point. Soon his entire body had changed into a beast. He got off from the floor and look around. His servants were turning into house holdfurniture.

When Ron saw his reflection in a mirror, he gave a great be howl and order the doors to be lock and the windows kept shut. For he knew in his heart that no one could ever learn to love a beast.

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